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"Report!" I yelled through the dust and rubble. No answer, dammit. I went and made a mess not even a week within having my new flock with me. I walked around the choking on the yellow dust trying to find the others. We had succeeded in destroying another School but I believe we did more damage than necessary.

"Report!" Still no answer. Then I saw them four sets of wings under a pile of bricks. You have got to be kidding me, I didn't think this would happen. Beside them I saw Maya, half her body underneath a fallen wall. I knew the others weren't alive so I quickly ran to Maya.

"Maya can you hear me?" I laid my fingers on her neck and found no pulse. I couldn't believe my whole flock was gone. I felt a tear roll down my cheek but quickly shook it off. I needed to get out of here and now. "I'm so sorry you guys."

It was hard to see through the dust but it was finally beginning to thin and up ahead I could barely make out a pair of small wings. I quickly ran over to them and found that it was alive and a bird kid just like me. It was a small girl maybe twelve or thirteen. She had on a white gown that was now torn and dusty. Her hair was a long dark blond with black on the bottom, probably due to being experimented on so much. Her eyes were what amazed me most, they were the brightest blue, about the same color as the sky. Her wings were white with black on the bottom feathers just like her hair.

"Come on we need to get out of here." I told her and she just nodded and followed behind. I figured she didn't know how to fly yet so I led her out of the crumbled building and into the nearby forest. I had reason to believe we were the only survivors so I wasn't worried about being followed. I finally found the cave where we had stashed our packs. I grabbed Maya's and tossed it to the girl, she just let it land at her feet and stared at me confused.

"There's clothes in there, they might be to big but when we get a chance I'll get you some that fit." The girl nodded and picked up the pack and walked outside the cave to change. While she did that I started a fire and began to make a lovely dinner of rabbit.

I still couldn't believe that my whole flock was dead but I knew I had to move on. Destroying these schools was more important, but how did I and that girl manage to survive? The girl walked in wearing a pair of jeans and a way to big low cut top. She held her hands over her chest trying to hide the exposed skin. I laughed and threw her one of my many black jackets. She quickly put it on and zipped it up. The huge jacket pretty much swallowed her body.

She was really small for being a human-avian hybrid. Most of us were tall and skinny for our ages, but we were still strong. Not her, she was small and had more toned muscle, she looked like a normal girl except for her wings. She looked up and saw me looking at her and turned her head away in embarrassment. I reached over and handed her some of the rabbit and she took it and ate it greedily.

When she was finished I decided she was comfortable to answer some questions now.

"So what's your name?" She looked at me with confused eyes. "What's wrong cat got your tongue, there's no need to be shy we are the same, see?" I turned and let her see my black wings. I slid closer to her and she just shook her head. She put her hand on her throat and shook her head again.

"Can you talk at all?" Her eyes then turned sad and she nodded. She was a mute. "Can you write?" The girls eyes lit up and she nodded.

"OK then, good, how about writing your name." I handed her a stick and she began to think of her name. I knew what she was going through because she didn't have a name, she had grown up in a lab being experimented on. Then she began to write something. I leaned over to see what she had written.


Ironic name for someone who can't sing huh? "OK then how old are you?"


That's weird I thought she was younger since she was smaller. "My name is Fang." She nodded and yawned, she lay down and curled up in my jacket. She was asleep in less than two minutes. I sat there and just watched her sleep since I needed to keep watch. I now had a flock of two, me and her. I lay down on my back and began to think of a new plan.

Should I go back tomorrow and check the ruins of the School? No there might be too many white coats. I couldn't think of any plans because my mind was too focused on my lost flock. Star, Ratchet, Kate, Holden, and lastly Maya, Max's clone renamed. I had begun to have feelings for her so it was hard losing her. I decided the best thing to do was to go find Max and her flock. Even though that stupid Dylan was there we had no choice. I couldn't survive by myself, especially now that I had a new hybrid with me.

Great now I have to figure out where Max is, that should be fun.

I woke up to Melody curled up to me and my arms wrapped around her, my face suddenly felt hot. I don't remember falling asleep but I do remember I got cold and pulled out a blanket. I guess when I had laid back down I had lain down next to her. The fire had gone out so I got up and started rebuilding it. When I moved Melody stirred a little, I looked at her and smiled. It was light out and I could see her face a lot better. She looked so cute sleeping, she looked like a little kid. I decided before we left to find Max that I should at least teach the basics of flying and fighting.

By time I had finished cooking another rabbit Melody was awake. She looked up at me with teal eyes… wait teal eyes? Last night her eyes were a bright blue.

"Melody your eyes change color?" She nodded and looked for something to write with. "Don't worry about telling me now. There are a few things I want to teach you today." She nodded and quickly stood up with a smile. I led her out of the cave and to a field with a cliff on the other end. She tilted her head to the side which I figured she was wondering what I was about to teach.

"OK Melody I thinks it's time you learn to fly." Her face lit up with the idea and for once I couldn't help but to laugh. I rarely ever smiled but for some reason I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at her. She was like a little kid and I never really knew that it would be fun raising one though. It was always Max's job to take care of the little ones when we were growing up. "Alright now spread out your wings and try to let them catch the wind."

She copied my movements exactly. I explained everything I possibly could and she caught on easily. By the end of two hours she was able to stay in the air and keep up to my speed. When we landed though she would fall to the ground every time, when she fell to the ground this time I couldn't help but laugh.

"You're doing great now we just need to work on landing." Her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment and I helped her up. "Alright a little break and then we need to leave. We can't stay in one place for long."

She flew farther than I thought she would, I could've kept going for another or hour or so but I realized that she was getting tired. I led her down to a cave in the mountain and she plopped on the ground and began to take in deep breaths.

"You did pretty well for a first time long distance. Don't worry it will get easier." She nodded and fell back against the cave wall. She was asleep by time I had dug out some food. Well Fang, how do you think you did taking care of a kid for the first time?

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