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Chapter 1- Stupid Girl

~Present day~

"I'm trying. I'm trying I swear. I fucking swear, but I can't feel it," he cried as he tightly held her head to his chest. It was painful, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. "Tell me to try harder."

"I can't," she whispered into the tear stained button shirt.


"I don't deserve it."

"You don't."

She sobbed violently and pulled on his shirt trying to find a cure to her crying disease. It was her fault, but somehow things would be fixed. She would be happy again and most importantly he would be too.

She was naïve.

She cried and cried while they continued to sit on the floor accompanied by the broken glass of his anger and her faults.

He rocked her back and forth in his arms, holding on for dear life. Roughly, he caressed her hair remembering the number of times he did the same thing but in a sweeter and loving way while thinking how lucky he was.

What a fool.

He let out a broken sob into her brown hair.

Her small body shook again with another sob of her own.

"Oh please don't cry. Oh don't cry, you liar. You liar."

~Five months earlier~

"How pissed off do you think Charlie would be if he found out we smoke?" Alice asked while she drove Bella and herself to school.

Bella rolled her eyes and exhaled smoke out her window.

"Pretty fucking pissed. But that would only happen if he actually knew I existed."

"Oh my god, here we go again. 'He doesn't love me. He doesn't pay attention whaaa whaaa.' Ouch!"

Bella laughed as her friend rubbed the arm she had just punched.

"You bitch."

"Well shut your face."

"All I'm saying is that your father hasn't changed a thing in the past four years so there is no point in crying about it."

"I don't cry. Ever."

"I know you don't, you soulless bitch. I was figuratively speaking."

"You don't know what you're talking about, friend. Your dad didn't get married to the wicked witch of the west and let her bring her spawn to live at your house."

"Leah isn't that bad."

"That's because she's also a fake. Every time you come to my house she puts on her 'I'm so damn nice' act and you fall for it. Whose side are you on anyway?"

"Yours of course. But things aren't gonna change, so why not get used to them?"

Bella sighed and flicked her cigarette butt out the window.

"I'm already used to them, but it doesn't mean I like them."

Alice parked her car at the usual spot and groaned dramatically as she grabbed her backpack.

"Time to face the wonderful world of Forks Private High School, Bella."

"I wonder whose rich daddy or mommy is out of town. We need a party," Bella said as she fixed the bottom of her dark blue uniform skirt. They made their way to the entrance of the building. The loud groups of teenagers meeting for the first time since Christmas break caused a feeling of dread for Bella.

Alice huffed and led her friend to get their new schedules. "We need to get shitfaced. This whole school crap is stressful."

"Alice, today is the first day of school in weeks. How are you already stressed?"

"Jessica Slutty Stanley and her group of crack whores, Mike Eww Newton and the damn jocks, Angela Nerdy Webber and her friends, Mrs. Cope and her stutter, talking endlessly about history nobody cares about because our generation will ruin the world, must I go on?"

"No, you could have stopped at Jessica, but you have no filter or stop plug." The girls giggled as they picked their schedules up. As they looked at their schedules to see if they shared classes for the spring semester, Tyler walked to them and wrapped an arm around Bella.

"Hello, Bella…"

"Um hi, Ty."

"So I'm having a party on Friday night and guess who is invited?" He wiggled his eyebrows and she was about to roll her eyes at him when Alice answered.

"Bella Swan and her BFF forever, me?" She answered.

"Hell yeah, so see you there Bells," he said and walked off.

"I fucking hate it when people call me Bells! And doesn't he know I have a boyfriend?"

"Oh shut up. He's gonna get us shitfaced which is all that matters."

"You wino."

"You prude."

"You whore."

"Only sometimes."


During her first period history class, Bella did what she did best. She stared off into space. She daydreamed about shit that had nothing to do with history. Mrs. Cope's stutter only seemed to worsen with old age. Poor hag, if she only knew how many times Bella had suicidal thoughts when trying to listen to her talk about the Industrial Revolution.

Lauren Mallory and Mike Newton silently laughed at her when she would turn her back to them.

Bella hated them.

Bella hated everybody in school.

They were all rich kids with nothing to worry about in life so they felt the need to act like complete assholes and morons all the time. They were soulless people that followed what was popular or what was 'in'. They had no thoughts of their own. They were robots. They were copies of themselves and their rich parents programmed with thoughts and beliefs that were not their own.

