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"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven repeated her usual spell.

Black energy radiated from her hands, and her eyes brightened as the magic pooled out before her. She focused her energy on the currently inanimate object underneath her, a mail box. She threw the mail box with her power at the random villain who was destroying Jump City's downtown.

The villain seemed to be a chimera, both a woman and a lizard. The chimera's large yellowish eyes darted to Raven, and saw the mail box being swung at her. On instinct, the villain simply blocked the object with a swish of her tail. She turned her eyes back towards her current opponent, Cyborg.

Aggravated, Raven lifted more objects with her magic, and threw them at the chimera. The woman/lizard kept blocking the objects with the back of her tail. As a result the objects flew back at Raven. Quickly, Raven put up a shield of her dark energy around her to avoid the collision.

Cyborg had his cannon at the ready, ready to blast through this unusual new villain. The woman hissed at his cannon. Her slithery tongue coming out of her red lips.

Starfire had risen Robin in the air with her, and after soaring high above the enemy, she swung Robin, in order to give him momentum, and he threw his bombs towards the villain. The villain had not expected to be momentarily blinded with the smoke, and screamed with malice.

Beast Boy took this opportunity to morph into a tiger, and go straight to her throat. Even though the villain had been blinded, she wrestled the tiger off of her. Beast Boy was slung onto a nearby Taxi, but he quickly morphed into a rhino and charged towards her.

Meanwhile, Starfire was throwing her green starbolts through the air towards the villain's body. Cyborg's cannon rumbled and shot straight towards her front right leg. She cried in agony at the impact, and crumpled to the ground. Raven quickly found some metal beams on the street, and used her magic to wrap the metal around the chimera's body. The woman struggled to break free from her binds, but, to no avail.

Cyborg whooped in triumph, and congratulated Raven. The team of heroes waited until the police arrived before they left. Little did they know, someone behind a corner had been watching the whole time as they battled the chimera. The eyes of this unknown person kept close attention on Beast Boy. The figure watched delightfully as the team reported back to the tower.

"Awww, man!" Cyborg shouted as he was checking under the hood of his precious T-car. Beast Boy turned towards his team mate with a questioning look on his face.

He watched as Cyborg dug around in his large tool box, casually throwing wrenches over his broad shoulders. Beast Boy ducked out of the way from the flying tools to avoid an injury from his careless friend. Before he could blink, Cyborg was gone and had slammed the door behind him. Automatically, Beast Boy's shoulders slumped. This meant he had to find someone else to hang out with.

Beast Boy hopped off the counter, and shrugged. "I guess I'll see what Robin's doing."

Knowing he'd find Robin by the obstacle course, he left to go outside. When he arrived at the obstacle course, he watched as Robin vigorously attacked everything that was before him. Sweat was pouring from Robin's brow, and Beast Boy decided he didn't want to join Robin on the obstacle course. They'd only fought three villains today! When does Robin get tired? Before being noticed, Beast Boy went back inside the tower.

He walked inside the common room to find Starfire transfixed on the television screen. She was watching her favorite TV program; The World of Fungus. Beast Boy would never understand Tamaranians, there was no way he'd watch a show about fungus. He tried to creep away, but Starfire turned her head away from the television for a moment and spotted him. Her face brightened at his presence.

"Oh! Friend, Beast Boy, would you wish to join me to watch this wondrous program?" she chirped happily.

Beast Boy backed away slightly, and shook his head at her, wearing a fake smile, and he quickly darted away. Starfire shrugged and went back to watching her favorite program, and eating one of her favorite foods from her planet.

Beast Boy sighed as he stared at Raven's door. He knew she'd just tell him to go away, or he would somehow get into trouble for entering her room, a room full of magical books and mirrors. He didn't want to end up inside her mirror again. He hesitated from knocking on her door. But, to his surprise, the door opened, and Raven gave him that look she always does; that ice cold stare.

"What do you want?" she asked nonchalantly.

As usual, Beast Boy felt a chill go down his spine from the look she gave him and her monotonous voice. He cleared his throat, "I wanted to see what you were doing." he said, hiding his nervousness.

"I was reading, until I heard you breathing at my door." She said. She watched as Beast Boy sweat dropped. "What?" she asked.

He hated it when she was like this. She was always pushing people away, but particularly him. She infuriated him so much, but for some reason, he never gave up on her. He wanted to know the person deep down her dark exterior, but she never gave him the chance to get to know her. Beast Boy searched for his voice again. "Why do even waste my time on you?" he asked angrily.

Raven was at a loss for words at that statement. Even though, she treated Beast Boy harshly at times, she always considered him to be her closest friend of the Titans. Unlike the other Titans, she felt she could somehow relate to him, despite his childish ways. After all, they had their "moments" when she really felt like they connected. She watched as Beat Boy stomped away from her and went into his room down the hall.

The mysterious figure from earlier, was in room full of red light bulbs, and photographs hanging from a wire held by laundry clips. The person put thier hand in water and pulled out a wet photograph, and hung it on the wire. The person watched as the photograph's image came into view, it was a picture of our favorite changeling, Beast Boy.

The mysterious person smirked to them self, and said, "Well, Teen Titans, I've found my new experiment."