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I had been a vampire for only a week, but I had never been happier. I finally felt normal, like I fit here. My human memories were blurry, but I could remember always feeling out of place.

Edward was still apologizing and I was going to hurt him soon if he didn't stop. He was an excellent teacher, however. He took me hunting every night and helped me work on doing things at a human pace.

He assured me I was doing an extraordinary job. I could even sometimes manage to eat without making a big, bloody mess.

The only thing I wasn't happy about was our love-life, or lack thereof. I felt so guilty about my past that I didn't know what to say to him. We had kissed and touched, but he never tried anything more.

I was afraid that he didn't want me after I had been with so many men. He knew I had never cared for any of them, I didn't know if that would make it better or worse in his eyes.

We had gotten back from hunting a couple of hours ago and we were in our room. Edward was reading and I was trying to work up the nerve to talk to him about my fears. I needed to know one way or the other.

He was lying on the bed while he read and I decided now was the time, so I sat down next to him. He put his book down and smiled up at me. "So, whatcha' wanna do? Are you okay? You seem nervous."

"I am. I need to talk to you about something." He sat up and took my hands in his. I didn't doubt his love, but I wanted more.

"What is it, love? You can tell me anything." Well, it was go time. I couldn't back out now.

"I was wondering... we haven't... you don't seem... shit." I didn't know how to say it. I felt like damaged goods. How could he want me that way after I'd been had so many times by so many men? He was supposed to be my first and now that was impossible.

I should have kept my mouth shut. I was embarrassed, but at least I couldn't blush. "Bella, baby, it's okay. Whatever it is, we'll get through it. Please tell me, you've got me worried now."

He pulled me close and rubbed my back. Maybe it would be easier to say it if I wasn't looking at him. I laid my head on his chest and tried again.

"Dammit, just say it. You don't want to make love." There, it was out there and it was done. I couldn't take it back now.

He gently pushed me away so he could look at me. "What on earth gave you that idea? Of course I do! I just thought... you've been through so much. I was waiting for you to tell me when you were ready. I'm still shocked you don't hate me."

"I could never hate you, Edward. I love you, more than I've ever loved anyone. It's just... I'm not a virgin anymore." I felt like I wanted to cry. I tried to speak and it came out as barely a whisper. "I'm a whore."

"Don't ever say that again! You're not!" I was shocked at his tone, he sounded so mad. He calmed himself when he noticed the alarm on my face.

"Bella, that was my fault, not yours. I don't blame you at all. Besides, I'm not in love with your virginity, I'm in love with you. Even if you hadn't been a virgin when we met, it wouldn't have mattered to me. I've always wanted you, Bella. From the moment I first spoke to you, I wanted you. For something other than your blood, that is."

He smiled then and I felt better. I was so happy I had finally said something. "Really? So... maybe... soon..." I let the invitation hang there, hoping he'd take the hint.

"Bella, nothing would please me more than to undress you and worship your body the way you deserve." His sweet words combined with the way he was looking at me had my stomach doing flips and my nether regions feeling tingly.

"Well, what's stopping you?" I was trying my best to look sexy and apparently it was working. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

Our lips met and our breath mingled. It was no longer soft flesh pressed against marble, hot meeting cold. We were perfectly matched now and could let our tongues explore each others mouths in a way we never could before.

I had never been kissed like this by anyone other than Edward and I was beyond happy that there were still things to share with him that I had never shared with anyone else. I wanted him to know, needed him to know. "Edward," I sighed as he began to kiss down my neck.


"You know, you're the only man I've ever kissed. I mean really kissed."

He looked at me and smiled. "You're the only woman I've ever really kissed. I'm glad we have that in common."

His reaction to my news made me want to tell him more. "There's actually a lot of things I've never done... sexually, I mean. Does that surprise you?" He looked at me thoughtfully and I wondered if maybe I had pressed the issue and fucked everything up.

"Yes... and no. There's a lot I hope you haven't done. People do some really sick things in their pursuit of pleasure. I guess you need to elaborate." He didn't seem upset, so I decided I could elaborate a little.

I laid back on the bed and he followed suit. We faced each other and he moved his hand up and down my arm slowly while I fidgeted with the collar of his shirt. "Well, I never enjoyed it. I've never even had an orgasm."

