"That was a foolish risk," Max Kennan said to his daughter once they where finally alone in her apartment.

Tempe smiled at her father. "I couldn't let you go to prison, not for killing Kirby." She looked at him. "I never expected you to turn yourself in, especially since you were already on the run. You had means, motive, and opportunity. The hard part was lying to everyone, vehemently declaring that you were guilty."

Max smiled as he sat down on the couch next to her. "I don't know whether to be proud or disappointed...That's not true," he sighed. "I am proud of you, even though I know I shouldn't be." He paused for several moments. "You were always the one that stayed out of trouble, the one I didn't have to keep a close eye on. I always thought that if anyone followed in my footsteps, it would have been Russ. He certainly got into more trouble than you did. I still think you were foolish however."

"You were willing to go to prison for me Dad, despite everything, I couldn't let you do that. Not when I knew you where innocent."

Max chuckled. "You know you're still going to have to act like I'm guilty?"

"I know. But at least we know the truth."

Max smiled. "It's funny. You put away hundreds of murderers, and yet you get off scott free."

"Kirby tried to kill Russ, and he came to my apartment to try and kill me. I wasn't going to let that slide."

"I have to ask why you didn't call Booth though?"

"Because I needed to send a message, no one messes with my...our family." Bones said. "I wonder if anyone realizes how accurate the story you attorney presented to the jury is."

Max smiled. "I wonder how my attorney would react to finding out your strategy to cast doubt wasn't a complete fabrication."


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Honestly, I've always wondered how accurate Max's defense at his trial was.