As promised, this is the first chapter of a five-chapter, follow-on story that takes place immediately after the final chapter of 'LOVE HINA: FLIGHT OF THE HORNET'.

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By Doctor-T


For the next couple of days after her second thrashing - well, humiliating spanking, to be exact - at the hands of the merciless and vengeful Goth girl, Naru had been on her absolutely best behavior. The abashed and not a little frightened girl had wisely taken Kanako's warning to heart this time. Especially since she knew that there was now absolutely no chance at all of either Aunt Haruka or Keitaro interceding on her behalf. Waking up every morning surrounded by the huge, heaped up, untidy pile of her possessions and furniture in the cramped and gloomy confines of the basement storage room, which was situated just across the corridor from the boiler room, had driven home to Naru in no uncertain terms that she was on the outer with all of the Urashima family now, not just Keitaro and Kanako.

Naru also knew all-too-well that if the grim Goth girl caught her trying to seduce Keitaro again, her previously experienced spanking would be merely an entrée to the punishment she would then receive. So the now exceedingly wary ex-wife had taken extreme care to do exactly as Kanako had ordered her to. From then on she scrupulously kept her distance from Keitaro when in his presence, only speaking to him (in the politest of terms) when spoken to first. And she also made damn sure that she never said anything to her ex that could in the slightest way be construed as either threatening him or trying to lure him back into renewing their abruptly and painfully terminated relationship.

Then, completely out of the blue, yet another bizarre twist of fate befell her, turning Naru's woeful situation completely on its head once again. On Tuesday afternoon, three days after her spanking, Noriyasu Seta had unexpectedly turned up at the Hinata Apartments on a flying visit. 'Flying' being the correct term here, too.

At the time of Seta's arrival, the despondent Naru was still in some physical discomfort because of the spanking she had received at the hands of Kanako on Saturday. Understandably, she was still finding it very hard to sit down because of her badly bruised bottom. In fact, she had been sleeping on her stomach for the last three nights. However, upon waking up from a fitful sleep this morning, Naru had discovered to her relief that she was in much less pain than she had been in on the previous three days.

After finding herself totally unable to relax in comfort after her lunch, Naru had only just wandered outside with the intention of walking into Hinata Hot Springs for a hopefully morale-boosting shopping expedition, when she received the fright of her life. Inexplicably plummeting down out of the sky with no warning whatsoever of its approach, Seta's van had come crashing down onto the cobblestones in front of the main doors to the lobby, nearly squashing the shocked young woman like a bug in the process. After somersaulting end-over-end twice, the vehicle's precipitatious flight finally came to a sudden and bone-crunching halt as the unlucky conveyance smashed into the huge rock to the left of the doorway, showering the gob smacked girl with a shower of broken glass from at least three exploding van windows as the shell of the unlucky van crumpled inwards under the brutal impact.

To Naru's astonishment, Seta came crawling out through the broken rear window, not only alive, but also – with the exception of the usual bleeding cut on his forehead - seemingly uninjured.

"Seta!" Naru yelled out in concern, running towards her old mentor. "Ohmygod! Are you – um – all right? What happened?"

"Hmm? Oh, hi, Naru." The lanky professor grinned warmly at her as he staggered back to his feet, swaying unsteadily for a moment before reasserting his balance. "Yes, I'm fine. As to what happened, you'd never believe me." Then his eyes turned to the shattered wreck of his transportation.

"Oh, dear? It looks like I won't be eligible for this month's 'no-claims bonus' on my car insurance policy, yet again, will I?"

What? The sweat-dropping, twin-antennaed honey brunette thought with disbelief. Some insurance company is still willing to cover the van even though Seta is the one driving it? I guess that Keitaro isn't the biggest idiot around, after all?

"Never mind about that!" Naru grabbed Seta's arm to steady both her ex-tutor and herself. "So – ah – it's really good to see you again. To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit? Hey, if you're looking for Haruka, she's gone into Hinata Hot Springs for awhile."

"Me? What am I doing here - oh, that's right! I'll be seeing my wife down at the Tea Rooms a little later on, but at the moment I just stopped by for a quick chat with Keitaro. He wouldn't be anywhere around right now, would he?"

Upon hearing from the still pale young woman that Haruka and Mutsumi had taken Keitaro to the Hinata Hospital for an anti-toxin shot after he had accidentally being stung by a hornet last Saturday, and then suffered a delayed adverse reaction to its venom, the chuckling archaeologist then asked Naru if she had time right now to have a quick chat with him, in place of her ex.

"Ah, yes, I guess so," Naru hesitantly replied, wondering what this was all about. "What did you want to talk to him about?"

"Good. Ah, hold on a sec, Naru…" Seta rummaged through the pockets of his coat, and then pulled out a slip of paper, which he offered to her.