Bella knew she wasn't the smartest or the most original. Hell, she didn't even know who the hell she was supposed to be. But at least she didn't try to be them. She didn't try to be just another copy of brainless heads with big tits and ass.

Her father, Charles Swan, used to be a rich man.

Used to be important to society.

Used to be a big name.

Until he was fucked over in a bad business deal.

He lost his money and his house. The only reason he kept Bella in private school was because he didn't want to look like a complete fuck up.

He was a good guy. Bella loved her father.

But sometimes he seemed to love his new family more than her. More than the girl that reminded him of what used to be. More than the girl that looked like the woman he loved and lost.

He didn't realize she hurt the most over her loss. He didn't realize that she needed him the night of the accident.

"Ms. Swan?" Mrs. Cope said with no stutter bringing Bella back to reality.

"Yes, Mrs. Cope?"

"Would you s-s-stop d-d-daydreaming? And pay at-t-tention?"

"Of course, Mrs. Cope."

"T-t-thank you. Now I'm going to t-t-t-talk about the Industrial Revolution."

Fuck my life


"Holy hell, Bella! We have English together!" Alice shrieked.

Bella laughed and grabbed Alice's hands before she started clapping.

"This only means we will probably fail English this year."

"Oh shut up." Bella rolled her eyes. "We are a good team."

"Yeah, the fact that we both failed math in ninth grade doesn't support your statement."

"That's because you suck at math and I was too distracted by Mr. Valencia's sexy Spanish accent."

"Of course, or the fact that you and I were kicked out by said Spanish accent."

"Maybe that too."

Both girls walked into their English class joking about how Jessica Stanley was already making out with the new guy.

"She has to be the most annoying stereotype of all time," Alice muttered. "Like hello, I'm blonde, dumb and a whore!"

"Alice, not all blondes are stupid."

"Mike Newton?"


"Lauren Mallory? Tanya, Mr. Porter, Reese Witherspoon…"

"That was only a movie."


"You're going to end up with a blonde man."

Jessica walked into class and sat down next to Bella.

"Hello girls."

"Hello, Jess," Alice said in a high pitch voice trying to mimic Jessica, but of course the girl was oblivious.

Bella held in her laugh.

A tall, lean man walked into the classroom. He ran a hand through his tousled weirdly bronzed hair and sighed. He straightened his green tie that matched his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Hello class, my name is Mr. Cullen and that is what you will call me as I will call you by your names."

Bella didn't hear Alice talking to her or Jessica making comments about how sexy he was.

Bella only stared at the beautiful man in front of her.

"So don't call me simply Mr. or Sir. That's my only rule. Now let's talk about English."

Bella wouldn't know what the hell he talked about. The whole period she followed his every move around the class. She stared at the way he moved his hands, those beautiful hands, while he explained the book they were supposed to read. She stared at how his jaw line was covered in just the right amount of stubble.

"Bella!" Alice whispered loudly.


"I've been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes?"

"What the hell do you want? We're in class!"

Suddenly Alice sat up straight and Bella stopped breathing as she heard the footsteps.


"Bella," she corrected him.

Stupid girl.

"Isabella, why are you talking in my class?" He looked down at her. His clenched jaw and hovering frame made her feel small.


"I'm sorry…" she began, but he wasn't going to listen.

"Your apologies are useless, Isabella. Please refrain from speaking unless I ask you to or this school semester will be very long for the both of us." He walked away and started to talk about the stupid book she didn't give a shit about.

She had decided it.

She hated him.

"Can you believe the nerve of that asshole?" Bella shouted out in the parking lot. "I mean, why did he have to be such an asshole about it?"

"And such a sexy asshole he is."


"What? I mean he is a bit of an asshole, but did you look at him?"

"Hell yes, but he isn't getting laid anyway by the looks of it. What a prick."

"Maybe you could help him with that," Jessica said walking to them.

"What are you talking about, Jessica?" Alice asked, already annoyed.

"Sexing up Mr. Cullen. Bella couldn't stop drooling over him before he got all angry with her. Why don't you seduce him? Show what a real bad girl you are."

"What? She has a boyfriend," Alice said.

"And he is a great guy that Jacob, but I'm just trying to have a little fun with Bella. I'll make you a bet."

"What?" Bella couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"One hundred bucks for a kiss. I mean a real, tongue war, kiss. A video will get you the money. And five hundred bucks if you get him to go all the way with you by the end of the semester. And to get the money, you can call me to give you a ride back home. After it happens."

