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The Worst Kind of Dream

Ominous dark clouds loomed in the distance as the only two figures on the beaten dirt road started to pick up their pace. The shorter of the two, Uchiha Itachi, looked off towards the approaching clouds with a concerned look in his sharp eyes. It wouldn't be to their advantage to be caught in a rainstorm when the sun set, though they should have expected as much being on the border of the Ame no Kuni. He glanced up at his taller partner whose eyes were fixed on the same sight.

"Looks like rain. Better call it a night." the shark man, Hoshigaki Kisame, said as he readjusted his large sword, Samehada, to rest on his right shoulder. "There's a small village up the road. We can lodge there. I sure as hell don't feel like getting soaking wet."

Itachi replied with a small nod and they continued in the direction of the village. Kisame always knew how to turn the situation around to make it seem like he was the one who would like to stop to take a break. Itachi had a feeling that the shark just knew him well enough to know that by now his eyes had started to bother him and that he needed to rest for a bit. Though the raven rarely responded to Kisame's jokes or small talk he picked up and remember all of his actions. The times when he would go out of his way to bring Itachi a food he favoured, to rest when he felt like he was a little tired, and even the time he let Itachi have his straw hat to shade the Uchiha's sensitive eyes when his own managed to disappear. Itachi never understood his motive behind the random acts of kindness his partner bestowed upon him. He surely hadn't done anything to deserve such affection...could you call it affection? Kisame was his partner after all. They were supposed to look out for one another. To care for each other...

Though, Itachi has found himself caring a little too much lately...about his partner's sculpted muscles, his masculine voice, his strong arms, the way he said 'Itachi' and pouted when he was annoyed that the Uchiha wasn't paying attention to the story he was telling. Nearly every time the Missing-nin removed his cloak, he'd watch it slide off onto the floor and imagine the rest of the clothes falling to the floor with it. Surely it was wrong for him to be so infatuated with his partner. Yes, infatuated was the word. Kisame wouldn't even return his fascination. It was best to just forget about what was underneath those damned clingy pants of his...

Soon, they arrived at their destination. The village itself was rather run down and being the only inn located in the insignificant little town's limits it wasn't much to say for class. The door rattled on it's hinges as the Uchiha pushed it to the side to enter. Stale air and the slight smell of mold overpowered his senses. Glancing around the dimly lit main lobby he noticed the poor condition of the wallpaper and carpet and wondered just how much a run down place like this could even cost them. Anything was better than being soaking wet, he reminded himself as he headed towards the reception desk. A fragile bearded old man sat behind the counter on the other side of the small lobby reading a day old newspaper. Snoozing away besides him was an equally delicate looking elderly lady. The little old man folded his newspaper up and set it to the side when he saw the hulking frame of the shark man approach the counter.

"What can I help ya two gentlemen with this evening? Weather is awfully rough out there right now!"

"Two rooms. Or one with two beds." Itachi replied before his partner could make the same request. Whatever was cheaper was usually the norm. It wasn't often they used their funds to splurge on an inn, but when they did they liked to try to keep the spending to a minimum.

"Ma, go check what we got!" the tiny man said, poking his elderly counterpart awake with his folder newspaper.

After giving him a dirty look, she rose from her seat and walked back to a little room behind the desk. Rummaging noises and the sounds of a few things breaking emanated from the room and soon the little old lady returned with one golden key in her hand. Chucking it at her husband she returned to her chair in the corner.

"Only one we got. Take it or leave it boys."

The old man frowned. "Whaddya mean ya old-bat!"

"We're full up! Rain pourin' down like this, whaddya expect? All we got is one room, one bed. Take it or leave it. But, let me tell ya...we are the only inn in town. And for at least five miles or more."

