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Everything seemed rather normal around Bakuten City. The birds were flying happily. Children played around with their beyblades. And people were transforming or becoming wild. Wait! That's not very normal! Well… it was, apparently.

Dr. Judy studied this phenomenon for a couple of months and finally reached a conclusion.

"The BitBeasts appear to have formed stronger bonds with their partners and that caused bladers around to gain some of their physical capabilities." That made many players excited to discover these new "powers" leading to some stupid accidents but nothing major serious.

It was somewhat difficult to know when it all started because almost no one noticed apparent changes. In fact, Max was the only one in the Bladebreakers to realize he had changed. On his family beach vacations he noticed that he could stay many hours (he did all day, concerning his parents to "death") under water without the need to breathe.

Apart from that, Rei started eating his meat a little more raw but that was it. Or was it?

There was a restless boy in a Dojo somewhere in this city. That boy, 3 times champion of beyblade, had a very serious problem. He had heard many things from Seiryuu about dragons and their life cycles, and one particular point was scaring him. One about the way dragons came up to avoid extinction. Since they were out of females, dragons managed to mutate their male bodies in order to being capable of having babies.

Of course a normal boy wouldn't need to concern himself with such a matter, but now he had Seiryuu's capabilities! And more importantly, he had someone that could have had impregnated him!

Not that was a bad thing! In fact it was the happiest part of his demise. It made him happy that it had worked out somehow, and he and Kai were now dating for about two months. Of course it seemed longer, considering that their connection had always been strong, from the moment they had met till now. All of that was great but the real problem was their "little" marathons that had started two weeks prior.


The party was being great. People were enjoying themselves and having a blast. Well, Takao was… He had yet to realize that his alcohol tolerance was kind of low. Of course, everybody else had already figured that out.

"Isn't he going to fall over anytime soon?" asked Rai when Takao finally let the White Tigers breathe. "And where is the birthday boy?"

"Who knows...? He took a few bottles of vodka and when missing. He must be waiting for someone to go look for him." chuckled Rei glancing at Takao. 'Very subtle'.

"You are saying Kai wants me to go look for him?" on the good side, alcohol seemed to make Takao more perceptive.

Nobody answered but all smirked slightly. Annoyed, Takao decided to go get more booze but Hiromi kept him safe mostly by threatening to kick him in the nuts if he did.

It was already past midnight and the party was at its end, people dispersing and Takao more sober (but not totally) was getting concerned about Kai. He hadn't come back after disappearing earlier.

Leaving the giant room where the party was being held, Takao set on an expedition trough Kai's mansion. He thought maybe his room was the best option. The mansion was creepy at night but that wasn't the reason that set Takao nervous, as soon as he stood beside the door of Kai's bedroom. He had only been there once and decided that it wasn't very good to go back. Their relationship was only in the beginning and that king size bed was giving him very bad ideas. He didn't want Kai to think he was a pervert. He wasn't even sure he was ready for such a big step. 'Focus, Takao!' Knocking slightly he opened the massive door spotting his boyfriend right away. He was facing the large window. The moonlight making him look rather mysterious like something supernatural. 'Sexy gorgeous.' Takao almost drooled.

"What are you doing here? The party is almost over!"

"Hn" was the only answer.

"Don't be like that! I know you're not a party person but 19 is an important number. Gotta celebrate it with style!"

Kai smirked and turned his attention to the bluenette, looking rather thoughtful. He then stood up, went to the door locking it and sat on the bed signaling to a stunned Takao to sit beside him.

Gulping nervously the bluenette decided to keep some space between the two of them feeling very aware of Kai's presence. Looking everywhere else besides the dual haired teen, the champion felt himself blush anxiously. "We… We should just go back t…" but Takao lost his sense when Kai broke the small distance between them and connected their lips. So hot… so wet… so good!

Out of reflex, Takao closed his eyes in enjoyment as the other one's tongue danced around his lips asking for entrance. Which he happily gave beginning their usual battle for dominance (Kai usually wining). Something was different though… even if Kai was the best kisser between the two of them, Takao was the most active! But now, Kai was being both leaving Takao breathless. Not that he cared much. It was being great, every taste, every movement was heaven. As their tongues battled, he could taste something else besides the usual; 'Kai has been drinking!' It was when Kai's hand suddenly moved to his butt that Takao decided to part their lip lock panting for air.

He realized that somewhere along the way, Kai had pinned him against the pillows standing just above him, their bodies barely touching. He looked nervously at Kai that was looking rather hungry. Takao felt his blood run south when Kai licked his lips seeming very amused by Takao's nervousness.

Getting an evil idea Kai moved up to the window and retrieved the rest of the vodka before getting back to his "seat" eyeing a very confused teen. He then drank quite a lot before locking lips with his boyfriend again forcing the liquid down his throat.

"Hey!" Takao cough in distress "What was that for?" but starting to feel quite more relaxed afterwards. Suddenly, having Kai on his top wasn't so scary anymore. It was actually quite arousing! He pulled the dual haired teen down joining their lips again resuming the tongue battle.

Takao gasped a little when Kai's hand started moving along his side again but not resting on his butt like before. Kai actually started rubbing his butt cheeks trough his jeans making him moan slightly deep in the kiss. After a while his other hand dared further, by making his way under his shirt all the way to his chest with a tortuous feather like touch that made Takao moan and groan higher while rubbing Kai's back and bottom greedily. Takao felt jolts of pleasure when Kai rubbed and pinched his nipples unintentionally bucking his hips up. The contact made Kai groan lustfully. Quickly he pulled the younger teen's shirt off while nibbling and sucking alongside Takao's jaw down to his neck and chest where he started teasing his nipples with his mouth earning loud moans from Takao that was now fighting with Kai's garments.

