Tuesday 6:00 am

Four chakra signatures, one in rest. Two windows on the right and the door on the...left wall? No restraints seem to be in place. All in all a pretty good position to be in, except that my chakra is stable at half and I have no idea where I am. There is that.

I figure that if the figures were hostile entities I'd be tied up. In a hostage situation I'd probably be in a windowless room (less escape routes) and I wouldn't be lying on a bed. Comfy furniture tends to be a bit of a giveaway in terms of whether or not one has been taken hostage.

So the question remains, where am I? Why am I here? What happened? Ok, so it's more than one question but still... I don't remember and there are a lot of things that just don't add up.

"Hinata san how long do you intend to pretend to be asleep? Because, although your body gave nothing away the heart monitor attached to your person changed pace when you awoke"

Oh so not a hostage situation, a hospital situation. I can work with this. Giving up my obviously flawed attempts at faux sleep I opened my eyes and sat up.

Well, I would of sat up but my head began to spin so I gave up on the attempt.

Trying to keep very still (I was still painfully aware of the earths rotary status around the sun) I gave my reply from a safe, grounded horizontal position.

"I don't seem to remember what happened, fill me in?"

The voice in response was not the one that spoke initially. This voice I knew, not just knew even, this voice was familiar as my own.

"We were ambushed Hina, we sorta freaked and sent our chakra to pretty much zero. The sand sibs found us and brought us back to suna. You took a pretty big hit so you lost some blood."



I remember that!

"Hehe so you remember hin?"

Wait, how did she...

"I gained mind reading abilities didn't you hear?"

Tenten gained...


A chuckle followed my last statement. A chuckle!

"Relax, I was only joking, the heart monitor remember?"

Tenten POV

The look on Hinata's face was priceless. I should probably feel bad about teasing my formerly injured, currently recovered best friend but so far I felt ok. Hina is always so composed, it would be good to have something on her for once, well two things but I doubt she'd remember the first.

By the time everyone was up to speed, in their right mind and able to stand upright without falling over Hinata, Kurenai and I were the only one's still present. When it had become apparent that Hina wouldn't instantly be up and running around we all came to the agreement that we'd get checked out and meet at Kazakage tower to receive info on our lodgings and posting out here. Basically up to speed included informing us that we'd be helping the suna force so the Kazakage would need to explain the details obviously.

I was kinda excited but mad at the same time, sure we'd get unique training with a different set of shinobi with different skills and thus be at a huge advantage in terms of experience in different forms of combat, but being newly arrived from a different village meant that they'd probably trust us with little more than boarder patrol.

Ugh! There are few things I truely hate, Sakura Haruno being one, circus clowns another, boarder patrol came a close third.

Kurenai POV

So, whilst Hinata was getting a final check up and Tenten was off finding clothes that weren't a white, standard-issue hospital two piece, I went to see about signing some release forms. The suna hospital, though not as big as konoha's, does have an alarming number of similar looking hallways. The problem wasn't finding reception (there were enough signposts for that) so much as finding my way back to the room afterwards.

For the better part of twenty minutes I wandered senselessly through the halls without seemingly making any progress what so ever. In short: I was lost. It was with no short amount of reluctance I finally gave up and went to seek out someone to tell me where the hell I was, to begin with, then how the hell to get to the girls room.

Tenten POV

For the better part of 40 minutes Hinata and I sat waiting for our sensei. The blank walls stared down at us as the seconds slowly ticked by. The black wrap top and standard issue shinobi pants were a surprisingly familiar comfort in this foreign environment but even dressed now in more common garb I was painfully aware that I was sitting in a hospital, waiting. I hated waiting, loathed it, despised it and with a burning passion (reminiscent of the flames of youth) I abhorred waiting in hospitals. There was something about the air, interlaced with a mildly burning antiseptic, the walls, stark a bare and so in contrast with the patients. The thought of all the blood that the walls had seen and all the scrubbing that they would have endured to be so pristine, it makes me slightly nauseous.

So I sat, slowly turning green, for approximately 36 minutes (not like I was counting or anything) and waited, (im) patiently for any sign of our red eyed friend. Somewhere in the back of my mind I vaguely registered Hinata awkwardly looking about her in search of an end to the heavy silence. At any other time I would have saved her the trouble but I was far too consumed in my own thoughts to think of something to say.

Hinata POV

Once sensei finally found her way back to the room we swiftly made our escape. We had little trouble finding Kazakage tower but the actual getting there presented somewhat of a challenge.

By the third dead end I was becoming seriously pissed. The borrowed clothing had long since attached itself rather closely to my heated skin and the constant sight of the tower was maddeningly clear. The imposing building tauntingly stood just ahead, but for the sake of grace and manners we were confined to the dusty streets to walk in circles. Damn the hokage and her no rooftop rule! (the totally ridiculous idea Madame slug had that it was bad form to walk over the heads of suna citizens, something about mistakenly being judged for looking down upon them, starting a war etc. etc.) all it would really take would be two quick jumps and...

Midway through her train of thought I forgot to mind my path, I tripped over the rough uneven ground. Almost in slow motion I fell, I could see the ground rushing towards me and braced for impact.

In contrast to the heavy thud I was expecting a soft hissing met my ears. Slowly I cracked an eye open... And would've jumped backwards if I wasn't so awkwardly tipped forwards. It was as if I was falling and all of a sudden I simply, stopped. The faint hissing seemed to change in pace suddenly and I found myself once again acquainted with the vertical world. The moment I was released by the strange force I whipped my head around to find the source, somewhere in the background I could hear faintly stifled giggles from my elder companions but I paid them no mind; there was a strange phenomena to contend with after all.

A soft thud momentarily drew my focus from my search. One look and everything clicked, I then commenced my routine tomato impression. My cheeks were set alight in a blaze that could rival the hot desert sun.

"k..k..Kazakage sama!"

Hinata sincerely hoped the deep bow would be seen as respectful and not (as it was in fact) a tool to hide the inferno on her cheeks.

Sorry, yeah, I have no idea where this is going. I've lost direction slightly and part of me wants to scrap the last two chapters. I don't know. Feedback would be good, ideas/requests/suggestions would be awesome. Writers block sucks.