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Chapter One

Edward stands quietly and as still as a statue with all his senses focused on the sleeping form cocooned in her bed. For the past couple weeks this has become his favorite hobby. It was the only thing in his not-quite-life, not-quite-dead existence that made anything worth sticking around for, this...obsession.

In the back of his mind he realized his behavior was disturbing, an invasion of her privacy - and if he was totally honest, more than a bit creepy. It was not exactly the behavior of a gentleman.

But if there was one thing he acquired during his long vampire's existence was a pretty healthy dose of denial when it came to matters of the heart. Maybe because his had stopped beating for quite some time.

On two different occasions she awoke while he was preoccupied with his silent viewing. If it were not for his vampire speed enabling him to dash out of the window and out of sight within a blink of an eye he would have been in quite an awkward position, with having to explain just what in the hell he was doing creeping into Bella's bedroom in the middle of the night and gawking at her like a creepy stalker.

Bella must have had her own self imposed sense of denial not to realize that the moment she opened her sleepy brown eyes and saw him... just standing there...then see nothing after the first startled blink, as if he just vanished into thin air - that it was all too real to have been only a dream or just her mind playing tricks.

Humans are good at dismissing the supernatural, it's a coping mechanism that allows them to deal with the things that go bump in the night.

Nearly getting caught on a couple occasions didn't deter him though, he just became stealthier. Becoming be more alert and recognizing the sleeping patterns, watching for that extra precious millisecond before she was about to awaken. The slight shifting of her eyelids and barely noticeable hitch in her breathing, sometimes it was the slight fluttering of her heart picking up pace if she were in the middle of a disturbing dream. He'd wait outside her window and would slip in when he detected the signs of the girl's deep sleep, and at a time she usually was into that deep REM cycle.

But he just couldn't quit his nocturnal visits. The vampire was addicted to watching her sleep. In the beginning he thought it was just the sweet scent of her blood that sang to him, and it was a way of strengthening his will power, not to cross that room and just take her, plunge his sharp canines into her neck, drain her dry while drowning himself with her luscious blood. To be able to sit in class with her the next day and not act like a complete freak if he had to say more than two words to her. At least that's how he tried to justify his strange visits.


Alice Cullen has just about had enough.

She's the only one besides Edward who knows about her brother's little creepy night stalker activity. After her last vision she snaps at no one in particular as she's pacing in her room by herself, running her hands through her raven hair, slightly flayed out just above her shoulders. Her beautiful face with fine features that should only exist had they been chiseled by a celestial artist, was fixed in an intense look of aggravation. Which strangely enough, still couldn't mar the divine impression of her delicate features.

What the hell is wrong with him crawling into that poor girl's room every night? Is this his version of a free porn show, getting off on watching an innocent girl's sleep? All that's missing is the drooling and jerking off..oh gross..don't even go there..that may come next if this shit keeps up...

Although Alice was never one to hold back when speaking her mind, she still wasn't usually the butting-in type. But since this has gone on for weeks and she sees no end in sight, she decides she can't stand this anymore. It's not just that her brother is doing something dangerous, whether or not he either gets caught or loses his self control, not to mention how unseemly it all is...but it's also about where all this attention is focused on...



Edward always tried to play it cool around Bella.
It intrigued him that hers were the only thoughts he couldn't access, and he was used to not having to work for the adoration of the girls, and some of the boys for that matter. He was accustomed to the effect his good looks and natural vampiric charms had on humans. It usually was more than enough to sweep any girl off their feet, had he not become bored with how easy it was to have pretty much anybody he wanted. Like a kid granted free reign in a candy store, he has long since gotten sick of all the sweets he could fill himself with, especially when there was no real effort involved in the getting.

And although the vampire's innate ability to attract did have an effect on Bella, she was not as drawn in as Edward would have assumed. Mostly she found him strange, and it was that strangeness that even garnered him a second look from the fair skinned brunette.
She was pretty, but not vainly so. In fact she felt awkward around people. She always felt out of place, like she wasn't sure where she really fit in, whether it was with her broken home life, school, or the world in general.

In Bella's peripheral vision she noticed the bronze haired boy sitting next to her was staring, so she turned to look at him. He gave her a crooked smile, as it usually turned the girls to mush.

I suppose he thinks giving me that weird ass grin is supposed to turn me on..?
Bella kept her expression neutral and slowly turned her attention back to the boring teacher.

Using his velvety smooth vampire's voice Edward leaned slightly towards her and whispered.
"You look really nice today Bella."

Bella quickly glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

Damn, I thought I was pale...

"Umm...thanks.." she muttered, not wanting to attract any one's attention.

Blinking quickly a few times she then refocused her attention back to the lecture. She was polite by nature but didn't want to give any signs that she wanted this weird boy's attention.
She just remembered a very strange dream she recently had and she felt the proverbial shiver run up her spine.


Sitting not far behind them, Alice thought she was going to puke.
If vampires could puke that is. At least she could not remember seeing any vampires getting sick. She supposed it was possible, if a vampire was dumb enough to eat the kind of food humans ate, they'd likely be blowing chunks. Usually the awful smell of it put off any vampire from even trying.

If only this girl knew how my brother's been creeping into her bedroom while she slept...and here he is playing at 'smooth operator'...

She had watched this small interaction between the two and after seeing Bella's obvious disinterest, she couldn't suppress a small giggle. It was soft enough for no one to really hear. Except for the other vampire in the room.
Edward glanced over his shoulder and gave his sister a cold glare, only to receive a smirk from Alice.

He really thinks he's irresistible to anything on two legs...and so dumb he doesn't seem to care that it apparently has no effect on Bella...

She suddenly perked up and didn't feel so nauseous anymore.

Well, since Bella seems impervious to his charms, maybe I should try my luck...

Edward spun his head towards Alice so fast, had he been human he would have given himself whiplash. The death glare he directed towards Alice made the earlier glare look like nothing in comparison.

Alice merely smiled and sung some show tunes in her mind to keep the invasive little snoop from hearing any more of her thoughts. She'd have to make her plans when she had a bit more privacy.

Bella noticed the quick movement at her side and turned to look at the boy who kept getting stranger by the minute. She was silently horrified at the expression on his face and turned to look at where his intense look was directed. She saw Alice behind her, who gave her a smile and a wink. Befuddled, Bella blushed and turned back to look at the front of the class.

After class ended Alice decided to leave the building and spent the rest of school time in her car to give herself time to think. Alice needed a game plan. Her first hurdle was getting past Edward. A part of her wished she could just do away with him altogether, but he was still after all her brother. Next was finding a way of getting close to Bella, without giving into her blood lust. The girl did have an intoxicating scent, and the little vampire didn't want to hurt her. There was an innocence as well as beauty about the quiet girl that somehow touched Alice. She closed her eyes and tried to will any visions surrounding Bella.

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