Takao thought that could not be a better torture; Kai's mouth on his chest, his hand stroking his inner thigh but never touching the aching bulge on his pants. He wanted more and more. Feeling bold (blessed alcohol) Takao stroke Kai's hair while he reached to his hand guiding it to the right place. Kai pulled away from the kiss smirking panting far less than Takao 'Man, he is too fit!' making him frown slightly. That look was quickly dissolved from his face as soon Kai's hand rubbed him. More! He wanted more! More of Kai! Takao thought how much their clothes were annoyingly in the away.

"Kai… pants!" Takao felt Kai chuckle while almost ripping his jean and boxers.

The dual haired teen gazed upon the beautiful creature beneath him, stunned. Everything about him was gorgeous and arousing. He watched amused as Takao whimpered in anticipation, his erection standing proud leaking pre-cum. Kai ran his fingers alongside the length making Takao groan. Extremely turned on, Kai bent forth kissing Takao again while pumping him lightly. Takao ran his hand along Kai's torso and back exploring lovingly every little part of his lover's body.

Kai palmed Takao's sack tickling him a little before stroking his length seriously this time. "Kai!" Takao kept moaning and gasping for air feeling his toes curl and his muscles tense getting close.

Sensing it, Kai broke the kiss, sucking a trail from Takao's lips to his stomach. He licked his head earning a gasp and soon swallowed all of the erection making Takao yelp. "…Aahh! God… Kai!"

It was hard, no, it was impossible to think while Kai's mouth was doing something so pleasurable to him. In that precise moment Takao had no worries whatsoever. All Takao could do was feel, and he felt when he reached his climax! Releasing his pent up passion on Kai's mouth.

"…Kaaiiiii!" Kai felt the warm substance trickle down his throat and swallowed all of it sucking Takao dry. He then looked at the teen in front of him; his eyes were closed and his mouth was faintly open, his face revealing the pleasure he was feeling, still on his high.

Kai started removing his own pants and boxers looking around for lubricant. He found none.

Takao regained conscience when he felt Kai's fingers pressed against his mouth.

"Suck." He commanded. Takao followed accord still not really aware of reality. Kai groaned loudly when he felt Takao's tongue teasing him quickly pulling them and softly rubbing his virgin hole making him moan. He pushed one finger in watching as a much more awake Takao whimpered. He pushed in and out a couple of times before adding a second finger. Takao was in pain and uncomfortable but then Kai brushed against a certain spot that made him literally scream in pleasure. He didn't even felt when Kai added an extra finger because he quickly came back to the said spot. He whimpered at the loss when Kai pulled his fingers out.

Suddenly aware of what Kai was about to do, Takao became very nervous, the alcohol fading from his system. Noticing the change, Kai bent forth and kissed him gently. "It's fine. I love you, so it's fine." Takao blushed hard at these words. There had never been an official love confession. After the Justice Five tournament, they became together naturally, their bond strong enough to overcome words. Takao had said it to Kai a couple of times but Kai never before expressed his feeling trough words. It felt nice. It felt like, it would really be ok. So Takao nodded and Kai pushed inside. It was painful, God it was!

Kai had to use all of his strength to keep himself from moving. Being inside Takao was too good to believe. Takao's face was torn from pain and Kai regretted not having used real lube.

"Are you alright?" Takao opened his eyes slowly and breathe deep coaxing himself to relax. "…Gimme a moment." He started moving his hips on circular motions trying to adjust to having Kai inside and hoping to find that spot again. Kai understood, no words needed, and held Takao's hips moving himself just enough to find the set of nerves using his mental map and making loud moans escape from Takao. "Move now." He did, slowly in the beginning but moving faster over time, Takao's moans arousing him to an all new extent. The pleasure was inhumane and when Takao though it couldn't became better, it did. Heat accumulating on his body, warning him. His body shaking in anticipation. "Hhaa… Kai… again…I'm…!"

"Go ahead."

Takao threw his head back when Kai started jerking him in time with is penetration, screaming in ecstasy and reaching his second orgasm. When Takao's walls tighten around him, Kai released inside with a loud groan. He let himself fall lazily on top of his lover.

After some comfy moments Kai forced himself to pull the cover on top of them. He didn't want his dear dragon to catch a cold. Feeling warmer and secure, Takao cuddled with Kai both pulling the other on a tight hug. They soon started drifting away. "Kai?"


"I never got you a birthday present!"

Kai chuckled "It's fine. You just did."



"Happy Birthday… Love you."

Kai hid his face on Takao hair to disguise his upcoming smile. "Hn" And with that he put an end to anymore talking that night.

End of Flashback

While remembering that night, Takao felt his blood travel south. It ended up becoming natural to them, like breathing. Kai had assured him that he was also a virgin so there had never been a real need to use a condom. Takao sighed while looking at the shelves in front of him. He had made his way to a store in his neighborhood that sells everything. From food to books to car pieces. It was weird but convenient. That was why most people called it the "Convenient Store".

He stared for a while not knowing which would work better and grabbing frustrated, ten different types. While paying for the items he noticed the peculiar look the cashier was giving him. Thinking back to his best Kai impression (they work great when you don't want to be bothered) Takao sent a terrible glare to the poor guy.

"What? Do you have a problem with my purchases? A guy can't buy whatever he pleases?"

The cashier, scared, shook his head before finishing the sell quickly and handing him the plastic bag with the items.

Takao sighed again when he finally left the place. It was not that guy's fault. He would have done the same if it was someone else. Sighing again Takao dragged his feet back home with his plastic bag and his ten pregnancy tests.



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