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Chapter 5: The Loss, The Battle, & The End.

'You busy?' Minato text, hoping his boyfriend would come running to aid him in his time of need. It was odd, really. Minato, nor Akihiko, never really said that they were going out. The younger male simply assumed, seeing as how they'd already confessed their feelings for each other and slept together, going all the way in a matter of days. In a sense, their relationship was purely sex, and it bothered Minato to know end. Well, besides the fact that he got the chance to have sex whenever the man was free, he was bothered. In any given time, Akihiko could happily accept the invitations and temptations of the girls at Gekkoukan High School, swiftly and silently leaving the blue-haired man in the dirt. He preferred not to think of it, and pressed the thought to the back of his skull whenever it came up.

Voot! Voot!

'No, I'm free. Your room?'

'Maybe he can read my mind,' Minato sighed, replying with a, 'Sure,' and closing the phone. 'No, I'm just predictable. But… what if I didn't want to have sex? That isn't true, but what if I just wanted to talk and watch TV with him?' he pondered, sitting quietly on the floor in front of his television and turning on the box, flipping through the channels to find something interesting when a knock was heard on the dorm room door. "Come in!" the male called and looked back over his shoulder, watching the silver-haired man walk in.

"Anything good on TV?" Akihiko asked, walking over after closing the door and sitting beside his friend. He sat, leaning his weight on his hands and stretching his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles. 'This is new. Normally he's already on the bed with his legs apart. But this is nice,' he thought, glancing over at the other man.

"Not really. A movie, but I don't know what it's about," Minato muttered, shrugging and looking down at his hands. They were fumbling with each other, picking at the dirt under his nails in a nervous manner. Lifting his gaze, he stared up at the movie playing. The air around him was silent, tense, and it was nerve-wracking.

Akihiko moved his legs to his body and folded them Indian style, leaning forward and trying to seem interested in what was on the television. After a few moments, he looked to Minato who didn't seem to be paying attention. He hesitated a second and reached his hand over, landing it firmly on the man's thigh. Minato's gaze locked instantly to Akihiko's. For a split second, something told Minato to tell the other off, make him leave his room and just go to sleep now. Once the boxer's lips met his own, however, he gave in and leaned into him. It was one of the most memorable kisses Minato could recall. Then again, most of the times they were kissing was during sex, so it wasn't very easy to remember if they'd even kissed at all. Minato leaned towards him, placing his hand close to Akihiko on the floor behind the others back. Aki reached his other hand, the one furthest from Minato, to slide it up the man's thigh, teasing gently as he went.

'Perhaps,' Minato thought as he placed his hand on the man's knee, squeezing it gently with his fingers, 'This is the only way we can really communicate?' It was a silly thing to think, but it'd been bothering him since he first thought of this fact. They didn't talk much at all, and had very little in common. Whenever they spent time together, they always ended up in pleasurably compromising situations. Tilting his head and feeling their tongues twist about each other, he felt his thinking slowly fade. He gave a quick inhale through his nose when Akihiko's hand groped firmly at his crotch. With a small chuckle, Akihiko felt the other's kisses grow hungry, needy. Popping the button on Minato's pants, Aki slipped his hand underneath the two layers of fabric. Minato lifted the hand from the others knee and tangled his fingers in the silver, cropped hair.

'This is just what I was trying to avoid…' he thought with a sigh, tempted to pull away and try to put things in order. He continued on though, allowing himself more time to think. 'But this isn't bad. I mean, what's so wrong with doing what I want? I'm a horny teenager, no need to go off and love someone with all I've got.' He paused his thoughts when Akihiko pulled away, staring his steel, grey eyes into the darkened, blue pools before him. He moved his lips to Minato's neck, Minato tilting his head so the other had better access. Little shocks were sent through his body and he tried to steady his breaths.

"You're so cute, Minato," Akihiko whispered, nibbling on his ear with a smirk. His hand pushed the cloth away from the growing erection in Minato's pants and took hold of it with gentle fingers.

