Only Human

A/N Hello everyone, I recently started watching HOTD and I must say, it shivered me timbers. So I want to add my own little twists to it, first thing first. Naruto will not have jutsu, although he will have super human ability. Not enough to make him seem god like though. Just read and find out. The pairings are undecided, so if you have any suggestions. I'm open. Anyways here it is enjoy.

Naruto Uzumaki woke up with no memory of how he came to be, faced with an apocalypse he joins a small group of teens. Together they try to survive and deal with their ever growing feelings. Although the blonde holds a dark secret. AU

Thinking "Their coming!"

Speaking "Its them!"

Disclaimer-I own neither of the Shows! I wish, oh how I wish.

-Only Human-

Chapter 1

In which the DEAD hit's the fan!

A loud groan could be heard echoing from the darkness of a street alleyway.

The groans continued to sound out, not to loud enough to be heard, but loud enough to scare anyone who would walk to close to the alley. Grumbling could be heard as blue eyes opened up, a blue that could contrast the very ocean itself reflecting in them.

The light of the sun began to work its magic as it shone through the darkness. Sunny blonde hair that spiked in random direction defying gravity itself peered through the dark. Tan skin and an angled face was what could be seen.

The strangest thing was that the boy had three whisker like marks on each side of his cheek.

"Ugh, what the hell. Where am I?" thought the unnamed blonde his eyes taking in the views before him.

They snapped wide open as soon as he realized his situation.

"What the hell!" he cried as he jumped up and ran out of the alley.

The blondes eyes who were previously in the dark burned from the entrance of such a bright light, narrowing them at the slight inconvenience he waited for them to adjust. One word escaped his mouth as he looked upon the sight before him.

"Fuck?.." he thought to himself.

The streets were marked with blood, Black hawks soared threw the air, smoke rose from each part of the city, screams could be heard from all around as well as gun shots and explosions, dead body's littered the floor looking as if some wild animal teared into them, cars were crashed or abandoned some even lodged into buildings, the horrible stench of death filled his nose .

"What the hell is going on here.." the blonde teen whispered to himself.

His eyes drifted off to himself, his white shirt was stained with blood, and his blue jeans ripped in various places, the white shoes he wore seemed to be in good shape, although blood and dirt stained them.

"What happened to me, last thing I remember I was.." the blonde shut his eyes trying to remember his previous actions before he found himself in this situation.

Blue eyes widened in shock "What the fuck! I cant remember anything!" the teen mumbled in fear, he began to search his pockets for something, anything that could at least verify who he was, as he searched through his back pocket he came upon a plastic band.

Grabbing onto it he pulled it out and scanned it with his eyes.

"Name:Naruto Uzumaki, Subject Test Number:009, what the?" he read aloud, he squeezed his fist tightly around the band as his anger rose "Dammit! This doesn't tell me much!" he thought to himself, sighing, he placed the band back in his pocket and ran a hand through his hair.

He looked back at the nightmare like scene before him, looking around for any form of weaponry he spotted a golf club next to one of the mauled body's.

Carefully he walked towards the dead man, stepping over the body, he silently reached over to the golf club never noticing the dead body beginning to twitch slightly.

-Only Human-

Takashi Komuro sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today, his brown hair flowed in the breeze.

"Why him.." he wondered to himself. He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice a mop of pink hair slowly approaching him.

The girl was very attractive by any mans standards, she was also very intelligent, this girl was Saya Takagi long time friend of Takashi and by the look on her face, she did not seem happy with the teen.

"Takashi!" she stated loudly "You always lock yourself up in the same place when you feel down don't you?" the pinket stated her eyes gazing over the teenager before her.

Takashi glanced at her, and turned his head back to whatever he was looking at.

Saya huffed and turned around "She's just one girl." Saya murmured under her breath, although Takashi heard her but chose not to respond.

"Getting rejected isn't that bad." the girl genius spoke before walking away. Takashi watched her go before sighing once again.

The sound of screaming and the pounding of something on a metallic surface caught his attention as he turned around to witness a man slamming into the fence of the school repeatedly.

"Is that some sort of rapist." mused the teen as his eyes watched the scene with only half interest.

