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"Never underestimate the pain of a person because the truth is everyone is struggling. Its just some people hide it better than others."

He just kept going. It was what he'd learned to do oh so long ago. He'd learnt to run, and never ever stop. It was almost natural these days. He hid away all his pain, and focussed on saved the universe, again and again.

He didn't mind exactly, it kept him distracted from… Things. But then when he got the time to stop and think... Well. Sometimes it was just too much. Sometimes he just wanted to yell and scream, to ask why, why him. And sometimes, he just wanted to break down and cry.

But he didn't do anything like that, no, he just hid it away, pushed it down. Kept his mask on. His mask of happiness. Sometimes he even believed it himself.


But he thought he had a chance, a real chance at happiness, with Rose. He knew what he felt for her, it scared him, honestly. He'd made up his mind to tell her, but the time was never right, he kept telling himself that he had time. They had time. But the universe was cruel, and ripped her way from him. He'd never really been the same after that.

Then Martha had come along. She had made him smile often enough, and they'd had some good times. But she wanted something that he just couldn't give. She wanted his hearts, the hearts that belonged to Rose. And she had left him because of it. He probably should have seen it coming, really. But he didn't, and she was gone.

Then along came Donna Noble- the best temp in Chiswick. She really put him in his place. She was his best friend, the one who brought him back after Rose. She never really believed in herself, but he did. And together they were brilliant. She made him smile and laugh, and she never wanted more. But all too soon, she was back to being just Donna Noble, the best temp in Chiswick. But she was never just Donna to him. No, she was amazing Donna, and always would be, whether she remembered it or not.

And as he regenerated he had one last thought: The universe, he decided, hated him. Despite everything he'd done for it, it hated him and was never going to let him be happy. The universe… That was the real curse of the Time Lords.

At that moment, in a burst on energy and pain, he became a new man. The new new new Doctor, he thought with small smile, and then, as he always did, he hid it away and began taking an inventory of his body… Legs, arms, hands, fingers, ears, eyes, nose, chin… blimey, hair! Girl. No not a girl. Good.

A new body, a new start, probably a new companion, but vowed that he would never ever forget them. Rose Tyler. Martha Jones. Donna Noble. The ones who helped give him his second chance.

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