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What was he even doing awake this early? Kisame Hoshigaki leaned against the window of the hotel, his head resting in his hand. He'd been awake since daybreak, a very rare occurrence for him. Itachi was usually the one who had to coax him out from under the covers, not the other way around. He glanced over at his partner. Covers curled around the younger man's body and one hand had pulled a piece up to hold against his face. Silken black hair cascaded over his pillow. A stray lock fell over his eyes. He was beautiful. Kisame laughed to himself. Had he really just referred to a man as beautiful? Well, he was sure Itachi was a epitome of lovely.

Lately, erotic dreams of his lithe bodied partner taunted him at night. As soon as he'd close his eyes images of the Uchiha would rush into his brain. Itachi bent over a counter and himself buried deep in his warmth. The raven in nothing at all under his Akatsuki cloak, an alluring look in his eyes...that silken head of head between his legs. Their warm bodies pressed together in the chill of the night. But he'd never act on those impulses and crazy desires. In fact, he had never laid a hand on Itachi for fear of his life. Overall, his partner seemed unresponsive to conversation and even simple small talk. There was no way in hell he would respond positively if he decided to make advances. He constantly tried to be open with Itachi so that maybe he would open up with him. Constantly talking because he lived to just hear that heavenly angel's voice and to see that little smirk of his. Anything to get a reaction from that emotional void. He'd do anything to be able to touch him. To hear him cry out in pleasure and to see him melt away from the world and into his arms. Rapping at the door brought him out of his pondering and he rose to answer.

"Good morning, I'm here to deliver a...eeek!" the startled girl in the doorway looked no more than sixteen. She almost dropped her tray containing some fruit and other breakfast food items when she looked up to see the sharkman in the doorway. Frowning, Kisame snatched the tray and shut the door on her face.

Just great. If some damned teenage girl shrieked when she first caught sight of him, what must Itachi think of him? He wasn't exactly 'easy on the eyes.' The only good thing he had going for him was the fact he naturally had a bulky muscled body. Just wonderful. Perhaps he'd be lucky enough that Itachi would give him a paper bag and still fuck him. He attempted to eat, but couldn't get past a few bites. He hated sulking over his looks...He'd never had much luck with women. Only a few here and there. Most too drunk to care about his appearance. Itachi Uchiha, the seemingly asexual and emotional sex God would never want anything to do with him.

Across the room Itachi stirred under the blankets. He brought the boy breakfast and had a pathetic attempt at bringing up his most recent dream. He couldn't bring himself to tell him details...if only he could just confess already. His partner quickly dressed and was pulling his hair back when he was hit by a bought of ragged coughs. His hand shot to his mouth and he doubled over the counter in pain. It was rare to see the Uchiha give off any sign he was in pain but Kisame saw him cringe and rushed to his aid.

"Please...in the pouch...on table." he managed between coughs. Blood ran down the corner of his mouth.

"Damn it, damn it..." Kisame hurried to the pouch, and fumbled to get it open. Finally, he was able to calm down enough to unsnap the pouch, finding a small bottle of pills inside. Snatching up the pills and his parnter's breakfast juice he rushed back to his side. Itachi took the bottle, spilling out two of the red pills into his blood covered hand and popped them in his mouth followed by a large drink of the juice. "Blood...why is he coughing up blood..." Kisame felt his heart thumping quickly in his chest. "You better be alright damn it..." The raven's body shook with a few more coughs and then he was silent. He panted steadily, still attempting to catch his breath.

"Itachi...are you alright? What was that all about." the shark placed a comforting hand on his partner's shoulder and was suprised to feel the Uchiha's body relax under his palm. "I'm actually touching him...he's doing to kill me..."

"I am sick, Kisame. These keep me from slipping into darkness. I did not want you to think I was weak, so I kept it from you. I apologize."

