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Harry Potter and the Accumulation of Power

by Zyachta

Chapter 1

[In the Chamber of Secrets, Harry is trying to wake Ginny while the ghost of Tom Riddle continues to taunt him.]

"Remarkable isn't it, how quickly the venom of the basilisk penetrates the body?" said Riddle. Harry looking down at the hole left in his arm by the Basilisk fang. "I'd guess you have little more than a minute to live. You'll be with your dear mudblood mother soon, Harry".

Harry was pissed, he knew we was dying but taking shots at his mother was just not something he was willing to hear.

"Funny, the damage a silly little book can do... especially in the hands of a silly, little girl." continued Riddle.

'The book, he's tied to Ginny through the book, well let see if what happens if I destroy the book', Harry thought as he pulled the book from Ginny's hands and opened on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Riddle yelled, the superior smirk quick changing to the look of fear in an instant, as Harry raised the basilisk fang above the open pages "Stop!" Riddle screamed as Harry slammed the tooth into the book causing a black liquid to ooze from its pages. "No! Ahhhh!" Riddle cried as Harry repeated the action on the adjoining page "Ahhhh!" and then through the cover. "Ahhhh!" as the spectre of Tom Riddle explodes, and then an eerie cry sounds throughout the chamber as a black mist rises and the dissipates.

The colour started to return to Ginny's face immediately, and she starts to come to. "Ginny..." Harry starts as he tries to help her up.

"Harry. It was me- but I swear, I didn't mean to! Riddle made me, and..." Ginny starts but stops when she see the hole in Harrys arm. "Harry, you're hurt!" Ginny continues.

Harry pulls his damaged arm out of Ginny's view. "Don't worry. Ginny, you need to get yourself out. Follow the Chamber, and you'll find Ron." Harry explains as Ginny gets to her feet.

Just then Fawkes moves over to look as the wound in Harry's arm and then stares directly into Harry's eye. 'God, it's like Fawkes is looking right into my soul' Harry thought before continuing "You were brilliant, Fawkes. I just wasn't quick enough..." Then tears fall from Fawkes eyes directly on the wound, with a sizzle and a hiss the hole closes over "Of course! Phoenix tears have healing powers." as the last of the tears close leaving a puncture scar where the hole was. "Thanks!" Harry states to Fawkes, but Fawkes looks back and forth at Harry's arm and then back to Harry's face several times, and then lets out a soothing tune which makes both Ginny and Harry feel better.

Harry goes to stand up but realizes his legs aren't working and quickly looks at Fawkes, as Fawkes seems to nod. 'Damn, Fawkes wasn't in time' Harry thought,

"Harry is something wrong?" Ginny asks.

"No, just knackered from the fight I guess. Ginny why don't you go down the tunnel and let Ron know everything is alright, I know he is worried about you. Fawkes will get you up to the school and then come back for me, won't you Fawkes?" Harry asks. Fawkes again seems to nod and jumps up on Ginny's shoulder.

"Are you sure Harry? I can wait until you're ready." Ginny asked with concern in her eyes.

"No go ahead, I will wait for Fawkes to come back, just let everyone know your alright, most of the school has been worried about you." Harry says with as much strength as he could put behind it.

"Alright, we will send Fawkes back right away and I let Madam Pomfrey know you will be coming." Ginny says as she starts to head down the tunnel Harry pointed to.

As soon as Ginny's is out of sight, Harry laid back down on the hard wet floor, as his strength was slowly depleted by the venom already in his system. 'I tried, I just wasn't good enough. At least Ginny is alright' Harry thought only to be interrupted in his musings.

"That was very heroic Mr Potter, I guess Gryffindor was the proper house to put you in after all" the sorting hat stated, as it had somehow righted itself and was looking at Harry, as Harry raised his head to look at the hat.

"Thanks, I guess. At least she is safe, and since I stopped Voldemort I guess everyone else is safe too" Harry said as a violent shudder through his body caused him to have to lowered himself back to the ground as his strength gave out.

"Yes only a true Gryffindor would sacrifice themselves for another, most would rather live than save someone else" the hat continued.

"I never thought of anything else, someone was in trouble and I tried to help. I guess Hermione is correct I do have a saving people thing" Harry laughed through another violent shudder as he coughs up some fluid from his lungs.

"That's what I meant. I has been a privilege meeting someone that selfless Mr Potter, I will remember you in the years to come. Is there anything you want me to pass along to your friend and family for you" the hat asked, knowing the young man did not have much time left, if Phoenix tears couldn't stop the venom from doing its job, there wasn't anything anyone upstairs could do.