"Here. You'd best have this for safe keeping, first."

Ignoring the trickle of blood that was still running down from Seta's forehead and across his left eye, Naru's disbelieving gaze was now firmly riveted on the receipt that the smiling tutor was holding out to her in his outstretched right hand. She had, of course, recognized the slip of paper straight away for what it was.

But that – that's…!

"Holy Shit!"

Grabbing the receipt that Seta had received for lodging her and Keitaro's Registration of Marriage Form from out of his hand, the dumfounded Naru read and then re-read what it said, before staring incredulously up at him, her mouth wide open with astonishment.

"You found our Kon-in-Todoki marriage form, Seta?" Naru finally gasped out, once her stunned mind had finally accepted that she wasn't in fact hallucinating the whole thing. "And you took in to the Hinata City municipal government office for us, as well? When - when did you do that?"

"Oh, in answer to all three of your questions, yep, yes, and on last Saturday morning, Naru," the cheery archeologist informed her. "Just after breakfast, I was cleaning out all of the boxes and files in the back of my van, and I happened to notice your Registration of Marriage form laying under a pile of unpaid traffic tickets. So I figured that I'd best file it for you straight away – especially since that Saturday was the very last day it was still valid for! And, aheh, heh, pay off my traffic tickets at the same time. I did try to deliver your receipt for the wedding form to you just after I had lodged it, but I had an accident caused by a big bug on the way here and lost the original one. That receipt you're holding is a stamped copy of the original, but don't worry, it's still legit."

"I…I see?" Naru murmured, still trying to get her head around what having her hands on this receipt would mean to her currently miserable life. "But-but it's been three whole months since Keitaro and I got married! How come our Kon-in-Todoki marriage form was still legit after all of that elapsed time? Shouldn't our permit have expired after the three months had passed?"

"Yes, it was, and no, it hadn't expired at all," the professor told her, scratching sheepishly at the back of his tousled head." I don't know how it happened, either, but somehow your Registration of Marriage form was post-dated by one whole month ahead of your real marriage date. Because of this, the form was still valid when I took it in on Saturday."

"What? Is – is that so? But…that means my wedding to Keitaro was a legally binding one, after all," Naru stammered back, her mind now in utter turmoil at this new and shocking turn of events. "So Keitaro and I really are legally married right now…!"

"You got it. Congratulations, Naru," Seta beamed, offering her his right hand for a congratulatory shake. "So now you and the part-timer can continue on living together in happily married bliss, without a care in the world as per usual, okay? Ha, ha, ha!"

"Ah – y-yes. Th-thank you very much, Seta," the-once-again-a-wife joyously exclaimed, a huge grin now transforming Naru's face as it finally dawned upon her just what this unbelievable happenstance now meant for her future prospects and happiness. Quickly the wildly excited brunette seized his proffered hand and shook it vigorously. "You don't know the half of it, Seta! Thank you sooo much!"

"My pleasure, Naru. Glad that I could be of service to you both. Now if you don't mind, I'd best arrange a tow truck to get the van back to the panel beating shop. Luckily, they keep a large stock of spare parts for my van there, so it shouldn't be too long before they have the old girl up and running again, eh?"

"Ah, yeah, okay," Naru hurriedly agreed, bowing like a yo-yo to her old teacher. "And thank you again! You've just made my day – no, week!"

"Ha, ha, ha! Like I said, I'm glad that I could help. Oh, and one other thing. Don't forget that you and Keitaro still have to personally go into the municipal office to pick up and pay for your 'Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Marriage'. They wouldn't give that to me to bring to you."

"Don't worry, Seta. There's no-way in heck that I'm gonna forget to do that," the beaming Naru loudly assured him. "That 'Kon-in Todoke Juri Shomeisho' is mine!"

"Good! Now, I'm sure that you and the part-timer have got some celebrating to do, so I'll see you around."

"You bet we do! Bye!"


Fuuuuuck! Kanako screamed silently to herself, clutching at her hair with talon-like fingers as she turned away from the second story common room window, which overlooked the plaza below. Having heard the shattering series of crashes as Seta's van had impacted onto the cobblestones directly outside the front entrance to the lobby, the Goth girl had instinctively rushed to the open window to see what had just happened, and consequently had been an accidental witness to everything that had just transpired outside.

Including the part where the miraculously seemingly-uninjured Seta had told the flabbergasted Naru that her marriage to Keitaro was once again valid.

And it would be a definite understatement to say that the horrified Goth girl had not liked what she had just overheard one bit. Not one bit at all.