His mouth fell open and his hand stopped moving. He stared at me a few moments before speaking. "Never? You never even... did it yourself?"

I was so happy I couldn't blush right now! "No, never. After you left, I never wanted to and before you left I didn't get much 'alone time.' So... if you can do that, you'll be the only one who ever has." It was a huge relief to see him smile.

"Well, it embarrasses me to say it, but I've done it myself a few times, but I was always thinking of you." I found that hard to believe.

"What? You're telling me that for eighty or so years you didn't... do that? Come on! You're a guy! In a seventeen year old body no less! You're lying." He started laughing, but I didn't. I thought he was just trying to make me feel better.

"I am not! Of course, I don't remember much from my human days, but since I started this life, no one had ever... inspired me like you did."

"Wow. That's... unbelievable. I guess that makes me pretty special." I finally returned his smile. I supposed I believed him. He laid his hand on my cheek.

"Absolutely. Very, very special." He closed the small distance between us and kissed me again. The way he kissed me was the most pleasurable thing I could remember ever feeling. I hoped, however, that soon he would give me even more. At least I had learned how to give a good blow job in my former life.

"I hope I'm up to the challenge. I'll certainly try my best. I might need a little instruction, though. I've never given anyone an orgasm," he whispered against my lips.

"Don't worry, I have a sneaking suspicion that you're a natural. You're good at everything you try, why should that be any different? Besides, with the way you kiss me, you're already well on your way to your first, and so am I."

We kissed again, with more passion than I'd ever felt before. We pulled at each others clothing, slowly uncovering smooth skin and I was so turned on, I barely knew what to do. I didn't remember ever feeling this way before and it was insanely exciting.

His shirt came off first; he was even more beautiful than I remembered. My human eyes couldn't even see how truly gorgeous he was. He was perfect in every way, from purely physical things like his perfect musculature and beautiful face, to the most important things, like his kind heart and gentle soul.

Oh, and the way he touched me! It was as if he had been given an owner's manual to my body and he had it memorized.

He had started to remove my shirt, so I sat up to take it off. When I grabbed the bottom of it to pull it over my head, he stopped me. "Bella, are you sure want to do this now? You know everyone will hear us, right?" Was he fucking kidding?

"Baby, I know that everyone can hear us right now if they care to listen and I really don't care. Right this moment, I wouldn't care if they were in the same room. If you don't want them to hear, then we need to go somewhere else because if we don't get naked soon, I'm gonna lose my mind."

He laughed at me and pulled my shirt off. "Well, we can't have you losing your mind! Your wish, my command." He pushed me back down on the bed and kissed me, hard. It was the roughest he'd been with me yet, and I loved it.

As he kissed me, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, unhooked my bra, and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Had I been human, it would have seemed like a magic trick, it had happened so fast. Since I wasn't, I didn't miss a thing.

I pulled the bra from my body and he pulled off my jeans. He left a trail of kisses down my neck to my breasts and I could feel how damp my panties were once exposed to the cool air around us.

To my horror, I could smell it, too, so I knew Edward would be able to. It was incredibly embarrassing until I heard the low growling emanating from the back of his throat.

"Oh, God, Bella! You smell so... fucking... good..." he mumbled into my chest. "Fuck! I have to get inside you." I couldn't believe how his words affected me! I needed him that moment so badly that I felt I would die within minutes if he didn't hurry the hell up.

When he finally swirled his tongue around my nipple and pulled it into his mouth, I clutched his hair and gasped so loudly that I'd have been embarrassed if it hadn't felt so good. I held him so tightly that I knew he couldn't move if he had wanted to.

His hand moved to my other breast and he massaged and rolled my nipple between his fingers and I swore I was already on the verge of coming. "Fuck baby! God, that feels good! Jesus, Edward!"

He continued to manipulate my body and I made all kinds of noises I had never made before. I wondered if it would have felt this good when I was human or if this felt so amazing because I was a vampire.

I loosened my grip because I was ready for him to be inside me and I needed him to move. When I felt his free hand move to my still covered pussy, my hips involuntarily bucked toward him and my own growl startled me.