Sick? How long had he been sick? He hadn't even noticed. Was he really that blind to the ailments of his partner? Did Itachi trust him so little? He sighed. Though he had kept it from him, at least it was in the open now. He could have simply chosen to brush him off. He thought no less of his partner for it. He was shocked to realize how worried he felt. How sick was he...his heart dropped. "No..he's not that sick. He's far to strong for that. But still...if he is...I can't ignore my feelings any longer. If he died and I didn't tell him..."

"I...I've been keeping things from you too, Itachi..." he stuttered, a blush creeping over his face.

He was going to regret this. He just knew it. Damn it, if he got burnt to death by the Uchiha at least he wouldn't have any regrets. He'd rather die by his hand than die and have Itachi never know his true feelings. "It's now or never..."Grabbing his partner around the waist, he pulled him into his strong arms. Leaning down, he pressed his lips gently against the raven's. For the boy having an ice cold demeanor his lips were surprisingly warm. He closed his eyes, dizzy with the sensation of those velvet lips pressed against his. He would have let himself be consumed by Itachi's wonderful warmth if he wasn't afraid a kunai might slice across his throat any second. Reluctantly, he retreated from those soft lips and prepared for the punishment he had coming. He opened his eyes but instead of meeting an enraged Mangekyou he saw dark heavy lidded eyes. Not the usual Sharingan possed eyes, but the Uchiha's true eyes. The raven's porcelien cheeks were flushed pink and his hazy dark eyes heavy with a drunken gaze.

"Kisame..." he finally managed to mutter.

"I-I'm sorry Itachi-san. I don't know what..."

"Kiss me again."

Kisame sure as hell wasn't going to argue. He pressed his lips hard against the younger man's, bringing a hand up to cradle the back of the raven's head. Flicking his tongue out he caressed his lover's lower lip begging for entrance. Itachi obliged and the shark slipped his tongue into the Uchiha's hot mouth, exploring and caressing his parnter's tongue with his own. The man only relented to show Itachi's neck attention, placing gentle kisses along his throat.

"I've wanted this for so long..." he muttered between kisses.

"Hn." the Uchiha smirked and without wanring pushed his partner backwards onto the bed behind him, climbing on top of him to rest in his lap. Kisame took the initative to remove his own shirt and discard it on the floor. "If this is another dream, please don't let me wake from it anytime soon..."

"Tell me about your dream last night Kisame..." Kisame's eyes bulged in shock and he could almost see the raven smirk as he began to trail kisses down his chest, not breaking eye contact.

A smooth hand traced circles just above the older man's waistband, sending him into another bought of dizzy warmth. The Uchiha sensually slid down the shark's body until he had made his way to the floor and between his well muscled legs. He boldly pulled down the waist band to reveal Kisame's throbbing erection.

"It went something like this, correct?"

"How did you..."

"Because that was no dream, Kisame. It was reality. I took special care not to wake you since I was unsure if you returned my affections. But it seems you've wanted this just as badly as I."

"Itachi, I...damn, aaaah..."

Suddenly, Kisame felt himself deep in the hot wetness of his younger partner's mouth. Silken hair free from it's normal bindings fell across his thighs and Itachi bobbed his head back and forth. One hand slid up to caress the man's inner thigh, the other taking charge and wrapping around the base of Kisame's member, pumping in time with his mouth. The shark brought his hands up to bury them Itachi's soft hair, doing his best not to buck his hips and choke the boy.

Itachi pulled back, much to Kisame's disappointment and smirked ever so sightly, moving back to stand. He brought his hands up to slowly undo the fastenings on his cloak. He let the bulky garment slide over his arms and onto the floor. Next he lifted his shirt and fishnet undershirt off to join his cloak. Undoing his pants he let them fall around his ankles and casually stepped out of them his boxers the only item of clothing still left. They didn't last long either and soon Itachi stood fully naked in front of his gaping partner.

"I don't think I should be the only one here undressed Kisame..."

