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Chapter 7- The Blue Door

The sounds of the old floor were strangely soothing to Bella as she walked into the house that belonged to Edward.

The distant playing of classical music in another room, the old decorations and the lonely feeling made Bella smile. It all seemed perfect.

It was all him.

"Mother," he called up the stairs and the music suddenly stopped. He looked down at Bella and gave her a knowing nod.

"Is Bella here?" Esme asked as she walked down the stairs.

"I'm here," Bella answered back causing Edward to sigh. Bella rolled her eyes and greeted a smiling Esme.

"Why, dear, you look more beautiful than the last time I saw you. Isn't that right, Edward?"

Bella could feel her cheeks redden and her ears warm. Luckily, Edward didn't answer and instead glared at his mother.

"Bella, dear, I'm in the mood for cookies. Come to the kitchen with me," Esme said and walked away without waiting for her.

Bella was about to follow having no idea where the kitchen was, when Edward held her by her arm. "You better not give my mother a hard time."

"I won't. What kind of witch do you think I am?"

Edward took a deep breath, tensed his jaw, and then shook his head. "I only have one more rule and you have to promise me, Isabella, that you will follow this rule till your death."

"Damn, till death? Must be serious."

"It is!"

"Fine, I promise."

"Upstairs, there is a room at the very end to your right. It has the only blue door in the entire house."


"Do not go into that room. It's locked, but don't dare find a way to get into that room."

"Why would I?"

"I don't know, but just promise you won't."

Bella looked into his eyes. This strange request was coming from deep part of his soul and she had no choice but to agree.

"I promise I won't."

With that, Edward dropped her arm and walked away.


"When the doctor's told me I was sick, Edward forced me to come live with him since Carlisle, my husband, is always away on business. My poor boy worried I would die of solitude. But I have been married to Carlisle for years. I've always been alone." Esme laughed shyly while she and Bella waited for the cookies to bake.

"Before you came to live here, why did Edward buy such a huge house for himself? I mean…that's none of my business, but this house is…"

"He didn't buy it. His uncle, Henry Cullen, left it to him when he died. Henry didn't have any children himself, but had inherited this house from his parents. He always loved Edward as a son and promised to leave him something after his death. He never changed anything about this place. Edward has always been an old soul and loved this house. He refuses to change anything in it as well. It drives his father crazy. He just doesn't understand my son. I don't think anybody ever has," Esme said with a sad smile.

"He's a good man from what I've seen, a little grumpy, but still good."

Esme laughed at Bella's comment and took her hands. "My sweet girl, you're brave. I like it. Don't ever let him get to you. Always defend yourself. That's how you will gain his respect and then his heart."

Bella shook her head incredulously at the silly thought.


Bella didn't realize how fast time had passed until she started yawning and saw that Esme had fallen asleep. They had been watching TheGoldenGirls on TV after an afternoon of cooking and gossiping about Edward, old hags in Forks, and Carlisle…mostly about Edward. She hadn't seen Edward all day and wondered where he lost himself in the huge house.

She helped Esme into her bed, said her goodbyes and she made her way to the staircase catching sight of the infamous blue door room.

There was nothing special about the door, just the unusual color considering everything else in the house was dark colored. She stared at it for a little while more and then decided it was time to leave.

As she made it to the last step, Edward appeared in front of her, making her jump.

"God," she gasped. "You could at least make some noise before appearing in front of someone like that."

He smirked. "Do you find me frightening? Should I take offense?"

She rolled her eyes. "I have the feeling you would take offense to the wind blowing, but that's just what I think... no offense," she said sarcastically making him smile widely. It had been a while since she had seen him smile. It was sure a sight to see.

"None taken, actually."

"Oh, wow, great, super…"

He sighed.

"What? I'm just celebrating the fact that I have not offended you. With you that's epic."

"Why do you feel the need to fight with me, Isabella?"

"I'm not fighting with you. I'm simply having a conversation. I'm not a fighter. I believe in world peace and that good bull."

He just shook his head and walked away.

"Why must you always walk away?" Bella mumbled to herself.


Once again, Edward drove in silence. He didn't bother to have a conversation with Bella, so she ended up asleep against the car window. The warmth of his car and his scent made her feel comfortable, at peace and safe.

She was awakened by his soft voice calling her name and his rough hand rubbing her hand. She snapped her eyes open and found his green eyes staring at her. She didn't know if it was the sleep or if it was reality, but she found a sweet and soft look in his eyes. It wasn't the usual glare he gave her.

"Sorry, I was tired."

"No need to apologize, Isabella. You worked hard today. Caring for my mother is not an easy task."

"Your mother is wonderful. I loved spending time with her."

"Yes, but you could be resting in your house."

"A house that doesn't want me with a family that hates me."

