This is just me showing you what happened right before they left to fight crime that day. The two have no idea what was going to happen next, and I'm making it so you guys don't know until you read the first chapter. Please, just enjoy.

Disclaimer: Yeah, even though it's my story I still have no rights to the characters or the cartoon or comics. They belong to DC Comics, Cartoon Network and Warn Brothers. (Curse you Cartoon Network for cancling the sixith season of Teen Titans! Yup, somebody there just didn't like this awesome show.)

They were sitting on the roof watching the setting sun. Just another day. Just another sunset. Just another example of a boy and girl both too afraid to tell the other that they were in love. Everything was just an everyday thing. Nothing was unordinary, except for the two teens. They were abnormal.

They were in a comfortable silence. Both were deep in thought. The two were thinking about the other but they didn't know it. The two would love to know it, but to know they would have to tell each other that they were both thinking the same exact thing. Thik it's simple? Try it being with your best friend whom you live. It's a lot harder than that popular boy that everybody likes. It's harder than if you have a crush on your little sister's best friend. You have to live with seeing this person day in and day out.

This is silly! The boy finally realized. I should just tell her. She may feel the same way.

"So..." The boy trailed off.


"You know you're my best friend, right?"

"You are mine as well."

"I never want to hurt you, or let anything hurt you."

"That's all I ask from you."

The two super heroes started leaning into each other.

"I know..." The boy trailed off again.

"Then," the girl almost whispered, "there is nothing for us to fear about."

Their lips almost connected when the alarm blared.

"Damn it." The boy muttered as he led his best friend down stairs to get their mission. The sooner they get the mission dealed with the sooner they can get back to their kiss.

Thank you guys for reading this little beggining sneak peek. I will get into the plot in the first chapter. I know that I didn't name any names in the prologue, I just wanted to test it out. I think that it turned out OK. I'm not totally 100% happy with it, but please be nice. I'll post the first real chapter today or tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll do it ASAP! Thanks to all my fans!