EPISODE 103: Damsels In Distress?

Somewhere on the outskirts of Fionn Village, the Digimon Brigade, allied with the citizens of Fionn Village, were currently at war with incoming minions of MoonMillenniummon consisting of Digimon they recognized, like Bakemon, Gazimon, Gizamon, Pagumon, Numemon, Geremon, DarkSuperStarmon, and Roachmon, and Digimon they didn't recognize, like Fuugamon, an ugly brown version of Ogremon, Mekanorimon, a robot Digimon, and Parasimon, the ugly pink bug Digimon. Nobody knows who's spearheading this army, or whether these Digimon came on their own free will. The only thing they knew for sure was that they were NOT going to let these imbeciles take over their beloved village. The denizens fought back with all their might. Barricades surrounded all of Fionn Village, made from just about anything they could get their hands on: trash cans, tables, chairs, ladders, old beds, mattresses, bricks, boxes, big rocks, even large pianos. Some Digimon even made weapons that flung items at their enemies. Some Digimon managed to throw whatever they could at some opposing Digimon and hit them right on the first try.

"Star Shower!" Pegasusmon, galloping through the sky with valor in his eyes and sheen in his wings, flapped his wings once and made glowing light blue stars on some rogue Gazimon, managing to knock some of them out.

"Rosetta Stone!" Nefertimon, trailing behind him, made a cotton candy pink light appear from her neck, which in turn spat out a grave shaped stone, managing to defeat a good majority of the Geremon, who desperately threw their sludge at whoever was within their vicinity.

"V-Nova Blast!" Veedramon unleashed an orange ray of energy at some of the Bakemon, managing to defeat them with one hit.

"Prairie Claw!" Valiantly, Prairiemon slashed and hacked at any Gazimon that attempted to paralyze her with their Electric Stun Blast. She sure wasn't going to let these nefarious creatures take over her home village and use it for their own selfish gain.

"Let's take them down, everyone! Heart Beam!" Bucchiemon, with a bunch of other Bucchiemon behind him, both red and green, threw his fist in the air before unleashing a pink ray of energy shaped like a heart at one of the DarkSuperStarmon. All the other Bucchiemon he managed to rally followed suit, and that one DarkSuperStarmon dissipated into data.

"Magic Water!" A huge, towering tsunami of water managed to drown the majority of the smaller Digimon, taking them far, far away from the quaint little village they were struggling to preserve.

"Ice Archery!" Crescemon shot some ice arrows at the Mekanorimon, but since those Digimon are made of metal and steel, the ice arrows shattered as soon as they made contact, having no effect and leaving no scratches behind whatsoever.

"I'll handle these mindless contraptions! You go take care of those Numemon!" Flaremon exclaimed as he stepped in between Crescemon, who followed his command and went to help the others, and the Mekanorimon. "Red Lion Dance!" He elegantly laid down some hardcore flaming punches and kicks onto the Mekanorimon, managing to defeat all those that stood in his way.

"You'll never take our village, you criminals!" One FlaWizarmon cried out valiantly, aiming his staff at one of the Gazimon who stood in front of him angrily.

"Your reign of tyranny ends here!" The Gazimon yelled as he tried to assault FlaWizarmon, but a digisword suddenly shot out of his chest from behind, dissipating into data, revealing that Melody is the one who destroyed him just now. FlaWizarmon wanted to thank her, but she had already gone off to get into a brawl with some Numemon...and was already winning.

"Sonic Destroyer!" Parrotmon, flying from above so she doesn't hurt the other villagers, unleashed a shock wave that managed to defeat most of the Digimon, namely the DarkSuperStarmon and a few oblivious Roachmon, but other Digimon still remained, like the Parasimon.

"KEEEEET!" One Parasimon yelled as it tried to wrap Gatomon in its claws, but both Melody, Minako, and Yun managed to cut its tentacles and free the little cat Digimon from its grasp, causing the big pink bug to howl in pain, which in turn made Yun cover her ears in fright.

"My God, how long is this going to go on?!" Yun complained as she covered her ears. Minako and Melody couldn't blame her. Even they were annoyed by that screechy sound the Parasimon make.

"We can't back down now! Fionn Village needs us!" Melody yelled as she managed to kick a Gizamon in the face and keep him from assaulting her.

"You'll never taint our beloved village, you mongrels!" One villager shouted from afar. Others followed her lead.

"This is our village, not yours!"

"Think you can just walk all over us and trespass on our quarters?! Think again!"

"You'll regret crossing us!"

"Fist of the Beast King!" Leomon managed to defeat a Fuugamon and send him running for the hills. "These Digimon are more persistent than I thought."

"No kidding!" Flamedramon exclaimed as he hopped next to him. "The small ones are no problem, but those Parasimon sure are annoying. They're the ones that are the hardest to deal with, especially since there are hardly any mega levels here."

"Take this, you slimeball! Hyah!" Riku yelled as he smacked one Numemon over the head with a digihammer and made it run away crying. Next to him, Shunji managed to pry one Numemon off of him and throw it at a Gazimon, who did NOT look happy with having a gross slimeball sitting on him.

"Blue Flare Breath!" Coredramon, with the village behind him so he doesn't roast it and its denizens, unleashed his signature attack, swallowing the majority of the Digimon, namely the smaller ones, and turning them only into packets of data that all floated away. "Good. After this, they'll go to the Meadow of Birth and be reborn, hopefully into good Digimon," Coredramon mused once he was finished with his attack.

