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Strange Bedfellows

Justin was awoken to someone poking him, and apologizing about it? Peeking out of the corner of his eye, he found a girl with long brown hair. He was about to roll over when he realized that 1) that wasn't Alex and 2) his left hand and her right hand are handcuffed to the head post. Turning back to the girl he told her his name and asked for hers. She said her name was Casey and that she was going to kill Derek when they get out of this. Justin countered by saying that Derek might be innocent and that Alex might have done this to them; but as soon as he said it, they realized that they probably did it together. But they needed to get free before they can get even.

After trying, and failing, to loosen the head post, they decided to just wait for their worser halves. Trading stories, Casey quickly discovered Alex was a girl not a guy and Justin learned that Casey met Derek through her mom. Justin and Alex had begin their relationship shortly after Justin had recovered from some sort of memory loss. At the time they believed that they were brother and sister, but the same thing that had caused his non-amnesia had also stirred up memories that had lead Justin to discover that wasn't the case. Casey, more than a little freaked out by how Justin had met Alex, decided not to say anything about it and recounted how Derek had protected her from a hitman, kick starting their relationship after years of denying anything was there. Justin remembered seeing it on the news and after talking with him for a while longer, Casey realized that she recognized Justin from a news article about a raising rock band called The Alchemist Lovers.

Finally when both of their arms were sore, in walked Derek and Alex, wearing matching smirks. They teased the handcuffed pair for a couple of minutes, before Derek asked Alex to unlock them. Alex asked him for the keys. He said he had given them to her, she said he hadn't. After going over everything that had happened and through both hotel rooms, Casey, Derek, and Justin realized that Alex had lost the keys. She claimed someone must of stolen them. The trio responded with a collected, "Al-ex!"