When my shower was done and I could sleep. When I woke up Aeonica was peaking in my door.

"What are you doing Aeonica?" I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and told Aeonica to leave me alone so I could get ready. When she left I got up and went to the closet and picked a shirt that had DEFIANCE OF AUTHORITY printed on it and a pair of black jeans and a blue and black striped hoodie. When I went down stairs and got two slices of toast my sister told me to stop and then took me to the garage stuffed me in her car and drove to IHOP. I didn't argue and politely ordered a triple-decker strawberry pancake stack.

"Wow buy the most expensive thing on the menu." I could hear her joking around. Her voice was always very tinged with a type of joke. There were only two times I heard her being totally serious. Once was when I had gotten arrested for a fight at school. The second time was when I had tried to save mom and failed.

The guy had jumped in the window and went to get in my moms jewelry and she had come out trying to stop him and I heard struggling and ran downstairs when I had gotten there he had a gun pulled and I jumped at him a little to late. The results were that the bullet got my mom and had scraped my shoulder but I was fine my mom died thirty minutes later. I blamed myself until weeks later when Aeonica convinced me that all I had tried to do was save her.

"Thanks for breakfast Aeo." She looked at me questioningly.

"You haven't called me that in ages Alanzo." We started laughing and talking about the classes we had and which teachers we liked and which ones we could not stand at all. Oddly the story always came back to Mr. Wood the Algebra teacher. I didn't really like the guy seeing how he gave homework the first day. Actually my sister thought that he was a good guy and that it was to help us review. Oddly I got her point but you know I couldn't tell her that I mean what would that show that I am a total wussy.

"Well sis want to hit the mall maybe we can get you your own X-Box." I teased lightheartedly. She nodded and we got in her car and she drove down the high way looking for the mall. When we finally got there I looked around wondering where to take her. We ended choosing the GameSpot to get her games and X-Box. The games she picked were Turok, Lost Planet, and RainbowSix. Luckily shooting things she was good at so I grabbed the X-Box and headed to the counter to pay.

Just as she pulled her wallet I told her to stop.

"I am going to pay for it for you. I love you and I owe you for all this." I said while rubbing my stomach. She just laughed and said OK. I pulled the money out handed it to the store clerk and carried the stuff to the car. Sadly the guy who pushed my sister was just standing there at the car laughing.

"Hey Alanzo come get me. Or maybe I should shove your pretty little sister around." He smiled like that was the funniest thing he ever said.

"You touch her and I swear I will beat you to a pulp you dick." I shoved the stuff in the trunk and told Aeonica to start the car. So when she did we pulled out to whoever he was standing in the road. I got out and he demanded that I fight him.

"Why? I mean I beat you up in the hallway what makes this any different." I looked at him.

He stared and out of nowhere started to charge. Luckily I moved in time and tripped him. He quickly rolled and tried it again. This time he got me and we fell to the ground rolling until he was on top of me punching me until I couldn't see straight.

I woke up to doctors walking around me and wrapping injuries and hooking me up to the IV and then black was all I had in my head.