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This was supposed to be a one-shot... It got turned into a story, all because of these smug bastards...

Summary: "That smug bastard! I'm going to kill him!" Castiel, a man of rich and witch ancestry, "borrowed" the keys to the Impala as an invitation for Dean and Sam to stay at his mansion as thanks for exorcising a ghost. AU.

MY 85th STORY!

The man was filthy rich. He lived off his parent's inheritance. Dean couldn't help but find scorn at that. The man was hot. Dean was having a hard time finding things wrong with him when his eyes moved over him like he wanted to push Dean up against a wall and fuck him. Dean didn't have a problem with that- except he was pretty sure he'd be doing the one pushing Castiel Novak against a wall.

"Can you at least wait until I'm gone before you start undressing him with your eyes?" Sam grumbled to him.

"Hey, it's because of me we even got in this thing. Keep your eyes out. That ghost should be here soon," Dean said, smile not wavering as he talked to his brother. He was a pro. Castiel's attention was taken away from Dean at that moment as he turned to talk to someone else.

An angry ghost had been killing off rich patrons and they suspected one of Castiel's cousins was next on the hit list. Dean had been prepared to sneak in the party and crash it but then he met Castiel. The man had smirked and invited him to a party at his mansion after hearing Dean make some snarky remark about rich people. He had even scrawled down his address and phone number incase Dean got lost. He even went so far as to offer step by step instructions.

Castiel had left Dean red in the face and Sam torn between gaping and laughing, so he tried both.

Dean had hit him.


And he hadn't been sorry.

A crash caused Dean and Sam to look. Everyone's attention was towards the young heir who was hosting the party. His cousin- the target- had dropped a glass but Castiel was frowning, looking around wearily. Dean glanced at the clock and nudged Sam.

"Ten o' clock. Let's go," Dean jerked his head. Sam nodded. Dean felt eyes on him and Sam as they left. He turned around to see Castiel staring at him. He turned back around and concentrated on the task at hand. Castiel had given them a tour of the grounds. They had tried salting and burning the bones the night previous but had gotten the wrong bones- well, that wasn't exactly true, they had just burned them at the wrong time.

Yeah, Dean never heard of a spirit wanting to go to bed at a certain time either but apparently it was some hoodoo spell a witch had placed on the spirit hundreds of years ago to annoy hunters like Dean and Sam.

Did he mention that Castiel's ancestors were rumored to be witches?

"Dude, don't tell me you're jumping into bed with a male witch," Sam had said when they'd found out.

Damn. Dean hated witches.

"We gotta hurry. Castiel will be looking for you," Sam said with a smirk.

"Shut up," Dean snapped. Sam had been ragging him about his crush- which he didn't have- since Dean had laid eyes on the man… and had accidentally kept bringing him up. Dean tossed Sam the keys to the Impala and Sam caught them with ease, opening the trunk and handing Dean two shovels and a sawed off. Dean tucked the gun into the back of his jeans. Sam closed the trunk once he had gasoline and a sawed off, trusting Dean to have the lighter. The brothers took off towards the cemetery in front of the mansion.

"Why would anyone want their family buried in front of their house?" Dean grunted as he dug the shovel into the ground.

"Sentimental reasons," Sam shrugged, matching Dean's pace.

"Times like this, I wish we had a bulldozer," Dean grunted.

"You're telling me?" Sam asked. "But hey, at least this way you work all those hamburger calories off."

"Are you calling me fat?" Dean frowned.

"No. Just saying you would be if we didn't do what we do," Sam said. "Dude!" He shouted when Dean flung a shovelful of dirt at him. "Jerk."

"Bitch," Dean retorted, ditching the shovel for the gun. "Uh oh, Sam, we got company in the form of a ghost. Keep digging."

It was lucky for the brothers that Dean had managed to talk Castiel into turning the music up for the night. Sam had managed to get to the orchestra and tell them that, "Mr. Novak wants no piano. Don't even go there or you'll be fired."

Dean felt the ground being ripped out from under him as the ghost decided to play with him and throw him against the iron fence. Dean cursed that there had to be an open gate. The sawed off fell slightly out of his reach and Dean had to roll away from it as the ghost decided to throw tombstones at him. Dean sprung to his feet only to have a tombstone thrown into him.

"Bastard ghost!" Dean growled.

"Dean, you okay?" Sam shouted.

