Hey everyone! I'm MadameCrowe this is my first official 'on a fan fiction site' fan fiction! I've written many in the past but only now did I decide to test the waters with this one. I wrote this back in 2009 in a little journal I keep beside my bed. I finally got around to rewriting it and editing the hell out of it. It's MinatoxAkihiko, my favorite pairing in Persona 3, and it will soon be a yaoi. This is just a starter to see if anyone picks up on it. A bit of fun between two crushes and a middle man(woman actually). The beginning of this story if those of you have played the game, is actually an alternate universe of what could have happened if Minato had suffered a small emotional breakdown when Junpei yelled at him after Nyx had been released upon the world. I always wondered what Minato would have done if he hadn't let his 'gotta be tough' facade take over completely during the game. I wanted to see the protagonist as an everyday human being, in a sense, who falls in love with an unexpected person and will soon be forced to suffer the consequences of his "sinful" ways. No mature stuff first chapter, though. Felt it was too soon and needed a bit of playing with the characters before I let them have at it.

Please enjoy!

I am not the maker of Persona 3, nor do I make money off of my fantasies between the characters within this fanfiction. Also, review if you liked it or not! I'd love you hear from you all!

Chapter One: A Stalker, A Crush, and Dark Hour Phone Calls

Silence was something that Minato seemed to take for granted until that evening, when Junpei stood before him, a finger swooping up to point at his face. "I can't believe you, of all people, would just stand around and do nothing! You had that… that… thing in you for ten whole years! How could you not know? So many people are terrified because you let it out!" Junpei's voice kept rising, his eyes burning holes into Minato's. It was an unnerving sight, seeing as the two had grown close over the last year.

"Junpei, don't be so-" Mitsuru said, trying to calm him down to no avail.

"No!" he yelled," I'm not gonna sit around while Mr. Special does nothing! Look at him! He's not even scared! He doesn't care about any of us!" Junpei shouted before heaving a disgruntled sigh and tossing his hands up in an almost defeated manner. He'd grown tired of yelling at the male, and instead found it more appealing to go for a walk, only wishing he could get away to do so.

"That's…" Minato started, his eyes quickly filling with tears. All eyes were on him as his flowed over with the salty tears. It was a huge eye-opener for everyone.

"I-I'm scared, too!" Minato screamed, hands balling up into fists, "You all sleep so well at night and you all say you envy my strength! Well, here's news for all of you: there isn't enough to go around! You think I'm so calm about all of this? Ryoji having been within me for ten damn years, I couldn't stop that!"

"Ah… Minato," Junpei's expression had changed dramatically, shifting now to a worried look. When the leader of everyone and the soon savior to mankind itself was crying, there was no way someone could continue to be angry.

"So stop yelling at me and deal with it yourself!" With that, Minato took himself to his room upstairs, quietly sniffling as he made his way up the stairs and down the hall. Fuuka had nearly compressed herself out of existence, turning out to be a mere ball dug deep in the corner of the couch. She'd been there since before the fight had started, and really wished she had gone with her instinct to go upstairs earlier. Mitsuru sighed, giving a cold look to Junpei as she went to console the girl on the couch. Yukari had already sworn to kick Junpei's ass whenever she had the chance, but Akihiko seemed to be the most upset about all of these happenings.

"Great job, Junpei," Akihiko growled, stalking himself up the stairs toward his friend's room, taking the steps two by two with ease. "Minato," he said through the door as rough knuckles gently tapped the barrier between them. He decided to try a lie, "Iori said he was sorry."

"Sanada… He didn't say that… He's too hard-headed to be so nice so suddenly," the black haired boy said, trying to speak loud enough for the other to hear. Minato sighed, rubbing his eyes as he sat himself on the edge of his bed. He felt so miserable and so used up. He'd refused long before this all happened, before he moved here, that he would attempt the act of showing almost no one any emotion or attachment. It wasn't hard, as he'd found himself liking the fact that he could go through his day unbothered by anyone and was able to focus on people watching, which seemed to be a small hobby of his. "You shouldn't lie," he barked, his eyebrows furrowing in an upset way toward the man at his door.