"God-dammit! If Oniichan and Naru really are legally married, then what's he going to do when he finds out that he's still hitched to that witch? Will he actually be stupid enough to go back to her," the appalled Kanako asked herself in a tone of extreme frustration, as she agitatedly paced back and forth across the common room floor. "And where in the hell does that leave Turtle Idiot Mutsumi, now that Oniichan claims that he has finally found real and lasting happiness with her? So much for my plan to get Narusegawa permanently out of our lives – and especially his!"

Okay, think, Kanako, think! There's got to be some way for you to turn this around – short of arranging an 'accident' to get rid of her before she can tell Oniichan, or any of the others here? Not that I won't do just that if it really becomes necessary, of course. But that would have to be 'Plan C', or 'D' and things haven't become quite that desperate yet…

All right! I'd say it's now definitely time for 'Plan B'. And I'm gonna do it right now!


In total contrast to Kanako's angst, Naru, now with real, legal proof that she was indeed an Urashima after all, was in a much more satisfied frame of mind. As she ran back inside the lobby of the huge three-story building, her jumbled thoughts alternated between gleeful satisfaction at still being married to Keitaro, a lingering sense of disbelief at the improbability of what had just happened with Seta, relief at no longer having to fear Kanako and her threats, and plotting revenge on those who had turned their backs on her and betrayed her – especially her false friend, big-tits Mutsumi, the husband stealing turtle slut.

So that forgetful little bastard, Keitaro, left our marriage papers in Seta's van – no! Why am I thinking that way? I'm overjoyed that he and I really are married after all! I forgive him for everything!

Naru clenched her fists with triumph. Yess! This is my big chance to get him back – and since I'm still a part of the Urashima family whether she likes it or not, that witch of a sister of his, Kanako, can't do a damned thing about it when I do take Keitaro back! And neither can that huge knockered airhead, Mutsumi! She has to give him back to me now whether she likes it or not! Yaaay!

All of these thoughts and more distracted Naru's mind as she rushed through the lobby and then up the stairs towards the second story of the Hinata Apartments, to where the landlord's room was situated. Her intention was to go straight into Room 204 and then wait for dear Keitaro there until he and Haruka had returned from Hinata Hospital. Then she would immediately show them the receipt from Seta, and inform Keitaro of the news that they were still legally husband and wife.

Once that vitally important fact became public knowledge, with regards to Keitaro's family, Naru was sure that things would go at least tolerably well for her from then on. Kanako and Haruka might not like it, but she would be an important part of their extended family once again. So the Goth girl in particular wouldn't be able to take any further action to keep her away from Keitaro. Hopefully, Haruka at least would one day warm to her again, especially since she intended to be on her very best behavior towards everyone in the Urashima clan from then on – with the possible exception of Mutsumi, of course. That backstabbing man-stealer could go fry, for all Naru cared.

With regards to her husband, having known of Keitaro's strong sense of duty and loyalty for years, Naru was absolutely sure that he would do the right and honorable thing by her and send Mutsumi away, even if it broke his heart to do so. Once Mutsumi was safely out of the way, Naru swore to herself that she would do her very best to be a better wife to Keitaro, treat him more kindly, and try to overlook any further minor transgressions on his part…

And I'll even take Keitaro to bed with me, and let him have me too, like I was planning on doing before, the excited Naru resolutely vowed as she reached her destination, deliberately ignoring the fact that if she did do that, it would be the very first time she had ever had sex with him, including on their wedding night and honeymoon. Grasping the door handle, she slid the door open and began to step into the achingly familiar room that until only a few weeks ago she had shared with her then despised, but now greatly desired husband. Well, for the first few nights, anyway, she decided. I'll treat him to such an experience that he'll forget all about Mutsumi and never want to leave me again-!


The totally unsuspecting Naru walked directly into a vicious palm strike from the waiting Kanako, which caught her directly under her chin. Naru's head snapped backwards under the brutal impact, her feet left the floor and she crashed down back first onto the hard wooden floorboards. For a split-second stars danced through the haze of pain in her mind, and then she was out for the count.


At about the same time as Seta was crash landing on the plaza outside the lobby of the Hinata Apartments, in the waiting room of the Hinata Hospital, Aunt Haruka and Mutsumi were anxiously awaiting news on how Keitaro was faring. The pair had real concern for his welfare on their faces because they both knew from first-hand experience just how dangerous allergic reactions to insect venom could be. Resisting the urge to light up a cigarette to help calm her nerves, Haruka was just about to give in to temptation and take a stroll outside to do just that, when the door to the examination room opened, and in walked the familiar figure of Doctor Toshio Chinen-sensei, the doctor whom had just been treating Keitaro for his hornet sting.

The medical specialist in question was already well known to Haruka and Mutsumi for a very good reason. He was actually a distant relative of not only the Urashima family, but also of the Otohime family, as well. And he had been the physician to several generations of members of their extended clan, including Keitaro, Kanako, Mutsumi and Haruka - and their parents, as well - back when they were all but children.