"That can't be possible," Edward said lowly.

"It is."

"They can't hate you. Nobody could hate you, Isabella," he said caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. She loved it when he did that. She almost believed his words.

"I guess I have to get out of your car now." She opened the car door, but Edward quickly reached across her and closed it shut.

"Before you leave, I wanted to thank you, Isabella. My mother has great affection for you and you are making her happy in these moments." Edward looked into her eyes as he said this.

Bella couldn't find her words or even her thoughts. She was lost in his pained green eyes that also, at the moment, were full of sincerity.

"I…uh…um, I love being here. Your mother is an amazing person," she managed to mumble.

He gave a short lasting smile and nodded, silently letting her know she could leave.

"Goodnight, Isabella. May your dreams be pleasant," she managed to hear him whisper.

"You too."


It didn't matter how many times she had seen him, every time Edward Cullen entered a room, Bella couldn't hold back her gasp and stare.

Even in the noisy cafeteria, he owned her thoughts and eyes.

"Hey, Bella." Jessica's voice, unfortunately, pulled Bella out of her trance. She sat next to her, placing her tray of food in front of her. Bella hoped she didn't intend to stay and chat. She didn't hate the girl, but she couldn't stand her. Also, Alice was running late to lunch and Bella didn't want her new company to scare her off.

"Hey, Jess."

"So I was wondering. How is it going with the hot teacher?"


"What? It's not like he knows we're talking about him."

"Just keep it down," Bella warned.


"It's going slow, but that was expected."

"Well you better hurry, Bella. You wouldn't want him to be nabbed by some hot older woman and have him forget about you, the immature, younger girl." Jessica left, but Bella didn't even notice. She was now drowning in the venomous words Jessica had injected into her mind.

Another woman? No. He doesn't know anybody else around this town.

How would you know? It's not like he would tell you that he has a girlfriend. He has no reason.

Bella quickly stood up and searched for Lauren around the cafeteria until she found her sitting with Tyler and Eric.

"Lauren, we need to talk," Bella ordered and without waiting for Lauren, pulled the girl by the arm.

"Bella, what is the deal?"

Bella didn't answer until they were outside, away from other ears.

"Does Edward have a girlfriend?"

Lauren tried to hide her smile, but it only annoyed Bella further.

"I'm being serious!"

"Bella, you don't have to be mad or jealous."

"I am not jealous!"

"Uh huh."

"Just answer!"

"No! He doesn't have a girlfriend, but he did have a serious thing going on with a girl named Kate a few months ago. It ended and according to Kate it was just so she could finish her school."

"So do they still talk?" Bella didn't understand where this frustration of hers was coming from.

"I don't know. Maybe. They ended on a good note from what I heard from my mother."

Bella didn't wait for more and walked away leaving a confused Lauren behind.


"I don't like losing."

"What kind of losing?" Rosalie asked.

"Any kind of losing. I've lost so much already. I am selfish and inconsiderate."

"Do you really think you're these things?"

"Yes. Because I don't like losing."

"I think you just need to learn to move on."

"No. I want what I want."

"What is it that you want now?"



"Jacob, I can't see you right now. I have to go to work," Bella said annoyed as Jacob walked with her after school.

"Since when do you work?" He asked.

"Since whenever."

"Why haven't you told me?"

"Why must I tell you everything?"

"Geez, I don't know. Maybe, because I am your boyfriend and your best friend."

Bella stopped walking and looked up at the face of her hurt friend.

"Jake, I'm sorry. I'm such a bitch. I just…I've been very busy…"

"Bells," Jake interrupted her. "It's okay."

It angered her that he was so passive. Why didn't get angry? Why didn't he fight for what he felt?

Because he is a boy and not a man.

Like him…

Jake took Bella's face in his hands and pulled her close for a kiss. His lips moved hungrily on hers, yet she didn't react. How wrong his lips felt against hers. She remembered the times she would tell herself how fortunate she was to have him, but now she couldn't wait for him to stop kissing her. She couldn't wait for him to leave her alone. Guilt filled her, causing her to never kiss him back. He sensed her reluctance and pulled away. Before he could say anything, someone cleared his throat and made both of them jump.

"Isabella, I thought you would want a ride," Edward said. Bella almost felt worried that he had seen her being kissed by Jacob, but the look on Edward's face made her rejoice.

He seemed…jealous. He glared at him with such great fervor that it made Jake look down at his feet.

"I'll see you around, Jake," she said and walked towards Edward.

He didn't say anything the whole time they rode to his house, but that was normal. Yet, she really wanted for him to ask about Jacob. She wanted him to show some kind of negative feeling towards him.

Maybe that would show that he liked her.

But he didn't say anything.


"Why don't you stay the night, dear?" Esme asked as Bella helped her cook dinner.

