Reunion and Rebellion

by Bethany, (AKA Legacygal)

SUMMARY: Takes place after LotF, Fate Of The Jedi never happened. Jag and Jaina never rekindled their romance; they are just friends.

The New Galactic Empire is rising. Jagged Fel has been kidnapped. Can Jaina, Zekk, Tenel Ka, and the Mandolorians unite to Restore order and justice to the Galaxy?

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Star Wars. I will specify what I do own in each chapter posted.


I do not own Zekk, but I did give him the last name Jaunter; he had no last name in the books. Poor Zekk :(

Jolvin Jay is a character that I created.

A Dramatis Personae will be posted will be posted at the beginning of each chapter so you can keep track of who's who.

Takes place after LotF, Fate Of The Jedi never happened. Jag and Jaina never rekindled their romance; they are just friends.

Dramatis Personae (* indicates an original character, which I own. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY ORIGINAL CHARACERS WITHOUT PERMISSION!) :

Zekk Jaunter; Jedi Knight, Human Male

Jaina Solo; Jedi Knight, Human Female

Jagged Fel; Head of State, Human Male

Mirta Gev-Orade; Bounty Hunter, Human Female

Jolvin Jay*, Jedi apprentice, Arhan/human male


Jagged Fel, Head of State for the Galactic Alliance, dismissed the column of guards that followed him everywhere that wasn't home. It had been a long day. Right now, he just wanted a hot sanisteam, a cup of tea, and to go to bed. He sighed and entered his apartment. It was nicely decorated. The floorboards were mahogany and had white fur rugs covering them. The furniture was also white, and very comfortable. The walls were beige, except for one, which was covered by a huge mural; an abstract representation of him, Jaina Solo, and his fallen comrade-in-arms, Zekk Jaunter. The three of them had turned from a pair of best friends that hated the third guy's guts (the third guy being Jag) to practically a family. Well, a semi-dysfunctional family that got on each others nerves, but none the less, a family. Something Zekk did not have. Something Jag did not have. The two had gone from arch nemeses to, well, brothers. Jaina agreed with that. She reminded Jag of that every time she saw the mural.

"Back when the three of us were chasing Alema Rar all over the galaxy, I always managed to feel like a mother trying to keep her two young boys from ripping each other's heads off!" she would say. Jag really did miss his "brother" Zekk. Zekk drove him to insanity multiple times a day, but he missed him none the less. "He didn't deserve to die," Jag thought to himself. Last year, in the heat of battle, Zekk had vanished. Simply dropped off all radars. A thorough search of the area had revealed some Stealth X ship parts, but no rescue beacon. No Zekk. Most people, including Jag, had presumed him to be dead. Not Jaina. Jaina and Zekk had had a strong bond through the force. She was insistent that she would have felt him die if he was dead. But she also could not feel him through that bond now... She had been out there with a search crew for how long now? As long as he had been missing in action.


Jaina Solo shivered in the cockpit of her Stealth X. She was in an energy saving mode currently, and the heat in the cockpit was kept minimal. She would need all the energy, both in Stealth X fuel and physical strength, here in the Transitory Mists.

"Dang, Zekk. Where the heck are you?" she muttered to herself.

"Uh, Master? You're comlink is still on you know... right?" It was Jolvin, her apprentice. On a brief break from searching for her friend and partner, her uncle, Luke Skywalker, had assigned her an apprentice, despite her initial protests about not having time for an apprentice. She had changed her mind when she met the boy. Jolvin Jay was fifteen; a year older than her cousin. He was an Arhan, a near-human species known for being frail. But not this kid. This kid was a fighter. He had to make up for his initial lack of strength that came from his species by training harder than normal to build strength. He did not look it whatsoever, but he was definitely a force to be reckoned with. He reminded her, and many other people, of Zekk. The wiry boy who did everything to exceed the low expectations of others based on circumstances he couldn't control, and the way he avoided all brushes with the dark side were both extremely reminiscent of her best friend. Jolvin had curly, dark brown hair that barely brushed the tops of his eyebrows, his eyes were also dark, and studied everything that they say with great interest. One ear was pierced and his build was wiry. He was also simply a genuinely nice boy. It was near impossible to dislike him.

"Master, we will find him," Jolvin's voice came over the comlink.

"You bet we will. Dead or alive we will find him, or the remains of him." The thought of finding the partially decayed body of Zekk trapped in the cockpit of a Stealth X made her pale and want to lose her dinner, but she had to be realistic. This was no mission to set herself up for disappointment on.

"Jay. I think I got something." The voice was Mirta Orade's. "It looks like the remains of a ship. But it's pretty deep in the mists."

"Everyone, form up. We don't want anyone getting lost out there," Jaina commanded. Jolvin's A-wing, Jaina's stealth X, and Mirta's Bes'uliik approached the coordinates, following Mirta's lead. After all, she was the one with something on the radar. Finally, it came into view. Jaina's heart skipped a beat. It was the cockpit of a Stealth X.

"I'm gonna go have a look-see," Jaina said, nervously. She sealed up her vac suit, double checking everything. The canopy lifted. She fired up the jets on her suit and headed toward the large piece of debris, her heart beating faster with every second. And then her heart skipped another beat. She could see through the view port. Zekk was inside. She couldn't see him clearly, the view port was clouded, but that was definitely him.

"Mirta! Do not lose that piece of debris! I'm getting the Lightening Rod and pulling it in with the tractor beams." The Rod was a small freighter with some gun turrets mounted on it. The hull had been patched with mismatching plates so many times that it looked like a patchwork quilt. It was old. It smelled funny. But Jaina loved that ship. It had been Zekk's, but long ago, he had told her it was hers if anything happened to him. So Jaina had been looking after it for a while now. She returned to her Stealth X, and zipped over to the junker. She docked with it, then piloted the well-loved ship back to where Mirta and Jolvin waited. Her two comrades also docked and waited just outside the air lock, ready to get to work opening up the cockpit.


As he worked on prying of the transparent glass, Jolvin peered at the man inside. None of them had any clue if he was dead or alive. "So this is the man everyone in the order has compared me to." Not that Jolvin minded. From all he had heard, this man would have been his hero, the positive big brother figure in his life. He wondered if he would ever be that man in his life.

Jaina had set a course for Coruscant and jumped into hyperspace as soon as she got confirmation that Zekk was inside. Soon after, she was back their with Jolvin and Mirta, working desperately to free the imprisoned man. Finally, there was a hiss, and the canopy began to lift. Everyone caught their breath as they peered in. Jaina had crawled into the cockpit as soon as it had opened enough.

"Zekk! Can you hear me? Zekk?" Jaina asked anxiously as she began to unbuckle the restraints on him. She placed a hand on his neck to find a pulse. She must have found one, because she exclaimed "Thank the Force!" and threw her arms around the unconscious man, sobbing. "Help me!" she exclaimed after a few minutes. The bounty hunter woman and the apprentice climbed up to help her lift him out of the cockpit, and lay him on the floor. "Jolvin, get a stretcher." He did. Zekk was placed on the stretcher, and carried to the back room, where Jaina had had a bacta tank installed. Well, one thing was for sure, Zekk was definitely going to need a shower. Not that it was his fault that he had been trapped in a piece of a fighter for a year...


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