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Step 10: Enjoy

"Kid Flash attack!"

Wally jumped about a foot in the air before he realized that the speedster next to him was, indeed, his Kid Flash. "Kid," he growled in between clenched teeth. "Not. Funny."

Bart snorted. "Sure it was," he retorted lightly, but hunkered down next to Wally hiding behind a rock. "Whatcha watchin'? Military base?"

"You better not have blown my cover," Wally threatened.

"Relax," Bart waved a hand. "Of course I didn't. I'm better than that."

"I distinctly remember you getting kidnapped two days ago by Captain Cold."

"He was in an ice cream truck! How was I supposed to know?"

"Shhh," Wally hissed, grabbing Bart by the elbow and wrenching him lower. "What part of my alternate-dimension self is trying to kill everyone I've ever loved do you not understand?"

"I understand, all right," Bart said. He stretched out all his limbs lazily before laying down on the sandy ground behind the rock. "I think this is hilarious. It's like you're having a seizure."

"I'm sure you'll agree when you're dead."

"Calm down," Bart said. "So there's a Walter West running around. You're not that hard to beat."

Wally turned to him. "Bart, I really don't need this right now. You're running around willy-nilly leaving Joan Garrick defenseless and Linda's seven months pregnant and there is nothing to eat out here-"

Reflexively, he caught the energy bar before it hit his face. Wally glanced down at the black wrapper with a subtle bat-logo in the middle. "It's for you," Bart told him. "Robin developed them for me. They last a while."

Wally smirked a little as he tore off the wrapper. "That's cute," he said, before stuffing the entire thing in his mouth. Through his euphoria at the sensation of sustenance is his mouth, he heard:

"And I moved Joan and Linda to Titans Tower. My friends are watching out for them, until Rob or someone can contact somebody to have them moved to the Watchtower."

Wally gulped the last of the energy bar down. "Wow," he said, not quite being able to find words. "That's…thank you. That's a relief."

"Support System," Bart quipped, in a way that made Wally feel like he was quoting someone. "Besides," Bart continued, adjusting his goggles, "I can be responsible. How do you think I got this far?"

Wally hummed in agreement. "He should be exiting soon," he whispered. "You take left, I'll go right, circle the perimeter until one of us finds him. Don't be reckless."

"Yes, Mom," Bart sighed, pulling his goggles over his face.

Wally glanced sideways at the young man, now hoisting himself up into a starting position, and felt a small thing that felt like pride wriggling its way around his ribcage. Never in a million years did he ever imagine having such a good KF. Not just good. Fast, funny, independent – Uncle Barry would be proud.

No time for that now.

"On the count of three," Wally whispered. "One…two…go."

They were gone in a flash.