I always seem to remember the smells of the people that I love :) Just a short drabble.

"The best smell in the world is the man that you love" ~ Jennifer Aniston

Glee © Ryan Murphy

"Got it Dad!" The Hummel boy walked up to the front door to greet whoever the unexpected guest may be.

"What the-!" Kurt gasped as Blaine burst through the open door and ran into his arms.

Kurt stared at the smaller boy, whose arms were now wrapped around him and whose head was buried in his chest.

"Blaine? What-"

"Shush!" Blaine whispered fiercely as his boyfriend tried to speak.

So Kurt just stood there, his face turning pink as he realized Burt and Carol were watching curiously from the kitchen.

"Blaine!" He said as sweetly as he could manage, which, in fact, was not very sweet at all. "What are you doing?"

The curly-haired boy slowly picked up his head, and he looked into Kurt's eyes.

"Blaine, is there a reason why you've run into my house just to give me a bear hug?"

Blaine smiled softly and rose on his toes to give the taller boy a peck on the cheek.

"I forgot what you smelled like, Kurt. I needed to remember."

And he couldn't help but smile.

I love Klaine :D

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