Those Soul Piercing Eyes, Chapter 1

Genbu Uchiha, a loyal ninja of the 4th Hokage, banished from the Uchiha clan after losing his sight. Naruto Uzumaki, the container of the Kyubi, hated by a majority of the Village. Genbu Uzumaki, user of the Konhekigan and Naruto's Uncle.

"Ume-nee-chan, you have a customer." A young beautiful woman called out to another woman who was speaking with some older women before getting up.

"Thank you Kekio-chan." The woman, called Ume, thanked the younger girl as she gave her a gentle smile before leaving to tend to the costumer.

Ume was a 28 year old woman, who was a stunning 5'9, with long ink black hair that would make silk jealous, pale skin as white and flawless as porcelain. Her cheeks brushed with the lightest shade of pink known to mankind, with plump pink lips that where glossed to shine in the low candle light. Her kimino, being bloody red with a golden phoenix and golden fire wrapped around her over a black Yukita and Obi.

Ume came upon a sliding paper door with a stillute of a man she was filmier with; she quietly opened the door and entered.

"Ume-chan, Your looking lovelier than ever." The man praised her as he chuckled. Ume glared at the man.

"Jirarya-san, can I please drop this profession?" Ume whined as soon as she closed the door behind her. The soft voice from before lowing a few octaves. Jirarya looked at Ume, shocked.

"What? You're living a man's dream! Surrounded by a brothel full of beautiful women who would gladly have sex with you for free?" Jirarya asked, not worried about being over heard as the rooms were all sound proofed. Ume sighed as she sat in front of the Sanin with a frown.

"Unlike most men, I want a real relationship, not just to be relived of sexual tension." Ume looked away sadly.

"Yeah, I see how that's a problem. You look more like a woman now, Genbu. I wouldn't be surprised if you swing the other way now." Jirarya chucked as he received another glare from the unwilling cross dresser.

"I just want to go back to home. It's been years since I've seen it." Genbu whined as he frowned, Jirarya frowning as well, understanding the hidden meaning of his words.

"Well you can leave tonight; I got someone who's willing to take your place." Jirarya said as he waved a had dismissively as Genbu smiled happly.

"Ah, I am extremely gratefull Jirarya-san. Thank you." Genbu said as she bowed respectfully to the Sanin.

"Now tell me…" Jirarya grinned as she pulled out a note book and a pencil, looking expectantly at the cross dresser.

"What's been happing here since my last visit? Any juicy little tid bits? "He asked, giggle pevertively as Genbu sighed before telling the Sanin some of the happenings that went on in the brothel.

-3 Weeks Later-

"Konoha." Genbu called out in a whisper as the gates of Konoha was only a few feet before him, a small smile on his face, not only because he was finally returning to his home but because he didn't have to cross dress anymore in a brothel.

"Halt! State your Business here in Konoha." One of the chunin guards at the entrance yelled as he and his partner eyed Genbu wearily.

He was dressed in a blue, kimono like top outline in black around the collar, black pants that just went a little past his knees and civilian sandals. Carrying only a weathred brown back pack that had seen many things. Genbu's long black hair covering the left side of his face as the rest went pass his butt and stopped at the middle of his thys.

"I am a retuning citizen from a prolonged trip." Genbu told them and he pulled out the proper papers that stated as such. The other Chunin took the papers an looked them over, raising an eyebrow at Genbu and looking back at the papers, then back a Genbu.

"Is there something wrong?" Genbu asked, confused a little by the chunin's reaction, before sighing.

'Here it comes.'

"It says here that you're a Shinobi returning from a long mission given to you by the 4th Hokage." The Chunin said as Genbu gave him a dead look, expecting him to say...

"You're a Woman?" The Chunin asked, confused, as Genbu noticed that the chunin's partner flinched away from him like he had some virus.

"I am as much a man as you two are." Genbu said in a dead pan voice as the two chunin glanced at each other before looking back at Genbu.

"Do I have to take off my pants to prove it to you?" Genbu asked and he narrowed his eyes at the two, making them shiver.