"Arisato, would you let me in?" Akihiko asked, placing his hand gently on the doorknob. Minato thought long and hard about it for a moment. A very long moment, it seemed, for it was only when Aki had given up and walked to the end of the hallway that Minato had swung open the door and stood, the two staring each other down in silence. They both knew each others thoughts without words. It was a reason that Minato had come to like Akihiko. Without smiles, glances, frowns, glares, anything to give him away, Akihiko knew what he felt before anyone else did.


"Hm?" Akihiko looked to him, as they sat side by side on the bed, Minato's arms wrapped protectively around his own knees that were pressed against his chest. The tears had finally stopped, a mere hiccup gently jolting Minato's chest every now and then. They made Aki give quick glances to him when they forced themselves from his stomach, but nothing more. It worried him that he'd cried.

"You… aren't pissed at me are you?" Minato's tone was low and hushed and his eyes never strayed from the seemingly peculiar, and mostly non-existent, speck of dust on his knee.

"Of course not," Aki muttered quietly, "I have no reason to be mad. None of this, no matter what Iori says, is your fault. And I think your tears have made us all stronger." Minato watched as a grin curled upon Aki's lips, feeling the corners of his own wanting to twitch into a grin as well. He fought it off, and kept his mouth a thin line, refusing to show more emotion than he had to. It would've been to much to handle in one night.

"If you're seen in my room, you know Mitsuru won't like it, even if you are a boy," he said, trying to get away from the fact that he had cried. "But… I have a favor to ask. You might think it's weird." The male shrugged a shoulder, finally seeming to rid his knee of the imaginary dust as he pondered the thought of Akihiko leaving his room and how empty it would seem.

"Anything," Aki said, leaning towards him slightly.

"Call me, and talk until I fall asleep," he said with an averted look, almost embarrassed to say it.

"I can do that," Aki grinned, standing and patting the other on the shoulder. "I'll call you when I get to my room. I promise." Akihiko said, shoving his hands in his pockets as he walked out and shut the door behind him. Minato couldn't help but dig his face into his knees to hide the small smile that had snuck onto his lips.

"So… What'd you wanna talk about?" Aki asked, seating himself at his desk in his dorm room. He was comfortable talking with the other, yes, but this situation felt different.

"Nothing really…" the male breathed lightly on the other line. He hadn't moved from that same spot that Akihiko had left him in. "How's… How's boxing going?" he asked quietly, his gaze drifting to the carpet. Minato's mind grew fuzzy and hazed, unable to speak louder than a small, timid whisper. Akihiko did this to him, and Minato was sure he was being brainwashed by the man. Hence the reason he attempted to avoid contact with the male as much as possible.

"It's going well. I knocked out one of my teammates yesterday. He won't even come near me now," Aki stated with an amused chuckle, making Minato's body to tense and his heart to pound fast. The thought that the guy he liked so much was able to knock someone out or possibly kill someone was terrifying. He'd never be brave enough tell him his feelings. "How's your uh… you're on the swim team, right?"

"Ah, yeah," he murmured, "I don't really like it. I thought I would 'cause I like the water, but I really don't feel like staying in it. I don't even really like my teammates, which is an awful thing to do. Ugh, especially Yuko," he paused to unfold himself as he relaxed more into the conversation. He felt his back and shoulders ache from the tension that had built up.

For a few minutes there was a comfortable silence between them, each one's small, unnoticeable breaths or yawns, as it had been a tiring afternoon, being exchanged. Minato's lips curled into a grin, comfortable in the confines of his room to allow his mouth free reign to smile or frown. It was rare, but needed at a time like this.

Akihiko broke the silence. "Maybe you and I should talk more often."

The blue-haired male tensed again, curling his fingers away from the book he was about to pick up. Calming himself, he lifted the book and stuffed his homework inside its pages. "Why do you say that?" he asked, and paused to yawn. He stood and muttered a quick, "Hold on, I'm changing," and set the phone down on the desk, open and with Aki on the other line. Pressing the phone back between his shoulder and his ear he tossed a, "Go on," to Akihiko.