"Fine, Sammy!" Dean said, making a dive for his gun. He fired off a shot but the ghost dissipated before the bullet had a chance to get near it. "Hurry up, Sam!"

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Sam said. The shovel finally hit the coffin and Sam muttered something about having to dig up the same grave twice as he broke the wood to get to the body. He began to climb out when he saw boots in front of him. Swallowing, Sam looked up and the ghost smiled at him, kicking him in the face. Sam fell backwards with a grunt of pain. He brought out his gun but the ghost waved its hand, throwing the gun somewhere else.

"Dean!" Sam shouted. "Need some help over here!" Dean fired a shot at the ghost. The ghost got hit and Dean rushed over to the coffin to help pull Sam out.

"Knew that the first time was too easy," Dean muttered to Sam. "You okay?"

"Fine- Dean, look out!" Sam shouted. He pushed his brother to the side, knocking the gasoline down as the ghost made a grab for them. The gasoline began leaking out- and not into the coffin. Sam cursed and used his leg to kick the gasoline into the grave.

"Finish burning the bones," Dean ordered. Sam groaned as Dean took off and then climbed six feet under to retrieve the gasoline so he could burn the body.

Dean knew he was getting nowhere fast with ghost, especially when it ripped the guns out of his hands again and threw it out of Dean's reach. Dean cursed and positioned himself to leap for the gun as soon as the ghost was ready to spring on him.

"Hey, ass butt!" Dean's eyes widened when he saw Castiel, standing with what looked like a doll and a lighter. The man lit the lighter and burned the doll's hair. The ghost screamed, trying to get at Castiel before it disappeared. Something around Castiel stopped the ghost from getting to him and the ghost disappeared in a burst of light.

Castiel looked at Dean with haughty eyes.

"Hello, Dean," he said, walking over to him to help him off the ground.

"What the hell just- you- who are you?" Dean settled on.

"I already told you. I'm Castiel-"

"I mean what are you?" Dean said.

"Just another man in a family of witches. Relax, I don't practice the art, hunter," Castiel said.

"You knew about the ghost and you knew those weren't the right bones," Dean accused.

"I might have had an idea when you burnt them the other night and the ghost didn't get vanquished," Castiel acknowledged. "But I didn't remember about the doll until just a few minutes ago- the curse you found on the bones is real, however. Just not on those bones."

"Then whose bones are they?" Sam demanded, remind Dean and Castiel of his presence.

"I'm not sure. I had one of the servants do that," Castiel said. Dean snorted at what the poor servant's face must have looked like. "I'm sorry to have troubled you but I needed the distraction."

"You put me and Sam in danger because you needed a distraction?" Dean demanded.

"You were never in any real danger. I had… certain measures set up to protect you before you managed to reach an untimely demise," Castiel said calmly.

"Rich bastard," Dean said. Castiel smirked and pulled Dean into him, gripping his chin and keeping Dean pinned to him with one arm.

"You can't escape, can you? I told you, I had measures," Castiel said. "Thank you for your help, Dean."

He pressed his lips against Dean's. Dean fought against the kiss and Sam stared in disbelief before he came to his senses and turned away. Dean continued to fight until Castiel's tongue invaded his mouth and then he gave in, kissing Castiel back.

When Castiel broke the kiss, Dean almost stumbled forward.

"I told you I had measures," Castiel said, licking his lips. "Thank you. For your help." He turned around and walked away.

"That smug bastard!" Dean growled. "I'm going to kill him!"

"More like snog him," Sam grumbled.

"What was that?" Dean growled.

"Nothing," Sam said. "So should we stick around for awhile?"

"No!" Dean shouted.

"Excuse me, gorilla and sasquatch," an accented voice said. The brothers turned to look.

"Who the hell are you?" Dean asked.

"I'm Balthazar. Cas has asked that you be showed the guest rooms and invited you to stay as long as you like," Balthazar said. "At least I think that's what he said… I'll have your duffel bags or trash bags or whatever you keep your clothes in brought up to your rooms and-" he didn't really pay attention to the brothers as he took off walking.

"Hey, we're not staying!" Dean shouted after him.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that, didn't I?" Balthazar mused. "You see, you are staying."

"The hell we are!" Dean sneered.

"Why? Because he told us so?" Sam rolled his eyes.

"Because he has the keys to your precious Impala," Balthazar said. Dean paled and began searching through his pockets. Sam sighed and searched through his pockets, shaking his head when Dean gave him a hopeful and panicked look.

"That son of a bitch!"