He watched as some teachers surrounded the man and began to speak, one o the teachers grabbed the man by the shirt and pulled him towards the gate roughly. Takashi continued to watch seeing as the man had no where to go now, that was until a scream awakened him from his half interested state.

His golden like brown eyes grew wide in shock and disgust as the man seemed to have bitten down on the teacher, Takashi watched on as the teacher screamed in pain, blood gushing from the wound. Then he just dropped, dead.

"W-What the hell!" he stated, involuntary taking a step back.

The female teacher began to scream, until the dead teacher grabbed her by her shirt pulled her down and clamped down on her throat, the blood rushed out of the wound once more as the teacher screamed in pain, the final one running off in fear at what was happening.

The female teacher rose as well and began to walk slowly towards the school, a quite groan escaping her lips the other undead teacher following closely behind.

"S-Shit!.." the teen whispered before he ran off "I have to find Rei and get the hell out of here, fast!" Takashi thought quickly as he passed many doors and rooms, ignoring the teachers telling him to stop running.

"There!" the sign of class was hanging by the door, he quickly grabbed the doorknob and rushed in.

The teacher and students turned to see a panting Takashi his eyes searching for his old time friend and crush "Mr. Komuro, you fail to show for my class, and now you interrupt it!" the man spoke angrily.

Takashi ignored him and rushed towards Rei grabbing her by her arm, he lifted the girl up and turned to run.

Rei however not knowing what was going on resisted "Takashi what the hell is wrong with you! Let me go!" she cried, another boy by the name of Hisashi rose and grabbed onto Takashi "What's going on Takashi-san?" he spoke calmly, his eyes looking over to his girlfriend.

Takashi growled mentally "Damn, I have to tell him. If he comes Rei will follow." the teen sighed and spoke quietly so that not many people would hear him.

The only ones who did were Saya and a slightly chubby boy by the name of Kohta Hirano "Someone just got killed outside, we have to get out of here!" Hisashi along with Saya and Kohta gasped.

The older teen nodded and grabbed hold of Rei "Let's go Rei-chan!" the girl nodded hesitantly and the group ran out of the class not once looking back.

Sayas eyes narrowed "Someone got killed, I need to get out of here then." she thought quietly to herself.

-Only Human-

The blonde checked the golf club in his hand for any damage and found it to be usable until he got a gun or blade. A loud groan caught his attention and he quickly turned around the golf club gripped firmly in his hand ready to attack.

Before him stood the corpse he stepped over minutes before.

"Uh, you okay there buddy?" he questioned as he watched the sick looking man limp towards him, the smell of death rolling off his body in waves.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at his actions "Hey buddy?" he walked forward the golf club still in a tight grip so he could fight back if need rises.

The man did not respond only continued to groan as he limped towards him.

Narutos eyes narrowed to mere slits as he watched the man carefully "What's his problem." he thought to himself.

Turning around he began to walk away, the man saw this and charged forward his mouth wide open ready to bite the blondes head off. Too bad he was ready, ducking under the his body Naruto slammed the golf club to it's side sending it soaring through the air and making a hard contact with the pavement, blood splattered all over the ground.

Naruto looked to the now dead body, he should be dead, I mean come on and sighed before looking towards the golf club in his hand "How did I do that, it was like a reflex." the teen thought.

Shrugging he turned to walk away until the sound of more groans and shuffling alerted his ears . The whiskered teen watched in shock as the body rose up once more before turning around and rushing towards him again.

"You gotta be shitting me!" he cried as he dodged a claw swipe and kicked its legs out from under it, making the body fall. He then slammed the golf club on the things back repeatedly blood splashing all around him.

Naruto gasped for air his eyes wide looking down on the dead body "If you get up from that, then I'm gone." he mumbled through breaths the quick burst of adrenaline leaving him.

A scream captured his attention, looking to his left he saw a much older man running from what seemed like two of those things, the man however was too slow. They quickly caught up too him and began to feast on the now screaming mans body, blood splattered all over the ground as the man cried for help, the things continuing to tear into him. The screams stopped and the once dead man rose the other two rising as well, the group of three walked off searching for new prey.

"What is going on here!" he thought to himself, more screams alerted him to a large school building. "Fujimi High School." the teen thought before rushing off to the school.

After ten minutes of running and dogging more of them, the blonde finally made it to the gates of the school, although it seemed like the hole school was infested with them there were hundreds of them all gathered around the courtyard eating other students and turning them.

