This is my first fanfic so take it easy on me. This is a rewritten of the story 'Of Gods and a Demon' by TheLastHuman. I am going to change a few things from the story.

Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympian and Halo belong to Rick Riordan and Bungie respectively

Artemis POV

Artemis, the god of the hunt, raised her head to the stars. She was standing in a glade, with the glowing lights of New York behind her. The stars shone brightly, and the moon was full filling the sky with its glorious irradiance. She could see all the constellations, Leo, Hercules, Orion, but her favourite of all: the Huntress. Remembering how her Lieutenant died, on that cool December day still brought grief to her, and how she died at the hands of her father, HER father, the very one that was responsible for the safety of his offspring. If there was one thing in the universe, it was how men could screw EVERYTHING up. They had started world war, brought along the deaths of millions, and worst of all, they seduced young maidens, and she was still unhappy how she couldn't turn them all into Jackalopes or something similar.

Well maybe all accept one. That Perseus Jackson, he was something…else, an anomaly in her reasoning, the rose among the thorns. That hero had saved that girl Annabeth, and had even ran away from that silly camp to due so. He had braved the dangers of the quest, had even held up the sky, few men would attempt such a thing, Most interestingly of all, he had even been accepted by Zoe, a feat which no words could capture.

Dawn was approaching within an hour time. Artemis walked back to her encampment. A deep rumbling was heard in the distance and she looked up in surprise, trying to search for the culprit, she found none. She then became aware of a light in the stars; she looked up quickly, and gasped at what she saw. There was a large thing, descending from the heavens. It was obviously not her brother Apollo, since he would never get up this early. The object continued its rush towards earth, and directly towards HER.

The Thing overshot her by about a mile away form her hunters' encampment. The goddess turned around, and made her way to the encampment. The "Encampment" was consisted of fourteen silver half-dome tents arranged in a crescent formation. In the centre of the area, were the remnants of a fire. Artemis walked into the camp, and blew a long note form a hunting horn.

Almost immediately the camp bustled with activity, there was talking inside a tent, another actually fell over as the occupant fell on the tent's spine. Within a couple minutes the hunters had packed up the tents, were dressed, and stood before Artemis, in two even rows. "While you were sleeping," she began, "A large object landed about a mile from here, and it's giving off an aura, I have a feeling this is important."

Ten minutes later the hunters came to the object. It was metallic, and faintly resembled a mortal jet, except this was a strange shade of metallic green. It had two sets of short, stubby wings. At the roots there was a large rectangular box. Facing them, was a compartment, its door was knocked down. Artemis felt life, not in the Thing though but behind a cylinder. "Come out" she yelled "I know you're in there!"

Master Chief's POV

The Master Chief awoke to his throbbing head. He groaned and stood up. He was lying on the floor of the compartment, which was a mess. Crates are thrown all over place, wires protruding out and the cockpit was smashed completely. The scene brought memories from not too long ago.


The Master Chief slowly opened his eyes, momentarily forgetting everything, the battle for the Ark, the Covenant, the Flood, Johnson's death, or at least until, "Chief, can you hear me?" asked a familiar female voice.

The door to the cryrotube opened, and the Master Chief slowly stands up, on shaky feet. "So how was your beauty sleep?" asked Cortana sarcastically. The Chief mumbled his voice raw from disuse. "So Chief, the portal from the Ark didn't close, from what I can tell, we entered a new one. This "new" portal still leads to Earth, but five hundred forty two years earlier."

"Five hundred forty two years earlier?" asked the Chief.

"Yes, the exact date, judging from the location of the continents, and from the sun, it is some time in June, 2010. Chief, we could prevent everything, save countless lives…"

"No. We can't go messing with time, it's, it's NOT natural, and it could change the future for the worst."

"So what do we do then?" asked Cortana. Before the Chef could answer, Cortana picked up something in her sensor. "Chief! This ship is going to be pulled into the earth gravity field" said Cortana. "I'll see if there is any transport that is still working left on this ship" said the Chief. The Chief grab his assault rifle and check the ammunition. It has a good half a clip left. He place the assault rifle on his back. The Chief then navigate his way through the damaged hull and finally reached his destination.

The door to the hangar bay was jammed. He pried the door open and found shrapnel of vehicle floating around the hangar bay. He couldn't find any working Pelican on the ship. At the far end of the hangar bay, he spied an Albatross drop ship that seems intact. He floats towards it. The interior of the ship was still intact. He went to the control panel. The panel lit up and was ready to receive command. The Chief ran its diagnostics and find most of its system still intact. "It will have to do" said the Chief to himself. He called Cortana on the radio.