Snapping back into focus Kisame removed his pants and sat back down on the edge of the bed. It wasn't that he was shy but when he was in front of Itachi's god-like body he couldn't help but feel like his is less than worthy and imperfect. He eyed his strange coloured skin. How could he possibly find this sexy...Suddenly, warm flesh flooded over his thighs and he was startled to see the Uchiha straddling his body. Soft hands ran down his chest and abs, tracing his defined muscles. They then roamed up to his solid arms, stroking over the gills on his shoulders and down to his hands. His body shivered at the raven's touch. Hot lips pressed against his collarbone and he couldn't help but moan. The man's velvet tongue ran up his throat and he leaned forward again to kiss him softly on the lips.

Bringing a finger to his lips he licked it suggestively, coating it in his saliva. He did the same with a second digit. The raven trailed his prepared hand down his body and past his engorged member to force them into his opening. Throwing his head back in a loud moan, Kisame couldn't help but let his jaw drop in amazement at the raven pleasuring himself before him. What had he done to deserve such a beautiful being? Once he was prepared, Itachi moved to position himself over Kisame's member still slick with his saliva. Not wanting to wait any longer, Kisame forcefully grabbed the weasel's hips and impaled him on his hardened heat, both gasping loudly. White spots exploded behind the sharks eyes as his body was engulfed in pure bliss as the raven worked his hips up and down on Kisame's hard cock.

Kisame was a man who liked control. With a growl, he grabbed the Uchiha and flipped them over so Itachi's back was now against the bed and he was standing before him. The raven pouted but not for long as Kisame continued to thrust into his dripping opening. Itachi arched beneath him, throwing his head back with a loud moan, his silken hair falling in waves across the bedsheets. Kisame grinned and pushed himself deeper into the smaller man's warmth. He rocked his hips back and forth, pushing deeper and deeper into Itachi. The raven panted and pushed backwards, taking in as much of Kisame's length as he could manage. Kisame gripped the Uchiha's hips to steady him and smirked. "So greedy. Allow me to be a little more rough with you then Itachi-san." The shark slammed harder into the boy, reaching to pump his partner's member in time with his trusts. The weasel writhed in pleasure underneath him, hands gripping the bedsheets. He let out a small scream as Kisame angled himself, hitting the boy's sweet-spot. He quickened his pace and was rewarded with more small screams and moans of pleasure. Moments later he felt Itachi's walls contract around his length and the whole boy's body shuddered as he released onto his chest. The site of the Uchiha panting, covered in his own seed was enough to send the shark over the edge, cumming hard inside his precious partner.

Panting heavily, he pulled out from inside his partner and laid down beside him on the bed. He pulled the smaller man close to him and wrapped his arms around his delicate frame not caring that he was also going to get dirty. Reaching up, he began to stroke the Uchiha's beautiful raven hair. Itachi snuggled closer, pressing his naked body flat against his partner's. If Kisame hadn't already been tired he would have gladly taken the boy again then and there, but he was exhausted. He gently kissed Itachi's cheeks, nose, eyelids, and finally his lips then pressed his forehead against his.

That morning had been like a dream come true. He prayed that he never wake from it if it turned out to be just a dream. He simply couldn't imagine a life without Itachi in it. Perhaps fate had paired them up the day he was chosen by Leader-sama to be some punk kid's partner/babysitter. He smiled and hugged the boy tighter against his chest. Who ever imagined the stoic Itachi Uchiha could moan and squirm like that...

"I'm dying, Kisame." were the words that finally broke the silence and nearly broke the shark's heart. "There's no point in loving me."

"I've never felt this way about anyone Itachi, I assure you. I'm not going anywhere." he smirked, "Not like I could anyway. Leader-sama would have my head if I left my partner. And besides, who could leave a treasure like this? We all die one day, Itachi. And I'll stay with you until I do."

A faint smile passed over the raven's lips as he closed his eyes. When he was sure he was asleep, Kisame kissed his forehead and a single tear slid down his face. "Please let that part be only a dream..."

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