Me: Okay, people-you thought I'd take a vacation after seeing at least part of the new Tamers episode-think again! I don't own Digimon in any form. Before I get started, this story is based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer story called "The Lost Slayer." Also, this story is dedicated to every Rukato/LeeJuri fan out there-that I know of: Frozen Phoenix, silverlily, ML of Gryffindor-hope I got that right!-max acorn, FlameGaruru, Ruki Kamiya, Steeldramon21, AnT and any others I've failed to mention. If I didn't mention you, trust me-if you're a Rukato/LeeJuri fan, this one's dedicated to you! Say it with me, now: RUKATO FOREVER!

Takato: (sniffs) Forever...

Rika: Nice dedication, but you and I-we've got a major problem. (grabs me by my throat and chokes slowly) Last time I checked, you sent my Gogglehead into the future! What's gonna happen to him, will he make it back, and is he going to be hurt in anyway?

Me: (strains to breathe) You'll have to...wait and see...(coughs)

Takato: Rika, let him go! Trust me-I'll be back in one piece! Right now, I'm just a spirit and you really can't hurt a spirit.

Rika: (eyes Takato, then turns back toward me and lets go) You're lucky he's here!

Me: (coughs) Yeah...real lucky...

Digimon Tamers: The Lost Tamer

Prologue-Takato's Apocalyptic Future

"Humans and Digimon are meant to fight together!" -Takato Matsuki

"Come on, Takato-you can do it!" -Lopmon, Azulongmon Explains All

And you thought the Tamers' job was finished? Not by a long shot! Takato gets the idea in his head that he, Rika, Henry and Jeri are practically invincible and that no Digimon could defeat them as long as they worked as a team. With Daemon popping up in the picture, that soon changed things. Even with all four Mega Digimon working together, they still couldn't defeat Daemon! To make matters worse, all it took for Daemon to defeat the Tamers was two clear shots of his Evil Inferno attack. Then, Beelzemon flew in on the Tamers in exquisite pain thanks to the Tamer of Darkness! He was deleted by Daemon and absorbed. As for the Tamer of Darkness, he not only took over Takato's body, but sent Takato's spirit forward through time!

Where's he gonna end up, and can he ever get back home to stop it from ever happening?

"Haven't you ever wondered what the future would be like for you, goody-two shoes? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO FIND OUT!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Takato Matsuki screamed as his clone forced him out of his own body, sent him flying through a time stream and with the use of his transformed Digivice, merged Takato with his future half 5 years into the future!

Groaning, Takato's future half realized two things as he woke up: one, two souls were merged into one body; two, he was quite hungry. Takato's past half realized two things as well: one, he was in the future; two, his future self was captured by somebody inside an abandoned warehouse.


Laughing, Takato knew he wasn't alone-he had Guilmon with him! "Guilmon! Hey, where are we, boy? Are we still in West Shinjuku, or what?"

"We've been here for at least five years. Don't you remember, Takato?"

Takato forced himself to recall what had occurred five years ago...


The Tamer of Darkness had taken over Takato's body entirely! The other Tamers-Rika, Henry and Jeri-had been forced to helplessly watch as Takato's clone glared at Daemon with a look of defiance.

"If you're gonna kill me, you're gonna have to kill my good half off, too!"

"Don't you dare touch a hair on Takato's head!" Rika yelled angrily, struggling to get back up on her feet and put herself between Daemon and the Tamer of Darkness.

"Actually, I had a better idea in mind." Raising his hand up, Daemon focused on a spot in his mind, and concentrated with little effort. The Tamer of Darkness wailed as he was jerked out of Takato's body with ease, then merged with Daemon. Seconds later, Takato's spirit reappeared back in the present and was reunited with his body.

"Takato! Are you all right?" Rika asked immediately. Groaning, Takato eyed his surroundings while getting back up and responded, "I'll live."

"Not for long. One of you could prove useful to me in the upcoming days of conquest. Certainly not the leader. Oh, you have been possessed by Darkness, but I'm sure you know how to combat it by now."

"In all honesty, I can't even combat Darkness unless its staring me in the face, which is what you seem to be doing right now." Takato replied, a meek grin on his face.

"The so-called 'Digimon Queen' would've been of use to me in the old days, but as of late, you've allowed emotion to overtake you!"

Narrowing her eyes as Takato helped her back up, Rika growled, "I've always felt emotion my entire life-I just never acted on it until now!"