The blue-haired man attempted to focus on the television which blared about some crime show where a woman lay dead with a knife in her throat. "Hah.." Minato breathed, finding it hard to focus on much of anything besides the hand in his pants, stroking him slowly. The pace was killing him, and he was somewhat tempted to just do it himself. At least then the embarrassment would be over sooner. "Aki… Go faster. What if someone comes in… and sees?" he asked in a whisper, his breath hitching as his erection was stroked.

"Fun, huh?" Aki asked, giving a small smirk as he left a small hickey on the others collar. "The thought of getting caught. The thought of doing something you're not supposed to. I find it… exciting."

"Well…" Minato started, listening as a moan quietly escaped his throat, "When you put it that way."

"See?" he whispered, kissing underneath the man's ear affectionately. A smirk spread across his face when Minato reached a hand to his pants, trying to undo them as quickly as he could. With a cool hand, the blue-haired male took hold of Akihiko's own erection to stroke it with a quick hand. It was less than he wanted to do, but he figured he was being rude. Plus, he'd never really had the chance to feel his boyfriend's cock, and found this opportunity to be well worth it. When he thought about it, three fingers didn't really cut it, and he found himself wondering how the hell he'd managed to fit something this large inside of him. Thinking of this made his body ache for more than what he was being given, so he forced the wants away.

"Akihiko," he moaned lightly, pulling his hands away from him and grabbed the man by the front of his shirt. He pressed Aki's lips roughly to his own and fell back, taking the other with him to the floor. "Do it… Like before…"

Akihiko paused, finding himself easily making his way between the man's thighs. "Just that? You don't want to do like last time?"

"No, this is fine," he breathed, tugging the other down for a kiss.

Aki pulled away and frowned. "Really?"

Minato heaved a sigh and frowned, letting his head fall back with a 'thud' and closing his eyes. "Aki, do me…" he whined, shifting his legs when his erection rubbed uncomfortably against his boxers. "Aki…" he breathed, "Why do you keep fighting me?"

"Because," he started, shaking his head a little, "We've missed out doing this for three days now, and I thought you'd want it more. Admit it… you liked it."

"You know what? Nevermind," Minato replied with a smile, as if to say he wanted to go all the way. When he saw Akihiko beam with excitement, he lowered his hands and fixed his own pants. Shuffling his way out from underneath the man, Minato moved to the door. "Get out."

"What?" Akihiko questioned, standing and fixing his pants.

"You heard me. You keep thinking that I love you so much that I want to go all the way with you again. What if I just need a release? I've been tossed around and bossed by every person in this building. I'm not an idiot, Akihiko. Just because you say you love me, it doesn't mean I want you in my bed every night." 'That's not true at all…' he thought to himself, opening to dorm door.

"Minato, how can you say that?" Akihiko snapped, walking over to him in front of the open door.

"Because it's true. It doesn't matter, I'm probably gonna die in a couple of days anyway, and you don't need some homosexual fling to slow you down when I'm gone."

In that moment, something inside Akihiko switched, burning a small flame into a raging fire. Reaching out, he gripped Minato's forearms and dug his fingernails into his skin to leave little crescent moons in his skin. His brows furrowed as he grew angry, glaring into his boyfriend's eyes. "I never want to hear those words again."

"Then leave."

"No!" he barked, feeling his eyes burn. "You're not going to die. And who ever said that this was just a fling, huh? Who?" Minato felt dumb, shifting his glances to stare passed Akihiko's head. "You don't love me, do you, Minato? Is it really all one sided?"

"I don't know… You keep saying that one little phrase, and I'm astonished by how easily you can say it. It kills me that I told you I loved you before. I hate seeing you with other people, with girls that are cute, but I thought you never felt that way about other people. You were too cool to love someone like that, especially a guy."

