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Makoto was a healthy happy boy smothered with lots of attention from his many aunts and uncles. It was a wonder how his own parents had time to be with him.

It was late February when Takao found his two men and a half playing in the living room's floor. Makoto siting with support on Kai's lap. The game consisted on Kai making silly sounds and Makoto laughing like there was no tomorrow. It was a sight.

"What are you two doing?" He asked from the doorstep. Makoto wasn't capable of turning his head yet so he settled with whining and hope that his daddy would came in sight. He had started to recognize his parents voices in the beginning of month and both found it hilarious when he showered them with bright smiles at their sight.

"God! He's so like you! All he does is laugh! I thought babies cried!"

Takao bent to kiss his lover and then Makoto before gently rubbing Kai's giant bump. "That's not what you said last Christmas. Beware… you never know… Maybe the next one won't be so giddy and you may regret your words."

Kai mouth gave a strange twist before the Russian settled for looking away. It didn't go unnoticed by the young dragon. He kissed Kai's brow reassuringly. "It will be fine. This time we will make sure Sakamoto is around."


"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" If the parents didn't knew better, they would think that the girls were having a heart attack. No… they were watching their baby for the tenth time. Takao had discovered Makoto that morning doing the most adorable thing in the world. Thank God he had the foresight to tape it and call Kai before the girls arrived. They couldn't see a thing now.

Makoto was laying on his belly trying to stand on his two arms. However… he was also trying to suck his own finger. Since he had no strength to keep himself up with one arm only he kept falling down. Over and over again. He didn't seem to understand that both actions were impossible at the same time.

Of course the girls were going crazy with it. They had to be threatened to leave the room, so to give the family so privacy. "Damn! When will they leave!?" Takao sighed while changing Makoto's diaper. "The sooner you have the baby, the fastest we can throw them out!" Kai shrugged inside his son's closet, looking for that days outfit. It wasn't like he was scared. Oh no! He may be just a little nervous… but definitely not scared!


Nights were becoming unbearable for Kai. He had cramps, needed to pee all the time and he kept thinking about… it. And once more he found himself awake in the middle of the night, frustrated and decided not to think about it. While trying to roll over he noticed that he was alone. He had probably dozed off at some point. Where was Takao? He considered looking for him but a voice from the baby monitor told him where he was. Takao was feeding Makoto. Sighing, Kai settled for trying to find a comfortable position and pray to the Gods to let him have some hours of sleep.

Silence was his only companion for a while but from the monitor new sounds emerged. The statics distorted it but Kai could perfectly hear Takao singing what was probably a lullaby. Kai couldn't make out all the words but it was gentle and slightly nostalgic. It carried on, telling him to grow to be a perfect gentleman and to dream nicely. Yes… Kai also wanted to dream nicely.

Kai woke up with Takao moving back to the bed. "Sorry. Did I wake you up?" The blunet snuggled closer embracing the Russian.

"You sing nicely."

Takao's cheeks gained a bit of pink as he smiled nervously. "Ah… You heard that?" Kai chuckled before resting his head on top of Takao's chest. "Can't sleep?" The dual haired teen nodded tiredly. His eyes went wide when Takao started petting his head gently. He forced himself to relax. It was just Takao. Physical contact like this was still hard for him. It was hard to trust people. To open to them.

He didn't thought it was strange when Takao started singing again. It was the same song. Takao's voice was gentle but strong. Kai let him sing. He could always maul him the next day for babying him like this. But for now he was hoping to dream nicely.


The first thing Takao noticed that hot late April morning was that, the earlier phone call had upset Kai. From the tone, he could tell that it was business related. It must have been serious to upset Kai. Takao meant to ask him about it later, as he trotted upstairs to fold some laundry.

Kai stomped to the living room to sit down and try to relax a bit. He wasn't particularly angry, but he was deeply concerned. Such a decision… the responsibility…

He really wanted something to distract him in that precise moment. No even the wind that walked inside the room through the open glass door seemed to help. The Russian frowned deeply turning his insides to think about the problem. He was extremely thankful when Makoto cried for his well wanted baby bottle.

"Don't cry! I'll get it!" He coed to the crying infant. When his son calmed a bit he walked in to the kitchen leaving the walking chair in the living room. He wasn't going to take that much time.

The house was silent for most people had decided to go shopping early that day. It was a relief in Kai's opinion. When he was boiling the bottle he heard the gate's bell. Leaving his previous task he walked to the intercom.

"Delivery." Sighing, Kai wondered what they had brought now. It wasn't unusual lately to have things delivery randomly for the various guests in the house. Letting the man inside he ran back to the kitchen when the timer rang. He figured someone else would get it when the man ranged the door. He couldn't really show himself right now.

"Hey Kai! What's up?" The Russian only gave the bubbly blond American a nod as a sign of recognition, as he watched him go to his fridge and drink some milk from the package. What the hell! This people were getting overconfident in a house not theirs. He was about to reprimand Max when he heard Makoto crying again. He quickly told the blond to prepare the milk and ran to the living room. Something wasn't right! Makoto sounded scared!

