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EPISODE 1: A Light In The Darkness


Oh, the million points of light.
Oh, the many lights in the sky.
Oh, how they light the night sky.
Oh, they are called stars.

They shine and illuminate each other,
As if they're affirming each other's existence.
But one star shines purely and brilliantly.
That star is you.

You are the star that makes me heart sing.
You are the star that lights my world.
You are the star that lights my world of darkness and despair.
You are at peace, and make me feel harmony.
Your mercy gave me freedom and faith.
Your grace and strength nurtured my determination,
In a world that needs justice.
You make me worthy of giving forgiveness.
Your acknowledge my prudence and help me.

The star that shines the brightest gives me hope and liberty.
You are my hope, my harmony, my eternally shining star.

It was this song that woke her up.

The girl very slowly opened her eyes upon hearing this strange yet beautiful, gentle song. As she sat herself up and looked around, she realized that this place was not familiar to her. This strange, unknown place was lined and circled with small flowers in a multitude of multifarious colors. Pink, white, blue, purple, yellow, orange, etc. The leaves on all the tall trees were a soft creamy white instead of green or autumn colors like red, orange, yellow, or bronze. The sky above her was a perfect mixture of creamy white, cerulean blue, rosy pearl pink, lavendar violet, and a soft mango orange. Even though this place was quite unfamiliar to her, she already began to love it, especially since the place felt very sacred and holy, brimming with these beautiful flowers and trees, gentle breezes, and lots of life. She saw some glowing lights in the trees. She didn't know what they were, but she certainly liked looking at them. They were shaped like eggs, but these were bigger than the eggs you would normally find at a food store. These egg-shaped lights were the size of a beautifully crafted French doll made in the 19th century.

Not only that, this place certainly had a nice aroma emitting from all the flowers. The air smelled very soothing and sweet, like the scent of fresh roses, warm bread straight from the oven, honey, and that smell that only appears after rain fell. She lavished in it all, but it was the song that woke her up that seemed to catch her attention the most. She decided to walk around and find who's singing it. She could tell that lots of voices were singing it, not just one. As she walked and walked, the song became more lucid and clear. Soon, she began to catch sight of small silhouettes. As she ambled closer, the silhouettes became bigger and bigger and bigger the more she walked into their vicinity. Soon, she saw strange creatures in a circle surrounding a young child with many pure white wings. They were all singing happily, joyously, and merrily.

She attempted to walk closer, but the child with wings caught sight of her. At first, she felt a little shy upon being caught by the strange but soft-looking winged child. But as they gazed upon each other, she began to shed her feelings of tension and small fear. The song continued, and it soothed her a great deal. The winged child, who seemed to bear strange purple markings on his or her face and body, offered its hand to the girl, as if he or she were inviting her to come with it. Obviously the girl could not decipher it's gender. She couldn't tell if the child was a boy or a girl. She couldn't see it's face. But she felt warm and tender as she was in it's presence. She walked closer to it and finally decided to take it's hand.

In a split second, everything faded into white.

(end dream)

Her emerald green eyes slowly peeled open again, catching sight of the small golden sunbeams coming through the blinds on the other side of her bed room. Her very short, dark brown hair was a little shaggy upon waking up, but it's natural to wake up with one's hair turning a tad messy. She looked at her blue and white clock and it read 7:07 AM. As she rubbed her eyes and made them adjust to their surroundings, she looked around and saw everything. The pink paint on her walls, the two windows (one across from her bed and one next to her on her left), her stuffed animals on the floor (she always kept them on her bed whenever she made it), her white dresser full of clothes, her small figures, her toys, her old white night stand, her pink and purple blanket, her books and DVDs on the green book shelf, and her small bronze treasure box. She stretched herself out and got out of bed.

This girl of eleven years old surely knew how to start her day. First, she took off her light pink pajamas and decided to put on a pair of blue jean capris, a sleeveless red shirt with orange, white, and yellow stripes on it, white sneakers, and a pair of yellow and purple socks. She combed her dark brown hair and walked into the dining room, which is next to the kitchen, where her mother is making breakfast right now.

"Good morning, Mom," the girl said in a soft, sweet voice.

"Hello, Yun," The mother said to her daughter, Yun.

"Where's Ayaka-Neechan? She at school already?" Yun asked innocently.

"Yep. She darted off like a cheetah. Breakfast will be ready in a minute, sweetie," The mother replied. She didn't sound happy at all, Yun's mother. She sounded a trifle irritated by something. Yun knew that tone of voice well. But she said nothing more.

Yun ate her breakfast (consisting of buttered toast and banana slices), brushed her teeth, packed her school books and notebooks into her purple and blue rolling book bag, put some books, mechanical pencils, erasers, a calculator, and her planning agenda into her crimson red purse, and packed her lunch into her light purple lunch box. After a while, her mom drove her to Fushimi Middle School. She dropped her off and drove away. Yun darted onto the black top, hoping to see her friends amongst all the children running around enjoying themselves.

She noticed one girl of about 11 with semi-long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a purple ribbon and violet eyes. She happened to wear a white top with violet flowers on it, light blue jean shorts, brown shoes, and white socks. Yun spotted her immediately.

"Minako-chan!" Yun cried out as she ran to the girl, Minako, who looked somewhat dejected but forced a smile upon seeing Yun.

"Good morning, Yun..." Minako murmured in a low voice.

"Um,'ve you been?" Yun asked.

"Actually, I...I'm feeling a little under the weather," Minako replied in a whisper. Then, Yun's expression changed. She went from happy and joyous to solemn.

"Sorry for mentioning this, but I...I heard about what happened to your little brother. I'm sorry," Yun told her softly while putting a hand on her shoulder, trying to reassure her. But Minako gently took it off.