"Because if you don't like something or someone, it could bother you enough to harm you in battle."

That was it? Aki wanted to listen to the other banter on about his day so he wasn't hindered in Tartarus?

"Oh… yeah, harm me in battle, of course. And I do feel better after I tell you stuff." Minato said, reaching up and sliding a hand down his face in a 'I can't believe I almost fell for that' kind of way. Deflated, he plopped himself down onto the edge of his bed.

"See? If you'd held all of that dislike toward Yuko and your swim team inside, you could have been hurt later on." Akihiko sighed inwardly, knowing he'd almost given himself away. In an odd cross of fate, Aki and Minato seemed to be fighting the same battle.

"Yeah," Minato breathed. He thought he would finally get his answer tonight. He supposed not and shoved it to the back of his mind where the thought had called home.

"Plus," Akihiko continued, risking it. He smiled in his room as he began to change his own clothes as well to get ready for bed. Minato had dressed in his boxers and a pair of blue and white striped pajamas, but left the shirt off. The cool air was nice this time of year and he appreciated it. "I like talking to you, Minato. I have to put down the phone for a minute, hold on, okay?" he asked rhetorically as he set the phone down. It'd give Minato a moment to soak in what he'd just said as Aki took his time changing into his own pajamas.

Minato smiled wide, his cheeks burning gently. He felt like a stupid schoolgirl, and decided it best to keep himself under control, wiping the blush and smile from his face. It was also one of the few times he heard the other call him by his first name, and it sounded like soft wind-chimes coming from Akihiko's mouth. Once again feeling like an idiot, he sighed inwardly and waved his hands in front of him almost in attempt to bat the feelings from the air. "Okay," he breathed, knowing Akihiko had already put down the phone. It was odd how Minato felt like he was floating, almost in a daze, just because the other man took the time to notice him. He deemed he would never understand how Aki could do such a thing to him.

The silver-haired man sat down on his bed. He hadn't bothered to put a shirt on, worried that he was making the other wait on the line too long. "Arisato? You still there?"

"Y-Yeah, still here," he chimed, wanting to slap himself for sounding so giddy.

"Tell me a secret." Aki covered his mouth to yawn, leaving the act inaudible. He was tempted to put the phone on speaker, but thought better of it, knowing he'd fall asleep as soon as he relaxed.

"A secret?" he questioned, thinking it over. "You tell me one," he replied, shifting to tidy up his desk in attempt to veer away from the request given.

"I already did," he reassured, "I told you I like talking to you."

"Not much of a secret, wouldn't you think?" he quipped, giving a soft chuckle. "Fine," he huffed and took a moment to think. "I hate feet."

Akihiko snickered, "What? That's crazy." He leaned back and let his elbow lock, holding himself up by his arm as his shoulders slumped. Talking like this was helping to ease his own tension that had built up from Junpei's yelling. For a moment, he wondered what Mitsuru had

done with him.

"Your turn," he squeaked, worried that Akihiko would say something along the lines of having killed a man or was a wanted serial killer. Oddly enough, he wasn't sure if the butterflies in his stomach were because of fear of that, or how cool it would be to know someone with such a secret. He flipped on his desk lamp, flooding the room with light before he turned off his bedroom light.

"Alright," Akihiko sighed, thinking for a moment or two. "I uhh… never learned how to swim until last year."

"You're joking," Minato stated as a matter of fact kind of way. "I already told you, it's not right to lie."

"I'm not! Ask Mitsuru, she was there when I was told I might need physical therapy a couple years back for a hurt knee. They said that swimming was the easiest and best way to heal. I didn't do it, but later on I decided it would be best to learn. I swear, I'm not lying!"

"But you know how to swim now, right?" he asked, worried for a minute.

"Oh, yeah. I'm a fast learner."

Minato chuckled, sitting in his desk chair so he wasn't tempted to fall asleep. It seemed ironic that he'd asked the other man to only stay on the line and talk until he fell asleep, but it seemed as though neither of them wanted to pass up the opportunity to know each other better. "Mhm…" Minato nodded lightly, relaxing back in his chair. Akihiko grinned, knowing it was Minato's turn to give a secret up. He yawned and looked to the clock. It was getting so late, and soon they'd be up during the dark hour.

