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A sigh escaped Yukina's lips as she watched—for the fourth time this week—Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia leave their bodies and sprint down the hall to fight Hollows. If they hadn't in fact been in her class Yukina would have left to deal with them herself, but ever since Kurosaki Ichigo awoke his Shinigami powers life was pretty dull for Yukina.

Nerru Yukina had abandoned the Gotei 13 and her post of Captain of the 3rd division leaving in search of her twin sister in the human world fifty years ago. Central 46 had exiled her sister, Nerru Aritsu, or being a Vizard or as they called it back then hollowfied. The Shinigami outfit she wore only when absolutely necessary was a short black hayori with a ruffled skirt, almost tutu, the top resembled Yuroichi's in the sense that it was a halter top. Only people knew of her residency in Karakura Town and that was Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yuroichi, Kurosaki Isshin, and the Vizards although nobody knew they did most thought Yukina had died, it was a well guarded secret.

Yukina looked down at her notebook and began to scribble on it, with Kurosaki Ichigo now on the job she was just another regular teenager, he was such a nuisance. She thought for a moment and decided to visit her old friend Urahara for lunch. Jinta, the little devil, must be going through withdrawal without her. Once the bell rang Yukina couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief when suddenly she was knocked over she opened her eyes to see a pair of huge breasts in her face and she knew automatically who it was.

"Orihime-chan you really should join the football team," Yukina laughed as Tatsuki practically peeled Orihime off of her. "Thanks Tatsuki-san."

"Yukina-chan won't you come and have lunch with us?" Orihime pleaded, she asked Yukina to join Tatsuki and her for lunch every day and knowing what bad taste in food Orihime has she had always politely declined.

"I'm sorry Orihime-chan I already have plans to go have lunch with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a while...maybe next time OK?" Yukina replied, Orihime nodded ecstatically if only she knew who Yukina was going to see. Yuki had known about her classmate's involvement with the Soul Society, and had been quite posted with their progress of the Espada and Arrancar from her constant company of Yuroichi-san. She knew a lot more then she lead on, Yukina knew exactly why Uryu Ishida had been absent from class for the past week, she also knew that Rukia was going to train Orihime and she wouldn't be returning to school tomorrow, she knew that Chad was training vigorously at Urahara's Shoten with Abarai Renji. Though this was the first time in weeks Yukina had seen Ichigo and she had no idea where he had been, all these thoughts were reacquainting themselves with Yukina as she made her way to Urahara's Shoten. When she finally check her cell phone of what time it was she found herself standing in front of the store she smiled wryly before ignoring the 'closed for repairs' sign on the door and bounded right on through.

"Hey you stupid illiterate freak can't you read the sign!" an angry childlike voice bellowed from the back of the store.

Yukina laughed while putting her school bag down ", is that any way to treat me after so long Jinta-kun?"

She herd shuffled feet and the back door slam open there stood Jinta, red hair and all stared at her wide-eyed ", Yukina-chan what the hell are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years!" His face blushed violently, Jinta had always had a crush on Yukina and she just thought of it as cute.

"Jinta-san did I hear you say Yukina-chan?" Another familiar voice called out from the background.

Yukina couldn't help but grin as she saw Urahara standing there in his traditional green kimono and stupid gambler's hat. ", Urahara-san!" she yelled happily before engulfing him in a bone crushing hug. Urahara lead her to the back room and they sat at the low table while Jinta scurried off to get them tea and something to eat.

"How has your schooling been?" Urahara asked off-handedly knowing that it would stir up a conversation.

Yukina sighed and put her head down on the table in depression looking years wiser than a sixteen year old girl should have because she was "I'm so bored, " she exclaimed while sitting up straight again then an idea came to her ", Can I train here for a little!" she pleaded.

Urahara frowned ", I'm sorry Yukina-chan you know I would love to have you train here-" a perverted glint sparkled in his eye earning him a hard glare from Yukina ", but this Espada predicament is getting quite difficult and Chad is here almost always it's a risk just to have a civil lunch with you" Yukina sighed and nodded.

"So is there any news on it?" She asked while changing the subject.

Urahara's face became serious "Well for the past couple of weeks Ichigo's been training with a few Vizards of which you are acquainted with, " Yukina smirked remembering Shinji and the gang fondly. "He's trying to become familiar with the change but she isn't with them, I'm truly sorry Yukina-san."

Yukina hid her disappointment with a coy smile ", so Kurosaki-baka still doesn't know about his dad, eh?"

Urahara smirked while shaking his head ", no I'm surprised, that boy still can't sense reiatsu even with his power."

"He's that powerful? That's amazing..." Yukina said while shifting her long lavender hair over her shoulder. She was just about to say something else but the door slid open and both she and Urahara snapped their glances towards the intruders.

Of course they weren't intruders at all it was Ichigo and Rukia they stopped mid-conversation to stare at Yukina ", Yukina, what are you doing here?" Ichigo asked surprised.

Yukina jumped up and relied quickly on her ability to lie through her teeth ", Oh Ichigo-kun Rukia-san I didn't know you were friends with Urahara-dono I was just passing by and he called me over and asked me lift a box for him, he said his back was acting up. I was just leaving I'll see you in school Ja Ne!" She called over her shoulder as she left the entrance she heard a loud thwack and then yells mainly Ichigo's she couldn't help but giggle.

"You perverted old man you just wanted to look up her skirt!" he screeched, while Urahara whimpered in a corner thinking how cruel Yukina was to imply such a thing and not let it happen.