He moved to my neck and kept rubbing my clit through my panties. "Please... jeans... off... inside... now..." Even to myself I sounded like such a wanton slut and I hoped Edward didn't think so.

"So wet... holy mother..." He had his jeans off in half a second, but slowed down when he got to taking my panties off. I didn't want slow! What the hell?

"Edward! C'mon! You're killing me!" He laughed lightly and smiled down at me.

"You won't die, I promise. There's something... I want to try."

"Jesus Christ! What?" I had no patience for games at the moment and he was really pushing his luck! I was a crazy, out-of-control, newborn vampire and he wanted to try something!

He ripped my panties from my body so fast that I gasped; then I moaned like the slut I had become. His fingers glided over my wet flesh and he leaned down and whispered into my ear, "I want to taste you."

I thought I would hyperventilate! I tried to catch my breath enough to speak. "I've never... no one's ever done that to me." I felt more than saw the smile form on his lips.

"Good. I'm the only one who ever will." We kissed again and I was frantic. So much so that I think I almost bit his tongue. If he knew what was good for him, he'd hurry the fuck up!

He broke the kiss and said one last thing before he moved down my body. "Bella, do not pull my hair out. Alright?"

"'Kay." I grabbed hold of the comforter I was lying on and bunched it up in my fists. It seemed like forever, but in another second he was between my legs, teasing me with his tongue.

He had hold of my thighs, I assumed in an attempt to hold me still. I tried my best to stay still enough so as not to interrupt, but it was very difficult. When his tongue dipped between my folds, he let out the loudest growl I'd heard yet, which just about made me lose it.

I ripped the bit of comforter I had in my right hand as I practically screamed at the pleasure he was giving me. He kept on moaning as he licked around my clit and, I wasn't sure, but I thought I must be close to orgasm. I couldn't fathom how it was going to feel any better than it already did.

I growled, moaned, sighed, and begged for relief. I felt his fingers enter me as he continued to suck and nibble on me and I was certain I couldn't feel any better than that! I didn't know exactly what he did or how he did it, but he found what I assumed was my g-spot and I was instantly seeing stars.

My muscles seized and spasm-ed and I screamed through my very first orgasm, ever. He was relentless, he kept rubbing that place inside of me and sucking on my clit and I just kept on screaming.

When he finally finished me off, I felt like I couldn't move. He kissed me before I could tell him no. It wasn't a bad taste at all, so I just kissed him back.

He pulled away and smiled at me. "Congratulations on your first orgasm." It was just so funny, the way he said it, and I started laughing.

"Well, thank you, but it was all thanks to you. I told you you were a natural. You should never doubt me again."

"I never will, ever. God, I loved that! I could do that all day." I finally thought to look down and see his erection, and my God, what a sight!

I knew I had been high most times and my memories were fuzzy, but I swore he had the biggest cock I'd ever seen! I couldn't keep my hands off any longer. I reached down and wrapped my hand around him and slowly stroked.

His eyes closed and he moaned. He'd never looked sexier. "There's no doubt, you have mad oral skills, but what if I wanted this? Would you deny me?"

I ran my thumb over the head, which earned me another growl. What an amazing sound that was! "I would never deny you anything my love. Is that what you want?"

"More than anything." He kissed me while he grabbed my legs and pulled them around his body to encircle his hips.

"Your wish, my command," he repeated and pushed into me. We both groaned when he entered me and even what he did to me before couldn't compare to the feeling of him being inside me.

He filled me completely, stretching me to my limit. Any little movement, even a twitch, sent all kinds of wondrous sensations through my body. "Edward! God! Oh, God!"

He moved slowly at first, moaning his words to me. "Holy... God, you're tight! Fuck, you feel so good!" He made love to me and it was glorious.

If I had had tears, they'd have been rolling down my face. They would be tears of absolute joy and pure pleasure. I felt so loved and so desired... I never, in a million years, imagined anything as good as this existed, that I could ever feel this way.

He came pretty quick the first time, but I soon discovered another benefit of being a vampire; we don't get tired. It only slowed him down for a fraction of a second. He came twice more before we were done and I stopped counting after five. My life was absolutely perfect.