"I mean I could. It's Friday."

"Then come on! I could braid your hair and we could watch girly movies. I always wanted to do that with a daughter, but I didn't have one."

Bella blushed and nodded. "Okay, that sounds like fun. Let me just tell Charlie."

Dinner was just between the girls since Edward decided he wasn't hungry. Esme spent the whole time telling Bella stories of when she was young and Bella intently listened and pictured every story in her mind.

"Did your mom braid your hair?" Esme asked as she brushed Bella's brown hair.

"Yes. We would do this every night," Bella whispered.

"You must miss her terribly."

"I do. So much, that it hurts and it makes me mad."

"What makes you mad? That you miss her and or that she isn't around anymore?"

"Both. It makes me so mad that I miss her. I wish she was with me, but…"


"It also makes me mad that she isn't around to see what I've become."

"She would be proud."

"No, Esme. She would be upset, but she would fix me. She isn't around to fix me."

"Oh, child. You don't need anybody to fix you. You fix yourself. Your mother would only help with the process. I could help you."

Bella didn't say anything and held back her tears. Esme tenderly ran her fingers through her hair as she braided it. Her touch was so soft and motherly.

Just like her mother was when she was alive.

She looked up the stair case from where they were sitting in the leaving room. Edward's eyes were looking at her, not even bothering to mask their wonder and concern. She wondered how long he had been standing there.

He walked away and once again disappeared into the darkness of his house.

Bella dreamt that night of her mother playing with her when she was a child. The laughter that her mother produced sounded like a beautiful melody. Bella realized it was truly a song when she suddenly woke up.

The beautiful melody was coming from down stairs. She found herself walking towards the sound. Careful not to make any noise, she sat at the bottom of the stairs and stared at Edward's hands that played the piano. Her eyes wandered up to his face and stayed there for the rest of the song.

She once again fell into her new addiction. Studying every detail of his face was the only way she could control her strange need for him. She needed him and his approval.

He denied her everything and it frustrated the hell out of her.

But her eyes had the pleasure and fortune to have him.

Those same eyes became heavy with sleep after a few songs and began to close. She knew she was falling asleep but couldn't bring herself to move away from Edward's wonderful music. She was dreaming again, she knew she was asleep, it would explain Edward's velvety voice saying "beautiful" and his finger tracing her cheeks.

His touch was so smooth, caring, almost loving.

It must be a dream.

She opened her eyes and found Edward standing above her. He was a man of few words, but he didn't need them. His face said so much, but she couldn't understand it all. She couldn't understand the calm and warm expression he currently held as he stood above her.

He extended his hand to her, offering to help her up. She took it without hesitation. The warm current of energy that passed from his hand to hers was too strong. She knew he had felt it as well.

He had to.

They didn't say anything and instead listened to each other's breaths and the silence of the old house. He gently rubbed the top of her hand with his large thumb, making her sigh deeply.

She held onto his eyes until he finally looked down and let go of her hand.

"We should go to sleep. It is late," he simply stated.

"Of course," she whispered, but didn't move.

She took a deep breath, taking him in. It made her chest ache in a strange and unknown way. She had never felt like this before.

How can you not feel this? You must feel this, too.

"Goodnight, Isabella," he whispered and before she knew it, he leaned in and gave her a soft, warm kiss on the cheek.

She gasped and held onto his shirt. Why was it so difficult to breathe all of the sudden? Why did it feel like her body had forgotten the existence of gravity? Why didn't he kiss her one more time?

He leaned away and gave her a final wave and left her at the bottom of the stairs.

She was certain that nothing else had occupied her dreams that night. He was there, in every dream. His smell, his face, his warmth and that beautiful glow that he seemed to posses that made her feel weak and as if she belonged to him, made her restless.

She woke up to the sound of a ticking noise coming from the next room. She rubbed her face and tired eyes. She cursed as she realized how early it still was. She felt as if she had just closed her eyes. But the overwhelming dreams of Edward Cullen and the persistent ticking coming from the next room forbid her to sleep.

She got out of bed, desperate to discover what the noise was. She headed towards the noise; she realized it was coming from the room with the blue door.

Hesitantly she walked towards it. She looked around to make sure Edward was not around. When she was satisfied that he was not, she reached the door and placed her ear against the wooden door.

The noise vibrated the door against her ear. She wondered what it could be and why Edward was so obsessed with her not opening the door.

The noise finally stopped and Bella huffed not having an answer to her curious and restless mind. She detached her ear from the door and was about to head back to the guest room, when she bumped into his chest.

She gasped at the contact and was so terrified at the look of pure anger in his menacing green eyes that she couldn't find her voice to scream. She was certain her heart had stopped.

"How dare you!" He said as he tightly gripped her arm.

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