"Cortana there is still a working Albatross in the hangar bay" said the Chief. "Alright, Cheif" said Cortana.

The Chief made his way back to the cryo chamber. "Cortana, I need you to set the self destruct sequence on the engine" said the Chief. "You know if we blow this ship up we have no way to go back" stated Cortana. "Yeah but if anyone finds this ship when it crash landed and access the computer from this time it will also mess with the time if they get any information out of it" objected the Chief. "Yeah it's true too" said Cortana understandingly. "Don't worry Cortana I'm sure we will find a way" said the Chief reassuringly. "Alright Chief, yank me" said Cortana. The Chief float towards the holo projector.

With a nod from Cortana, Chief yanked her chip out of the holo projector, and inserted her into the neutral interlace at the base of his neck. He then headed toward his favourite place: the armoury. Finally finding his destination, the Chief got down to work. After loading a few crates containing weapons, field equipment and several other goodies onto the Albatross. He start-up the dropship. He placed Cortana in the Albatross control. "Self destruct sequence activated, we have three minutes to get to safe distance" reported Cortana as a small time appear on the bottom right if his HUD. The Albatross left the hangar but soon the engine stalled.

"Cortana, what's happening?" asked the Chief as he tapped into the control. "I'm looking into it" said Cortana irritated. "You have to find the problem fast or we will not reach the safe point in time" said the Chief as the timer was left two minutes and ten seconds. "Got it, Chief I need you to reconnect the circuit breakers connecting the engine and the control module" said Cortana. The Chief nodded as he ran towards the breaker panel.

The timer has one minute left. He manages to locate the panel but he does not have the tools to open the lid. He uses his armour enhance strength and tear open the lid. He found the disconnected breaker. He held them in place with his hand. "The engine is back online, hang on" said Cortana as she burned the engine thrusters at full speed but it wasn't fast enough. The engine of the remains in the Forward Unto Dawn exploded sending a shockwave to its surrounding. The Albatross was violently pushed towards the earth gravity. The ship shook violently.

"This ship is a wreck Chief, I don't have control of her anymore" said Cortana. The Chief went into the control panel as he yanked the chip and placed it on the base of his neck. "Don't worry Cortana, we'll make it" said the Chief. "Yes, John I trust you" said Cortana quietly as he braced for impact. The ship hull begins to glow red in colour. The Albatross screamed through the atmosphere. In an instant the world became dark.

"Chief! Chief! CHIEF! CHIEF!" yelled Cortana urgently.

"What?" asked the Master Chief, as he was pulled out of his reverie.

"I've got thirty contacts on the scanner, and they're heading towards this location. Plus one high concentration of energy, but what type, I don't know. It isn't electrical, plasma, or anything listed."

"Well," replied the Chief, let's go meet our hosts." He picked up a Battle Rifle. He carefully skirted the crash site, went to the edge of the clearing and lay in position as he scanned the crash site through the scope of his battle rifle. After carefully examining the area, he finally saw… a bunch of teenagers, wearing t-shirts and jeans, with bows drawn.

At first he thought they were from some summer camp nearby, and they had come to investigate the wreckage. Except one of the girls was…glowing? And they were all carrying bows and arrows?

"Chief, she's the one who's emitting the energy signature."

"Any suggestions, Cortana?"

"How about saying 'hi' or another form of greeting like 'hello'?

The Chief raised an eyebrow. The expression was evident even with his helmet on.

"Just lie low and see what happens. They can't know we're he-" Cortana was interrupted by a girl's voice.

The girl spoke, in a surprisingly commanding voice, for a teenage girl of perhaps thirteen. "Come Out! We know you're around!" The Chief slowly back away but accidentally break a twig. The Hunters heard it and fire their bow at the direction where the sound came from. The Chief quickly ran as he dodges the arrows. He was trained to save civilian and never to use his weapons against them unless necessary. He wasn't sure what to do when girls fire arrows at him. His armour can withstand the impact of the arrows and a superhuman reflex allows him to continuing dodging the arrows. But a part of him wants to fight back.

"Chief, go into the woods maybe we can loose them" suggested Cortana. The Chief took Cortana idea and melted into the forest. Thalia ordered the Hunters to cease fire. "Lady Artemis, what was that?" asked Thalia. "I'm not sure but that thing is too fast for a human even a half-blood, but it got the wrong idea when it thinks it can loose us in the forest" said Artemis grimly. Artemis ordered her Hunters to pursue the thing and catch it by whatever means necessary.