"Why do you always consider yourself unworthy?" Akihiko piped up after a moment of silence, seeing Minato's expression remain unchanged. "Why is it that when someone likes you, you think that they're wrong to like you? Minato, no matter how long it takes for me to get you to understand, I'll make you believe me when I tell you that I love you."

"Prove it." Minato barked, frustration setting in as he glared at Akihiko.

"You have to let me," he breathed, loosening his grip on his arms to an affectionate hold and moving close to him, shifting a foot between Minato's to stand close. "Yeah, I've had sex before you came here. But only now do I realize how much it means to make love to someone. If what you're saying is true, that these are our last days…"

'What're they talking about?' Junpei thought, hearing the two talking as he left his room to get a drink from the vending machine in the lounge. He got a drink and walked slowly back towards his dorm, acting as if he was going to go knock on Akihiko's door when he glanced in. Eyes wide, he watched the two from a distance.

"… then why is it so bad to want to spend my last night with you?"

Minato sighed lightly, looking torn. "Aki, I don't know if I love you…"

"I'm not rushing you into anything," Akihiko replied, shaking his head lightly and combing the others hair out of his face. "We can still have a little fun, don't you think?" he asked with a chuckle. Minato chuckled with a genuine grin on his face, lifting his arms to wrap around Aki's neck and pull him close.

"Maybe your body can help convince me that I love you," he uttered with a small smirk.

'What… the hell?' Junpei thought, watching Akihiko press his lips to the other man's without hesitation. His skin crawled when Minato opened his eyes in the kiss, staring directly at him. 'Shit! He saw me!' He wanted to run, but it was as if his legs wouldn't move him. Minato smirked at Junpei when Akihiko moved his mouth down to kiss and nip at his neck, unaware of the person in the hallway. After a second of feeling his cheeks burning, Minato shot Junpei the bird and closed the door, leaving Aki and himself in private.

Junpei made his way downstairs, stunned and in a slight daze when he plopped down on the couch in the living room. He sat with Mitsuru, Yukari, and Ken, who all noticed he was in a bit of shock. "Don't…" he started, raising both hands slightly, as if to halt someone, "Don't go upstairs…"

"What?" Mitsuru questioned with a chuckle, looking up from her book.

"If you don't want to be scarred for life, don't go upstairs."

Yukari instantly knew what was going on. She moved to Junpei's side and convinced him to whisper what he'd seen upstairs to her. She nodded with a sigh as she sat back down in the small arm chair she'd occupied earlier. "Yup, don't go upstairs for a while. You, too, Ken. Especially you."

"Why? Minato watchin' dirty movies?" he asked with a hearty laugh. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat when Yukari gave him a look.

"Be quiet, Ken, you're too young to be saying those things," Yukari replied, trying to hide the situation.

"Aki…" Minato moaned the others name when hips ground roughly against hips. He wanted to pull away, the awkward feeling in his pants growing uncomfortable, but was unable as he was pressed against the wall near the door.

"So… how far can I go?" Akihiko asked in a whisper as he undid the buttons on Minato's shirt, sliding it off of his shoulders afterwards. It hung loosely at his elbows after Aki tugged on it, exposing his chest to him.

"Shut up. Just… Just do whatever 'til I say not to," he breathed, letting his eyes close and a moan escape his throat as he felt the hand on his erection.

"Alright then," he hissed, grabbing the others shoulder and flipping him around, pressing him against the wall with his own body. "You said it," he breathed as he used his foot to spread the man's legs in front of him. He gave a smirk when Minato shifted uncomfortably, forehead resting against the wall and lifting his hands to press his palms against the barrier before him. Lowering a hand, he wrapped it around the man's hips to grip the erection protruding from his falling pants. With a small moan, Minato forced his hips back as he tried to escape the tempting touch. He shuddered lightly when he felt the bulge in Akihiko's pants press against his rear. It was hard to decide whether to push forward and deal with the pleasurable hand, or to pull away from the hand and deal with the awkward feeling of his boyfriend's erection being so close to his ass. The latter made him seem as if he was playing hard-to-get, so he felt it was right to go with that.