"Shit." he whispered a bead of sweat falling from his brow, the sound of a door opening alerted him along with an echo, unfortunately it also attracted them.

A group of two guys and four girls ran outside followed by another group of teenagers. Naruto sighed before charging towards the group, the adrenaline through his system pumping wildly as he swung the golf club smashing it into one of their heads, he then jumped high into the air and slammed his foot into another ones face breaking its neck.

Takashi turned too see a blonde haired teen not much older than himself killing a group of them, he grinned at seeing another survivor.

Running towards the blonde he gripped his bat and slammed it into one of their heads, blood splashing everywhere. Naruto noticed another teen fighting them with him, the blonde smirked as he dodged another swipe at his head and slammed his foot on the undeads chest sending it stumbling backwards before slamming the golf club onto its face.

"Thanks for the help!" he cried as he continued to kill more of them.

Takashi smirked back " No problem, follow me were getting out of here!" he cried before rushing off, Naruto nodding and following closely behind.

The others ran into the bus, the blonde woman sat her self in the drivers seat and began to panic at the controls.

"Uhm, Lever, Steering wheel, oh this is so confusing!" she cried making the much younger blonde sweat drop as he ran in the bus after Takashi.

A violet haired beauty gripped her shoulder and spoke "Start the bus Shizuka-sensei" the older blonde now identified as Shizuka nodded and revved up the engine, a loud cry of wit was heard by Takashi catching the others attention.

A man wearing a striped suit was running towards the bus, a group of students following closely behind. Naruto watched the mans face and a sick feeling began to rise up in his stomach, a pair of golden snake like eyes flashing in his mind repeatedly.

He shut his eyes tight and the eyes disappeared, although a slight headache followed.

"Who is that?" he heard Takashi ask the group, he noticed the girl with the violet hair narrow her eyes towards the man, and the girl with her hair done up in a pony tail grow tense.

The violet hair girl spoke "His name is Koichi Shido, or Shido-sensei." her eyes shifted to look towards Naruto briefly, the two made eye contact and the blonde grinned, the girl smiling in response.

Takashi rushed out ready to help the man known as Shido but was stopped by the pony tailed girl "Don't!" she spoke "You will regret saving him!" her eyes were narrowed on the man , they all watched him kick a student in the face before calmly walking away with a smirk on his face.

The boy was then eaten alive by a group of them.

Naruto scowled at the act of betrayal.

Shido calmly walked onto the bus and smiled at the group "Thank you for saving us. We are in your debt." the smile on the mans face was one of a snake ready to bite as soon as you turn your back.

Takashi turned to Shizuka and yelled "Drive!" the busty blonde nodded and the engine roared to life, she began to run over a large amount of them, "Their not humans, not any more." she whispered to herself as she rammed through the group of undead at the gates and rushed through the street.

Narutos headache began to pulse once more, his eyes shutting tight as the pain coursed through his temples.

The group of five noticed this and approached him.

"You okay man?" asked a Kohta, the others behind him.

Naruto grinned "Yea, just a headache." he replied "Thanks for letting me on though, names Naruto Uzumaki." he spoke with a smile.

The chubby boy spoke with a grin "Kohta Hirano! Marksman extraordinaire!" he exclaimed with an even larger grin.

The pink haired girl scoffed "Shut up fat ass, ignore him." she spoke "My name is Saya Takagi, you may call me Takagi-sama." she stated her eyes closed and a cocky smirk on her feminine face, the blonde teen sweat dropped his eyebrow twitching comically "Tch, Yea right." he thought to himself as he gazed at her with a deadpan look.

The violet haired girl chuckled softly catching his attention "My name is Saeko Busujima, its a pleasure to meet you." the smile on her face was contagious because the blonde grinned in response once more.

Naruto turned his head to the other male member of the team who also offered a small smile "Takashi Komuro, at your service." the girl beside him smiled as well "Rei Miyamoto, and the woman driving is our school nurse Shizuka Marikawa." the busty blonde looked over the rear view mirror that the bus had and smiled "Hello." she spoke in a slightly ditzy voice.

Naruto gave a small wave in response, and turned to the others "So anyone mind telling me what is going on?" he questioned.

