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It was just another monster filled afternoon for a one Kanatrou Ichinomiya. As usual, he was busying himself by running around the newest client's house, dispersing the little monsters.
"Hey! You can't eat that!" Kanatrou yelled, chasing after a monster with three eyes and four arms. As he followed the tiny monster, it decided that it was going to rapidly turn a corner. Kanatrou followed, but ended up slamming face first into a strong chest.
"Ow," Kanatrou whined, taking a step back, cupping his nose in his palm.
"Are you alright, Kanatrou?"
"I'm fine, Haruka. You didn't happen to see a little monster run by here, did you?" Kanatrou asked, meeting Haruka's dark eyes. Haruka sighed as he pointed down the hall.
"It went that way," Kanatrou looked down the hall, letting his hand drop from his nose.
"Thanks, Haruka!" Without another word, Kanatrou ran after the monster. Haruka watched as his back shrank into the tan walls and then continued walking aimlessly around the giant building.

~Hours later~

The monsters were dispersed and Kanatrou was paid for another days work. He was smiling to himself as he, Haruka and Yoko walked home. Once they got home; Haruka instantly went to his perch on the roof, Yoko busied herself in the kitchen while talking to Suzu, and Kanatrou went to his room and began finding other things that would be a lot more interesting than his overdue manuscript.

Kanatrou was busy whistling and staring at the ceiling when Yoko opened the door and walked in.
"Ah, Yoko. Finished with dinner?" he asked, cheerfully. Yoko nodded and then sat down.
"Before we eat, I would like to inform you that I won't be staying here tonight," That shocked Kanatrou slightly, but he quickly replaced that shock with a devilishly smile.
"And may I ask why, Yoko?" Yoko squared her shoulders back and closed her eyes.
"I will be staying the night at Suzu's. We both thought we needed a girl's night," Yoko explained. Kanatrou blinked and then smirked as Yoko got up.
"I think you two should have it here. You never know what could happen with all the monsters around. One of you could get possessed," he grinned.

Yoko walked out of the room, Kanatrou now in tow. She ignored him as he rambled on and on about monsters, sudden possessions, and a lie about wanting to keep an eye on two lovely girls. Yoko grabbed the food, still ignoring him. She had a tray of rice in hand and was walking back into the dining room. He was about to continue talking about possession when she slammed the tray on the table. Her teeth were grinding together.
"That's enough, Kanatrou. I'm staying at Suzu's, not the other way around," she snapped.
"Is he acting like the pervert he is again?" Haruka asked, walking into the dining room.
"Oh, come on, Haruka. Don't be so mean," Kanatrou pleaded. Haruka shrugged and began eating when Yoko served him his food. Throughout eating dinner Kanatrou pouted.

Once the dishes were cleaned and put away Yoko packed for her evening over at Suzu's.
"Well, I see you the two of you tomorrow when I get back. Please don't try to mess up the house this time," Yoko kindly smiled and left the house. Kanatrou and Haruka sat in the living room, pretending that she left hours ago and hadn't just left. The silence that Yoko left in her wake was tortcher to Kanatrou. He abruptly sat up, causing Haruka to jump slightly at his sudden movements.
"Haruka! I want to play a game," Kanatrou spoke, completely serious. Haruka just blinked as a straight face began to appear on Kanatrou's pale face.
"A game? Why in the world would you want to do something as silly as that, Kanatrou?" Haruka asked, grabbing his favorite bowl and hot tea pot and began pouring himself some tea.
"Because I'm bored, that's why," Kanatrou explained. Haruka sighed and placed his precious bowl on the table.
"Well, you could work on that manuscript that you still haven't finished," Haruka remarked, resting his elbow on the table top and then proceeded to do the same with his cheek and palm.

Kanatrou pretended to look away and laugh nervously before straightening back out and narrowed his ruby eyes at Haruka.
"Haruka," he smirked, causing Haruka to go ridged. "Let's play a game,"
"Damn that trait," Haruka mumbled.
"What was that, Haruka? I didn't quite hear you," Kanatrou grinned.
"I said, what game would you like to play?" Haruka growled. Kanatrou sat back, his arms crossed over his chest and smile across his face.
"Truth or Dare," Haruka sighed and continued to sip his tea away to the last drop. "So, are you going to play, Haruka?"
"It's not like I have a choice do I, Kanatrou?"
"That's right. And you get to go first," he smiled.

Haruka sighed and poured himself more tea, tonight was going to be a long night. He could feel it deep inside his bones and shaking in his wings.
"Kanatrou, truth or dare?" Kanatrou pretended to think.
"Dare," Kanatrou devilishly smirked. Haruka was about to ask a question when he thought he heard Kanatrou say 'Truth', but suddenly stopped and stared at Kanatrou as the right word processed in his mind.


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