Rempo: ...that deals with me... how?

Me: It doesn't. I'm just really happy

Rempo: Everyone run for the hills! Fangirly2349 can drive. It's officially the scariest part of this world's life.

Me: *grabs a pan* You should be running for the hills.

Mieli: *watches Rempo scream like a girl and run away from Me* Hehehe, Fangirly2349 doesn't own Avalon Code. Enjoy summer!


By the time Alex made time to find Rex, it was already the end of the day. She was beat beyond beat. Somehow she found Rex's doll – or his sister's – in the twin's home and code scanned it so it was all ready for her to present to Rex. The face he would give her was already worked out in her head. But as she searched for where Rex was, Alex visited Fana and Kamui. Fana could hardly stop talking and bouncing in her bed when she came to visit her. It wasn't the best visit though as Fana was really ill but seeing the brightness in her features made Alex's insides warm slightly. As for Kamui, he was ecstatic when Alex stopped by and showed him all of the flowers she had code scanned over the month. Everything possible Alex could have done before meeting up with Rex, she did it.

As Rex wasn't home, Alex figured that it was a smart idea to sit on the edge of the drop off Rex made access to and just wait for him to return. She always took it when she was in a jumpy mood. Something about the rush of falling a story in height to the ground made her happy. What she wasn't expecting were the golden hues staring at her when she entered the alleyway. He was simply leaning against the wall of one of the abandoned buildings watching her movements. At least... she guessed he was watching her. Clearly he wasn't avoiding her this time around.

Striding over to the purple haired teen, Alex opened up the Book of Prophecy. She stopped right in front of Anwar with her face buried in the book. His stare bore into her as she was mentally insane. "Aha!" Alex cried, making Anwar flinch backwards. What Alex had found was a bag of fresh cookies she had code scanned when she first got the book. Mieli giggled next to Rempo on her shoulder. Not even the glare the girl sent the forest spirit could stop her giggles. If anything the glare made Rempo start laughing. Sighing, Alex thrust the bag of cookies towards Anwar.

"A-as thanks," Alex stuttered before looking down at the ground and kicking the street awkwardly. Anwar's face had remained blank as he accepted the gift but his eyes gleamed with an odd confused look to them. It would've gone unnoticed to most but Alex saw it.

Never had she been more embarrassed in her life. She could feel him staring at her the whole time he inspected the cookies. How someone could inspect something and stare at someone at the same time was new to her. The only moment Anwar actually stopped staring at her was when he finally opened the bag and put one of the cookies in his mouth. This is where Alex thought he'd spit it out, glare at her, and then leave. Sure she had code scanned him and read that he liked sweets – it was some light reading that felt quite needed – but him actually liking sweets seemed unreal.

Alex's mouth dropped open in surprise. Anwar's golden eyes widened and started glowing slightly. Her lips curled up in a smile and started laughing. And she didn't stop. It felt so right to just laugh not because he did something stupid or she had to but because he looked down right adorable. For once Alex actually felt joy watching the emotionless desert man like something.

"You do not deserve to be happy. All you will bring is doom." A voice echoed in Alex's mind. Her laugh ended and her lips curled down in a frown. Her life did not deserve joy. After all, all her life had brought her and the people really close to her were pain and suffering; doom. To be happy, she would have had to have grown up with a life worth living.


Anwar opened the bag of cookies and put one in his mouth, finally taking his eyes off the girl who gave him the bag. He had heard of them from the nomads before but never actually experienced them for him-self. The taste of it in his mouth was – was like walking on air. His eyes widened in amaze at the sensation. Heck, he could practically feel his eyes glowing as he stared at the cookies in his hand.

Laughter filled his ears. Blinking, Anwar looked up from his gift to stare at the person laughing. From the short time he had been in her company, never once had he seen Alex so much as smile let alone laugh. He couldn't tear his eyes off her. Her petite yet powerful hand covering her slender up curled mouth was a sight he somehow wanted to engrave in his mind. She looked... no he couldn't think like that.

Her laugh and smile vanished in a blink of an eye.

"What are you doing anyways? Shouldn't you be...?"

"No. I was released." Alex's face brightened almost instantaneously. She looked generally happy judging by the semi-smile she gave him. "As for me being here, I am observing."

Alex's semi-smile changed into a small but teasing smile. She even got her eyebrows to rise in mockery. "Observing? Really?" Anwar nodded, ignoring the chuckle coming from the brunette. He directed his attention out at the large group of people passing in the town square nearby.