Takashi sighed as did the others "It seems like a movie, the dead have come to life and started killing others, if you get bitten by them you turn into one of them." he spoke, Saya taking after him.

"What we have learned so far is that they are blind, and only react to sound. So when around them you have to be very quite. Got it?They also posses incredible strength they can break down a normal door down by themselves, so fighting them is out of the question. They only way to actually kill them Is the head" she stated waging her finger at the blonde who in return nodded.

"What caused this?" he asked.

"We don't really know, it just happened so suddenly. A couple of hours ago everything was fine, and then it all went to hell." the brown haired teen spoke, his eyes gazing over to Rei for a slight second.

Naruto narrowed his eyes "That's very interesting." he commented "So this is all some random serious of events, is what t seems like."

"That pretty much sums it up." replied Saya as she adjusted the glasses on her face.

Saeko broke the silence that fell upon the group and spoke "So Uzumaki-san, what school do you go too?"

"Uh, That's the thing. I can't remember." he replied, now that interested the group.

"What do you mean?" asked Rei just as curious as the others.

"I mean exactly what I said, I can't remember anything past waking up in an ally, being attacked by one of them. Then meeting you guys, although!" he stated as he reached in his back pocket pulling out the plastic band he found "This is all I know about myself, it told me my name, and my subject number. Whatever the hell that means." he shrugged showing them the band.

Sayas eyes widened upon seeing the band. "Let me see that!" she cried grabbing it quickly from his hand.

Naruto and the others stared at her as she repeatedly looked at the band.

"No way!" she cried loudly attracting the attention of the other bus mates.

"This is a SAT Special agent band!" Naruto gave the girl another deadpan look, the others looking at the blonde in shock.

"The what now?" he asked confused. "He really must have amnesia." the all thought to themselves.

Sayas puffed her cheeks out once more "SAT! Their Japans special unit. In case of times like these, if you have one of these your a SAT Solider!" she cried.

"N-No way! Hes barley older than us!" cried Kohta.

The others were just as surprised, Shido narrowed his eyes in the background "A SAT agent? At his age! This must be a joke!" he thought to himself.

The snake like man approached the group "Now let's all calm down, whether he is a SAT agent or not, it should not matter. What should matter is surviving. For us to do so, we need a leader. I'm sure you lead your group Busujima-san?" the teacher asked.

"We survived as a result of working together, there is no leader." the beauty replied.

Shidos smile widened "That was a small group though, we have even more people with us now. So we will need a leader." he spoke, as he turned to his group.

"And I'm guessing only one person here is qualified?" asked Saya with a scowl.

"Well, I am a teacher, so that should be enough to support my claim." he responded, the students that came with him clapping in praise.

"It's as if he is a recruiter for the military." commented Saeko.

"More like for a religion, he sounds like a priest. I an see it now the makings of the Shido Religion." the comment made most of the small group chuckle.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the man who was still preaching to the younger students "I really don't like him." he spoke.

"Tell me about it." agreed Rei.

The teacher turned around once more, an eery smile on his face ever present "I am now the leader, thanks to the majority vote." he spoke.

Rei growled as she balled her fists up, her nails digging into her skin "Screw this, I refuse to be near this slimy bastard!" she screamed in rage.

Takashi grabbed her by the arm "Rei! Calm down!" he cried as he struggled to hold the girl down from mauling the man before them.

Shido adjusted his glasses and smirked "Well that's a pity, it seems like we shall have to part ways then." the smile grew at the cheers he received from the students on his side.

Takashi growled "That bastard!" he thought to himself.

Letting go of Rei who had calmed down slightly he walked towards Shido intending to punch his lights out when a blonde haired student spoke up from behind the teacher.

"You! I can't stand you!" he cried. Takashi stopped and look at the student "What? What did I ever do to you?" he questioned.

The blonde student growled and began to walk towards Takashi his fist cocked back ready to strike the brown haired teen, that was until a broom stick was slammed into his stomach.

The teen screamed in pain and fell to the floor blood and saliva dripping from his mouth from the force of the blow.

The others looked on in shock, Naruto and the small group smirked at the teens predicament.

Shizuka who had enough of the yelling stood up and glared at the group "Shut up! I can't drive with all this yelling!" her giant breasts bounced around in anger, uh I mean.

