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Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

Chapter 21 - Scared

1 year later…

"Alice, will you stop fidgeting!" Rosalie scolded Alice.

"But, Rose, I'm so nervous. I don't know what to do. How will I tell Mom, Dad, and Jasper that I'm pregnant? I mean, Jasper and I are not yet married and we haven't even planned anything. You know how much they would react to this," Alice said nervously.

A few moments later, they both looked at me who was reading old issues of magazines that I found on Alice's table. We had found out that Alice was pregnant just an hour ago. Everyone in the house had been noticing that she was a bit sick lately. I noticed that her symptoms were familiar to what I had experienced so I suggested that she should take a pregnancy test. Since that moment she haven't stopped being restless.

"What?" I asked them innocently.

"Bella, you have already experienced this. Tell me, how did you tell Edward that you were pregnant with Nessie, and how did you tell Charlie?" Alice asked desperately.

"Alice, that's a very different situation. I was still a teenager at that time. You know how Charlie took it. He kicked me out, remember?" I retorted.

"Chill, don't be mad at her, Bells, you make me think that both of you are pregnant," Rose snapped at me.

"I'm not. I'm just stressed because of the divorce. He refuses to sign the papers," I huffed.

"It's alright, Bells, one of these days he'll realize that if he signs the papers, it'll make everyone happy," Rosalie assured.

"Yeah, I hope so. I hope he'll realize that the relationship isn't working anymore," I said hopefully.

After that, we talked to Alice. We told her that there was nothing to be scared about in telling our family. They love her so much to not be happy about her being pregnant. I'm sure Esme would really be happy, I'm not just sure about Carlisle. Alice was their only daughter. You know how fathers could be so protective sometimes and they could have a very volcanic reaction to things like these. Another thing, it wasn't only Alice who needed to announce something to the family, also me and Edward. God, I hope they don't take it so bad.

After two hours of talking to her, we were now here in the Cullen's dining room and eating dinner. Alice was barely eating and I could notice that Jasper was eyeing her. When she became aware of it, she whispered something so low to him that I didn't even hear a thing. He just nodded and then he continued eating.

"Is there something wrong with Alice? I noticed you were watching her every move since you got out of her room," Edward said in a low voice.

"Nothing," I lied.

Edward shook his head. Damn, he always knows whether I'm lying or not. He knew me too much.

"Are you nervous?" I asked him, successfully changing the topic.

"Not really," he answered.

"Yeah, what we are going to do, it's for the best," I said.

After the dinner, I could really feel the tension in the atmosphere. Alice was being restless again and she was sweating even though the room was air-conditioned. Jasper was trying to make himself not to look so worried, but his eyes were betraying him. He looked like he was about to burst at any moment.

"So," I started, breaking the ice. "Edward and I, we—"

"I'm pregnant!" Alice suddenly said, which shocked all of us.

Esme quickly hugged her and she congratulated them. Carlisle remained on his seat and was looking intently at Jasper. And then Alice was back to normal. She was speaking endlessly again, but this time she talked about how pregnancy scares her.

Everyone retreated to the living room. Everyone had congratulated Alice and Jasper except from Carlisle, Emmett and Edward. It seems like Edward and Emmett were waiting for Carlisle to talk first before they say their comments. Five more minutes passed and still no one was talking. Looks like this night was a night of silence. I wonder how more they would react if they knew about the news that Edward and I were about to say. I knew it would upset the family since they would be with Nessie that much. Speaking of Nessie, she was with Dad this weekend since Edward and I were busy with the papers for our departure.

So decided again to break the silence, "Edward and I we are going to be in Europe for a year. It's crazy, but we've decided to experiment. We would like to experience studying abroad. We've decided to transfer schools there, and we're already searching for an affordable house and apartment. We've thought of going to Oxford…"

Just like that, they all started talking. They were all talking at the same time that I couldn't anymore understand some words. Esme was trying to say that that was so far and she wouldn't be able see Nessie that much. Rose and Alice started talking about shopping. And the boys, I couldn't understand them.

"Bella, that's quite far!" Esme exclaimed.

"I know," I mumbled, looking at my lap.

"Will you visit during holidays?" Emmett asked.

"Of course," Edward answered.

"Bella, I'm going to miss you! Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?" Alice said before crushing me into a hug. When she pulled away, Jasper was looking at me worriedly.

When everyone had finished talking and had decided that it was time to go home for Rose and Em and for Carlisle and Esme to rest, Jasper asked me if we could talk privately. Alice and Edward were fine with it. Alice was pigging out the left desserts and Edward was on the shower. We decided to talk in the patio.

"Is this because of Laurent? You've been mentioning to me lately that you felt that someone was always looking at you and following you. You should really tell Charlie about this. You don't need to move, Bells. You know how your father would do everything for you," Jasper said thoughtfully.

Just as after he said that, tears were trickling down my cheeks. He was right. I was scared. I was scared of what Laurent could do. I knew that it wasn't only Laurent who was his friend. They were many. I'd seen them before, and I've seen them just recently. I was sure that they were watching my every move for him. And if I don't go away soon, they would find me again. I need to hide.

"Jazz, I'm scared of what he could do to Edward, he have already seen him…and also to Nessie, I don't want them to be hurt. It would be better if we would just leave. He wouldn't find me there, we would be at peace. Please understand me," I pleaded.

"But, this isn't fair for you! You should tell your dad, he could do everything just to get him," he insisted.

"No! He can't, it had been a year, and he was still missing. I know that when he comes back for us, he is stronger and he has more people. What we are going to do, it's really for the better."

"Does Edward know this?" he asked.

I shook my head. Of course, I couldn't tell this to Edward. It would make him really worried. When I told him that I wanted us to study abroad and it was fine for me if it was him who would pay everything, he quickly agreed. I know Edward; he would do everything just to spend money for me. He was happy with that, with spoiling me, and I didn't know why.

Jasper pulled me into a hug.

"Fine, I'm okay with it, but after you leave, I'm telling Charlie. Just always take care there, big sis," he said in a much lighter tone.

"I promise," I mumbled.

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