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It had been five years since I was left in the woods by the man I thought I would spend eternity with and one year since I moved to Houston. I needed a change and Jake had pulled out a map at his car shop and convinced me to close my eyes and drop my finger on it and move there, no questions about it. It was a little after my father, Charlie, had past. He was traveling through Port Angeles to help out with something there for work and was shot during a robbery while getting gas. My mom, Renee, of course, is still traveling with Phil. We talk weekly though as she continues to lose either her phone or the charger for it and has to get to a store for a new one. Jake and the pack helped me sell everything and relocate to Houston where I found an old farmhouse with about ten acres with it. The house is turn of the century and I instantly fell in love with it. The realtor told me that as far as she knew it had been vacant since the War. I didn't have the decency to ask which one. I, of course, researched everything I could about the pack as well as the Cullens. I wanted to know what was really out there and how to avoid it at all cost. Jake thought it was a good idea since I'm a danger magnet, as he likes to call it, and the pack can't protect me this far from the reservation. I ended up having to hire a couple a few weeks ago to help with the house and land. I finally got to move in after the electricians, plumbers, etc...finished updating my house to make it livable for me. The woman, Charlotte, has been helping me clean out the rooms and find some things that I have called the town historian to come and collect later today for the town. Peter, her husband, has rebuilt the stables and tended to cleaning up the land for me and was bringing my new horse home from town at any moment. I left a formal living room with all the furniture that was still in good condition as well as the Baby Grand that was in front of the bay window where the parlor used to be and Charlotte helped me furnish the rest of the downstairs. Some of the things from the bedrooms had been replaced also. The house had three bedrooms now instead of five so that we could have two bathrooms upstairs, one being in my master bedroom. I kept the Canopy Cast Iron bed that was in on of the rooms for myself and kept one of the four posters for my mom and Phil when they came to visit, only getting rid of the twin beds that were in the bedrooms. I turned the last room into my study since I was able to work from home. I was Jake's business partner and handled the money end to the shop. Going to school for finance came in handy since Jake sucks at math and he convinced me to start up with him. He sends me daily reports and copies of all the receipts and orders. He does everything else that has to do with the cars. Today, I was putting the finishing touches to the living area where we would spend most of our time. All the electronics were hooked up, thanks to Peter, and the furniture was due at any moment. Charlotte was upstairs dusting and looking at the old photos, hoping to find a couple we could use in the formal room by the front door. The paint was finished , making the room a pale blue color. I wanted to brighten it up, so I used a lot of pale colors for the wall décor and added accents in bolder colors. The room is mainly blue as that is my favorite, and in all shades. The furniture is mostly white and black and the tables a light mahogany, do add some depth. "Miss Bella."

I smiled and looked up at the woman that interrupted my thoughts. She was a beautiful Hispanic woman who swears her eyes aren't red. Her and Peter think they have me fooled, but we have become family in this short amount of time and I still haven't had the guts to actually tell them that I know and am okay with it.

"Charlotte, I've asked you to leave the Miss off. What do you need?" I asked smiling so that she would know that I was kidding.

She only used Miss when she really needed an honest answer anyway. "I know, but I was looking at some of these pictures that I found in the attic and was wondering about the family that sold this house."

I saw the frames in her hand and put the broom aside, walking over to the stairs and sitting on the steps. "I don't really know. The realtor just said that the family hasn't lived here since Lincoln, but kept it in the family incase anyone should ever need it for anything or for a place to live. With the economy being what it is, they just couldn't afford it anymore and had to give it up. That's why it needed all the work that we put into it. Why?"

"Oh, no reason. It's just the people in these look so carefree, I just wondered about them is all. I should go clean up. You remember that Peter's brother is coming to visit?"

I smiled. "Oh, yeah. We should get cleaned up and you all are going out to eat, I'm assuming. Peter mentioned that it's been awhile since he's been able to visit."

"Yea. His ex-wife didn't get along with us all that much and he finally caught her with a friend of theirs a couple days ago, he just needs somewhere to regroup and Peter suggested here." She replied, smiling.

I nodded. "Alright, If he needs a room he can us the one I've set aside for my mom and Phil. That is if you and Peter don't have any room yet in your home."

"That would be nice, I will let him know. I didn't know what you wanted to do with these, but I think we should use them and not give them to the lady that's coming this afternoon. They are the best ones." Charlotte explained, handing me the photos. I nodded as she went to clean up before Peter's brother arrived.

I continued sitting on the stairs and flipped the photos over, looking at them. The first was of a woman and her husband on their wedding day. I'm guessing they were wed in the 1800s by the style of her dress and his suit. I began looking at the other pictures, gasping at the last one. It was a picture of a man in a Civil War uniform, dressed for battle. From the emblems and what I remembered from History in school, he was a Major. Something about him triggered something in my mind. The blonde hair, the stance of the man, everything. "Charlotte, What did you say your brother-in-law's name is?" I asked, hearing her coming down the stairs. "Jasper Whitlock, why Bella?"

Jasper. I kept looking at the man in the picture as Charlotte stood in front of me waiting my answer. The family that sold the estate were Whitlock's. If I was right about my new friends, than this brother was a vampire also. Jasper...Jasper Hale, Jasper Cullen, Jasper Whitlock. "No...it couldn't be." I whispered to myself.

"Couldn't be what, Bella?"

I gulp and look up at Peter as I heard his voice and met the eyes of someone I thought I wouldn't see ever again. "Jasper."

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