"Nhn…" Akihiko groaned, trying to keep up his composure. He smirked and ground into the male's rear, watching as Minato closed his eyes and gave into it. His hand came back to stroke his erection, locking Minato in between his erection and his hand.

"Hah! H-Hands don't go there…" Minato hissed after feeling Akihiko's hand reach in between his hips and his rear to press a fingertip into his entrance. He balled his hands into fists and let them press against the wall as embarrassment washed over him. His cheeks burned, his body shook, and his mind fought with him as he tried to figure out whether to pull away from the finger or to just plain give in. "Fuck…" he huffed, sweat trickling down his neck as he felt his body shaking. "Hurry up…"

"Hush…" Akihiko whispered as he worked, fitting in another finger with ease. "You have to do me a favor…"

"W-What?" Minato asked, looking back over his shoulder at the other.

"You don't want me to take you dry, right?" Aki asked, being very blunt about what was going on. "Suck me…" he whispered, leaning forward to whisper it into Minato's ear. Minato let his body shake one last time when Akihiko let him go, feeling an awkward emptiness when the fingers left him. Turning, the blue-haired male knelt and undid the man's pants with trembling hands, removing the hard cock from underneath the boxers. He refused to look up at the other as he did this, taking it into his mouth and sliding his tongue down the shaft. Akihiko gave a tiny moan and leaned forward, pressing his hand against the wall to steady himself.

'This is so awkward… But it'll hurt if I don't take care of it…' Minato thought, being thorough with what he was doing and licking the erection from base to tip, slathering it as well as he could in his spit.

"Th-That's enough… Minato," Akihiko stated, pushing the other away. Minato stood, wiping his mouth on his wrist before turning around and pressing his hands to the wall as they were before. "You're so…" he breathed, meeting the other half way and pressing his hips into the backside of the male before him, "… cute." He pressed the tip of his erection into Minato, slowly pushing himself in. Minato collapsed forward, pressing his forehead against the wall along with his forearms as he squeaked out what sounded like a moan and strangled breath put together.

"Damnit, Aki!" he huffed, trying his best to relax. It took a moment but finally, his muscles relaxed and allowed the intrusion in. His body shuddered when he felt the erection slide in deeper, making his nails dig into the paint of the wall. His knees shook as his prostate was ambushed, knowing he was going to fall at any given moment. "I-I'm gonna… fall…"

"I've got you…" Akihiko replied quickly, wrapping one arm around to press his hand to the others chest while the other hand gripped the neglected erection, giving it a few strokes in attempt to make this a little nicer for Minato. Upon hearing the approving moans from the man before him, Akihiko pressed his erection deeper, pulling out slowly only to dive back in.

"N-No…" Minato groaned after a few pleasurable minutes, feeling his lower stomach twist with heat as he was reaching his end. He held it in with everything he had, barking back a, "Go faster," to the one behind him. Aki complied, thrusting into his boyfriend at full force. He reached forward, pressing his palm to the wall as he attempted to steady himself. He felt his own end growing near with every thrust.

Minato shut his eyes tight, huffing out moans with every thrust Akihiko forced into him. "Ahh-…Aki!" he moaned, letting himself release and let his orgasm take over. After a moment, he realized that there was nothing to catch his mess, no hand was on him as he came. 'Oh damn… How much more embarrassing could this get?' he thought, feeling Akihiko cum inside him only a few seconds after himself. Akihiko sighed, trying to slow his breaths. He pulled out and fixed his pants, pulling Minato's up as well, feeling rather guilty for taking him in such an embarrassing position. All guilt washed away when he saw the small smile on Minato's face, grinning wide himself. The blue-haired male turned, pressing his back against the wall and resting for a moment, a hand placing itself on his chest as if to try and slow down his breaths.