"I know. It's alright. Also, I don't think I'm in the mood for hanging out today," Minako told her.

"Alright then. Feel better, okay Mina-chan? You have my condolences," Yun told her as Minako decided to leave.

Well, she couldn't hang out with Minako. She could always find someone else to hang out with today. She looked around and saw a boy about 12 with short brown hair, lighter than her own, hazel green eyes, and creamy white skin like her own. He wore an orange shirt, long brown jean shorts (still shorter than her capris), black and yellow sneakers, and white socks. Yun recognized him immediately.

"Kosuke-kun!" She called out to the boy, Kosuke, who turned to face her.

"Good morning, Yun," He said in a low voice.

"How've you been?" Yun asked sweetly.

"I...I've been better. Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for hanging out today. I've got a lot going on," Kosuke replied. Yun felt a little crestfallen, but she kept a small smile.

"Okay. That's fine. But if you ever want someone to talk to, you're more than welcome to talk to me. if you want, of course," Yun told him. Kosuke simply walked away. Yun decided to walk away too. She found the steel bleachers and sat on them.

' seems Minako and Kosuke are still kinda sad. Of course they've got a lot going on in their lives. I'm sure it's not their fault, but they've changed so much. I wish they'd let me help them a little,' Yun ruminated as she sat on some steel bleachers. She was about to pull out a book to read until someone called out to her.


A pretty and tall girl, with long flowing navy blue hair and dark green eyes waved to her and ran to her with a joyous smile on her face. She wore a short-sleeved white shirt underneath a small dark brown vest, beige jean shorts, black shoes, white socks, and a small silver necklace in the form of a cross around her neck. Yun beamed as she saw the blue haired girl approach her and greet her so cheerfully and merrily.

"Good morning, Otoya-chan!" Yun said as Otoya kneeled in front of her.

"How are you?" Otoya asked.

"I'm fine, though a little down. I wanted to hang out with Mina-chan and Kosuke-kun today, but it seems they're not in the mood. I know it's not their fault since they're going through so much, but I wish they'd let me help them out a bit," Yun told her.

"I'm sure they mean well. They'll probably come around soon enough. Time heals all wounds, as they say! By the way, is it true that you're gonna enter the school's End Drug and Substance Abuse contest this month?" Otoya explained happily.

"Yep! I am!" Yun replied with a smile.

"Wow! That's great! I hope you win! You're so good at drawing. I can only do stick figures, and they won't accept funny-looking stick figures at all!" Otoya beamed.

"Your passion is more toward helping animals," Yun said.

"I want to be a vet when I grow up!" Otoya proclaimed as she sat next to Yun.

"But your dad runs the church, doesn't he? Won't he be upset if you don't run it after he dies?" Yun asked, feeling a little worried.

"Nah. We already talked about it and he's totally fine with it. He knows that everybody has their passions, or, as he says, "What lies in people's hearts puts them on different paths in life, and the path they choose is their choice to make." He doesn't mind my being a vet," Otoya explained. Her father runs the church in town and is quite religious, though not to a great extreme.

Soon, the bell rings and everyone goes into the school building. The school day went by ordinarily enough, with Yun dutifully taking notes, studying, and listening to the teacher's words. Yun always was, and always will be, a diligent student. She knew for a fact that indolence and laziness in school would never get her anywhere in life. Even though she herself did not particularly like school, she knew she had to go through it and learn things in order to get somewhere in life.

After the first half of school, Yun and some of her friends got together for lunch. Minako and Kosuke were nearby, but they weren't in a talking mood, so Yun decided to leave them alone. She didn't want to intrude into their space. So she got together with Otoya, two other girls and one other boy. One girl is around 12 and has straight jet black hair with her bangs dyed bright red. Her sharp eyes shone brightly in a light brown color. She wore a short-sleeved black shirt, black jeans, brown boots, and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. The other girl and boy were twins. They were both 11, they both have light blonde hair (through the girl's is long and tied into a braided pig tail), green eyes, and sunny dispositions. The girl is wearing a sleeveless light green shirt, a long white skirt, orange shoes, white socks, and a light blue bandana around her neck. The boy wore a sleeveless navy blue shirt, beige jean shorts, big white sneakers, and sagging white socks. He has some freckles going across his nose.

"So, Rena-chan and Riku-chan, how've you both been?" Yun asked sweetly. The girl with the braid is Rena and the boy with the freckles is Riku.

"We've been swell!" Both of them piped up in unison, which Otoya and Yun found quite impressive.

"I think I'm starting to get the hang of the new dance lessons that Aoki-sensei is teaching us! We're going to dance to Ravel(1)'s Mother Goose Suite in our next recital. Plus Dad gave me a new pair of dancing shoes!" Rena exclaimed happily as she took a bite of her ham sandwich.

"You're always going on and on about dancing. So girly! Anyway, I managed to get a new video game! It's so cool! I've already beaten the first two levels!" Riku exclaimed happily as he threw a piece of strawberry candy into his mouth. Rena eyed him angrily.

"You shouldn't brag so much, Riku! And don't call my dancing girly! Boys dance too! In fact..." Rena argued. Soon, she and her twin brother began a little sibling squabble.

Yun couldn't help but laugh at the two of them, though they certainly didn't notice. She had only known them for a year, but she liked being with them. Rena is a pretty and pleasant enough girl, though quite absent minded and over-fond of dancing. Riku is nice too, despite having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and being a little impulsive and hyper, but he was still the same happy and cheerful person. It was like he was a boy version of his own sister.

