White Streak

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Author's Note:This is all about Gambit and Rogue, 'cause they are my faves. Granted, this whole fic isn't how they met, but poetic justice people!!! Okay, by the end of this story, it will be very clear what inspired me to write this fic. I would have called it a 'songfic', but I rarely read fics when they say that, so I didn't. But I do promise you that this is NOT a songfic, per se. So if you hate songfics, give mine a chance. Oh, and I didn't start reading X-Men until the 280's, so I never read #266. Please don't hate me for butchering the story line!!! (oh, yeah, I know that you don't find out that Gambit's name is Remy until issue 20 of the second run or something like that, but give a girl a break!!!)

White Streak

Yesterday a new student arrived. Well, student is a loosely applied term, especially when it came to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. More appropriately, one would call the new arrival the newest "trainee", "recruit" perhaps.

But, all in all, that didn't matter. What mattered, especially to her, was that this new arrival was male. And hot. (Never let it be said that a woman that can't be touched can't feel.)

The man, Gambit, she recalled, had arrived admist a flurry of happenings. Storm, after all this time, had been found, curiously years younger, and in the company of the same man, another thief like herself.

But, oh! His eyes! Like burning . . . things, (she'd think of something later. Besides, "things" is better than the typical porn for housewives metaphor, "limpid blue pools of desire". Point well taken) they seemed to bore into her soul and see all that hid within her.

Rogue slapped herself in the forehead at her thoughts. Who was she kidding, "bore into her soul"? That was as bad as "limpid blue pools of whatever"! Besides the man was a smoker.

He had the nerve to ask her calmly for a 'smoke', all the while reclining on the hood of the Professor's red convertible. She didn't like him anyway . . .

Out of the corner of her eye, Rogue noticed movement in the shadows. A tall, muscular man, made his way across the lawn, waving at her as he passed.

Fiery red pools of desire . . .

* * *

Remy LeBeau walked along the lawn as nonchalantly as he could. And considering that he was one of the best thieves in New Orleans, it was very nonchalant indeed.

That is, until he walked into a tree.

It wasn't his fault, not really. It was Her fault. That girl, Rogue, with the long white streak in her hair. She was watching him again. And normally, that wouldn't bother him. Remy was used to beautiful women sending him appreciative glances across the room/street/etc. Just not beautiful women that also happened to be mutants that could kick his ass. And kick his ass in a skin tight piece of spandex to boot. Hmm, spandex . . .

Remy was very into danger.

He picked himself up off the hard ground, wincing internally, but dammed if he would show it, now that She was on her way over.

"Are you alraht?" God, even her voice was beautiful!!! Gambit smiled his most charming smile.

"Of course, chere. Momentarily blinded by your beauty." Well, it WAS the truth.

Rogue blushed a little at his comment. "Raht, swamp rat." Then she smirked at him and took to the air. Remy stared at her as she flew away. One thought ran through his head.

Hmm, spandex.

The End

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