Memory 19 - Unconventional

Pairing(s): auhighschool!NatsumeXauhighschool!Ruka

Warning(s): none haha, well, not really xD

Rating: bordeline PG-13

Summary: Natsume's ways of doing things are really unconventional.

When Natsume asked Ruka to be his it was done publically in front of all their friends during lunch.

Mikan, their friend and the girl that practically everyone thought Natsume would ask out sooner or later, was telling a joke that had everyone laughing as they usually did. No one had seen it coming until Ruka turned with a small tug of Natsume's hand on his arm. The movement alerted everyone to turn and, just like a beacon to lost ships, they all watched ensnared as the handsome raven kissed his pretty blonde best friend straight on the lips.

"Go out with me," he had said in that commanding tone of his when they pulled away. It wasn't even a question, and it sounded more like a statement than anything, but Ruka didn't even have the time to respond before the raven leaned over and pressed another firm kiss on his lips.

To say that everyone was shocked would be an understatement.

Now, after five months and fifteen stolen kisses later, Ruka has finally accepted this for what it was. He had been in denial for all of those months, but now, as they walked home together, Natsume's hand twined firmly with his, Ruka couldn't help but smile to himself when he finally registered the fluttering feelings in his heart for what they were.

Natsume stopped in front of Ruka's gate as per usual, and he leaned down to press a kiss to Ruka's cheek in goodbye which was also usual for them, but before he could reach his target, Ruka leaned up and pressed their lips together. He had felt the raven gasp against him, then those wonderfully warm arms were around his body and holding tight as the lips he had attacked, fiercely attacked back with everything they were worth.

By the time they had pulled away, Ruka was out of breath. "Can we just forget everything and start over?" Ruka whispered into his best friend's chest, "I haven't been a really good boyfriend as of late."

Natsume smirked, pressing his face into the blonde's hair as images of Ruka screaming at him to stop touching him in weird places came to mind. "No," he said with a small chuckle, "I want to remember everything."

The blonde pulled away with a pout, "You're horrible," he said in an almost childish tone.

"But you love me anyways," Natsume replied cheekily, a phrase that had become another normal thing for them.

This time though, instead of pulling away, Ruka leaned up and pressed another soft kiss to his boyfriend's lips. "I do," he murmured with a deep blush.

The taller raven stared blankly for a second before he smirked and pounced, initiating their second make-out session right in front of Ruka's house.

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