As Yun was about to eat an octopus treat, a peanut butter cup was presented to her. She turned and saw her friend with the red streaked bangs and somewhat moody-looking expression on her face.

"Want this?" She asked in a low voice. It wasn't full of malice, that was for sure.

Yun smiled and took the brown candy.

"Thank you, Melody-chan!" Yun exclaimed as she ate the soft, chocolate and peanut buttery candy that her friend Melody gave to her. Melody smiled just a little bit, and she hadn't smiled in a very long time, especially not in front of people she disliked, and there was a myriad of people she disliked, even hated to an extent. Nobody understood why someone who always looked so sour, someone who dressed like a punk or a goth or someone who got angry at people a lot for no good reason would be friends with someone as warm and gentle and innocent as Yun. She knew this well, and she even heard people gossiping about it.

"I just don't get it! Why is Wakamiya friends with that punk?"

"Last week, she got mad at me because she thought I copied off of her homework. Why would I copy off of her?"

"She's always angry at everybody. I wish she'd quit being so annoying!"

"Just look at those two together! Looking so high and mighty! That Shimotsuki girl must think she's too good for us!"

Shimotsuki Melody and Wakamiya Yun were very different, in terms of both personality and disposition, yet they have been very good friends since their early childhood. They always stuck together like glue, and nobody knew why. Otoya, Rena, Riku, Minako, and Kosuke didn't mind them being together. If they were friends with Yun, they were friends with Melody too, and they certainly got to know the two quite well thanks to their very unlikely friendship.

Melody decided to strike up a conversation.

"Yun. I read that book you told me about last week. Y'know, Anne of Green Gables(2)," Melody said in a low voice. But this sentence was enough to make Yun squeal with sheer delight and joy.

"Uwaah! You read it! You really read it! What do you think?" Yun squealed, not knowing she had irritated a student a little further up the table. After she got quiet, she ate the rest of her octopus treats.

"I like it. It's good," Melody said softly.

"See? I told you you'd like it! I've seen the anime lots of times, and I still love it! Of course, my all-time favorite will always be Dog of Flanders(3). Of course, you've seen that. I just absolutely love stories about characters going through hardship and seeing the world's true beauty and-" Yun was about to delve into a very long monologue about the things she liked and loved, something her friends tolerated and were interested in very likely. Yun is normally a timid person, but if one got to know her, they'd discover that she's quite the little chatterbox when it comes to things she loves. But she didn't get to ramble.


A tray full of cafeteria food was flipped and thrown at her. Only a spec of mustard from a half-eaten hamburger got onto her face, while the rest of it mixed with the last of her lunch, which certainly distressed her. Melody, Minako, Otoya, and Kosuke were the first to stand up in response. Another boy, the one who threw the tray, stood up looking very incensed. He was a somewhat plump boy, with spiky dirty brown hair and dark brown eyes and a face full of blemishes and pimple remains. He wore a very big football jersey, sagging blue jean shorts, sagging white socks, and huge black and lime green basketball sneakers that are way too big for him.

"Just shut up already, you no good piece of TRASH!" The boy yelled loudly and angrily in a raspy voice. Everyone was stunned, even Yun. Melody was the first to hop into action as she slammed her hands on the table.

"The only pieces of trash around here are you and Shimizu! Quit pickin' on her, Nemoto!" Melody screamed back at him, but he wasn't giving up.

"Why would someone like you wanna be friends with this...this...freak of nature?" The boy yelled.

"Yeah! You tell'em, Nenji!" One boy cheered from the sidelines.

"You're the freak of nature!" Melody yelled back.

"Yeah! Stop being mean to Yun-chan!" Otoya backed her up.

"You shouldn't throw food in here! Look at the mess you just made!" Rena yelled as Yun proceeded to wipe the piece of mustard off of her cheek.

"Pheh! You all think you're sooooo cool! You're all a bunch of rats!"

"You're a bigger rat! You're fat and smell like soggy tacos and look like a bag of-" Riku retaliated loudly and bluntly, but Rena put a hand on his mouth to prevent him from saying anymore. But it seems Melody did it for him.

"-skunk puke!"

Right then, an all-out brawl ensued between Melody and Nenji. Everyone tried to break them up, but the two just weren't giving up. Not only that, Nenji proceeded to pull Yun's hair and throw his empty tray at her, which made Yun cry a little and made Melody even more choleric and incensed than ever. A teacher finally broke them up.

"You two! Come with me right now!" The female teacher yelped as she grabbed them both by their arms and dragged them away. But as she did so, Melody turned to Yun, did the Y sign with her hand, and waved it three times before she left.

"Umm...what does that mean again?" Minako asked shyly as she and Otoya helped Yun get up.

"It's her way of saying "Don't worry. It'll be alright." It's been like that since we were little," Yun said. But even after they helped her get back to the table, people were already starting to gossip.

"I wish he just spilled food on her head. That would've been awesome to see! Her looking like she just came out of the dumpster!" One girl with light brown pigtails and pink earrings said in a scornful and maligned manner.

"Oooh! You're so bad, Seiko-chan!"

"Nice one, Shimizu!"

The other person Melody mentioned, Shimizu Seiko, was also known for picking on Yun. In fact, Yun had always been bullied by them. She didn't know why. She hadn't done anything to them to deserve what she did, but she knew that they were bad from the very beginning. Even so, nobody did anything to help her except her friends, and they couldn't do much to help her as those two were EXTREMELY persistent when it came to picking on her. They never stopped, no matter what anybody did, which confused everyone, including Yun, who was the most hurt by their incessant bullying. They were the two reasons Yun hated school. Soon, lunch ended and everyone went to recess.

