Miranda nervously opened the door with a trembling hand to the GYN Clinic and walked slowly in. She tried to keep her breathing calm, but who was she kidding? She was scared out of her mind. She hated doctors and hospitals.

This was her first time getting checked out. All her friends kept telling her that she needed to do it and that it was over real quick.

Miranda's best friend, Stacy had recommended Dr. Dean Winchester. Miranda had no clue why, but all Stacy did was grin and said he was good with his hands.

Miranda cleared her throat at the receptionist and forced herself to smile. "My name is Miranda Gardner. I have an appointment at two."

The receptionist who was five yrs younger than her smiled back and checked the schedule.

"He should be ready to see you in ten minutes," the girl replied. "A nurse will be out shortly to call you back."

"Thank you," Miranda said and took a seat in the waiting room surrounded by different women.

Miranda watched the clock on the wall, her heart beating fast as each minute grew closer. She could still get up and walk out. Right when Miranda thought she was going to make a break for it a nurse called out her name.

"Miranda Gardner?" She said looking up from whatever it was she was holding.

Damn it!

"That's me," Miranda choked out.

The nurse smiled at her. "Please follow me."

Miranda did as she was told and was led to the back and down a hall.

Why was she so scared about getting a pap smear?

"Is this your first time?" The older nurse asked as she stopped in front of a room that had Dean Winchester on the door.

"Am I that obvious?" Miranda asked as the nurse opened the door and flicked the light on in the room.

The nurse gave her a sympathetic smile. "It's not that bad. It's always the fist time that's the hardest," she said. "You will need to take all your clothes off and put this on," she said handing her a flimsy gown.

Miranda reluctantly took it from the nurse unsure if she was supposed to get dressed in front of her.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," The nurse said and closed the door slightly just leaving a crack open.

"Might as well get this over with," she muttered and quickly changed to the flimsy gown that came down to mid thigh.


Dr. Dean Winchester strolled down the hall ready to get this next patient over with. Just as he was about to walk in his room he caught a glimpse of a hot young chick putting on one of the gowns that his patients were required to wear.

Dean new he would have lost his license if someone had caught him being a Peeping Tom on one of his patients.

"Dr. Winchester, here is your latest patient file," his nurse told him handing him a thin file.

Dean frowned at how thin the file was. "How come it's so small?"

"This is the girls first time," she whispered. "Go easy on her."

"Right," Dean said. "Why don't you get my patient set up? I'll be in a few minutes."

"Yes sir."

Dean couldn't help but grin. He loved the first timers.


Miranda licked her dry lips as her eyes caught an unwanted glimpse of a host of gleaming stainless steel instruments, including a speculum and some forceps.

"Oh, my god," she said wide eyed and started to feel weak.

A knock sounded on the door making her jump.

"I'm sorry, dear." The nurse said repeating what she had done earlier as she entered the room. "How are you holding up so far?"

"Truthfully? Like I want to run out of here in this awful gown," Miranda said in a rush making the nurse chuckle.

"It's okay to feel that way. Now why don't we get ready for Dr. Winchester? Climb up."

Miranda did as she was told and climb up on the torture looking exam table that had two stainless steel stirrups at the ends angling in odd directions.

Miranda finally noticed the nurse's name tag which read Nurse Brennan.

"Alright now lie down and feet in the stirrups."

"I can still run out of here, right?" Miranda asked and she complied.

The metal stirrups felt like ice, sending a chill through her body.

Nurse Brennan smiled some more. "Just relax, dear." She said as she shook open a freshly laundered sheet and draped it over Miranda.

When Nurse Brennan lifted the sheet up at the end, Miranda closed her eyes as she felt the woman's eyes on her exposed area.

"All right, now slide down some," Nurse Brennan ordered her.

Taking a deep breath, Miranda scooted down some.

"A little more, dear."

Miranda's heart thumped wildly in her chest as she moved farther down until she felt her buttocks half off the end of the table.

"That's fine," Nurse Brennan said. "Dr. Winchester will be in shortly. Good luck." She said leaving Miranda alone in the room.

"Whoever invented this torture should be in hell," Miranda said to herself and waited for the Dr. Winchester to come in so she could get this over with.


Dean smiled when Nurse Brennan walked out of his exam room.

"How's my patient?"

"Nervous and scared as hell," Nurse Brennan told him. "Be nice."

"I'm always nice," Dean said defensively going into his exam room with Miranda's file tucked under his arm and closed the door behind him. "I'm Dr. Winchester," Dean said introducing himself to his newest patient and took her file out from his arm and opened it. "You are Miranda Gardner?" He asked.

"Yes," she said in a low voice that Dean almost didn't hear her.

Dean walked to the side of the exam table to get a better look at her.

She was about 5'10 and had the darkest brown eyes Dean had ever seen. His eyes traveled down her perfectly made body. At he sight of her made his cock go hard.

"You had to do that now," He muttered at his manly part.

"I'm sorry?" Miranda asked looking at him strangely.

"I said you are twenty-eight. Can I ask why this is your first time?" He asked setting the file down and walked over to the sink to give his hands a quick wash.

"Because I've always been afraid of doctors and hospitals," she admitted.

Dean quickly dried his hands off, and tore open a package of latex rubber gloves. He loved snapping them on his hands. He noticed he did that Miranda almost flew off the table.

"Sorry," he told her trying hard not to laugh.

"A little warning would have been nice," she said through her perfectly white teeth.

He watched her trying to get relaxed on the exam table.

"It won't hurt," he told her sitting down on the stool at the end of the table. "That much." He added.


Miranda wanted to hit him over the head for saying that. What was so special that Stacy had to recommend this doctor? Other than the part that he was hot as hell might have had something to do with it.

Nurse Brennan walked back into the room walking over to Dr. Winchester.

"How's every thing going?" She asked but only looking at Dr. Winchester.

"He's an ass," Miranda slipped out before she could stop herself.

"That he is," Nurse Brennan said laughing.

"I'm not a complete ass," Dr. Winchester said.

Before Miranda knew it she felt her legs being pushes apart to their limit and started to get frantic knowing that Dr. Winchester was now looking at her exposed area.

"Lets have the Graves speculum," Dr, Winchester said to Nurse Brennan.

Miranda couldn't see what was going on but she heard the sharp clink of metal hitting against metal and it gave her a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.


Dean couldn't help but smirk as he moved the Graves' speculum more than once. He could see Miranda's trying to calm down.

Nurse Brennan cleared her throat simply not amused as he was. "Dr. Winchester," she scolded him.

The smile quickly vanished from his face. "Right. Now I want you to relax," he told Miranda….

A/N: Okay this is totally different for me to write than any other story. I am a little nervous about writing this one and I know I shouldn't have started another one but this idea has been nagging at me. LOL! Let me know if you want me to continue or not.