"As for the saccharine girl, she would be of no use to me in the upcoming days. The brainiac, on the other hand, would be perfect!"

Raising his hand up once more, Daemon focused his gaze on Henry and instantly, the young boy cried out in pain as he felt something clutching at his heart!

"Henry!" Jeri screamed worriedly.

"Fight it, Henry! Think of your parents, of Susie, your other sisters, your friends! You can do it, Henry-just fight this!" Terriermon pleaded. Henry gasped as he struggled to fight, but a concentrated spout of fire exited Daemon's fingertips and entered inside his body! Groaning, Henry slumped forward and was still.

" can't be." Takato whispered in shock. Terriermon expected to be deleted almost immediately, since if a Tamer died while in battle, the Digimon partner was deleted moments afterward. To his surprise, he was perfectly fine.

That's when it happened-multiple explosions from all around the Tamers as hordes of Digimon appeared from Digital fields!

"What the heck's going on?!" Rika demanded.

"An invasion?" Takato suggested.

"That's it-an invasion, from my realm, the Dark Ocean! All the Digimon whom you've bested in battle-even some you haven't faced yet-are coming to take over your world and destroy you!" Daemon laughed evilly as the remaining Tamers and their Digimon managed to gather in a huddle.

"What's the plan?" Rika asked immediately.

"I'm leaning toward blind panic, but I don't think that would work out in this case." Takato reported briefly.

"We could circle them and attack from below." Renamon advised.

"I thought most of these guys could fly." Jeri objected.

"Trying to figure out an idea now isn't the best course, so I suggest we regroup and figure out what we're going to do." Leomon said.

"I'm not leavin' without Henry!" Terriermon insisted.

"Not much choice there-"

Takato's explanation was interrupted by the entrance of IceDevimon!

"No way! G-Guilmon absorbed your data-how?" Takato stammered.

"Luck and additional data floating around. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've come for my Tamer."

"Over my dead body!" Rika retorted defiantly.

"If that's what you wish. Frozen Claw!!"

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Takato turned and pushed Rika out of the way of the deadly ice attack, taking the full effect for himself! Half of his body was frozen to the ground, and he was already feeling numb all over.

"Get him out of there!" Rika yelled, attempting to chip away at the ice block with her Digivice.

"Don't you pass out on me-we'll get you out of there soon enough, Takato."

"That won't be a problem." Before anybody could make a move, Daemon made a motioning move with his hands and a rope entirely created from fire appeared around Takato's body! Seconds later, he and Guilmon-who'd tried to free him from the ice block-were hoisted up in the air by the Mega Digimon!

"Hey-bring him back!" Rika demanded heatedly, racing off after the Digimon with the others behind her, forgetting about Henry's motionless body. Seconds later, Henry got back up on his feet, his eyes not their normal color, but a dark red...

End flashback

"So, we've been trapped here for five years? That really puts a damper on things, doesn't it?"

"Pretty much. How are we going to get out of here, Takato? They boarded up the windows so we can't escape, and guards block the doorway. They bring us food and bread every few hours."

Takato considered the possibilities of escape and saw that their chances were extremely slim.

"At least I got to keep my Modify cards and my Digivice." Takato pulled out his golden Digivice and noticed the markings around the golden circle had faded slightly but were still readable.

"Now, let's see if I've still got the right combos." Takato pocketed his Digivice and pulled out his Modify cards, scanning for the right ones. "Hyper Speed, Speed, Power, Strength, Hyper Wings, it is! Get ready, boy!"


"Digimodify!" Takato yelled while swiping the card through. "Digmon's Drill, activate!"

Within seconds, Guilmon had a pair of drills on his forearms. Being inside a warehouse meant that the floors were rotted and made of wood. Guilmon drilled through them within minutes. Five minutes afterward, Takato and Guilmon ended up back on the outside.

"What happened, Guilmon?!"

Takato was in pure astonishment as he and his partner gazed at the destruction of his hometown. It had been completely leveled throughout the five years they'd been captured! Buildings were totaled, the school had been demolished, and most of the stores were gone. The only thing left standing was the park in West Shinjuku.

"Complete and utter destruction, that's what happened, my friend."

Takato and Guilmon turned around to see Henry Wong, his eyes their normal color, wearing his normal clothing and with his Digivice strapped to his side.

Houston, we have a problem! Has Henry gone over to the Dark Side of the Force, or is that just a ploy? Find out the answers next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!