As another violent tremor and more fluid was spit out Harry trying to think of something to say. As the tremors increased rapidly Harry coughed out "Nothing for my family as I don't really have one, but please have Fawkes leave me here and seal the Chamber, the wizarding world would just turn me into a monument or something if they had my body. For my friends, I wish I would have ..." unfortunately Harry never got to finish his statement to his friend as the venom reached his brain and Harry Potter was no more. Mere seconds later Fawkes flamed in and approached Harry Potter noticing he was not moving.

"I'm sorry but your too late, the basilisk venom has ended Mr Potter's life just now. He asked that we leave him here and seal the chamber, as he did not want to be turned into a bigger spectacle in death, than what the wizarding world turn him into in life. Leave the sword of Gryffindor here with him, as I don't think I will ever find someone more worthy of it than Mr Potter. Please take me to the Great Hall as I know everyone is gathering to leave." Fawkes looked one more time as Harry before pouncing on the Hat and flaming out, leaving the body of Harry Potter as he asked, no one saw the black ooze leave the lightning shaped scar on Harry's forehead or the repeat of the eerie cry sound from ten minutes earlier.

[Great Hall, Hogwarts]

All the students were sitting at their tables as Minerva quickly re-entered the hall and approached the main podium to speak.

"It appears that Ginny Weasley has been rescued from the Chamber of Secret and is in the infirmary recovering, and from what I understand the creature responsible has been defeated. The school will not be closing as you may have heard." Minerva stated in her crisp Scottish tone, as the students cheered. "Since today is Thursday, classes are hereby cancelled for the remainder of the week to help everyone get resettled in. Those ..." she continued she was interrupted by the flash of Fawkes appearing with the sorting hat, dropping it at her feet and then flashing back out.

"Please pick me up and place me on a stool, I have a message and news to deliver" the hat stated sadly. Minerva seemed shaken by this as she had been told the hat and Fawkes were with Harry Potter, but Harry Potter has not arrived with Fawkes, a sense of dread filled Minerva as did as the hat had requested.

"It falls to me to deliver the most grave of news. During the rescue of Miss Weasley in the Chamber of Secrets, Mr Potter was pierced through the arms by the fang of a basilisk .." the hat started only to be interrupted by shrieks and cries from the students and staff that understood what this meant, ".. if I may continue, Fawkes used tears to try to heal the damage done to Mr Potter, unfortunately the tears were not administered in time, and Mr Potter has passed on." again the hat was interrupted as some of the students broke out in cries, even a few of the Slytherin. "Mr Potter defeated a 60 foot basilisk and saved Miss Weasley whilst also disrupting a ritual that would have returned Lord Voldemort to a physical body. His last request was for his body to be left where it is laid, and to have the Chamber sealed, which has been done." All throughout the hats speech, the cries of outrage, sorrow and pain continued. Minerva and most of the staff were in shock at what they had just been told, even Professor Snape seemed uncharacteristically quiet. The majority of the students were either in shocked silence or crying for the loss of one of their own.

[Leaky Cauldron, Room 11]

Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Order of Merlin First Class, and Headmaster of Hogwarts Schools of Wizardry was sitting in his rented room awaiting the message to return to Hogwarts. He had discovered that the Governors of Hogwarts that had signed his dismissal had been coerced by none other than Lucius and he was waiting on his reinstatement so he could return and help secure HIS school. 'Even if they were coerced they should have known better than to try to remove me from MY school, they will be dealt with shortly'

[Chamber of Secrets]

Fawkes reappeared in the Chamber and circled before landing next to Harrys' body. Fawkes let of a song of sorry that filled the Chamber and stared as the ceiling of the chamber as if looking for guidance, before launching back into the air and singing a violent song that continued to build in severity and meaning. As Fawkes circled flames surround her and became brighter and brighter, the longer the song went. Finally as Fawkes was encased in almost a white flame, she stopped flying and spread her wings wide falling backward towards Harrys body. As Fawkes's falling form came in contact with Harry's body a screech was let out of Fawkes body as she and the body of Harry Potter were engulfed in white flames reducing both to ask in seconds, and leaving the Chamber silent once again.

[Leaky Cauldron, Room 11]

On the floor of the small room laid the unconscious form of Albus Dumbledore. Since he was unconscious he would have to wait until he awoke to find the post owl waiting with his reinstatement letter and the even more shocking Daily Prophet with the headline "Boy-Who-Lived killed at Hogwarts"