For one second, Minato wanted to tell him he loved him. He stopped himself when he realized the impact those words would make on the other. In a way, he felt silly for being embarrassed about reaching his end with just Akihiko and not a hand on him. It was as if he was being told that he could be pleasured in other ways. It felt as though that act was impossible, but Minato was happily mistaken.

"You okay?" Akihiko asked, leaning on the wall beside him.

With a nod, Minato chuckled, feeling almost as if he were floating. "I'm great… I need a shower, though." He looked to his boyfriend and leaned on his shoulder. Subtly, Minato slipped his hand into Aki's, holding onto his pinky and ring finger lightly. Akihiko returned the small grip, leaning over and landing a small kiss to the top of the others head.

Akihiko waited until his breath had caught up with him before he leaned over, to whisper a small, "I love you," to the tired Minato. He grinned with a blush and looked away after this fact slipped into his ear. It was a hard pill to swallow, but he felt something inside of his stomach flutter when he heard this small phrase from the other man.

"Minato!" Akihiko yelled, watching as the man fly back. Nyx had used a powerful attack on the blue-haired male, knocking him back several yards. "Get up!" he barked, standing on unsteady legs. He lifted a hand, touching the blood dripping from his nose and glancing at it only for a second. He wiped it on his shirt and turned to his leader. "Ahh!" he screamed, his back being hit by a powerful slash attack by Nyx. His mind went blank as he fell unconscious on the floor.

"No!" Minato screamed from his place on the floor. The yell took all the strength from him as he rolled onto his side, watching as his friends were picked off one by one. 'Heal yourself… Heal yourself…' he thought, healing himself with a a Chewing Soul before being hit by another attack by Nyx. He refused to die.

'Arisato! You can do this!' Mitsuru's voice called to him.

'Minato! You can't give up just yet!" Ken called out to him.

'This can't be too hard for you! I know you can do it!' Junpei…

'I've never doubted you…' Akihiko.

Several others voiced their encouragement to Minato, edging him on to defeat the mother of all shadows.

With what strength he had left, he used his remaining Revival Beads to bring the others back. Using his last Chewing Soul on himself, he stood, stumbling his way over so he stood before his comrades in front of Nyx. He swallowed hard, staring up into the eyes of the demonic being before him. Spreading his arms out wide, as if to guard his friends from further harm.

"Or-…" Minato choked, coughing in his mouth for a moment, tasting a metallic liquid force itself up out of his stomach. He calmed himself and started over. "Orpheus… Telos!" he screamed, feeling as if his soul was being torn from his body. He turned to Akihiko and mouthed three words to him before giving himself up to seal the beast, his throat giving out a scream and his tears streaming down his cheeks. All that Akihiko could remember when it was over was a bright light, the feeling of guilt, and three words.

"I. Love. You."

'It's bright…' Minato thought, letting his eyelids drift open. White and blue… and a window, a blanket, and beeping. He lay there, sore and stiff in a hospital bed. He tried to sit up, but found his hand caught underneath something. That something made him grin, as he landed his gaze upon the sleeping Akihiko at his bedside. "Aki…" he whispered, feeling his throat restrict anything louder. "Aki… Wake up…"

With a small groan, he sat up in his chair before smiling wide. "Minato!" he cheered quietly, standing and taking the man's hand in his own. Aki's hand was wrapped in bandages, and he winced when he strained it to greet the groggy man. "I'm so glad you're awake.."

"What happened?" Minato whispered, swallowing with a grimace. The fluids the doctors had been giving him had dried out his mouth and he groaned when he saw the tubes and needles in his hands.

"There was an explosion in the science lab. We got caught in the middle of it since it was during our block," Akihiko replied. Minato nodded, taking the information wholly.

His memory was blank. There was no recollection of what had actually happened, but there was also no recollection of what happened in the science lab. Who was to say that was what actually happened?

