Just a short little drabble I wrote after re-re-re-re-re-watching the Season 4 finale. Man, I love that episode. All reviews excite me like making bombs and explosions excite Fiona. Enjoy.

I don't own Burn Notice...


A single kiss can say everything, and, as he kissed her, he hoped that the fleeting movements of his lips portrayed what he was feeling.

He never was big on emotions, especially when it came to laying them all out for people to grasp.

They never had problems silently communicating; silent communication is always an important part of the lives they lead. There were always the learned hand-signals to tell someone which way to go or which man to go after. There was also the signals-a nod, a snap, a subtle head shake, or an undetectable twitch of a finger-to signify when she should or should not shoot or blow something up. Most importantly, though, if something went wrong in the middle of a job, he could simply glance at her and a silent wave of communication could pass between them.

When it came to the less subtle hints, she often complained about his inability to understand. There were only so many emotions he seemed to pick up on, and sometimes she wondered if he ignored the more personal ones on purpose.

He functioned, thought, by keeping everyone at arms reach. He left his mom for eight years without a goodbye, keeping her in the dark for three months without so much as a word to assuage her worries. He never had "buddies" like the ones that Sam is always helping, choosing to keep his friend list short and close. With Fiona, he avoided any talk about their relationship, as not to complicate things, but also to protect her from getting hurt by his tendencies.

Despite what he was comfortable with, he kissed her to explain everything. He owed her that much and knew she would understand what he was attempting to convey in those few seconds.

I'm coming back, he tried to say. I love you.

He stepped with the two men in suits, uncertain of what would come next or when he would return.

But he would. For her, he would do anything.