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Becoming Black Fang

Saturday 5:45 am

Hinata POV

I'm neurotic at best; at worst I'm on the floor in hysterics. I'm sure all teenage girls have their little worries but in this school if someone says you should sleep with one eye open you'd best believe their being serious.

With that in mind you can forgive me for the way I reacted that Friday night, I'm not everyone's favorite person, in fact that very same day I accidentally ran into (and spilt my lunch on) the most popular girl in our year; Sakura Haruno. Needless to say she was not happy, so the obvious conclusion when I felt a fast moving chakra signature advancing towards me; I was under attack.

How was I supposed to know I'd left my backpack in class? It also must be said that Naruto's vast underestimation of my abilities didn't help either. Regardless of the cause, since this happened in full view of the Hokage's office, I currently face one of two options. Either I stay in leaf and face the humiliation of explaining to the entire clan and Konoha why the weakest kunoichi in all of shinobi history is actually packing major fire power and has been hiding it, or, I agree to leave with Kurenai sensei and hone my skills, provided I send back annual reports (with the first explaining my sudden power and abilities).

Needless to say, I must have had a pretty good reason to keep such a big secret. I know they would've found out eventually but if they knew now all those years of torment and hate would be for nothing. On the other hand, I would be depriving my team of their mentor and, worst of all, abandoning my best friend Tenten (the only person who cared enough to see through my facade and consequently the only person, up to now, to know of my abilities). In the span of my meager 13 years I had never faced such I dilemma.

In hindsight all my stress was for nothing, my mind was made up the moment I reached the training grounds


Saturday 6:00 am

Tenten POV

It wasn't an on-the-spot thing, I didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be average; I'd been doing it since I could remember.

No one suspects anything because I've been this way since they'd first met me, to them I've always been just ok, no one's ever really dared to see if there was something more. I can imagine it would come as a surprise then, if good 'ole average me suddenly turned round and decided to be not so average. It wasn't entirely my fault, Naruto was just aimlessly standing there, it was my duty as a shinobi and I guess, as a friend, to see if everything was alright.

To be honest I should have, perhaps, been more careful; just because we are young shinobi doesn't mean we aren't shinobi. Then again I wasn't expecting him to try and flip me either, though I probably should have been. In the end though, it really doesn't matter. For the first time in a long time someone caught me off guard, truly off guard, and before I could catch myself, my instincts had already kicked in; I was now faced with one knocked out ninja and a very pissed off Hokage.

After a few hushed words from Tsunade, Naruto was sent to the infirmary and I was given two, equally un- appealing options. Either I agree to leave with Kurenai sensei in order to hone my skills (provided, of course, I send back annual reports and explain my seemingly sudden gain of power) or I stay in leaf and face the humiliation of explaining to my team and comrades why the average weapons girl, the weakest member of team Gai, is actually pretty much a hyuuga or uchiha level prodigy and has been hiding it.

Obviously, I must have had one hell of a good reason to keep such a big secret from everyone, I knew of course that they would find out eventually but what would be the point of having to bear all those "beatings" from Hyuga Neji? On the other hand, I would be depriving team 8 of their teacher and abandoning my best friend Hinata (who was also the only person to know of my power before now). I was in deep sh… trouble.

Looking back, I really shouldn't have worried so much, my mind was made up as soon as I got to the training grounds.