Mark of the Beast

If you were looking closely you could see the yellow eyes in the bushes. If you were listening closely you cold hear the heavy breathing. The beast was controlling the urge to jump through the window and bite the young woman sitting at her vanity brushing her hair and pulling it up in a pony tail.

"Rachel!" yelled Eli jogging down the stairs and then knocking on her door, "Are you descent?"

"As ever!" Rachel smiled as she stood up and grabbed her jacket.

"Well, then let's go." Eli smiled at her friend and they walked out the house.

The two reached Eli's car and Rachel stopped hearing the bushes move by her bedroom window. She looked over and Eli watched her as she opened the car door.

"What is it?"

"I thought I heard…" She looked at her friend shaking her head and laughing, "Never mind."

The two got into the car without realizing they were being watched, more like stalked, by the beast.

The two friends laughed as they drove the winding roads of California.

"I can't wait for you to meet everyone," said Eli. She looked over at Rachel, "I'm so glad you decided to move out here. It'll be really great for you."

"That actually means a lot," said Rachel, "Everyone was saying I was running away but I just couldn't…face that town anymore. It's where they died and…" Rachel just looked out the window.

"Hey, everything will be fine," said Eli looking over at her friend.

Rachel smiled at Eli and turned back looking out the windshield when she saw an animal in the middle of the road, "Look out!" yelled Rachel.

Eli quickly hit the breaks but it was too late whatever was in the road was hit. The two young women screamed as their car swerved and they rolled down the hill. The two continued to scream and cry until their car stopped after hitting a tree.

Blackness had overtaken the girls for quite some time before they came consciousness. Rachel was the first to wake.

Rachel coughed and rubbed her head. She could feel the blood rushing to her head and her ears were ringing. She wiped her face before opening her eyes and found the car upside down, as well as her and her friend. She coughed again and looked over at Eli who was still unconscious.

Rachel was able to unbuckle her seatbelt causing her to fall over, "Ow…stupid idea," she whined. She was finally able to get herself upright and crawled over to Eli, "Eli…Eli wake up…" Eli was knocked out cold. Tears hit Rachel's face, "Please…not you too. I can't have another death on me."

Rachel saw Eli's purse and grabbed it. She looked behind her and kicked the window open. She safely kicked all the broken glass off the edges then scooted herself out. She pulled herself out and walked around to the other side of the car. As she did this she was also looking through her friends purse for her cell phone.

Rachel grabbed her phone and tossed the purse aside as she kneeled next to her friend, still trying to wake her up.

"This is 911, what's your emergency?"

"Uh, there's been an accident on, uh, County Road heading towards the city," said Rachel standing up and looking around trying to see how far the car had gone.

"How many cars were involved?"

"Just one…my friends. We hit an animal. She's still unconscious in the car."

"Ok ma'am I'm sending paramedics and officers on their way now, just stay calm and stay where they can see you."

Rachel nodded and hung up the phone. She looked up the hill and then back at her friend. She wanted the paramedics and officers to see her but she didn't want to leave her friend.

She heard coughing behind her, "Rachel?"

"Eli, thank goodness," said Rachel running to the car and sliding on her knees. Tears fell from her eyes again, "I thought-"

"Shhh…shh, it's ok," Eli knew that her parents had died in a terrible wreck and knew what was going through her friends mind. She gave her a weak smile, "Just get me the hell out of here ok?" Rachel nodded and reached around Eli but stopped hearing a noise behind her. Eli looked at her, "What was that?"

"I…uh, I don't know."

"You think it's that animal?"

"But we hit it pretty hard."

"What kind of animal was it?"

The noise came again. It was a sound of sticks being broken in half. Rachel quickly looked behind her in the darkness trying to see anything.

"He-hello?" she called out hoping it wasn't some crazy person that lived in the hills of California or a rabid animal.

"Rachel just get me out of here," said Eli, "I don't like this one bit."

Rachel nodded taking one last look into the darkness before kneeling down and helping her friend out of the seatbelt again. "Ugh, it's stuck," said Rachel.

"Look in my bag, I may have my knife in there."

Rachel gave Eli a look, "You carry a knife with you."

"This is California…not some small little town. You have to be prepared for anything."

Rachel shook her head, only Eli. Rachel went to back up to get the purse when she heard the noise again but a growl came with it. Both Eli and Rachel's eyes widened at the sound.

"Rachel…" Before Eli could say anything else Rachel was quickly drug off from the car. "RACHEL!"

All Eli could hear were the screams of Rachel.

Rachel watched as her friends car was getting smaller and smaller in distance. She cried out in pain as the animal that had her bit harder down on her ankle. The animal let her go and Rachel turned around crying and screaming as she saw what it was. The animal was something she's never seen before. It looked like a wolf, but a giant one, one she's never seen before.