Yun spent most of her recess with her friends, including Minako and Kosuke who, after that unpleasant scene, decided to spend their time with her. After recess ended, classes resumed, but Yun was still having a hard time. Nenji and Seiko were in many of her classes and those two were willing to do almost anything to make Yun's school life miserable. Nenji got back from the principal's office during 6th period, Yun's English class, and as she was going to turn her paper in he stabbed her in the arm with a newly sharpened lead pencil. Of course, Yun told the teacher about it and he got punished again, but it didn't seem to work. Not only that, Seiko loudly made snide remarks about everything regarding Yun: her clothes, her hair, her love of books, anime, and manga, etc. Of course, some of Yun's friends shushed them and made attempts to comfort Yun and stand up to the two. But by the end of the day, Yun was feeling very dejected.

Her mother obviously noticed this as she came to pick her up. Yun poured everything out like a big jug of water being poured into a big glass cup. Her mother was appalled.

"I can't believe this! Doesn't that Nemoto kid ever give up? I swear, if he doesn't stop treating you the way he does I'm going to file a police report! This has been going on for FAR too long!" Her mother screamed angrily, which scared Yun and forced her to cover her ears.

"Oh! I'm sorry dear," Her mother said softly as soon as she realized her yelling frightened her daughter.

"It's alright. Melody stood up for me, even though she got in trouble for it. So did Otoya-chan and Rena-chan," Yun told her softly, though a little sadly.

"I don't exactly approve of Melody-chan's methods, but they're all such nice kids. You're at least lucky to have such nice friends like them. But I mean to tell you, what is this world coming to?" Her mother said reassuringly, trying not to let her seething anger get the best of her. Yun was already feeling quite sad, but she kept her feelings inside. She wanted to wait until she was alone so she could let her feelings out so that way she wouldn't anger anyone or startle them.

But she snapped once they got home.

As Yun and her mother were arriving at their house, they saw a woman standing in the drive way. A scrawny, bony looking woman with wavy and curly dirty brown hair and dark blue eyes. She was absolutely overcome with anger, so much that her eyes looked bloodshot. Right as Yun and her mother got out of the car, the woman ran up to Yun and...POW! She slapped Yun square in the face! So hard it made her fall to the ground!

"You wicked, wicked girl! You must love making my precious boy look like the bad guy, don't you? I get complaints from the school every single day because of you trying to pin everything on him!" The woman screeched angrily. Yun was beyond shocked now, and her mother has just about had it. She pushed the other woman away in a fit of anger.

"How dare you slap my daughter? She hasn't done anything wrong! It's your son who keeps terrorizing her! Don't you see?" Yun's mother screamed back.

"Stop trying to pin everything on my boy! As far as I'm concerned you obviously didn't discipline your kid correctly! It's no wonder my Nenji's having a hard time in school!" The woman, who is apparently Nenji's mother, screamed.

"YOU DON'T DISCIPLINE YOUR OWN KID PROPERLY YOU WITCH! Yun, go inside, NOW!" Yun's mother yelled at Nenji's mother, then advised Yun to go inside the house.

Yun sure did not hesitate. She dashed into the house, threw her things on the living room floor, ran to her room, shut the door, and finally cried. She could feel huge tears streaming down her stinging cheeks. She fell to her knees in both humiliation and total abject. But even in her room she could hear her mother and Nenji's mother screaming at each other. This was another problem. Even though Nenji always bullied her, his parents always thought she was the one bullying him. This was because Nenji had a way of manipulating his own parents into believing everything he said. She couldn't understand what she had done to deserve all of this.

"Get off my lawn right now or I'm calling the police!" She heard her mother yell loud enough for even Yun to hear her. But then again, Yun is quite sensitive to loud noise so she could pretty much hear anything. Yun's sobbing became quite loud, and she buried her head into her arms and her bed.

"Why? Why? What did I ever do...that was so bad?" Yun wailed as she let all of her feelings of dejection, abject, and helplessness out of her broken heart. She wished she wasn't so cowardly and sensitive, but she never was very good at standing up for her self and having people see other people's real intentions. After a good 15 minutes she could feel her chest hurting, so she decided to stop crying. She left a big spot on her bed, but she didn't care. It's her bed, so she could do whatever she wanted with it. She saw her stuffed animals and pillows lying on the floor.

But something was strange.

Yun noticed something very odd. As she looked closer, she saw that she had something extra lying inside her pile of stuffed animals. She pulled it out. She couldn't believe what she was seeing before her eyes. A rather large light pink egg with pale green streaks and spots all over it. Most notable of all, it felt very warm.

"What's this doing here?" She asked herself as she felt the strange egg. Considering how hard and warm it felt, she was sure that this egg was real, and that her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. Even so, for some strange reason, her chest began to feel warm and fluttery. She looked down at the egg with soft eyes and she very gently cradled it in her arms.

'I'm sure this egg is real. But I wonder what's inside of it? I don't know what's inside, but whatever it is, it's making me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I really need to feel this way right now,' Yun thought as she lovingly cradled the egg in her arms. The egg seemed to make her feel at ease, mollifying her and healing her internal and emotional pain. She didn't know why, but she seemed to be loving it.

Then, all of a sudden, it wiggled!

"Wha? What?"

After that, it glowed! A bright, cream-colored, radiant light enveloped the egg, shining brightly and brilliantly! It glowed so much that Yun had to cover her eyes. The glow seemed to envelop the entire room!


Soon, the glow finally faded and Yun had the courage to open her eyes again. To her surprise, the egg wasn't there anymore, but she became more surprised by what it left behind!