Upon Doctor Chinen's reappearance, Haruka was the first one back onto her feet, beating Mutsumi by a split second.

"So how is my nephew, Toshio-sensei," she inquired, an undercurrent of anxiety in her tone. "Is he going to be all right?"

"Yes, he is, Haruka-san," came the hoped-for and most comforting reply from the elderly physician. "But it was very lucky for all concerned that you got him here when you did, because he was going into Anaphylactic shock at the time of your arrival here."

The doctor then consulted his clipboard, and frowned as he read just when the incident had originally occurred. "You say that Kei-kun - Mr. Urashima - was stung by a suzumebachi last Saturday afternoon?"

"Yes, sir," Mutsumi spoke up. "I was with him when it happened."

"Hmm," the doctor mused, a surprised look on his face. "That's an extremely long period of time between being stung and suffering a reaction to it. Most unusual. Anyway, to counter Mr. Urashima's anaphylactic reaction to the hornet venom, I have just given him a 500-microgram shot of Epinephrine, intramuscularly, which means it went directly into his right side buttock via an injection."

"So that was the cause of the squawk I head just before?" Haruka dryly remaked. "Heh! Kei-kun never liked needles much."

"So I just heard," Doctor Chinen agreed, rubbing ruefully at his still-ringing ears. "And young Keitaro-san still hasn't changed in that regard since he was a kid, I see? Maybe I should find a pair of earmuffs, because we may have to repeat the dose at five minute intervals if necessary. But that will depend on Keitaro-san's blood pressure, pulse and respiratory function. I'm sure he's going to be just fine, but bearing in mind what I said before, we'd like to keep your nephew in here for a few more hours yet, just to ensure that he won't be having any further complications from the sting."

"Fine," Haruka sighed out, looking much happier now that it looked like Keitaro really was going to be all right. Mutsumi, on the other hand, was so overjoyed at the good news that she began jumping up and down, clapping her hands with glee.

"Thank goodness!" She gasped out. "I was so worried about poor Kei-kun! Oh, thank you, Doctor Chinen-sama! Here, let me present you with these watermelons as a token of my gratitude!"

"Er, that's quite all right, Mutsumi-chan," the Doctor replied, eyeing up the twin hair-antennae bobbing behind what looked to be a small pyramid of green melons in her arms, quickly holding up the palms of his hands to refuse the gift. "I'm a doctor, after all, not a greengrocer…!"

Just where in the hell was Mutsumi keeping those? Haruka wondered, staring goggle-eyed at the five large watermelons that the rapt turtle girl was now holding out to her sweat-dropping, distant relative doctor. She didn't have them on her when we brought Kei-kun in just before…!

"'Ahem!' Anyway, I'd best be getting back to the Tea Rooms right now, Mutsumi," Haruka informed the happy Turtle lady. "They're a bit short handed with both you and I being suddenly called away like this. Tell you what, you can stay here with Kei-kun if you like, and I'll cover your shift for you until you both can make it back later on this afternoon."

"Thank you, Ms. Haruka," Mutsumi enthused. "That's really nice of you! And I can eat all of these watermelons while I'm waiting for him – unless you'd like to take one or two with you?"

"I'll pass. And don't mention it. Say, will you both be all right to take the trolley buses back to the apartments, once Kei-kun gets given the all clear to come home again? It might be a little difficult for me to find the time to come and pick you both up when the Tea Rooms start getting busy around three o'clock this afternoon."

"Yes, we'll be fine, thank you, Ms. Haruka," Mutsumi reassured her. "You've already driven us here in your car, so I don't like to impose on you any more than I already have. I'm sure we can make our own way back easily enough."

Haruka grinned. "That's quite all right, Mutsumi. Okay, I'll see you at the Tea Rooms a little later on, then. And thank you again, Toshio-sensei, for seeing Kei-kun so promptly."

"My pleasure, Haruka-san. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'd best get back and check on your nephew's condition again." He gave a bow, which Haruka and Mutsumi emulated. "Goodbye, ladies."


"Thank you!"

As the doctor and Aunt Haruka disappeared out through the doorway, Mutsumi let out a happy sigh, and then sat down again on the waiting room sofa, placing her load of watermelons carefully down next to her on the seat.

A couple of seconds later, Mutsumi let out a giggle as a naughty thought crossed her mind.

He he! At least Kei-kun likes my melons. And even if I eat all of these ones now, I'm holding two in reserve for him later! Fu, fu, fu!

A valid observation, and one that Keitaro, having already sampled their ample fullness before, would enthusiastically agree with.


Author's Note:

But will Keitaro ever get the chance to do it again? Be sure to catch next week's exciting installment to maybe find out!