"Oh… Seems like it was something… bigger," he shrugged, feeling like he'd done something unspeakable, or impossible.

With the loss of their memories came the acceptance of a false truth. Along with her defeat, the people who had known about her existence were graced with a false memory, one that seemed more believable. Unfortunately, feelings could not be erased. How Akihiko had met Minato was changed. The memory of their time together was gone. Their feelings, however, didn't change. Nyx was unable to tap into those parts of the mind, almost as if it was forbidden to her.

"Akihiko," Minato breathed, gripping his uninjured hand in an affectionate way. "I… I love you…"

With a small smile, and a look as though he was going to cry, Akihiko chuckled and sat down on the edge of the bed. Leaning forward, he placed a ginger kiss to Minato's dry lips. He combed the man's hair out of his face and grinned, replying with a small, "I love you, too." He stood when a nurse came in to give take his vitals.

"Aki, are you leaving?" Minato asked quickly as if he didn't want him to leave.

A chuckle left his lips as he shook his head lightly. "Not a chance."

It'd been nearly two weeks since Minato had returned to the dorms, taking on his regular routines with the swim team, his friends, and his boyfriend. Minato sat up after hearing his bedroom door open and close. He stood, throwing his school uniform on and walked out into the hallway as curiosity sank in. He noticed striped clothing turning the corner as the figure headed downstairs. Obediently following, he reached the living room where several silver suitcases sat upon the coffee table. Something told him to look inside, which he did, and stare down at the object inside. Within the suitcase rested a pistol cradled in formed foam and a gun holster. Without a second though, Minato strapped the holster to his waist and slid the gun into its place. He grabbed the others and ran upstairs, following the figure again. He banged on every door he came to, handing the suitcase to every person who answered his knocks with a, "Take these."

"Minato…" Akihiko started, staring down at the gun. A switch flipped within him as he realized what was happening. It was all coming back. There was no explosion. They all didn't have chemistry together during the same block. It was coincidence.

"Follow me!" Minato called, spotting the striped figure to the roof. Footsteps followed close behind him. They all halted, Yukari falling over, as the building shook. They watched as the lights flickered to an eerie green. The Dark Hour was upon them. Minato grabbed Akihiko's hand and tugged him along, still obediently chasing after the striped child as if he were Alice chasing the White Rabbit. With the others on his heels, Minato thrust open the door to the roof.

"Minato…" a little boy started, speaking with a creepy look on his face. "Let's start over. The end…"

"What?" Minato breathed, glancing at the black, shadowy hands that reached up to grab onto the edge of the building. Pulling itself up, the monster showed itself and counted how many people were there. It shook as if it were laughing, and waved a hand in the air to signal the other shadows to climb up. Before they knew it, shadow upon shadow climbed its way up onto the roof, halting their advances when Pharos raised a hand.

"The end… is back," the boy spoke, signaling the shadows to attack.

"SEES," Minato called, looking back at the crew of people behind him on high alert, "is back in business!" The man placed end of the barrel of the gun to his temple and called his persona out, shooting himself without hesitation.

'Thou art I… and I am thou...' the being stated as it made its way out of Minato's mind. With a slash to several oncoming monsters, Thanatos turned to Minato. 'I exist for thou. No matter how the End may rear His head, I shall be here for thou. I am Thanatos, and I shall protect thou!"

"Thanatos!" Minato called, the persona turning to kill several more shadows. "Protect us all!" He grinned, almost maniacally, as he heard he firing of the others using their evokers to bring out their own personas. This was what he was born for. Minato recalled when the others had spoken to him in his time of need, when he was fighting Nyx. Reaching over, Minato took Akihiko's hand in his, knowing that having your friends and loved ones was the most important thing to have to get through tough times. No matter how much charm, intelligence, or courage he gained, none of it was as important as the friends he'd made.

The End was back, but SEES was back stronger than ever.

The End.