"I think we should get some sleep, too," Minato murmured as a yawn tried to attack him. Akihiko sighed gently, realizing he'd let his yawn slip passed him on accident. "Good night, Sanada," he breathed, switching off his desk lamp and flopping into his bed with the phone still attached to his ear.

"Good night, Arisato," Aki replied, pausing for a second to press the red button and crawl into his own bed. Minato watched as it took a moment for the call to disconnect, grinning softly as he pulled the covers up under his chin.

The six words hit him like a ton of bricks. While some bullies would put, "I know where you live, bitch," or the infamous, "I know what you did last summer," Minato was greeted warmly by a "I know you like melon bread." It may have seemed threatening at first, almost making him want to turn around and see if someone had been watching him. But today had been a different kind of Tuesday. He'd woken up late and didn't get to eat breakfast. Perhaps, that was why there was a note stating that the unknown person knew of this small fact attached by a piece of tape to a plastic-wrapped melon bread. With a silent 'thank you' to that person, he removed it from his shoe locker and closed the small door. He knew that he'd been standing there for a solid ten minutes or so, wondering how and when the melon bread got there. Not liking the shifty looks he was given by his other classmates and with the smallest of grins, Minato took the snack to his homeroom class. And not once did he feel that it wasn't Akihiko watching over him. Not wanting to crush the treat, he held the corner of the pastry's wrapping gently between his teeth and slid the door to his homeroom open and closed in a jiffy. Knowing that this was from Akihiko made him seem as if he were glowing, even to the people that had never seen him make an expression. He sat and savored the small dessert for breakfast before class started.

All the while, Akihiko had let himself be late by placing his own melon bread in Minato's shoe locker. Oblivious to what had already happened with his friend, he smiled wide and walked away as if nothing had ever happened. "Alright, let's hope he likes my surprise," the silver-haired male stated triumphantly and booked it to his class.

"What?" Minato breathed, looking in his locker at the end of the day to see another melon bread placed neatly inside. No note. No trace of who had done it. He sighed, taking the pastry and staring down at it. "Does he think I'm too skinny?" he asked quietly, oblivious of the other people around him going home. "I don't want to be fat…" he whispered, and thought of the taste of the pastry. He felt his mouth water, as he had skipped lunch today and opted to study instead. What was the harm, huh? He'd burn off the calories in swim practice anyways! "Guess he noticed I haven't been eating well," he mumbled in a questioning tone and threw his shoes on before leaving the school. He decided to go to his part-time job today, feeling guilty for calling in sick the past couple of days.

Dragging his feet lightly, Minato found himself at his dormitory door. He took note that most of the downstairs lights were off and most of the students had probably gone to bed. With a sigh, he shuffled his way to his room and wished they had put in an elevator. Maybe Akihiko had told them not to so he made sure that everyone would have exercise. That contradicted what he'd done for Minato earlier that day and made the male tense with confusion. 'What's going on?' he thought, glancing at the slit of light from underneath Akihiko's dorm room door.

"Hey," Aki quipped, flinging his door open quickly to catch the other before he went to bed.

"Hey yourself," Minato replied, his hand on the door knob to his room as he looked over his shoulder.

"Like your snack? I wasn't sure which one to get, but I heard rumor from a friend that you liked the melon ones."

'What?' Minato questioned, his eyelids sliding down in a questionable stare at the boxer. "You didn't know I liked melon bread? It's my favorite."

"Oh! Then great!" Akihiko chimed, a grin on his face as he waved good night and receded back into his room.

"What's going on?" the male mumbled and landed his forehead against the door with a 'thunk!'

"Sanada! Sanada!" Minato huffed, chasing after the man. Wednesday morning was more confusing that the night before, leaving him bothered and flustered. After having called after Akihiko for several minutes, even in the train ride there, he figured it wouldn't hurt him to run a little to catch up. He hated the feeling of all eyes on him though as he raced up to his friend's side.