Rachel felt like it was staring her down with those yellow eyes. Rachel was slowly pushing back, trying to get away without being noticed.


Rachel turned her head to warn Eli but the animal, the beast was on top of her. Rachel screamed as it bit her shoulder hard and dug it's nails into her, scratching her up. Rachel knew this was it, she was going to die by this animal. She continued to cry until darkness took over her.

Eli was still stuck in the car hearing her friends screams and cries. Tears fell down her face, "Rachel!" she cried.

As the cries taunted Eli she heard another growl and looked around her. She saw her purse lying a few feet away and tried to reach for it to get the knife. She cried as she continued to try.

Eli screamed when a paw wrapped itself around her wrist and pulled her out of the car. Eli felt her arm being pulled out of it's socket. She screamed and felt herself being thrown. She looked up and found herself staring into a pair of eyes that would haunt her forever. The animal jumped on her and bit at her arms and shoulders and scratching her as well. Eli screamed and cried just as Rachel had but Rachel's screams of pain were being blocked by her own.

The animal had stopped what it was doing when it heard howling. Eli watched as she began fading in and out of consciousness. It looked up from her and she watched as it tilted its head and howled towards the sky before tramping off. Eli coughed up some blood before fading to black.


"We need someone over here!" yelled the paramedic as they wheeled both Eli and Rachel into the ER.

Dean Winchester looked up from his charts and quickly walked over to them, "What's going on?"

"Car accident and possible animal attack. Both girls were found a few good feet away from the car."

Dean listened for a heartbeat from Rachel and found a faint one then he looked over at Eli and his eyes widened, "Eli." He quickly felt hers.

"You know her?" asked a nurse as they wheeled the girls into an ER room.

"Yeah, she's my brother's girlfriend," he said and looked up at the nurse and then looked around him, "Alright, these girls are going to need stitches and sedatives stat! They need IV's as well, come on people let's go!"

Dean looked over at Eli who was still passed out and then looked over at Rachel. He looked up at the paramedic, "How long have they been unconscious?"

"Not sure, since we got there," said the paramedic, "One of them had called 911 so the animal must have attacked afterwards."

Dean nodded, "I need two needles full of rabbi shots!" He looked over Rachel as he watched her eyes start to flutter open. "Hey, hey, can you hear me?" He looked up at the paramedic, "What's her name?"

"License says Rachel Stevenson."

Dean looked back down at Rachel who started to panic, "Rachel, hey I need you to calm down, ok, everything is going to be alright."

"It hurts," she cried and searched for the source of the voice, her eyes were blurry, "Where's Eli?"

"She's going to be ok," Dean looked over at Eli who was being cleaned up by the nurses.

"Rachel, I need to know what happened." Rachel cried shaking her head. "Come on, it's ok, I'm a friend of Eli's you can tell me."

Rachel sniffed and cried as the nurse stabbed her with the needle. Dean looked at her then back down at Rachel, "What happened Rachel?"

Rachel shook her head and then all of a sudden they heard her heart monitor beeping letting them know they were loosing her.

"We're loosing her!" yelled Dean. Dean ripped open her shirt and start CPR, "Come on!" He looked up at her heart ratings and still the same.

"Rachel?" Dean heard Eli and looked over his shoulder. He looked at a nurse, "I need Eli in another room now!"

Eli was quickly rushed into another room. Dean didn't know if Rachel was going to live or die but he didn't need his brothers girlfriend seeing it. The nurses were stopping the blood that was goozing out of the wounds as Dean continued CPR.

Dean stopped for a second and heard a steady heartbeat. He sighed in relief and looked down at her to see her unconscious, "Alright, you guys patch up her wounds I'm going to the next room."

Dean walked over and washed his hands. He knew he had to call Sam about Eli. Once his hands were clean he walked into Eli's room to see her being patched up as well but she was wide awake.

"Hey Eli," he said soothingly as he walked over to her.

Eli looked up at him, "Dean…oh my God, something attacked me and my friend. I- I think there were two."

"What were they?"

"I-I don't know," she shook her head crying, "Like giant…wolves!"

Dean looked up at the nurses then back down at Eli, "Everything's going to be ok, I'm going to call Sam."

"Is Rachel ok?"

"She'll be fine. She's passed out at the moment, she's getting stitched up and everything. Just rest now Eli, everything is going to be ok, trust me."

Eli gave him a small smile as she closed her eyes waiting for something other than those yellow eyes to appear before her.

Authors Note: I know my bestie Apri had just done a werewolf story but I just watched Cursed with Christina Ricci and these ideas popped in my head and thought I would give it a shot. What do you guys think? Please review!