Her eyes bounced around in, I mean..Screw it.

The others looked on in shock, that was until Naruto spoke "Shizuka-san, uh who is driving?" he asked.

The busty blonde blinked at the question and realized that her hands were currently off the steering wheel, the group of students in the back began to scream loudly. Acting quickly, which is a surprise, she grabbed the wheel and swerved the out of control bus back onto the road, Shido began to calm his 'team' down before turning back to the group "Now then where were we?" he asked.

"Stop the bus!" Rei cried.

Shizuka in surprise did just that, stopping the bus right in front of a tunnel in the middle of the road. The female teen walked out of the bus in anger, Takashi following.

"What the hell are you doing!" he asked.

"I will not be in that mans presence! I told you, you will regret saving him!" she cried.

Takashi just followed her off the bus. The rest of the group and Naruto watched from inside.

Naruto looked on at the arguing teens and sighed "Are they married or something? Jeez." his ears perked up as they heard the sound of screams and tires screeching, "Whats that noise." he spoke looking out the other window, heading straight towards them was an out of control bus filled with them and screaming passengers.

"Shit.." the blonde cursed "Tell them to take cover, now!".

Saeko seeing the bus as well nodded and ran outside "Komuro-san!, Miyamoto-san! There is a bus full of them heading towards you, take cover!".

The two teens looked on at the oncoming bus and screamed running towards the tunnel, Takashi grabbed Rei by the waist and dived for cover as the bus rammed into the tunnel blocking any escape from that direction.

"Komuro-san! Are you both well!" cried Rei.

"Yea! The police station! We will meet there if not today, then tomorrow!" he spoke watching as some of them crawled out of the fire, their decomposed body's burning, the stench growing horribly as the flames grew.

"What time?" she asked the flames growing higher.

"Seven!" replied Takashi.

"Very well, stay safe!" she cried as she ran off to the bus. Some of them who were not burned in the flames ran from the bus charging towards the violet haired teen.

"Get to the bus!" cried Naruto as he rushed past her and slammed his shoulder into one of them, causing it to fall back.

He then stomped on its head crushing the skull.

"Duck!" a voice ordered.

Naruto followed its instructions and ducked just as another one of them tried to make a grab, using his hands he pushed upwards and slammed his foot into the its jaw, snapping its head back and breaking its jaw, he then twisted his arms around and began to spin leaving his legs stretched out and began to kick it repeatedly until its head was twisted into an upside down position.

"Whoa! Didn't know I could do that!" the blonde stated as he jumped up avoiding another one of them.

The students and adults in the bus watched in awe as the blonde pulled of some amazing acrobatic moves and killed the small group of them using his body as a weapon.

Saeko was indeed impressed, she had her boken at the ready but clearly she did not need it "I have never seen that kind of Tijutsu before." she thought to herself as she watched the blonde flip over the last of them and slam his foot onto its head killing it, before turning to her and speaking.

"Get to the bus! Now!" he ordered, the violet haired girl nodded and turned to run.

"Was it just me, or where the small lines on his cheeks more defined out there, and his eyes. I could have sworn hey were slitted. I will have to ask him later." she thought as she ran into the bus Naruto following behind.

"Good job kit." the voice spoke once more, it was dark and twisted, sounding much like his own, although deeper.

Naruto looked around "Who are you!" he cried aloud catching the attention of the others "Uh, Naruto, bro. You okay?" asked Kohta looking at his new found ally with curiosity.

"Must be losing it, just like we all are." the pinket spoke.

The voice replied back "Sheesh, you really did take nasty hit out there. I'm in your mind, so you may speak to me through your thoughts. As for your question , I am still tired so I will answer them later. But you may call me Kyubi, and as for who I am...well. I'm you." the voice chuckled and began to fade away, leaving a confused Naruto in its wake.

"Wait! Come back!" he cried mentally, but their was no response.

"Dammit! What the hell is going on here!" he thought to himself.

Kohta and the others surrounded the spaced out blonde "Hey! Blondie! You there!" cried Saya snapping her fingers in front of his face.

"W-What?" the whiskered teen mumbled snapping out of his trance, shaking his head slightly he grinned "Sorry, kinda spaced out."

Saya snorted "We noticed.".

