An Accidental Kiss

The final chapter

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Is it true that one moment can change a lifetime? Can a millisecond determine the fate for centuries to come? One kiss, that was all it took, just a moment which each other's lips together. That kiss is why Beastboy is preparing for his surprise dinner, and it is why Raven is now speaking with her long lost emotion. One kiss. One moment. Two soul mates.

It was now 5:30, one hour till the big surprise. He returned from the flower shop to his private quarters, he then located the note he wrote earlier along with the rose and made his way to Raven's room.

Raven was very much still in her mind accompanied with her purple-bearing emotion of the name of Love. She was still dumbfounded from her earlier revelation, and still staring into space.

"So, do you know all about me now?" Asked Love, already knowing the answer.

Raven took a deep breath; she then came to her senses.

"Yes, yes I do." Raven said with a huge RARE smile. Love smiled the same way, also.

"I am afraid that you need to leave. Beastboy has a little something-something for you." Love said with a flick of her wrist, a black portal came into view beside them. Raven just tilted her head in confusion.

"Beastboy?" Raven asked. Love threw her hands into the air.

"Of course! He's your soul mate!" Love said the somewhat shocking statement to Raven.

"My soul-what?" Raven said with a little disgust. Is she talking about the same Beastboy? The one in the tower? The green guy? The one who could play video games hours on end? The tofu-obsessed teen? My team mate? THAT Beastboy? Raven asked herself, but it was no use thinking, she was in her mind.

"Yes, that Beastboy! Now go look at the foot at your door!" Love said while waving goodbye, then, not giving Raven any time to respond, she shoved her into the blackness of the portal.

Beastboy had reached Raven's door, and just stared. He was going to do it, he was going to tell her. He took a deep breath and carefully placed the note and red rose at the foot of her door. "Phase one: complete," Beastboy stated.

"OK, now on to phase two." Beastboy stated, making his way to the kitchen. He had already set up the table and chairs on the roof, now it was time to prepare the food. His plate was mighty simple, tofu on a silver platter. "Alright my plate's finished, now how do I make herbal tea?" Beastboy asked into midair. He should know, he has seen Raven do it every morning. "Alright Beastboy we can do this." He gave himself some encouragement while getting the necessary components. Tea pot, water, tea packet and stove, he assembled near the workspace of the stovetop. Beastboy continued with the tea making with no problem, and to his surprise, he did not injure himself. "Since when did I learn how to make tea?" Beastboy asked with confusion. It seemed that the more he spent with the titans, the more he learned more about them. Like Beastboy could help Cyborg with the T-car, and he knew about all Robin's weapons in his utility belt. He also was becoming more familiar with Starfire's Tamerainian delicacies, and also, apparently, he knew how to make herbal tea.

Beastboy grabbed the romantic dinner and smiled, "Now on to phase three!" He then made his way to the rooftop.

Raven landed with a loud THUD on her cold and dark floor. She regained her senses and slowly rose to her feet.

"Gosh, is today shove Raven through a portal day?" Raven sarcastically remarked. She then casually walked to her dresser mirror and took a deep breath.

"Beastboy…I'll give you one chance." Raven said, having on her mind the comments Love made earlier. She then willingly made her way to face him, but when she took the first step out of her quarters, she felt as if she stepped on a stem, and she then realized she did. She saw the fresh red rose and green index card at her feet. She picked both items up, gave each one a good looking at, and then she read the note. She read thoroughly with her violet eyes, taking in each word as she read.

What in the world does Beastboy have to tell me, Raven thought to herself. Oh wait, was this what Love was talking about?

You got it! Now go! Love told Raven telepathically

Alright, responded Raven to her emotion. She made her way to the rooftop, where the note said, and with every step Raven could felt Love growing inside her. This was a big step for Raven, going from an emo-girl who liked to spend long hours in her room, into a more open girl who is able to show love. Raven knew that change was good, and this change, would be really good. She was now at the door to the rooftop, ready to see what Beastboy's announcement and she would really like a month without his antics.

She opened the door to see Beastboy sitting in a cast-iron small patio-style chair, and there was a matching table with a silver plater holding some cubical tofu, and then on the opposite side there sat a cup of her herbal tea, then the last thing she saw was a chair just like Beastboy's, but empty.

Raven stood in amazement; she had no idea that Beastboy could be so romantic. The sky was a blazing orange and it was making Beastboy's green hair sparkle, just like his eyes. Love was making her presence known.

"Hey Raven…I-um-glad you came," said a nervous yet confident Beastboy.

"Beastboy-I" Raven stuttered.

"Please sit." Beastboy offered Raven.

This is complete Deja-vu Raven said to her mind. Raven walked-flew to her seat, she then sat down and stared at her tea.

"Beastboy…I'm flattered, really, I am, and uh, when did you learn how to make my tea?"

"You know, I asked myself the same question…I kinda just made it, ya know?" Beastboy said, but then he continued, "but there's something I would like to tell you."

Raven was not stupid, she put two and two together and discovered exactly what he was going to say. Raven was about to do something she WOULD NOT regret.

Raven placed her finger on Beastboy's lips, then bore a smile, a smile that said on its own 'I love you'. Raven removed her finger and leaned in and gave Beastboy an intense, burning kiss. Beastboy was completely wide-eyed, but then slowly closed them and started to enjoy the kiss.

It was felid day for Love, she filled Raven and Beastboy with a more powerful feeling than their 'accidental kiss'. She made this moment special for the both of them. She made sure that they would not forget this kiss.

After a while, Raven and Beastboy moved away from each other, just staring into each other's eyes, not wanting this to ever end. Then Beastboy spoke.

"You just took the words from my lips."

"Yeah, I know."

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