Teen Wolf: TV Series (2011)

This story is a complete work of fiction and is in no way based on true
events or the true sexuality of the actors mentioned. Copyright of MTV and
MTV Networks.

Chapter 1: Scott and Stiles

It had been six hours since the attack. Scott found himself in a daze. He
was laying on his bed, in pain, bleeding from the bite mark on his lower
abdomen. He was on his way home from Lacrosse practice when something ran
out and attacked him. He had been bitten and he was very worried. His head
was hurting and he was going in and out of consciousness. He was only
wearing his jockstrap at this point. He must of been trying to get changed
when he first passed out. He could smell his own sweat and stink from
practice. It seemed to much much stronger than ever before.

Even though he had been attacked by a strange creature and he was still
bleeding from his lower abdomen all Scott could think about was that
smell. He actually liked it. In fact not only did he like it but it was
turning him on. He reached his hand down and stuck his middle finger in
between his sweaty ass cheeks. He pushed his middle finger up into his
tight virgin asshole. He had never done anything like this before but for
some reason right now it was all he could think about. As he continued to
finger fuck his own hole his cock got rock hard and he was getting precum
all over his already dirty jockstrap.

He took his finger out of between his legs and put it in his mouth. He
started sucking on his finger like a lolly pop. The taste was so amazing
and he wanted more. As good as he tasted he knew that there was even better
out there. He grabbed his iPhone and texted his best friend Stiles. Stiles
has been his best friend since they were babies and Stiles was the kind of
guy that would drop anything for Scott and come right over. Scott knew that
and was going to use it, he was gong to use him. He wanted Stiles hole. He
wanted to taste it. He wanted Stiles thick cock and tight wet lips around
his cock.

Neither of them was gay and neither of them had ever done anything sexual
with each other. But for some reason ever since that bite Scott had turned
into a sexual machine. Not only that it was for guys not girls. Stiles
walks into Scott's bedroom and just stared at Scott. After all Scott was
only wearing a jockstrap, covered in sweat, and hard as a rock. Needless to
say Stiles was a bit taken back and just plain confused.

"Umm Scott..." Stiles managed to mumble. "Why are you basically naked and
hard? And why did you text me and tell me to come over right away? I mean
if you are in the middle of something I can come back. It looks like you
came home and took most of your uniform off and started to well umm you
know jackoff".

Stiles was beat red at this point and Scott just continued to stare at
Stiles with lusty eyes.

Scott stood up and walked towards Stiles. Stiles could now smell Scott's
sweat and stink and it was making him hard. Scott looked down and saw that
Stiles had a boner in his gym shorts.

"Why don't you take those off and then while your at it why don't you get
on your knees and take my jock off with your teeth".

Stiles was shocked by but Scott had just said to him. Did his best friend
really just ask him those things? Stiles never had felt this way about
Scott or any man for that matter but for some reason he just couldn't help
himself. He needed to taste Scott and he wanted so bad to please his friend
at all cost. Stiles wasn't wearing any underwear so once he removed his
shirt and shorts he was bare ass naked. He cock was hard as a rock and he
then got on his knees. As he did Scott started to piss. The piss made the
jock soaking wet and it started running down his legs. Stiles was taken
back at first but then leaned in and took off Scott's jock with his
teeth. He got some of Scott's piss in his mouth with he was doing that. It
tasted salty and pungent. Scott then grabbed his cock and aimed it at
Stiles. He continued to piss all over Stiles naked body and face. Stiles
opened up his greedy mouth and Scott started to fill his mouth up with his
piss. Stiles started coughing and gagging but he loved every second of
it. Then Scott turned his cock back upwards and towards himself and started
to piss all over himself. By this time both boys were covered in sweat and

Stiles couldn't take it anymore. He could smell Scott's sweaty and pissed
covered body and he needed to taste him. He grabbed Scott and flipped him
around so his sweaty ass was right in Stiles face. Scott leaned over and
put his hands on his bed and stuck his ass out. Stiles grabbed Scott's ass
cheeks and pushed them apart exposing his virgin sweaty hole. Stiles dove
in and opened his mouth wide. He started to lick and suck Scott's sweaty
asshole. He loved the taste of Scott's tight wet boy pussy. Scott went
crazy at that sensation and began to push his ass back towards stiles so
stiles could get more of his ass in his mouth. After a few minutes Scott
flipped himself around and shoved his cock into his friends waiting
mouth. Stiles began deep throating Scott.

Scott wanted to cum in Stiles ass not his mouth so he pulled out and picked
stiles up off the ground. He then bent Stiles over in the same position
Scott had been in earlier. Scott spread Stiles ass cheeks apart and dove
right in. This is what Scott had been wanting and needing to taste. He
rimmed Stiles real good for a few minutes and then he told Stiles he was
going to fuck him. Stiles was a bit worried but agreed to it of
course. Scott began by finger fucking Stiles. Stiles moaned in pleasure and
Scott knew he was ready. Scott began to thrust his cock into Stiles slowly
at first. Stiles was in pain but soon got used to it and started to buck
back towards Scott encouraging him to thrust harder. Scott began to thrust
into his best friend like an animal all the while Stiles was moaning and
screaming his name at points. Scott could feel his orgasm approaching. He
reached around and started jacking Stiles off while he still plowed his
best friends ass to hell and back. After one last thrust Scott let out a
moan and came into Stiles. Stiles then shot his load all over Scott's
bed. After they had both calmed down they got up from Scott's bed and took
a shower together.

When they came out of the shower Scott immediately smelled a new
scent. There standing in his doorway was the other werewolf Derek. Derek
had smelled the scent of their sex and he was ready to get some hot
ass. Derek just looked at both of their naked now clean bodies and smiled.

"I hope your mom is working the late shift tonight Scotty" Derek said
"Cause this is gonna be awhile".

At that Derek leapt at the two boys...

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