"You humans all have such ranges of emotions that I know not of. I must learn more of them." From the corner of his eye Anwar caught Alex's mouth drop. He even saw it drop even more as his lip twitch up slightly.

"That was by far the most you have EVER said to me." All Anwar could do was simply shrug. You can't exactly respond to something like that. Even without saying anything in response, Anwar could still feel the girl staring at him. Weird enough, she watched him almost as much as he watched her. Clearly she hadn't noticed him but he saw her doing it all the time and never once understood why. With Alex, there was so much to observe. Yet with him, there was absolutely nothing fascinating or remarkable.

A shout jolted Anwar. He returned his gaze to the brunette. She was clinging onto the fence looking down at the run down homes. Wrinkling his brow, Anwar followed Alex's gaze. There he saw the spiky haired boy from earlier enter one of the run down homes. Glancing once more at the girl, Anwar couldn't figure out why it bugged him so much that the girl was paying more attention to the punk instead of him.

The petite yet strong girl turned to him with a slight smile that made his insides swirl. "Sorry. I have to leave. Rex, the moron with blue hair, needs a piece of my mind." Acting like he didn't care, Anwar nodded. Though, he must've done quite poorly on hiding that cause Alex started chuckling. He blinked – amazed that she could laugh as much as she could around him as she never did that before. Next thing Anwar knew, the brunette jumped down over the ledge. Shocked and actually worried about the girl, the purple haired teen leaned over the fence to make sure she was okay. This worry he felt towards her was probably just because her suddenly dropping surprised him. He wasn't capable of feeling worry towards someone.

Down below Alex looked up at Anwar smiling, clearly amused with him. And this was an actual smile not the fake or small ones she had been giving normally. Alex lifted her right hand and waved at him. Slowly and awkwardly, Anwar copied Alex's movements. Her smile grew a fraction prior to having any traces of the smile wiped from her face. With that done, Alex ran off to the boy Rex's place. What bothered him the most of being with her, Anwar actually enjoyed being with her.


Anwar waved back at her, his movements unsure, jerky, and downright awkward. But it was so utterly cute. Even after swearing to never smile fully, Alex found her-self smiling; at a person too! The worst part, she didn't actually hate breaking that unsaid oath to never truly smile again.

Alex dropped the smile that had grown a bit and ran to Rex's house to crash through the door. He stood in the middle of his one room/ one area home shirtless with sweat clinging to his muscles and hair. A scream escaped his mouth as he stared at the brunette. The girl rolled her eyes; she'd seen him topless several times before, the sight wasn't a new one to her. Strange enough, she had a brief vision of Anwar topless. He'd have to be quite muscular if he could wield that giant sword that was strapped to his back. But she quickly got rid of the sight in her mind. She was mad at Rex... and was never going to get close to another person. Being really close to someone only brought pain and no one would want to share a life with her.

"REX! How could you sign me up without consulting me?" Alex punched him in the arm, glaring dark and menacingly. The blue haired teen rubbed the spot despite there being no pain. "You know very well that I despise these kinds of things."

"Yet waving to thousands of people is fine." Alex growled at him. "Look, you are ten times better than those asses. With you, hell, I could bet and damn well win!" Yet again Alex rolled her eyes at the red eyed person. His cheeky smile earned him a nice slap to the arm. After the slap, Rex dropped the smile and used his serious voice to say, "I need the jewels Lex."

Silence filled the house. Alex moved to Rex's bed or well mattress and sat down on it. Rex threw on the only other shirt he had. He walked over to Alex and sat down next to her on the lumpy mattress he used as a bed. The girl sighed, looking around the home of one of the few people she hung out with the odd time. It barely even counted as a home it was that run down.

Another sigh exited the girl's mouth. "If I lose, do NOT yell or cry to or at me." Rex laughed loudly and threw an arm around her. Shaking her head, Alex shrugged the boy's arm off and stood up. "Oh yeah. Got ya something."

While getting a quizzical look, Alex pulled out the Book of Prophecy. She flipped through the pages till she got to the doll she had code scanned earlier in the rich twins' home. Making the doll materialize, she handed him the doll. His red eyes grew and mouth dropped as he held the breakable toy in his hands. As he sputtered his reply, Alex let her-self out the door. Emotional moments like that weren't for her. What was so good about having stuff from your past? The past is something you remember if anything. You don't need things to remind you of it.