Itachi sighed and glanced up at Kisame, searching him for a reaction. The shark hadn't even flinched or shown the slightest sign of anger when the couple so rudely put it that they only had one room available. True, their partnership had seemed much closer than the other members of the Akatsuki but he was sure this was pushing it a little over the edge. Not that Itachi was opposed to the opportunity to be closer to his partner but he was almost sure his feelings were one sided. This had to be a little too close for comfort. Kisame must have noticed his reluctance to answer for the both of them and took the opportunity to take the key himself.

"No way in hell are you making me walk five miles in this rain, Itachi." he smirked and walked off down the hallway in the direction of the room number on the key. Itachi quickly handed over the money for the room and followed after the taller man.

The room wasn't much more impressive than the lobby. Wallpaper was peeling away from the wall in the corners and Itachi could tell there had been leaks in the past by the water marks on the ceiling. The only amenities the room had to offer was a queen sized bed, a nightstand, a desk with a chair in horrible shape and a unimpressive sized bathroom. Itachi sighed and went to take a seat...'Wait' he thought and suddenly the ugly wallpaper seemed so insignificant, "There is no sofa...or anywhere for me to sleep...just one bed...One bed. For the two of us."

His eyes drifted up to the shark man who had already tossed his cloak across the nightstand and was sitting on the edge of the desk. Did this mean...they'd be sharing a bed? Itachi's heart jumped into his throat and he lowered his face so that the cloak covered the pink blush that had found its way to his cheeks. Why was sharing a bed with Kisame making him feel so nervous? The older man had been his partner for years. He trusted him. It wasn't like Kisame was going to rape him, not that it'd be considered rape if he did try anything...

In fact, Kisame was probably the last person he'd suspect to be homosexual. Sasori and Deidara weren't exactly skilled at hiding the fact they were in a relationship, that or they didn't care. He'd always suspected Kakuzu and Hidan has some sort of twisted, sick, sadistic relationship of their own behind the scenes. Come to think of it Zetsu had been a little more than friendly lately with his new tag-along, Tobi. Leader-sama always spent all his time with Konan-san. It seemed Kisame and himself where the only ones without some sort of sexual relationship. Not that he'd mind it. His partner was an attractive man. He was fit, muscular, and surprisingly polite...at least to Itachi. Kisame's voice jarred the Uchiha out of his thoughts.

"Not like there is much point to it, but I'm gonna hit the shower."

The raven watched as his older partner closed himself in the bathroom. He heard the spray of the water and did his best to keep his mind from wandering...imagining Kisame running his hands along his body, through his hair. 'Alright, enough of that...' he snapped himself back into reality again and decided to get into bed himself. Itachi stripped down into just his pants and crawled into bed, facing the bathroom door. He supposed it was just some sort of unspoken agreement that they'd share the bed tonight. Itachi was far to shy to bring up the sleeping arrangements and knew it'd just make things awkward if he did. Best just let things play out. Plus, if he said anything he might not get to lie next to a half naked Kisame...

About ten minutes later, Kisame emerged from the steamy restroom. The Missing-nin's pants clung to his damp body and Itachi watched awestruck as a few beads of water rolled down the shark's throat, along his pecks, and deliciously toned abs. It'd been a long time since he had seen Kisame's hair in such disarray. The navy locks were dripping slightly, resting against his forehead and cheeks instead of in their usual gravity defying shark-fin. The look made him somehow look more dangerous and wild...sexy, even. Itachi felt himself begin to harden and pulled his legs close to his chest, trying to disguise his erection. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Apparently, Kisame didn't notice he had actually been awake because without a word he clicked off the light besides the bed and slipped under the covers himself.

The silence was deafening. Itachi knew there was no way he was about to fall asleep with the almost naked man he had been lusting over for the past few months lying right beside him. He could reach over and touch him if he had the courage to. At least an hour went by before the Uchiha felt remotely tired. Kisame had fallen into a heavy slumber not long after he had climbed into bed. His breathing was deep, even and relaxed. Somehow over that hour he had managed to toss and turn and was now facing the raven. For a while Itachi had studied his features but when he felt himself starting to become aroused he quickly turned onto his back to avoid letting his eyes wander along his companion's body any longer. He closed his eyes and did his best to erase all thoughts and to relax. He began to attempt to coax himself into sleep. 'Deep breaths. Clear mind. Deep, even breaths. Erase all thoughts of the day. One...two...three...'