"That's stupid, Jessica. He's a teacher. I would be stupid to take on your bet. He'll never go for it."

"Why are you so sure? He is only in his mid twenties. It's possible he'll fall for an eighteen year old. It's legal."

"You're just a bored rich girl with nothing else to do," Alice countered. "Bella isn't like that."

"Whatever, just think about it Bella. Give me a call if you change your mind." Jessica walked away and Bella shook her head.

"What a crazy bitch," Alice said and Bella nodded in agreement.


"How was work, honey?" Sue asked Charlie at the dinner table.

"Alright. Not what I want to do with my life, but it will do in the meantime," Charlie said and smiled at his wife.

"Well I think you look handsome in a police uniform, Charlie," Leah said and Bella rolled her eyes.

I fucking hate you

"Bells, how was school?" He asked trying to give his daughter some attention. He did it once in a while.

"Alright. I have a really rude teacher."

"Well you better get over it. Charlie spends a lot of money on that school, Bella," Leah said and Bella wanted to stab her fork in her leg. But the mashed potatoes were too good. Instead, she just glared at her step-sister.

"Leah," Sue tried to warn her daughter.

"I'm just saying, Mom. Bella needs a little growing up to do. I go to the reservation's school. It lacks in good teachers and books but I don't complain. Bella needs to appreciate what she has." Charlie didn't say anything.

He never did.

"So who is this rude teacher, Bells?" He asked shoving some more food into his mouth.

"Oh, a Mr. Cullen. English teacher."



"How old is he?"

"I don't know. Maybe 25? He's really young."

"Does he have red hair?"

"Reddish, yeah. Why? You know him?" Bella was intrigued. Charlie knew Mr. Cullen?

"Of course I do. He's Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen's son."

"And he is…"

"The asshole that screwed me over. Well, he didn't directly do it, but he helped. I hate him and his family. They used to be my friends until the business turned sour for me. I don't want you communicating or socializing with those people, Bella. If you can, get out of his class."

"Dad, I don't think it's a big deal to where I have to change classes."

"Bella, it is a big deal. Because of those people I have lost my job and my house."

"Fine, I'll see what I can do."


There was no other English teacher besides Mr. Cullen.

Charlie didn't like the news, but only sighed and mumbled profanities. He made Bella swear she wouldn't talk to him or his family. She didn't know why she would ever even consider it, so she didn't worry about it.

Mr. Cullen seemed to hate her anyway.

He would always pick on her.

"Isabella, please stop daydreaming in my class. Isabella, stop talking. Isabella, stop clicking your pen. Isabella, please read out loud and please read slowly. You seem to want to speed through every word. You insult the author."

Bella really hated him by the end of the week.

On Friday, she spent the afternoon at Alice's house getting ready for Tyler's party.

"Have you even talked to Jake lately?" Alice asked as she fixed Bella's hair.

"Yes, we talk over the phone all the time and he's going to the party tonight."

"Awesome. Tell him to take some weed."

"You pot head."

"You asshole."

"You have a flat ass."

"You have small tits."

"Shut the hell up already!" Emmett yelled from downstairs and the two girls started to giggle.

"Is your brother going?" Bella asked.

"Nah, now that he is in college, he thinks he's the shit and too good for high school parties."

"That's too bad. He's always the life of the party."

"Does Charlie know where you're at?"

"No, he never asks and it doesn't matter. He's too busy with Sue and his new daughter Leah."

"You really do hate them?"

"I hate Leah. Sue is okay. Sometimes she tries too hard to be my friend." The girls traded places and Bella started working on Alice's hair.

"Can you believe Jessica? Really? Like there is no organization she can donate her money to. She's making stupid bets. Stupid bitch," Alice said, looking at Bella through the mirror of her dresser.

"I know. Besides, Mr. Cullen fucking hates me. Do you hear how he refuses to call me Bella and how he has to pick at everything at I do? I swear he acts like I'm fucking up his world."

"Bella, he's like that with everybody. Like today, he got on to me because I smacked my gum and because I coughed. He hates the world, not just you."

"Well I hate him and the stick up his ass." Both girls laughed.


"I fucking hate this song," Bella moaned as they started to play some hip hop song.

"Bella, it's a high school party filled with teenagers. You're gonna hate everything about it, except the booze," Jacob said and Bella giggled. They had been dating for years now. They were each other's first of everything. First kiss, sex, fight, and first anything else, that's what they were.

