Sam's POV

"Guardian angels exist!" a girl said.

"No, they don't!" the boy beside her argued.

"Well, unlike Santa Claus, they do," she smirked.

He frowned. "He left me presents last Christmas! I saw him enter my room at night!"

I walked over to my locker, ignoring the dimwits and simpletons. Who would've thought a simple TV show would create such a hype?

"Hey, Sam," Carly strolled over. "Did you catch last night's 'Angel's Journal'?"

"Yeah, the blood they used was so fake!" I frowned. "My Aunt Coral can make fake blood better than those kids."

"Oh-kay..." she gave me an awkward smile.

Freddie came over. "Hey guys, did you see the angry mob in front of the school?"

"No, why?" Carly asked.

"They're having an argument about Guardian Angels and whether they exist," he explained.

I rolled my eyes. "So?"

"Do you guys think they exist?" he asked.

"No, you stubrag," I frowned. "If they existed, accidents would never occur."

"But it would be really sweet if I had one," Carly smiled dreamily.

I teased. "Who knows? Fredweird could have been your guardian angel. Well, he did save you once when you almost got hit by that truck."

He gave me that displeased look.

"What?" I smiled cheekily.

Carly was dazed as she stared at Ashton, the transfer student, or should I say 'Carly's new boyfriend'.

"I don't even know what you see in that kid," I stated. "He's not even hot."

"Shh..." she hushed me.

"Oh, come on, Sam," Freddie smirked. "If you're jealous, just say so. There's no use hiding it under that hurtful comment."

I glared. "If I was jealous, I'd stuff fish sticks in your pants. Besides, you should be the jealous one since Carly's dating someone who's not a loser – aka you."

He rolled his eyes, but remained silent.

As Ashton came over, Carly's dazed expression lingered and sent us all a chill.

"Dude, if I believed in ghosts, I would've sworn you sent a chill up my spine," I rubbed my arms with my hands.

"He's cool, Sam. But not that cool," Frediffer tried to perform a joke.

"Hey Ashton," Carly smiled. "So, how's high school in Ridgeway? Are you coping okay?"

He replied. "Pretty cool.

Gibby came over with unhappiness written all over his face.

"Hey Gibby!" Carly smiled. "How's the rash going?"

"Pretty fine," he replied. "Well, can you guys tell Shawn that Guardian Angels do exist?"

Shawn came over. "If they did exist, there wouldn't be natural disasters!"

"Exactly my point," I supported, before he shot a look at Ashton and Carly, then left. He's probably still sour over the fact that Carly's dating someone who's not him. But nevertheless, he who supports momma's opinion is momma's friend.

"If I was a guardian angel, I would protect you, Carly," Ashton kissed her on the cheeks.

"Aww... that's so sweet," Carly smiled dreamily.

Gibby was about to walk away, when he remembered something. "Well, I've got to get ready for the school project."

"The lock-in, right?" Freddie asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "Carly, have you set up the chamber?"

She was almost hypnotised by dear Ashton here that she could pass off as a deaf and mute person. "Oh, sorry. Err... Gibby, I thought you were supposed to do it."

"I thought you were kidding," he frowned.

"Well, we've got to get it done by tomorrow or we wouldn't be able to finish our project during the lock-in," she replied.

"Have you asked Spencer about the test subject thing?" Gibby asked.

I raised my eyebrow. "Test subject? You're asking Spencer to be your test subject?"

"Why not?" Carly asked. "He'll be perfect."

I rolled my eyes, expressing my lack of concern.

"I'll ask Spencer about it soon, but he's going to sleepover at Socko's house tonight," she replied.

"Okay," Gibby was really leaving. "Do it soon. I've got to go."

"Bye Gibs," we all bade our farewells.

The bell rang. "Ashton and I have to go. We'll see you guys later for lunch."

Carly and Ashton had a different lesson than Freddie and I.

"Bye!" we separated.

"So, do you?" I asked.

"Do I what?" Freddie seemed confused.

I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time today. "Do you believe in Guardian Angels?"

"Well... I've got to give a neutral opinion. I mean, some of those things they mentioned in the TV series last night were impossible in reality. Like the fourth rule, for example. If a Guardian Angel-"

"Yah-di-dah-di-dah," I interrupted him. "Nobody cares about your nerd talk."

He pressed his lips together in displease. "Oh-kay... Now I'm offended."

I smirked in victory.

"It's no wonder why you can't get a nice boyfriend," he stated.

"Why?" I glared, giving him the 'Watch it, Benson' face.

"You are... very witty!" he grew scared. "Not every guy can appreciate the greatness of Sam Puckett."

I grinned. "That's more like it, nub. That's more like it."