An Accidental Kiss

Note: I do not own the teen titans. This is my first story! I hope y'all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Dawn had just risen over Titans tower, covering the sky with its majesty. It was a pleasant April day, nothing special, no birthdays, and no anniversaries of any sort. It was just a nice day.

Raven was the first one to awake, as usual. She took no time travelling from her quarters to the rooftop to start her morning meditation. The first thing that Raven saw when she opened the door was all the tall sky scrapers of Jump city, scrapping a pink sky. The sun itself was concealed by the buildings, but the light that it gave off was as bright as day.

'So calm, so peaceful.' She thought, 'Too bad that this does not last all day.' Raven hovered toward the edge of titans tower, and still hovering, she sat lotus-style on the air and began her meditation

That lasted about roughly three seconds. Out of nowhere came an extremely loud alarm, but not just any alarm, the alarm came within the tower signaling a disturbance in the city.

"Not a good way to start the day…not at all," Raven growled under her breath. She unwillingly made her way to the main room. The sound of each individual beep pierced its way into Raven's head, causing a slight headache.

The doors to the main room slid open, revealing everything inside to Raven's sight. Robin was the only titan inside at the time, frantically scanning the computer screen.

"Isn't it a little early to be superheroes?" Raven asked in her dull monotone.

"Being superheroes is a full-time job, Raven, no matter dawn, dusk, day, rain, sleet, snow…"

"What are we, mailmen?" Said the sarcastic Raven.

Just then Cyborg and Starfire entered the main room.

"Yo Rob, what's goin' on?" Cyborg asked, yelling across the room.

"Yes Robin, do tell," Starfire added, fully awake.

"It seems that has escaped from prison and so have about the entire left wing of the prison."

"Oh, we got this, Raven can just do her demon-four-eyes-act again and we'll be havin' breakfast before we know it!" Cyborg stated with a confident smile.

"Not exactly Cyborg, the 'demon-four-eyes-act' came from my father's influence, now that he is gone for good, I can't exactly do that." Raven quickly answered the half-metal man.

"Oh," Cyborg turned his head to the ground, not wanting to remind Raven of her father anymore.

"Where is friend Beastboy?" Starfire asked frantically looking around the room.

"It is six o' clock in the morning; he still has to be sleeping. The only reason Beastboy would be up this early is to go to an all-you-can-eat tofu buffet." Raven said with a lot of seriousness in her face.

"It's all good guys, I'll go get him," Cyborg offered, making his way to Beastboy's room, just then a very familiar green teen entered the main room. He was hunched with giant bags under his eyes, anyone with a pair of eyes could see that he was not even half-awake.

"Dude, why so early?" Beastboy complained.

"Good, now that we are all here, let's quickly make our way to the Jump city jail! Teen titans, GO!" The heroic leader yelled. Our heroes dispersed, making their way out. Beastboy was lagging far behind, and Raven noticed.

"Beastboy, hurry up," Raven dully commanded.

"It's too early for me to function." Beastboy complained, basically half-dead.

Raven just stared with her blank expression. Just then the toaster became encased in black energy. The toaster slammed into Beastboy's head.

"Owwwww, Raven, why?" Beastboy asked, rubbing the injury spot.

"Are you awake or not?" Raven asked. Beastboy pondered for a moment, looking around the room. Him and Raven were the only ones in the room.

"Uh…yeah," a smile came onto his green face, "thanks Raven!" Raven said nothing as she made her way out of Titans Tower

"Wait Rae!" Beastboy caught up with the half-demon following her as the titans made their way to the prison break.

Next Chapter: is running a muk when our teen heroes arrived, and what happens when Raven is shoved into Beastboy? Lip on lip?