So, welcome to my new story! While I have planned out (several times) 'Across the Boundaries of Time', the words just are not coming to me. But I haven't forgotten! I just need to get schoolwork under control (the joys of doing the prelim HSC), and then I can focus solely on that. But, for the meantime, there's this sucker!

Its not going to be long- ten chapters at the absolute maximum. R&R and tell me what you think!

Rhyleigh xoxox

"The kids have gone out to the movies, right?" Garry Miller called down the hallway, in search of his housemate. "Bec?"

"Yeah, they just left", Bec Sanderson replied easily.

"I didn't". Bridget Sanchez looked up from her magazine, the two parental figures in her life looking at her in utter surprise. "What? I didn't want to go to the movies tonight". She shrugged.

"Alright", Bec agreed, recovering quicker than Garry. "We were going to order a pizza, is there anything you'd like?"

"I'll eat whatever you guys get". Bridget diverted her eyes back to her magazine once more, refusing to look at Bec and Garry.

Her life had taken a turn when she was accepted into Solar Blue Academy- the most prestigious surfing school in Australia. A turn for the better, she had decided. Solar Blue was just as amazing as she had imagined- she had grown up on the Sunshine Coast, and was used to the beaches- but she could step out the back door and find herself sinking into the soft, golden sand. Blue Water Beach was one of the most perfect beaches she had ever seen, and she had the pleasure of surfing on it every single day. She had found herself sharing a house with two 'sisters'- Loren and Cassie- and three protective brothers, Charley, Guy and Adam. Their guardians for the year were only just over four years older than themselves, and therefore could communicate better with them.

In all, Solar Blue Academy was perfect. She had the grades at school, was currently topping the leader board when it came to points, and could spend every day doing what she loved best. She was living the dream.

But there was something missing- something that everyone else had. She had overheard Bec and Garry talking, within their first two weeks at Solar Blue- she had been telling him that every year, without fail, the kids would get together as couples. It had happened in her year, and every year after that. He had nodded, laughing, as if he didn't believe her. But Bec had proved to be right, when Cassie and Adam got together within a month. Bridget had smiled- the two made an outrageously cute couple, as did Charley and Loren, who followed suite and admitted their feelings for each other.

But that left her and Guy. She wasn't sure if they were meant to be together, or if they were together by default. She didn't know, and she didn't think Guy knew either. In her eyes, Guy was more of a brother. All three boys were- teasing her like they would an older sister, protecting her like they would a little sister. They protected all the girls in that way, no matter how they liked them. They had found themselves in an almost family like position- but Bridget was left wondering where she stood.

There were plenty of boys at school that she thought were cute- one in particular had asked her out to the movies. She had declined, wondering what Guy would think.

So she had approached him, and the two had discussed their relationship. Guy had admitted he felt the same way- he saw her as a sister, a good friend- but not girlfriend material.

Bridget had said she was relieved- but in a way, she was hurt. Sure, the two of them were partnered up for almost everything, but when it came to trips out to the movies, or out to dinner, she felt like an extra wheel- especially when Guy asked the gang if he could bring Natalie with them.

So she had opted out of their weekend tradition- dinner at the Purple Iguana and a movie. Guy had looked almost hurt when she had declined, claiming that she had too much homework (even though Bridget was the so-called brains of the group and had her homework finished before the other five even looked at theirs). But she didn't want to feel like an extra wheel to their perfect date night.

"You alright, Bridget?" Bec checked.

Bridget smiled at the older brunette- Bec had grown especially close with the girls, telling stories of her time at Solar Blue, four years ago. She could read them like she could read a book, and Bridget felt like she could confide anything with her.

But not that.

"I'm fine", Bridget lied through her teeth, forcing a smile.

But Bec wasn't convinced- and she was fairly certain she knew what was bothering the usually bubbly blonde.

Resting her head on Bec's shoulder, she allowed the older girl to put an arm around her.

"You know", Bec said conversationally, "You never find your true love in high school".

Bridget looked at her in surprise.

"What's the fun in that?"

There was a knowing twinkle in the woman's eye, and Bridget couldn't help but laugh, wrapping her arms around the older woman.

"Aw, what's going on?" Garry wanted to know, stepping into the room and seeing the two girls on the lounge. "Did I miss a moment?"

"You missed a moment". Laughter danced through Bec's eyes, and Bridget chuckled.

"It's fine, Gaz". Bridget flashed him a smile, before retreating towards the stairs. "Call me when pizza's here, alright?"

"Is she alright?" Garry checked.

"She'll be fine", Bec assured her. "Give it some time, she'll be alright".