The Uchiha's eyes opened in shock. Turning back over onto his side his eyes drifted towards his larger partner... had Kisame just said his name? His ears strained to catch any other sounds from the blue skinned man. His eyes focused on his lips for some sign of speech. In his sleep, Kisame inched closer to the raven haired boy, his damp hair splayed over his eyes without the Hidden Mist headband to keep it in line. A callused hand reached out, almost touching Itachi's chest. His brow was furrowed as if in concentration and his breaths were coming in more labored pants. Was he being plagued by a nightmare? He'd never known his partner to be a fitful sleeper before, but then again he had never shared a bed with him and they rarely slept in the same room unless it was all that was available. Perhaps bad memories from the past manifesting when he slept? He knew more of Kisame's past than most. The shark liked to converse more than any other Akatsuki member, besides Hidan if you could even count his constant complaining and cursing as conversation. In fact, the Mist-nin had been pretty open with him once he had gotten used to the idea of having such a young partner. Itachi didn't participate in the conversations much, but he liked to listen. He liked to hear about the shark before the Akatsuki and what made him the kind of man he was...what made Itachi so interested in him. A noise barely audible over the sound of the rain jolted the Uchiha from his daydreaming.


His breath caught in his throat and his heart-rate increased to an almost uncomfortable pace. Kisame had clearly said his name that time...more like moaned his name.

Itachi Uchiha would never know what possessed him to do it. Perhaps he had gone temporarily insane in that moment of lust where he pulled himself closer to his partner and ran his fingers down the older man's throat. Perhaps he was just a little too sleep deprived when his lips met the harsh curve of Kisame's clavicle. Perhaps he was just a little feverish when he began to trail kisses down his companion's stomach. He was feeling a little hot after all...

One finger grace over his companions lips. The Uchiha was surprised to find how soft they were. Resisting the urge to claim those lips with his own, he began to let his mouth wander and plant kisses elsewhere. Itachi's fingers stroked down the shark's toned abs and traced over the defined muscles, stopping just above his pant line. Itachi nervously glanced up at his partner's face, gauging his reaction. Kisame's breath hitched as the raven haired boy moved his hand to cup the bulge in his pants. The Uchiha's eyes widened as he touched the other man and realized he was rock hard. Not only that but Kisame was big. He'd always imagined he was but this made him a little nervous. Yes, somehow more nervous than initiating the act in the first place. He couldn't believe he was actually touching his partner this way...if the shark man woke up he was almost sure to have his head ripped cleaned from his shoulders. His partner was obviously having some sort of an erotic dream and he was starting to care less if he was actually the object of his affection in that dreamworld. Right now, Kisame was his to enjoy. As long as he didn't wake up that was.

Itachi's soft lips ghosted across his partners sculpted abs as he slid one of his skilled hands along Kisame's inner thigh. Careful not to wake the sleeping man, the Uchiha's other hand ventured up to gently tug at the elastic waistband of Kisame's boxers, slipping them down to reveal his partner's swollen member. The raven's breath caught in his throat and he gulped, looking up to check that the man he was violating was still asleep. Experimentally, the Uchiha let his satin tongue lick along the sensitive underside of Kisame's shaft, catching an almost sweet taste. He let his tongue explore the textures of his partner's shaft, tonguing gently at the base then following a heavy vein to the head. Flicking his tongue out to taste the tip he felt the muscles underneath his right hand grown tense and another moan escaped the shark's lips. Itachi smirked and ran the flat of his tongue back up the underside of the aching member, taking the thick tip into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head teasingly and pulled back to kiss the tip. His heart pounded in excitement as he again swirled his tongue around the head of Kisame's cock and pulled more of his length into his mouth. Itachi began to suck lightly and bob his head back and forth. Never had he imagined he would enjoy this act as much as he was. It wasn't even over yet and all he could think about was his head between Kisame's legs again. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he imagined those strong callused hands running through his hair, tugging forcefully as he sucked his partner's cock.

