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We figured out that morning that it took a lot of energy for Melody to communicate.

She had been talking to me all morning but every time she did she seemed to get more tired. She slept pretty much all day. I decided to let her rest but leave as soon as she wakes up.

She was curled up beside me and snoring lightly. I tried to keep from touching her because when she's sleeping you can see her dreams and I don't like invading her privacy. She began to stir and she rolled over to look up at me with big green eyes. Her eyes were probably the most fascinating thing about her.

"Alright there is a city a few hours away. We will fly there and get you some clothes. I don't think that is gonna last much longer." I said pointing to her oversized top that she had to fix every minute. She tightened my jacket around her shoulders and stood up and stretched. She spread out her wings to reveal the white and black feathers.

I stepped to the cave entrance and spread my wings to let them catch the breeze and I stepped off the edge. As I fell I slowly spread out my wings and I was jerked back up. I began to circle lazily as I watched Melody take a running start and fly over to me. I then began to head north.

The flight was long and quiet. I really wanted to talk to Melody now that I knew she could communicate but I didn't want to make her tired. The sun was beginning to set and I could make out lights in the distance.

"That's Canada up there." I said to Melody when she pointed to the lights. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. She flew above me and I lifted up my hand and she reached down and touched it.

I love Canada!

I shook my head confused but before I could ask she flew ahead of me. We flew down into a park and landed in a tree. I silently landed on the ground and Melody landed with a thud beside me. I couldn't help but to laugh at her face.

When she heard my laughter she looked up at me with a, I'm going to kill you look. I reached down and took her arm and helped her stand up still laughing.

Shut up.

Her voice rang through my mind with a harsh edge to it.

"Alright let's find a shopping mall and get you some clothes that fit." She reached over and touched my arm.

You actually have money?

"Shut up." I said quickly using her reply as my own.

It took us about fifteen minutes to find a shopping mall and a store that Melody found interesting. The store was about empty because since it was Sunday the shop was closing early. I called to Melody behind the changing room door.

"We only have an hour Melody, don't take forever." I jumped slightly when I heard a hard kick from behind the door. This girl had some serious attitude. I surveyed the area and didn't see anything out of order. All the bright colored clothes were hanging on the racks and all the young women were putting stuff away. I leaned back against the door and just as my eyes had settled on a red-head in a short skirt the door opened and I fell to the ground.

"What the heck you could've given a war-"My words were cut off by a light kick to my head. I looked up to meet dark violet eyes with a tint of annoyance in them. I quickly sat up and looked at Melody's new outfit. She had on black, torn skinny jeans with lime green leggings underneath. Her shirt was a dark purple with black and green paint splatters on it. She had on black leather boots that went up to her knees and black fishnets that covered her forearms.

"Nice." I said blurting out like an idiot. She shook her head and tossed me a pile of clothes, which I guess meant, pay for these.

I followed her out the store with the bag over my shoulder.

"Anything else?" She looked around and then pointed to a sign. It said "Grand Opening: Free Haircuts!"

She quickly ran to the store and I followed, as I reached the entrance she turned around to me and touched my arm.

Stay here.

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