"You know me so well."

"That I do." He was a great guy and always there for her. He was there when her mom died and had been there every time she would break down. He always listened and always comforted her without asking for anything in return.

The ridiculous and devastating thing was that Bella did not love him.

She tried. She tried loving Jake, but what she felt for him was not love and she knew it. And because she couldn't love such a wonderful guy like Jake, she gave up on the idea of love.

She never told him but he knew it. He did love her and would wait for her to love him back. Bella hated herself.

After a few minutes, Jake brought her another beer and they smoked a joint together while they sat on Tyler's couch. He started to kiss her neck and he hoped he would get lucky tonight. It had been too long.

But he wasn't lucky and nor was Bella.

"Bella!" Alice yelled and Bella pushed Jacob away.


"Your father is outside. He's making everyone go home!"

"Holy shit!" Bella stood up and held onto Jacob as she realized the beer and the weed had kicked in.

She ran outside and Jacob followed.

Charlie was on Tyler's front yard yelling for everyone to go home, threatening arrest.

"Dad!" She said going up to him. "Dad, they get the point, now stop it. This is embarrassing."

"Isabella, how many goddamn times have I told you that I don't want you seeing this boy?" He asked pointing at Jake who was standing right behind her.

"Dad, Jake is my boyfriend. I've told you that many times as well."

"Well I don't like him. He's trouble. Look at your eyes! I bet he's responsible for this!"

"Sir…Mr. Swan," Jake stammered.

"Shut up! Bella get in the damn car and stay in there. You best get home Jacob, before I call Billy and tell him about this shit!"

Jake gave Bella a sympathy look and walked away.

Bella was now alone.

As usual.


"You're on fucking drugs!" Charlie yelled.

"It's just beer!"

"I was a teenager once. Don't you think for a minute that I'm stupid."

"What does it matter anyway what I think? You don't give a shit about me anyway!" Bella yelled. They were standing in the dining room with the dinner table separating them.

Charlie felt the pain in his chest he always felt when Bella talked like that. He loved his daughter so much. He blamed himself for the way she acted. She thought he didn't love her and she couldn't be more wrong. He knew it was his fault she believed this. He hadn't been the best father over the past few years.

"Bella, I do care. You're my daughter. Of course I care! That's why I don't want you seeing that Jacob Black. He isn't good for anything! He spends his time playing video games and doing drugs. He's a bad influence on you!"

"Oh shut up, Dad. You don't really give a damn about me! All you care about is what people may think of your daughter. All you care about is your new wife and your new daughter! Not about me!"

"Bella, why are you saying these things? I thought you loved Sue."

"I loved my mother! And you did too. But ever since she died you act like it's my fault, so you got replacements for me and her."

"I don't think that."

"Then why did you change so much?"

"Bella, even before Renee died, things were changing. I lost everything. Renee wasn't the same, and I wasn't either. Before she died, I had planned on asking her for a divorce."

"What?" Bella asked. Shocked by the revelation, Bella covered her mouth with one hand to keep her cries to herself.

"I didn't replace her or you. Sue already existed…"

Bella could no longer see. The tears in her eyes made it impossible.

"Renee found out about her a few hours before her death."

"Why are you telling me this now? How dare you? How fucking dare you, Charlie?"

"Bella, I'm only telling you because I'm tired of hiding it from you. I don't want you to think that I blame you for what happened, because I don't. Renee got upset and took off in her car. I didn't hear or find her until that night…in that ditch. I blame myself. That's why I've acted strange with you. Don't blame Sue or Leah."

Bella fell to her knees and began to cry. The pain in her chest was too much.

"Bella, baby girl, I'm so sorry." Charlie tried to comfort his daughter, but she pushed him away.

"Get away from me! Don't touch me!" She ran up to her room and slammed the door behind her.

She cried and cried into her pillow, hugging her mother's photo in that frame she had made her in the third grade. The one Renee always bragged about to her friends.

"Mommy, I miss you so much," she cried and kissed Renee's image.

She hated her father.

She didn't know if it was something she would get over, but she wanted to get even. She wanted to get back at her father for lying to her and for hurting her mother.

So she called Jessica Stanley, not caring that it was three in the morning.

"What the hell, Swan? It's fucking late."

"I'll do it."

"Huh? Do what?"

"I'll take on your bet."


Bella was going to hurt her father.

"Yes. I'll seduce Mr. Cullen."

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