"What's up, Arisato?" he asked, keeping his pace quick so he could get to his class on time. He stopped, feeling his friend's hand on grip his forearm.

"Who told you I like melon bread?"

"I just heard it when I was sitting in lunch. Apparently you've got some admirers up in the senior class. Kudos to you," he said with a small grin. In a flash his expression changed to a sorrowful one. "Listen, you seemed pretty angry about that yesterday and I'm sorry if it bothered you."

"No! It didn't bother me at all. I was just confused, is all." 'I'm still confused now, come to think of it,' he thought, letting go of the other man's arm. He shifted his weight when he felt the stares coming from the students around them.

Akihiko nodded, an apologetic expression crossing his face. "I'll leave a note next time. I don't like you mad."

"I wasn't mad," Minato muttered with a small shake of his head. "I'm not mad." The other man nodded in approval with a small grin, wanting to show him how much it meant to him that he wasn't mad at him. He saw Minato's lips twitch, and saw them stop, forming a straight line as if the male had thought better of smiling. Oh, what he'd do to touch those lips of his and feel them move as he smiled or just grinned. Pulling himself away, Akihiko realized he'd stepped a bit too close, towering slightly over the other.

"I'll see you later," he said, as if nothing had happened and moved himself to his class. Minato wanted to shove his hand in his chest and grab his heart in attempt to make it stop pounding so hard.

"I'm gonna die," he breathed, hand on his chest as he turned around. With a startled yelp, he jumped, seeing Junpei standing a bit too close behind him.

"Ah, sorry, Minato," he said with one of the saddest looks on his face. His eyes drifted to the floor, "Sorry. Really."

"About making me look like an idiot in front of my team or making me look like an idiot here in front of the rest of the school?" Minato asked in a sarcastic tone. Junpei chuckled, never looking him in the face. A pregnant paused passed between them as he thought it over. Lowering his hand from it's previous place on his chest, the blue-haired male shrugged, feeling kind of stupid. "I shouldn't have reacted like I did."

"No, you're perfectly fine," Junpei replied hurriedly, trying to correct his mistakes. "I'm the one that over-reacted. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I've never seen you like that, and believe me, I feel like the biggest jaskass in the world right now for making you like that."

"Junpei, can't we just call it even? I'd rather just forget it ever happened," Minato muttered with a shrug and watched as the other smiled his goofy smile and nod. "But," he started, giving a stern look and pointing a finger in the male's face, "If I ever hear a peep from you, or anyone for that matter, about what you saw me do, I'll kill you." With a stiff nod, Junpei was allowed into the classroom followed by Minato with a blank, yet comfortable, expression.

The time rolled around slowly until lunch. Akihiko moved himself to the group of girls sitting and chattering away. The hens' bickering and chit chat was starting to give him a headache, but he needed more information. He moved passed them, only to leave the room. The one he was looking for wasn't in that group today which meant he'd have to seek her out. It was easy enough since she had idly told him through small talk that she'd be sitting on the roof today. "Takeba," Akihiko piped up, grinning and sitting beside her. "I need some help."

"What's up?" she asked, taking a sip of her bottled water before setting it back down.

"It's about that person again. I made them kind of mad. I left them a gift in their locker, but it just made them mad," he muttered, glancing over at her.

"Did you leave a note? I'm sure I'd be pretty bothered if something was left in my locker without knowing who it was from, wouldn't you?" Yukari cracked a potato chip between her teeth before eating it completely.

Akihiko shook his head, feeling kind of dumb. "I didn't. I should have known."

The girl shrugged before nudging him in the arm. "I left a gift in my person's locker, too!" she whispered with a wide grin. "He was so happy! I could just see him glowing!"

"That's great! If only I could get it right," he sighed, leaning back and looking out off the balcony.

"Can I know who it is? Maybe I can give you more information," she said and perked up, wanting to hear the 'juicy bits.'

"Nope," he shook his head, keeping his mind on what he would get Minato next. He heard Yukari huff and go about eating her lunch.