"Nope. That won't be necessary Uzumaki-san. Welcome back." The one with Genbu's papers said quickly as he held out the papers. Genbu snatched the papers harshly as he entered the village, once he was out of sight the two Chinin's looked at each other.

"Do you think he's related to the Demon brat?" One asked as the other surged his shoulders.


'Agh, I really need to get my hair cut.' Genbu thought as he walked around the village, noticing the changes and what remained the same of his village.

'Quite a bit has changed. The Kyubi's attack must have did a number on the village to change it this much.'

He thought as some children ran past him, playing ninja if he guessed correctly by the way they moved and there chakura flowed as they ran. It brought a sad smile to the ninja's face before he heard some yelling coming down the street in his direction.

"GET HIM!" A man yelled as he waved a kitchen knife in his hand, motioning to a little boy who looked to be about 3 years old, judging form his size. "GET THAT LITTLE THIEF!" The man yelled as some people turned around to see what the commotion was about, looks of anger, sadness and despair came off the people who saw the little boy running off with what looked like some common grade cloth.

Genbu shook his head. 'I've spent too long in that brothel that I'm still judging grades of cloth.'

He thought before he was going to stop the boy and make him give back what he stole and escort him back to his parents before he spoke with the 3rd Hokage. What the other people did, he did not really suspect that they would do.

"Fifthly demon!" One woman yelled as she threw a flower pot at the child that was filled with dirt and dead flowers. His eyes went wide, appalled from the extreme action of the woman; thankfully, the little boy missed it by a hair. The other people along the little boy's path started yelling at him and throwing garbage and rocks at him

"GO BACK TO HELL!" One man yelled as he threw a brick, which hit the child in the knee, making the little boy trip and fall face first into the unyielding ground.

"Now I've got you." The Man that was chasing the boy said as he pick up the small child by the back of the shirt the boy was wearing. Genbu's eyes narrowed as he looked at the boy in question.

'Dirty, spiky, blond hair, tan skin, about 3 year's old, wearing old rags for clothing...' Genbu thought as the little boys clothing that was filled with holes and dirt that hadn't been given proper care or a washing since the boy got them. The former cross dresser narrowed his eyes as the boy's shirt exposed his abdomen which looked to be cling to his skin as Genbu could clearly see the boy's ribs even from his distance, but he did have good eye sight.

"There's no way you're getting away from me." The man said happily as he huffed to catch his breath, other people in the street gathered round gladly. The boy looking fearful as his eyes shifted threw all the people, like a scared little rabbit about to be eaten by a pack of big bad wolves.

"It's time for you to pay you little hell spawn." The man said gleefully as Genbu stood back as the whites of his eyes turned black and the cornea turned blue with a white upside down triangle replacing his pupil with 3 white dots on each side of it, connected with the corners by a thin gold circle.

"Please, I'm sorry." The little boy cried fearfully as he held the clothing to his chest.

"Demon's are not worthy of Forgiveness!" Someone in the crowd yelled as the man brought the knife to stab the boy who curled up in himself as the knife came at him and hit…



"Where did he go?"

"Where's the demon?"

Several people asked, confused and angry as they looked around for the little blond boy. They looked but couldn't see a trace of the boy, and before long, the crowd disburse, moving on with their day.

Genbu watched the villagers as they moved on, the little blond boy shaking in his arms, clutching the clothes he had stolen, waiting for the pain that didn't come. Slowly, the boy opened one blue eye and then the other.

The boy blinked slowly in confusement as he saw the tops of buildings and the Konoha village walls. He noticed that he was in someone's arms, the little boy stiffed in fear but that made Genbu look down at the boy in his arms.

His unusual eyes looking pass the malnourished, frightened child, and into the boy's soul.

The eyes were slowly replaced with average black eyes, but these eyes looked down at the boy with worry, sadness, and hate. However, the hate was not directed at the little boy in Genbu's arms, but at the people who gathered to hurt-no, kill him.

"What's your name little one?" Genbu asked in, what many would think is a woman's voice.

The boy looked up at him with wide and confused eyes. Gathering his courage the little boy found his voice to tell Genbu his name.

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

Story made for /brown phantom/'s Hidden Bloodline Challenge.