Arashi: This idea came to mind of a baby Harry and James bonding fic. More of a time what Harry's life might have been before Voldemort screwed it up for him.

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First words

Summary-Watching Harry for the day, James is on his own since the others are busy and everything else. After a well rested nap the little toddler finally says his first word to James. Only problem is that James is the only one in the house and would probably have no proof.

Chapter 1-Watch Harry

Staring at Lily in surprise with wide hazel eyes, the black hair man ask quickly, "Say what?"

"I need you to watch Harry for me at least a day. You have the numbers for the emergency near the phone," the woman quickly gathering her items smiling a bit. "Besides James if you need help you can always floo Remus or Sirius to help you."

James nods holding his thirteen month old son who stares back at him with those beautiful green eyes he inherit from his mother. He smiles at the little boy who blinks back at him as Lily waves to them both getting Harry to coo happily. James kiss his wife's cheek before she left before telling Harry. "We're going to have a lot of father son bonding time. Want to ride on my broom?"

Harry giggles as a response to his daddy's question looking forward to have that ride which last time his mum almost had a heart attack but just scold James and warn him to be careful next time. James kisses his son's forehead placing him on the ground before heading to the coffee table to grab the mirror both him and Sirius created back when they went to Hogwarts.

"Sirius," James calls as the little boy gaze around understanding his godfather's name and curious where he is.

In the mirror the familiar face greets James's eyes as a smile touches the other male's lips as another voice is heard in the background, "Sirius is that James?"

"Moony is there with you Padfoot?" James ask using his two best friend's nicknames.

"Yeah he is," Sirius answers then glance behind him nodding at something Remus said which James isn't sure of at the moment.

"Perfect," James said smiling. "Can the two of you want to come over and help me watch Harry today?"

Sirius brows furrow when a soft sigh pass his lips hating to tell his own friend he cant' do to his reason, "I can't today Prongs, I have to go to the office in ten minutes."

"Oh," James answer crestfallen expression in his eyes then pricks up. "Hey Moony what about you?"

James wait as Sirius passes the mirror to their other friend who has the furry little problem only for James's to sigh at the expression Remus is holding. "Not able to come either, Moony?"

"No since got an order to do from the birdy chicken," Remus answers rather annoyed since he wouldn't mind to be his other best friend and Harry.

James nod understanding how things like this could happen. He plasters a smile telling the two, "See you guys when can. Later Mooney, Padfoot."

"Bye Prongs," The two men chorus before heading off there way.

James place down the mirror gazing at Harry who just looks at him with a expectant look. He replies, "It looks like its you and me, Pronglet."

"Dada," A small voice said shocking James who just stares at the little boy almost a toddler.

Everyone been wondering when Harry would talk since he didn't say any simple words at all. They figure when he's ready to talk he will. James couldn't be more happier. Hazel eyes wide with happiness he ask, "Harry can you say that again?"

The little boy tilts his head in confusion making James groans. He's going to have a lot of fun trying to get Harry to repeat his word. He wasn't sure what he said but it sound like he's trying to say dad or something. He gives a sweet smile when a mischievous one appears on his son.

"Paddy, 'Oony!" the baby chirps two words as James about to yell when he register what he said. He's saying the marauder's nicknames.

"Say it again, Harry!" James encourages seeing a stubborn look on the boy's face making him sigh. Definitely going to be a long day.

Arashi: Some family fluff of cuteness of the possibility when Harry first talk. Though poor James is definitely going to have fun getting Harry to repeat his first words. Please read and review.