When he reached the doorstep the sight that greeted him was surreal. For a moment Kai lost his reaction and stood dumb-struck as the delivery man ran through the glass doors with Makoto. When reality hit he ran after them both.

"Hey! Stop! Stop!" He could see ahead, the guy's mean of escape. His truck was right in the middle of the gate keeping it from closing. Kai snarled in frustration. How could he not predict such a thing!

Kai tried to reach his beyblade but realized that he had left it in the room. Idiot! How could this happen?

Another thing that the russian wasn't expecting was the guy turning suddenly to face him. They were only a few meters from the truck. "Who are you? What do you want with Makoto?" The man's only answer was pulling a gun and pointing it at the scared baby. Kai tensed up. This couldn't really be happening!

The phoenix turned around when yells were heard behind him. Max was running towards them, baby bottle still in one hand, followed by Yuriy, Boris, Michael, Rick, Rei and Takao's grandfather. Kai felt some hope when he saw them preparing their launchers. Hope that disappeared when an arm appeared around his neck threatening to crush him. He couldn't believe how his reflexes had become so slow lately. Kai would probably have kicked the asshole in the gut if he hadn't noticed that the gun was still pointed at Makoto.

For a moment everyone was still. The gang with their launchers ready and Kai fuming in anger as he understood that the guy was trying to use him as a shield.

"Ah! It's that damn doctor again!" Grandpa pointed his kendo sword angrily at the man. "What do you want with our family!? Leave us alone!"

The man started backing away to the truck. "Shut up! Don't come closer!" Kai struggled to breathe as the arm around his neck tightened. "It's your entire fault! You made me lose my credibility! I lost everything!" Everyone tense as the doctor neared the vehicle. Kai tried to make himself more heavy as they went. They need to do something! "It took me months! But I finally made it here! And thank you for following me… I would never be able to drag you all the way here! It was a surprise! I was expecting the other guy, but you are even better! I can't wait to open you up an-…" Kai saw it happen in almost in slow motion. In his excitement the guy tripped and lost his balance for a moment. Unfortunately he also lost Makoto. Like he was watching from outside his own body, Kai bent forward, forgetting the gun and everything else, breathing in relief when he caught Makoto centimeters from the ground and cursing loudly as a wave of pain ripped him. Embracing his son, he almost rolled into a ball trying to regain his breath from beneath the pain. Weakly, he allowed the doctor to pull him up only to lose the strength in his legs.

The others had not left their positions letting their held breathes go before turning angrily at the lunatic in front of them. The man was trying to force Kai up to keep him as a shield not caring the least that Kai seemed to be in great pain and that Makoto's cry had increased. Yuriy growled at him and Rick cursed trying to get closer.

They got no luck. With his shield in bad shape, the doctor panicked and looked ready to fire at any movement. "Oy! Why don't you calm down and let go of the gun? Kai may be in a bad situation and the baby may be hurt. Just let them go…" Rei tried to reason but only got a gun point at him as an answer.

The boys were getting worried about Kai. The Russian's face was twisted in pain and very pale. He seemed divided between clutching his stomach and embracing Makoto. Everything seemed lost when the doctor managed to came closer to the car.

Kai's senses were dulled, the only reality being Makoto's cry and his pain. So he was truly surprised when he heard glass breaking. Meekly he looked up, near the mansions roof and had the strange sensation of watching an angel. The white and blue creature seemed to be flying in their direction. The creature had a wild reptile look that most could find scary. It looked terribly angry. Kai thought for a moment how pretty it was. His tortured brain once more considered the thought of an angel. He jumped in surprise when recognized the irate voice that yelled. "How dared you touch a single strand of their hair!"

After that an unnatural wind blew strongly around them. And time stopped once more as the wind erased every single thing. Kai lost the capability to see, breath or talk. Everything disappeared from his reality. Only Makoto's warmth and the loud noise of the storm reminded him that he was alive.

It was over as soon as it started. Being able to breathe again, Kai eyed the strange creature that arrived. As Seiryuu was called back inside his beyblade, Kai was able to recognize Takao. All stood awe-struck eyeing him. It had been the first time Takao had merged with Seiryuu. Without stopping to explain anything Takao ran to his son, who probably had recognized his Daddy and wasn't crying anymore.

As Takao cuddled his son, Kai slowly turned to watch the scenery behind himself. A chill crossed him watching the destruction. The gate and the truck had flown away and were looking terrible far away in the other side of the road. The ground behind him had been trashed as if long giant claws had dug it away and through the asphalt. Only the small ground around Kai was perfect. The doctor was nowhere in sight. The Russian was brought to reality as Takao started shaking him.

"I asked if you were okay!?"

Kai meant to reassure him but another wave of pain crossed him and threatened to take away his conscience.


"Dear God, I'm brilliant!" Sakamoto hummed to himself as he quickly pulled the baby from the puddle of blood. "I don't know how I'm managing this but I am! But I must warn you… Further pregnancies will probably be impossible! The "womb" might be damaged." Takao eagerly helped holding the baby while Sakamoto cut the cord.