Kohta grinned at the blonde "Dude, that was so awesome! How did you do that hand stand thingy! You were kicking ass out there!" he cried excited at seeing such a take down.

Naruto scratched the back o his head sheepishly "I honestly don't know, it was all instinct." the blonde replied.

Saya narrowed her eyes at this "Instinct. That's impossible. His body must have been trained to do that, but there are no SAT soldiers who can do that, at least that I know of. He must be in something else. I'll have to learn more." the genius thought to herself. The same thought was going through Saekos mind. "You are very interesting Naruto Uuzmaki." she thought to herself.

A cough alerted them to a smirking Shido "Excellent work out there Uzumaki-san, you will be a great asset to our team. As for those two traitors, they have no place here!" he cried as his eyes grew wide. The group behind him agreeing once again.

Naruto sighed and was about to speak if not for the sound of a nail flying through the air, and a scream that came from none other than the snake like man himself.

All eyes turned to Kohta who held the nail gun in his hand, a crazed look on his face "Shut up! I don't want to hear your voice again! Don't you dare talk bad about them!" he cried as he stepped forward.

"Now now Hirano-kun, lets be reasonable about this." he spoke as he backed away, a bead of sweat falling from his face.

"You know Shido-sensei, I never really did like you! You always picked on me! Everyday, you also allowed the students to pick on me! I dealt with it though, for the sake of being normal, but now! The world as we now it is slowly fading, so to hell with normal! I killed dozens of them on the way here, I have no problem killing the living!" he yelled his eyes wide open and a sick grin on his face.

Shido was now shaking were he stood as the boy drew closer "V-very well, if you wish to depart from us then go!" his smile was on his face once more as he looked towards were Shizuka was "I request for Marikawa-san to stay though."

He licked his lips as he gazed at the busty blonde with a lecherous grin on his face "It would be a shame if we lost our nurse." he was silenced by a fist to the face curtsey of one Naruto Uzumaki, the force of the punch shattered the teachers nose and busted his lip.

"People like you make me sick!" the teen snarled at the downed teacher, the student that Rei put down charged at the blonde intending on getting revenge for his teacher, the blonde merely side stepped his fist and slammed his knee into the other blondes gut, then grabbed him by the hairs on his head and bashed his face into one of the seats smearing it with blood.

"Saeko-san, Saya-san, Shizuke-san, Kohta-san get of the bus, I'll cover you." the blonde spoke.

Kohta stepped beside him "No way dude, not leaving you alone in here." he spoke with a grin.

The three girls stepped out, Saeko being the last "Uzumaki-san you are a very honorable man, as are you Hirano-san." the older teen complimented with a smile.

Naruto gave her a thumbs up "Call me Naruto, the hole last name thing bugs me." he replied with a grin.

Saeko was slightly shocked but then shook her head in amusement"Very well...Naruto-san." before stepping out of the bus.

"Kohta go!" the whiskered teen cried, the shorter boy nodded and ran out the bus.

The blonde picked up the down teacher by his neck and spoke in a darker tone, a small memory flashing through his mind of a silver haired man wearing a mask and a black solider outfit holding an M-16 speaking.

"Remember Naruto, those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their friends are worse than trash."

The teen lifted the teacher up with strength no one his age should posses "Listen to me very clearly, if you ever come near any of us again. I will not hesitate to kill you!" the teacher nodded shakily, he even swore that for a second the blondes eyes gained a tainted red color and the pupil morphed into a demonic slit.

Naruto dropped the shaken teacher and ran out the bus door, "What the hell was that!" he thought to himself, that was not his voice, and that strength, where did it come from.

Shaking it off he grinned to the still waiting group "Come on, let's go!" he spoke and just as he was about to run off Saeko spoke.

" Do you know where we are going Naruto-san?" she asked him, a sly smile on her face.

The teen turned around with his mouth open ready to speak, only no words came out. "Uhh, no." he responded deflating visibly.

The swordsman smirked "We are heading to the Police Station, that is were Komuro-san said we should meet.".

Naruto grinned "Right! Now let's go!" he spoke, the group following after him.

"I didn't really know what we were up against at the time, I could barley remember anything, and the powers I possessed were starting to scare me, but it was okay, because I had a new group of friends to with me. I vowed to myself to protect them all, if only I knew how much of a challenge that would really be."

-Only Human-

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