Two small creatures were sleeping right in front of her. Both shaped like circles, both with one tail, and both with horns on their heads. The one that's a very pale yellow color has one horn on it's head while the chocolate brown one has three horns on it's head. She could not believe what just happened. But she knew what she saw, and knew for a fact that her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. But even with this strange revelation, she still very slowly and gently cradled the two creatures in her arms. They were very small, the size of both her palms, and felt very soft, like fur on a newborn kitten, and most certainly...

"They're so cute!" She murmured to herself quietly and softly, hoping to not scare them or awaken them suddenly. Right when she laid eyes on these small round things, Yun fell in love. It was love at first sight. These cute little sleeping monsters already seemed to steal her broken heart and heal it with their very presence.

Then it happened! They both opened their eyes! Their eyes are black and beady, but they looked up at Yun, straight into her eyes, with a new sense of wonder and curiosity. Yun normally never liked making eye contact with people, but right when she gazed into their wondrous eyes she felt as if these small creatures were the answer to her greatest wish. It looked as if she were a mother who had just given birth to her first children, and Yun loved every moment of it. She smiled at them.

"Hello. My name's Wakamiya Julia, but my friends call me Yun. It's...nice to meet you," Yun told them in a soft, dulcet, gentle voice so she wouldn't scare them. But the two dango-shaped animals smiled at her brightly and lovingly. It seemed they were quite interested in hearing what she had to say, even though they didn't look as if they would understand any of it.

"I...I don't know what your names are, but I'm so glad you've come to be my friends."

Yun could feel herself bonding with these dango-shaped animals completely and without any hint of shyness, hesitation, or fear.

In fact, for the next two hours she sat in her room with them, talked with them, played with them, taught them everything she knew, read books to them, everything. That was all she did. She spent all those two hours with the strange animals. She loved them, and they seemed to love her back. Yun loved everything about them. The way they looked, the cute sounds they made, the way they bounced around, the way they observed everything around them and absorbed it all, everything seemed to click with them. Plus, they seemed to love her too. They loved to hear the sound of her talking, which to them was like hearing very beautiful music.

But the crowning moment came when the brown one noticed the red mark on her face.

"What's wrong, little one?" Yun asked when she saw the little brown one acting up a bit. The brown one hopped on her shoulder and pointed, with its tail, to the mark on her face.

"Oh? This? Someone hit me right here. It doesn't hurt anymore, but-" Yun tried to say more, but was interrupted because of the little brown monster...blowing bubbles on it. Right as the rainbowy bubbles hit her cheek, the mark totally disappeared into thin air! It returned to being soft and tender, and the little brown one rubbed herself against it lovingly. This small, simple, tender act of kindness touched Yun's heart so much it brought her to tears.

"Oh, little one...thank you so much. You really are a sweetie. I wish I knew your name," Yun said as she caressed it. She made sure to love the pale green one too. But she knew she couldn't stay with them all the time.

"Yun! Dinner's ready!" Her mother called out.

"Coming mom!" Yun called back, then turned to the creatures. She gently placed them on her bed.

"I'll be downstairs for a little bit. Stay here and don't leave, okay? Be good while I'm gone. I'll be back, I promise," Yun told them softly and sweetly. The two dango-shaped animals nodded as if they understood and Yun decided to leave them in there. She felt a little bad about doing so, but she knew she had to for if they were to get out, her family might be startled.

Fortunately for Yun, her favorite dinner was being served: her mother's special pinwheel noodles!

'I'm definitely going to give some to them!' Yun thought as she chowed down HARD on the chicken and corn and pinwheel noodles. To her, these things were like tasting heaven itself. It didn't take long for her to finish, and she got another plate just for them, but she didn't tell her mom and sister that. Another fortunate thing was that she didn't have any homework today so she could easily return to the little animals without difficulty.

But it was when she returned that she stumbled upon something shocking, leaving her frozen in her tracks.

The little dango-shaped animals got bigger! Changed shape and color, even! Instead of being shaped like dango, they now looked like very large sour patch kids with heads and little floppy ears. Instead of pale yellow and chocolate brown, they turned pale green and light pink, just like the colors of the egg. At first, Yun was quite surprised. But after a short while, she returned to herself. She was still happy with the fact that they patiently but eagerly awaited her return. Plus they hadn't gotten TOTALLY big. They were still the size of both her palms put together.

"I'm back! And I brought something really yummy!" She crooned sweetly, in a sweet tone normally used to talk to a kindergarten aged girl. She set the plate on her bed, sat on the bed, and proceeded to give the blobs a feeding. She did give them crackers to eat once, but she knew it wasn't enought to keep them full, healthy, or satisfied. Thankfully enough, the blobs took VERY kindly to the chicken, corn, and pinwheel noodles, just like she did when her mom first made them. Yun watched them happily as they finished their hearty meal and flopped onto the bed feeling very satisfied. Yun chuckled sweetly at them, which made the pink one stand back up and look at her.

"I do wish I could do more for you. I'm nothing but a helpless girl who can't do anything right, and even when I try to do it right like people say I always get yelled at. I seem to be trapped in a whirlwind of eternal disaster and despair. Well, not everything in my life is bad! I have my family, some of my friends, my books and games and anime, and now I have you two!" Yun told them with a smile. She didn't want to let herself be overcome by her sadness from earlier, and felt grateful for having these two blob monsters take her mind off of it. She loved them and wanted to do more for them.

And love them she did. And her efforts paid off with aplomb.


It came straight out of the pink blob's mouth. Yun gasped when she heard her own name come out from the pink blob in the cutest, sweetest, gentlest voice she had ever heard. It sounded like a little bell with a rich, sonorous chime. Of course, it sounded more like a little 5 year old girl.

"Yun! Yun!"

