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When it came time to say goodbye, Loren had tears in her eyes. Charley hugged her tight, before passing her into the waiting arms of Bec.

"Gonna miss you lot", Garry said with a smile, before Cassie threw her arms around him. "Oof, Cass!"

"We'll be back before you know it, Gaz".

"That's what I'm afraid of". His eyes sparkled with unshed laughter and Bec snickered

"Rude!" Guy gasped, holding into Bridget a little longer than he had to Loren or Cassie. "You'll miss us, I know you will".

"Miss the peace", Bec quipped, laughing as Adam bombarded her with a hug. "No, we really will miss you". Hugging Loren, she kissed her cheek "Make sure you call and let us know you all got home okay. Okay?"

"Yes Mum", Cassie drawled, grinning.

"I mean it- call, whenever".

"Mother Hen", Garry shot, earning a smack to his chest. "Hey!"

Laughing, she just hugged Bridget. "I mean it", she whispered. "Anytime, just call. Garry and I are just a phone call away".

With the promises of phoning the boarding house at regular intervals and checking in with both Bec and Garry, the six departed. Some headed for their cars, others headed for the van, where Garry would be driving them to the airport. Departing for their respective homes, scattered through Australia, was one of the hardest things they had to do, when they were all together.

But it was something that had to be done.

But, before they knew it, Christmas had come and gone and they were making their way back to Blue Water. Time had flown- faster than they would have liked, in some cases- and they were preparing themselves for what would be the biggest event since their announcement night.

"Bec's falling apart", Garry laughed to Bridget, when he picked her up from the airport. Swinging her bag into the back of the van, she climbed into the passenger seat. "She's almost lost it completely. Charley and Adam arrived yesterday; I'm hoping having all you guys back here will knock some sense into her".

"I doubt it Garry, she's got wedding brain", Bridget voiced, grinning.

"One can dream", he laughed, before putting the van into drive and moving out of his parking space. "Its good to have you guys back- I mean, the kids are absolutely awesome, but you guys are our favourites. Don't tell Savannah, but you really are".

"That's because we're your original kids", Bridget said, ever the voice of reason. "There's always going to be that one favourite group… Bec's year was Simmo's favourite. He told me".

"Without a doubt", Garry agreed, before checking over his shoulder and merging. "Has Cassie told you about her big plan for Bec's hen's night?"

"This is gonna be good!" Bridget laughed, breaking into a grin. "Have you seen Cassie under the influence of alcohol?"

She was home once again.