After Kai nearly passed away, Rick and Michael helped bringing him inside and Takao made sure to leave Makoto in good hands before dragging Sakamoto to the room. Kai's placenta had dislocated and both he and the baby where in danger. Given the situation Sakamoto decided to make a C-section. So far he was being tremendously successful. He smiled brightly as the baby finally started crying. Kai and his daughter would survive.

Takao cleaned the baby carefully as Sakamoto attempted to sew Kai back up. In the end, he moved to examine the baby as well. "It's a healthy girl!" Cheerfully, Takao brought her to Kai. The Russian had demanded to be awake through the all procedure. Weakly he cuddled her. Despite being earlier, she was bigger than Makoto when he had been born.

"She's precious."


Visits were postponed for Kai need more rest than Takao had. Only family. Takao had gone to feed Makoto leaving Kai, Hitoshi, Grandpa and the baby alone.

"There is no sight of him. We checked miles in that direction and nothing. The guy vanished in thin air! Literally!" Kai was awake not being very comfortable to allow sleep. Once in a while he would glance his daughter in her crib. "It's not that I feel sorry for him but… I concerned about Takao's power. Maybe leaving the sport early was the best for him… and us!"

The doctor vanished. Hopefully for good. Kai was feeling tired. Hard to believe it was over. The baby started crying in that moment reminding him that the worst was to came.

Takao decided to make his entrance then. He had a bottle with him. "Looks like I was guessing right! You want to feed her?" Kai tried to achieve a more up sitting position, Hitoshi ending up helping him to avoid problems. "Yeah. Will you bring Miaka to me?" Takao raised his eyebrow before settling Makoto on his lap. Kai was surprised but recovered fast. "No… I believe this is Makoto."

Takao laughed before going to pick up the baby. "So… when did you decided to name her? Cause I don't remember." He sat her in the opposite side to Makoto. "Look Ma-kun! It's your sister! Apparently she's Miaka!"

Kai sighed. "Don't overreact. It just came to me when I saw her eyes."

Takao took a moment to see his daughter. Unlike Makoto, who looked like Takao, Miaka looked just like Kai. The same cold Russian traces and her eyes bright red. Her hair though was colored like Takao's, except for a single lock in the left side of her face that was light blue, like her Papa's. "So… Are you Mia-chan?" The baby seemed to ignore him in favor of her bottle. Makoto was looking a bit jealous.

"No, she's not! And why Mia-chan? Doesn't sound like her name at all!"

"What you mean? Her name is Miaka."

"But is read Mi-a-ka! Not Mia-ka!"

Takao chuckled amused while trying to keep Makoto from taking his sister's bottle. "Oh! I get it! Ma-kun listen to this… Papa want's to call his girl, Mi-chan!" If Kai's arms weren't so busy he would have kicked Takao. He was going to argue back when Makoto managed to steal Miaka's bottle. The girl started crying. "No Makoto! Bad! That is your sister's!" Takao took him away and handed the bottle back. "Bad boy! You already had two!"

"Ah… Already bickering like siblings. Oh, the nostalgia!"

Takao jumped in surprise. He had almost forgotten that the rest of the family was there. Hitoshi seemed to be happily reminiscing old memories. Kai slowly patted Miaka to calm her before trying to feed her again. "How bad you think it will be?"

Hitoshi laughed. "I don't know. Takao and I used to hate each other!"

Takao's eye widened at this. He was still trying to make Makoto stop his tantrum. "What do you mean? I thought you were the greatest!"

Hitoshi looked sheepish and a bit sad. Sometimes he regretted things. "Yeah… I guess you were always cute like that…"


"They're both asleep." Takao slumped inside the warm bed covers. "Let's pray for some hours of sleep before they start crying." The dragon noticed that Kai was looking thoughtful. "What's wrong?" Kai seemed to wake up at the question.

Pulling Takao closer he held up his hand and softly kissed the golden ring around his finger. "I got a preposition this morning." The blunet turned to look his lover in the eye preparing all his energy to focus in what Kai was going to say. The Russian chuckled at his seriousness. "My company, err, our company" that got Takao to smile brightly. "has several representatives around the world as you know. The one in Russia isn't doing so well… They want me to go there and help."

"For how long?"

"Depends… Days, Months… Years. I can't predict how long it will take to straight them up." Takao was looking perfectly dejected. Kissing him comfortingly Kai continued. "I thought about refusing and staying here with you and the kids but… Look what happened today! And Japan has a hard time accepting homosexuality. Soon or later people will wonder…" Kai noticed how cute Takao was when he was confused. "Come with me! All the three of you!"

Surprise crossed the blunet's face. He breathed deeply, thinking. "The kids will grow away from their family and their home country!"

"We won't live there forever! And we can visit! Please… Takao, love… Come with me." Sighing in defeat, the Japanese boy nodded. It was for the best.

"Okay… But you're going to be the one to tell everyone (the girls) we will take their enjoyment away from them! And I don't want to be the one to talk with Hitoshi, either!" The russian shuddered. He may have reasons to fear for his future.



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