The blob talked again and again, repeating her name with a smile. Yun's heart became lighter and warmer as her feelings for these two blobs were finally being returned. She smiled at them. The pale green blob awoke with a start.

"That's right. I'm Yun," Yun replied softly.

The pink blob hopped and hopped.

"Kokomon!" The pink blob squeaked again and did a little back flip.

"Is that your name? Kokomon?" Yun asked.

"!" The pink blob, finally known as Kokomon, squeaked again, trying to hop toward Yun's face as if she were trying to give her a kiss.

"I love you too, Kokomon!" Yun said to sweet little Kokomon.

"Kokomon love Yun!" She said again. This time...

"Gum-Gummymon!" The pale green blob spoke this time! Gummymon, the pale green blob, sounds like a little four year old boy. Yun laughed joyously upon hearing them squeak their first words.

"Gummymon love Yun!" Gummymon said, following Kokomon's lead.

"Hello Kokomon and Gummymon. I'm Yun. Let's be friends, shall we?" Yun said to them. Kokomon and Gummymon hopped around joysously.

"Friend! Friend!" They both yelped in unison, making Yun laugh even more.

In response to their first words, Yun decided to spend the rest of the day with them. With each word and sentence she said, it seemed that Kokomon and Gummymon were catching on quite quickly. By the time night fell, the both of them could speak in simple compound sentences. Yun loved the sounds of their voices and how they tried to copy some of the big words she said (which she learned from her books) and how they tried to read her books. She spent some time teaching them the alphabet and how to read. They learned it quite quickly and efficiently, which surprised Yun. But she didn't mind. She felt happy with being able to raise two little blobs and not get yelled at or pushed away for her kind efforts. She felt appreciated and loved, which made her happiest.

Then another strange thing happened. As Kokomon and Gummymon were sound asleep in her bed, Yun was just about to go to sleep with them when she saw something glowing behind her pillow. She pulled out a small, egg-shaped white light. After a few seconds, it stopped glowing and it became a strange egg-shaped device with a small screen on it, some pink and green buttons, and a pink and green strap coming from the top of it. She wanted to tinker with it, but it was almost 9:00 and she didn't want to stay up late.

'I could always look at it tomorrow after school,' Yun thought as she put it on her night stand, covered herself in her blankets, cradled the sleeping blobs in her arms, and finally fell asleep.

Like last night, Yun had the dream again. But unlike last night, she awoke to a small banging sound on her window.

She looked at the clock and it read 6:21 AM. She looked at the window next to her and saw Gummymon ramming his head against the glass. This made Yun gasp as she ran over to him and pulled him off.

"Gummymon! What are you doing? Don't bang against the window like that! You'll wake everyone up!" Yun scolded him quietly so she wouldn't wake anyone up. Well, Kokomon woke up, but it was because of what Gummymon was doing earlier. Gummymon looked very worried.

"Out there! Out there!" He yelped. Yun looked out the window and saw nothing but her backyard, the big tree, the old picnic table, and the pine bush.

"I don't see anything, Gummymon," Yun said. But Gummymon was becoming persistent.

"Open! Open!" He yelped again. Although reluctant to do so, Yun opened the window anyway.

Right as she pushed it up, Gummymon hopped out the window and darted out the back gate in a flash.

"Gummymon! Come back!" Yun yelled loud enough for Gummymon to hear her. Kokomon approached her with a worried look on her face and with the egg-shaped device on her head.

"Goodness gracious! And on a school day too! Ugh. I guess I better go after him," Yun groaned as she decided to go after him. She put on a purple robe and her shoes, pulled out a small blue flashlight, very slowly walked out the back door, into the backyard, and out the back gate. She looked and looked, shining her flashlight in wherever direction she wanted to check, but no sign of Gummymon. Yun had never gone out the back gate before, in the early hours of the morning no less! She never even went outside further than the back or front yard at all! She wasn't one to go out much, but she needed to find Gummymon before anyone else could.

When she got to the woods, Kokomon gasped.

"Over there!" She yelped and pointed north. Yun didn't want to go into the woods, but she wanted to bring Gummymon back safely so she went in anyway.

Much to her relief, she found Gummymon, standing in the middle of a small clearing.

Much to her shock though, he was standing in front of something very ugly looking and very dangerous.

This strange creature obviously looked like a goblin, with mossy green skin, glowing red eyes, a striking red mohawk on it's head, a brown vest, belt, and loin cloth and, what scared Yun the most, a big wooden club with nails on it in it's hand. And Gummymon was standing right in front of it with an angry look on his face.

'I've got to get Gummymon out of there! If that thing catches him-!' Yun thought as she finally sprung into action.

"Kokomon. Stay here, alright? I'm gonna get Gummymon out of there," Yun told Kokomon as she placed her behind a tree and ran toward the unsuspecting Gummymon. The strange, ugly creature roared and proceeded to attack.

"Gobli strike!" It yelled in a raspy voice as it attempted to throw it's club at Gummymon. Thankfully, Yun scooped him up just in time and took him to safety. She put him behind the same tree she put Kokomon.

Then, a small blue light appeared from the device and it floated about an inch from the screen. It showed the image of the creature, along with some text. Yun read it.

"Goblimon. A Virus type. Rookie level. Evil Digimon. It's attacks are Gobli Strike and Gobli Bomb." She read.

This is when she realized it.

"EH? This is a Digimon! So Gummymon and Kokomon are...and this thing is a...digivice?" Yun yelped. But she didn't have time to ruminate any more because the mossy green monster, Goblimon, ran to attack her again!

"Gobli strike!" It roared. Yun grabbed the two blobs and quickly ran from it's attack.