The raven moaned loudly, sending little shock-waves of pleasure through his partner's body. Kisame's hand twitched and gripped the bedsheets underneath, panting softly. Itachi began to suck harder and moved the hand that was caressing the man's hip to gently fondle his lover's sack. The sharks entire body shook and he gasped loudy. A bitter and salty taste settled in the back of the Uchiha's throat. Pre-cum. His partner was close.

The rain pounded loudly against the roof of the inn, drowning out any detectable noises in their room. Another moan pulsated along his lover's shaft as Itachi reached under the waistband of his own pants to relieve the aching in his groin. Wrapping his hand around his cock he began to pump his hand back and forth, matching the timing of his mouth around Kisame. He knew it wouldn't take long for him. He was already so worked up to actually be touching the other Akatsuki member. Itachi relaxed his throat and began to even his breathing. Slowly, he eased more of the length into his throat. Kisame's erection was thick and Itachi's throat began to ache. He tightened his grip on his own erection and began to bob his slack jaw up and down letting the full length of Kisame's member slam into his throat.

Itachi prepared as he felt Kisame's length begin to tighten and pulsate inside his throat. The shark let out a loud groan as he came deep in the raven haired boy's throat, shuddering with pleasure as he did. Itachi swallowed the hot seed as it poured down his throat, only a small dribble escaping his lips. The taste of Kisame sent him over the edge. Feeling his own release Itachi pulled away and ran his free hand down his body as he thrust harder into his hand. He came hard and quick into his own palm.

Itachi wanted to just melt away into sleep...to bask in the pleasure of the moment, but he had to cover his tracks. He quickly made Kisame 'decent' and rose to go wash his hands off in the restroom. He almost laughed as he caught sight of a half smile in his reflection above the mirror. He ran a hand through his silken hair and tried to remember the last time he'd felt this giddy. It must have been a very very long time...

When he finally returned to bed Kisame was sprawled across the bed on his stomach snoring lightly and hugging his pillow with one arm. Slipping into bed, Itachi softly kissed Kisame's exposed hand and turned over to drift off to sleep.

Miraculously, Kisame was awake before Itachi the next morning. He was already dressed and was staring out the window and across the countryside. Itachi sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, a little yawn escaping his lips. The shark man glanced over when he heard the tiny noise. Kisame must have just had breakfast himself because seeing Itachi awake, he brought over a portion for his partner along with a cup of juice and sat on the edge of the bed. The shark handed Itachi the food and fell back onto the bed, his hands resting behind his head.

"Damn, about time you wake up. I thought you were going to sleep the whole day away." he teased, "I was about ready to sling you and Samehada over my shoulder and start walking."

Ignoring his jibes Itachi asked, "Were you up early? I did not realize it was so late..."

"I surprised myself honestly. You know you're always ready before I am. I just slept well was all, I guess. Surprisingly well for staying in this dump actually."

The raven haired boy felt a blush creep up on his cheeks as he remembered last nights events. He wondered to himself if Kisame really was unconscious the entire time, "Oh? Strange. I slept well also..."

"Speaking of strange, man I had the weirdest dream last night..."

Itachi stared intently into his cup of juice, too embarrassed to meet Kisame's eyes. "H-how so...?" he managed to stutter. "Did you have a nightmare?"

"Nah, just the worst kind of dream you can have. One of those, 'too good to be true' dreams if you know what I mean."

"Such as finding a large sum of money?"

"Something like that..."


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