Arashi: Well James is going to have fun alright getting his son to talk. In this world The marauders and Severus tolerate each other in a mutual friendship for Lily's sake.

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First words

Summary-Watching Harry for the day, James is on his own since the others are busy and everything else. After a well rested nap the little toddler finally says his first word to James. Only problem is that James is the only one in the house and would probably have no proof.

Chapter 2-Bad Sevvy and Daddy

Staring with big round eyes Harry smiles as his father goes nuts over the fact he could start talking. The little baby known he could but didn't feel like it yet. Wondering if he could give hint more to something he has a bad feeling of other then drive his daddy more up the wall. The evil yet mischievous smirk passes on the baby's mouth replacing the sweet smile as James heads to another room to grab a video camera Lily decide to get to record the first moments of Harry's life.

"Where is it?" James mutter when the flames in the fire place comes to life signaling someone's coming.

He grabs the recorder along with his wand ready for the attack only to find Severus wiping whatever dust is off of him. The potion master raise a brow at the his old rival in questioning before gazing around. He ask drawlingly, "Is Lily here? I want to show her the new potion that will help Lupin's problem."

"'oony!" A babbling voice calls out getting both men to look at the baby.

"Did he…" Severus begins unsure he just heard it or imagine if the little boy just talk.

"You heard him to?" James ask not able to hold the recorder up in time glance at the normally greasy git who nods. "Ok I thought it's me when I first heard him."

Both men star to walk over to the boy when suddenly both men trip which cause both to kiss only to have Harry remark loudly not realizing Sirius and Mooney who manage to find excuses for their other important business to be with Harry to catch the same sight. "Bad Sevvy and Daddy! Daddy kiss Mummy!"

James scrambles off of Severus blushing a dark red as two familiar voices howl with laughter while Severus coughs in embarrassment friends with his former enemies for Lily's sake. Sirius wipes the tears of laughter as a proud look appears on his face.

"My godson said his first words," He crows happily tossing the baby in the air earning giggles in return.

Remus helps the two men on their feet smirking at them both asking teasingly, "So James you and Severus?"

He wiggles his brows for extra measure to have James shout along with Severus, "We didn't mean to kiss! Both of us trip on the rug!"

None of the men known that Lily is in fact watching the video since it been on from the very beginning. Her companion tells her scolding, "This is a cruel way Lily for James to find out that your son talks."

"But Minerva he's the son of the marauder so its expected," Lily defends eyes sparkling along with her friend and former teacher, Minerva McGonagall. Both women share a laugh figuring this would have been the best gift for James.

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