'I can't leave this alone! I have to do something other than run! Oh! I know!' Yun thought as Goblimon kept following her with his club. She put Kokomon and Gummymon down, grabbed a thick tree branch, and approached the red eyed Goblimon.

"I've watched a lot of anime with characters sword fighting these days. Let's see if I picked up on any of it!" Yun exclaimed as she charged at Goblimon with the branch.

"YUN!" Both Kokomon and Gummymon yelled as Goblimon's club and Yun's tree branch collided with one another. Yun struggled to keep the mossy green goblin from even getting near her new blobby friends. She was never very strong physically, but something inside her stirred her to keep on defending her friends. She wanted to protect Kokomon and Gummymon, even if it would cost her her life!

"Don't ever come near my friends, you ugly beast!" Yun yelled as she tried to push Goblimon back.

"Gobli strike!" It yelled as it managed to push Yun away. But she wasn't going to give up. She ran toward it with the tree branch yet again, this time successfully managing to poke it in the forehead enough to make it stumble backward a few steps. But she knew this wasn't over. Even though she knew this, she had no idea what Goblimon had in store next! A second after she pushed it away, a big red flaming ball of fire floated over it's hand.

"Gobli bomb!" It roared as it threw the ball of fire at Yun. The ball of fire was too big and may very well be too strong for Yun's tree branch to handle. And Yun knew very well that grass was impeccably weak against fire. Plus it came so fast she couldn't run away fast enough. It was going to hit her.


Before the firey ball hit her, a myriad of rainbowy shaded bubbles sprayed out from both Kokomon and Gummymon's mouths and managed to successfully turn the ball of fire into steam. Kokomon and Gummymon saved her. They stared at the rampant Goblimon with courageous looks in their eyes.

"Kokomon! Gummymon! Stay back!" Yun pleaded.

"No! We'll fight!" Gummymon yelped.

"We'll protect you, Yun!" Kokomon backed him up.

Yun couldn't understand. Goblimon is exactly her size while Kokomon and Gummymon are no bigger than one of her stuffed animals. There was no possible way these tiny, plushy, delicate little blobs could defeat a mossy green goblin with a wooden club and a red mohawk on it's head! Yun needed to protect them, but now it seems the blobs want to protect her!

This is when the strangest thing happened.

"Oh my God! Yun?"

Yun turned around and saw...lo and behold, Minako, Melody, and Kosuke!

"Wha? Mina-chan? Melody-chan? Kosuke-kun? What are you three doing here?" Yun yelped.

"We were just about to ask you the same thing!" Kosuke replied loudly.

But what Yun noticed were the creatures sitting in front of them. The one in front of Minako is a green cat's head with pointed ears, big violet eyes, and a little tail with blue stripes on it. The one in front of Melody is a pink radish with blue leaves and blue eyes. The one in front of Kosuke is a tiny, white, toothy animal with two wiggly antennae. But before she could ask her friends about them, Goblimon attacked again.

"Gobli bomb!" It threw more balls of fire at them, which they all managed to evade.

"This isn't the time for questions!" Minako cried out.

"Yeah! No questions! Fight ugly Digimon!" The green cat's head exclaimed in a funny voice.

Melody stood in front of Goblimon by a few feet with the radish by her side.

"Hey you! Your mohawk makes you look even uglier, even with your green skin! It looks like my mother's puke!" Melody yelled mercilessly, trying to ger Goblimon's attention. And she sure got it. Big time.

"Gobli strike!" It attempted to pummel her, but Melody jumped away, grabbed onto it's hair, and attempted to pull on it.

"Bubblebeam!" The pink radish blew bubbles into the Goblimon's eyes, making him roar in pain.

As Melody and her Digimon (well, whatever the green cat head called it anyway) were distracting it, Minako and Kosuke attempted to help Yun.

"Are you okay?" Minako asked kindly.

"Yes. Thanks. But Kokomon and Gummymon! I have to protect them!" Yun said as Minako helped her out, but she was concerned about Kokomon and Gummymon, who are apparently watching as Melody and the pink radish are trying to teach it a lesson in pain.

"So it seems we all have Digimon here," Kosuke whispered.

"Lots of them! Yeah!" The little white toothy creature backed him up. But right as he said that, Goblimon managed to pry Melody off of his head and throw her at the trio.

"Ow! Melody-chan! Are you...alright?" Yun yelped as Melody fell on her.

"Sorry about that. And I'm fine...whoa!" Melody said as the angry Goblimon, it's eyes glowing redder and brighter than ever, towered over the quartet and prepared to finish them off.

"GOBLI BOMB!" It roared.

The quartet were trapped...or so they thought.


All five of the small Digimon screamed passionately as they stood in front of the raging Goblimon. Then, Yun's digivice glowed with a light dyed in a rainbow hue. And apparently so did the digivices of Melody, Minako, and Kosuke! Supposing they even had digivices! But Yun couldn't ask them about it, for everything was happening all at once. The lights from their digivices shot from the sky, then back onto the small Digimon, leaving even Goblimon awestruck.

Gummymon glowed pale green. Kokomon glowed light pink. The green cat head glowed violet. The pink radish glowed red, and the little white toothy creature glowed mango oranges. The lights enveloped the small creatures, and then they grew bigger!

"Kokomon, digivolve to..."

The pink light surrounding Kokomon finally dissipated, and out came a brown rabbit with long floppy ears with pink stripes on its ears, pink paws and feet, a pink collar, and striking emerald green eyes.


"Gummymon, digivolve to..."

The pale green light surrounding Gummymon disappeared as well, and out came a pale yellow rabbit with long floppy ears with pale green stripes on them, pale green paws and feet, a pale green collar, and navy blue eyes like opals.