'Okay,' Minato thought, staring at the store-bought boxed lunch in his shoe locker. The note stated a quiet, "I left a note this time." 'So if he hadn't left the note the first time, then who left the melon bread with the note?' he asked himself, taking the lunch and heading off to class. 'I guess only the people who know me well enough know that. Either that or someone was watching when I bought one at the store the other day. That's creepy! I don't mind an admirer, them I can ignore, but being stalked is another thing all together.' He felt a shudder wrack his body as he thought of a perverted old man trying to get pictures of him and his belongings.

At the end of the day, Yukari slipped passed a couple people with a can of Cello Mist in one hand and a note in the other. Setting it in Minato's locker was easy and she was gone in a hurry. "Spring is getting close. It'll get hot soon," said the note, mostly irrelevant news for the man she liked, but felt it seemed right to pair a warm spring day to a can of soda. Her heart fluttered as she passed Minato in the hall but never gave away anything. She'd immediately turned a corner and was gone in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, Minato hadn't seen her put the soda in there.

"Soda?" he asked rhetorically, taking the note and reading it carefully. It almost seemed like the same handwriting, but there were subtle differences for sure. "First melon bread, then lunch, now this? What? Does he think I'm not eating enough? Why's it always food?" he interrogated the cold drink. 'It's only been here for a few minutes, I'd say,' he thought as he examined the condensation on the can. He broke the seal on the beverage and took a sip. With a shrug of acceptance, he left the school. When he made it to his dorm room, he looked himself in the mirror. Turning his body, he examined his stomach and chest while lifting his shirt up. He wasn't that skinny, was he? He'd gained more muscle than anything, and if it was fat it was because of whoever was putting food in his locker! Deeming himself self-conscious, Minato sighed with the knowledge that he'd be met by a snack or drink with a note in his locker in the morning.

Unfortunately for Minato, and his weight, this continued for nearly a week. It became harder and harder to find clues about who had been putting the food in his locker besides Akihiko, but he ate or drank nearly everything that appeared in there. Setting a shoe box onto his desk, Minato examined every one of the notes he had kept. The paper used wasn't of a specific type, and was most likely random due to the spontaneity of the gift, he assumed. The handwriting was almost the same, but who was to say it wasn't just Akihiko and how sudden the gift was that day? Standing, he took his place in front of the mirror and examined his belly. He noted a small amount of pudge that had made his way across his pant line underneath his bellybutton. Minato refused to ask if Akihiko had been putting all of it in his locker in fear that the other would stop his affection towards him all together. Yes, Minato noticed the small glances and grins, but it was nothing compared to getting a gift from Akihiko.

Feeling his stomach flutter and placing a hand on his abdomen, Minato nodded, thinking it was time to cease the nonsense. "If one of the gifts I'm given every day isn't from Akihiko, and I've been willingly accepting it, then who's affection am I returning?" Stiffening at the thought of a stalker once again, he stalked his way over to Akihiko's dorm room door. With a few small taps, the door was opened.

"Arisato, what do you need?" Akihiko asked politely.

"I need you to stop giving me food." It was blunt and straightforward.

"Umm… Alright," Akihiko nodded, feeling kind of let down. He felt he was going to be thanked for all the gifts he had given, but watched as his hopes crashed and burned.

"Look what you've done to my belly," he grumbled, lifting his shirt to show the small amount of fat. It wasn't even noticeable. What was noticeable, however, was the blush that dusted Aki's cheeks as he laid eyes on the perfectly pale stomach and chest before him. Feeling his fingers itch to touch him, he tensed up.

"Alright, I'll stop giving you food," the man nodded, feeling somewhat content with getting to see something most others would never have the chance to. Except the swim team, that is.

"Thanks," Minato sighed and lowered his shirt, going to turn around and leave. He paused, looking back at the silver-haired male over his shoulder and grinning. "Doesn't mean you have to stop the gifts, though." Without another word he removed himself from the hallway and back into his bedroom. Clasped hands met his chest and he heaved a heavy sigh, knowing it could've been worse. "Don't stop with the gifts, Akihiko…" he muttered with his back pressed against the door he'd closed behind him. "Otherwise I'll never figure out who is giving me unwanted presents. I only want gifts from you... And right now that's all that matters."

To be continued...?