"Nyaromon, digivolve to..."

The violet purple light surrounding the green cat head, now Nyaromon (though not so much anymore), disappeared and out came a very cute pale yellow puppy with big lavendar eyes, rosy cheeks, and a golden collar around it's neck.


"Tokomon, digivolve to..."

The mango orange light that had enveloped the white toothy Digimon, now Tokomon, faded and out came a small and cute guinea pig like thing, with the upper half of it's body orange and the bottom half white, with brown eyes and orange bat-like wings for ears.


"Yokomon, digivolve to..."

The rose red light that had enveloped the pink radish, now Yokomon, faded and out came a fluffy pink bird with a red beak, red claws, a gold ring around one of it's yellow talons, a curly pink antenna with blue stripes on it, blue streaks on it's head, and violet eyes.


All the small Digimon digivolved and now they've become bigger, though they're still half the height of the kids and Goblimon. They still had the courageous look in their eyes. The children couldn't believe what they just witnessed. Even Goblimon was surprised. But something else seemed to catch Yun's attention.

On Goblimon's arm, the one holding the club, is a black hexagon with a strange black symbol on it resembling a human skull and some stripes surrounding it. This gave Yun an idea.

"Everyone! Look! See that black hexagon on it's arm? I think that's why he's going crazy! We should destroy it!" Yun exclaimed as she pointed out the black thing on it's arm.

"Alright then! Let's do it! Everyone, attack!" Melody commanded. It was the pink bird, Biyomon, who attacked first.

"Feather strike!"

Small pink feathers turned into razor sharp arrows and ambushed Goblimon, one of which got lodged into it's arm, right into the black hexagon. But it didn't destroy it just yet.

"Boom Bubble!"

Patamon inhaled a great ball of air, turned round like a ball, and shot out a big air bubble which landed right into Goblimon's face. It didn't hit the hexagon, but to Kosuke it was alright. But even though they attacked, Goblimon wasn't giving up. And it charged straight toward tiny Salamon.

"OH NO! Salamon!" Minako yelled, wanting to jump in and save the little puppy, but Melody held her back.

Oblivious to Minako's worry, Salamon was actually waiting for Goblimon to get close.


"Gobli strike!"


A HUGE and VERY LOUD roar came straight out from Salamon's mouth, causing Goblimon to stumble in pain and everyone else to cover their ears. Big things do come in small packages after all. And Salamon's Holy Roar attack is certainly a big thing coming from such a tiny little puppy Digimon.

Salamon's Holy Roar was apparently so strong that it knocked the club right out of Goblimon's hand.

This gave Terriermon and Lopmon their chance to attack.

"Freezing Snow!"

"Blazing Fire!"

A big ball of ice shot out from Lopmon's mouth. A big sphere of fire shot out from Terriermon's mouth. Both of which hit Goblimon's arm and finally made the black hexagon dissipate into the air. Goblimon's eyes finally stopped glowing red and returned to being black and white.

"Wow! Did you all see that! We did it!" Yun cheered as she hugged Melody and rejoiced joyously. The Digimon quickly returned to their sides.

Then, Goblimon awoke with a start, looking around the clearing.

"Wha? Huh? What? Wha...what in the world am I doing here?" Goblimon asked in his raspy voice.

Everyone saw he looked confused. It was Yun who approached him.

"Ummm...excuse me, but...are you okay?" Yun asked sweetly.

"Whoa! I-I'm in the human world! No way! How could this be! I've gotta get back!" Goblimon confusedly looked around and then saw Yun's kind face looking down at him. Seeing the damage he'd done, with the holes and some tree branches being knocked down, he immediately became ridden with guilt and regret.

"I-I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to cause all this ruckus! I beseech your forgiveness, human! I'm not supposed to be here anyway! I'll humbly return to my own world!" Goblimon bowed and apologized in front of Yun. But she didn't get mad at him. In fact, she kneeled in front of him and stroke his mohawk, causing him to look up at her green eyes.

"It's alright. I think that black hexagon on your arm caused you to make this racket. But I forgive you. I don't know what you've gone through, but I don't think you're a bad Digimon. I'm sure you have your reasons for doing what you did," Yun told him softly. Goblimon blushed.

"Oh, no, it's...I should get back to my world now. Thanks for stopping me from doing something I might've regretted even more!" Goblimon said as he stood up, snapped his fingers, made a ripply blue hole in the ground, and hopped into it. Yun felt happy seeing that Goblimon turned back to normal.

"Yun!" Terriermon and Lopmon were running toward her. Yun opened her arms in a welcoming fashion and allowed the two floppy eared rabbits to leap on her and embrace her.

"Terriermon! Lopmon! You two were absolutely wonderful! I love you little ones!" Yun exclaimed joyously as she hugged her two new floppy eared friends.

"So...exactly what were you doing here in the first place, Yun?" Minako asked.

"I was going to ask all of you that. But I think maybe we can explain things after school. Can we?" Yun said.

"I think it's a good idea. We'll meet in the gazebo at the park first thing tomorrow after school," Kosuke said.

"That sounds great," Melody said.

Soon, the four kids (and five Digimon) finally decided to go back home and get ready for the rest of the day.

Author's Note: Yay! I finished my first chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it, because there's going to be more to come! Look forward to it! By the way, my birthday's coming up. I'll be 18 years old! Plus I'll officially be a college freshman in the fall. Yay! I have to go now. I'm gonna read some manga! Read and review nicely please! NO FLAMES! Happy reading!


1. Maurice Ravel was a French composer who was famous for his fairy tale fantasy-themed musical compositions.

2. Anne of Green Gables was a novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908. It's one of the most popular Canadian children's novels ever.

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