"Gate of Destiny," MagnaAngemon made a gold gate appear out of thin air and it swallowed up some of the Geremon and Gizamon, along with two Parasimon.

"Cyclonic Kick!" Not wanting to be left out, GrapLeomon laid some swirling kicks onto the other Parasimon. He didn't defeat them, but he did manage to lay some good hits on them, weakening them somewhat.

"Yay! We're winning! We're winning! Go get'em, GrapLeomon!" Isao cheered from the sidelines. In response, GrapLeomon looked in his direction and gave him a thumbs up.

"Treasure Axes!" Antylamon swirled around, managing to defeat one DarkSuperStarmon that attempted to ambush GrapLeomon as he was responding to Isao's encouragement. GrapLeomon noticed, completely unfazed.

"Thanks, Antylamon! You're a great friend, you know that?" GrapLeomon bowed with gratitude after she finished.

"Don't mention it, my friend, and thanks," Antylamon said.

"Hey Antylamon! Check this out! Tri-Beam!" Rapidmon boasted as he unleashed a glowing green triangle on some other DarkSuperStarmon and some Bakemon, destroying them as well. "Yeah! Who's the man? Me, that's who!"

"Don't get cocky, Rapidmon! There's still more to defeat!" Swanmon yelped as she launched her own attack on some confused Bakemon, turning them into data.

"Aria and MarineAngemon! Go to the east side of town and use Magic Water on the enemies!" Shunji commanded, acting like he was a military general leading his army. Everyone could see the radiant confidence in his sea blue eyes. "You guys over there! Help the others on the south side! Coredramon, Rabbitmon, Swanmon, Leomon, Petermon, and Piximon! Help the citizens on the north side!"

"You got it, boss! Pixi Bomb!" Piximon, the same one Aria and Orie met, launched his little bat-like bombs on some rogue Fuugamon, defeating them like it was as easy as taking candy from a little kid in a sandbox.

The battles all around Fionn Village waged on. Kosuke couldn't help but growl as he kicked a Gazimon in the face. "My God, are these guys ever gonna let up?! The Digimon might run out of energy if this keeps up!" Kosuke complained once he got that Gazimon off his tail.

"Good news! The army is letting up!" Chirinmon exclaimed with Hokuto riding on his back.

"The citizens called for reinforcements! They should be here any second now!" Hokuto said.

"What kind of reinforcements?!" Yun shouted as she pushed an annoying Pagumon off of her back. "Ow! Get off me, you rat!"

"Man! I still wish I brought AncientKazemon's D-Chip with me!" Rena complained.

"Hey Digimon Brigade! We'll handle things from here, so you can go home and save your strength! Thanks for helping us!" Bucchiemon cried out.

"But we want to keep helping you!" Yun exclaimed, surprised by Bucchiemon's fiat.

"We know that, but your partners can only expend so much energy, right? You'd best save it for the bigger battles. Reinforcements are on their way, so we'll be able to handle things here. It'd be the most sensible solution," Prairiemon said.

"I agree with her. Let's go back for now. Our Digimon might get tired, and we don't want them running ragged, now do we?" Minako said.

"I'll let everyone know," Melody said as she rode on Thunderbirmon and got her digivice out to tell everyone through text messages.

Once everyone got her message, they all scrambled to meet up and open the digital portal with all their digivices so they could all get back safely before things got bad. The only ones who came rather late were Otoya and Labramon, who were in the village making sure the baby Digimon didn't get kidnapped or hurt.

"Hurry! We have to go!" Kosuke yelled as everyone hopped into the digital portal one by one. What they didn't know was that Rena, Otoya, Crescemon, Labramon, and Dracomon were about to follow them into the digital portal, but a dark, ominous ray of light shot at the digital portal, making it disappear.

"Oh no! It closed!" Otoya yelled.

"We're trapped!" Labramon shouted.

It didn't take long for the Digimon Brigade to make it back safely. Most of the Digimon de-digivolved to their in-training forms, with the exceptions of Patamon, Salamon, Lopmon, Terriermon, Cutemon, and MarineAngemon, who instead de-digivolved into Syakomon, who, even after coming back, looked very worrisome.

"I saw some Digimon try to attack the digital portal before it closed up and went into smoke!" Syakomon exclaimed suddenly.

"You did? Does that mean we can't go back?" Aria asked curiously.

Kosuke was the one who noticed some members were missing. "Hey! Where are Rena, Otoya, Lunamon, and Labramon?!" Kosuke yelled upon noticing their absence.

"Dracomon's gone too!" Tsunomon cried out.

"WHAT?! They're gone?!" Yun yelped as she looked around desperately. Kosuke was right. Rena, Lunamon, Otoya, Labramon, and Dracomon are absent...and possibly still in the Digital World! "But...but that can't be! They were right behind me!"

"They were?!" Kosuke yelled, suddenly becoming choleric. "They were right behind you and you didn't even bother to make sure they were okay?!"

"Oh no! Rena's back at the DW!" Riku shouted upon hearing what Kosuke just said. He already began worrying like crazy. "No! No no no! I can't lose my big sister! I just can't! Otoya better protect her or they'll all get eaten alive!"

"I...I...I thought they were with us! I...I saw them behind me, I did!" Yun stammered desperately, frightened by Kosuke's sudden display of anger, practically unable to come up with the right words to explain it.

"Grrrr! Then it's your fault! Five of our friends are trapped in the Digital World because you were too stupid to protect them!" Kosuke screamed, causing Yun to cover her ears in fright, perturbed by his vociferous yelling and his sudden display of anger.

"I'm sorry!" She shouted frightfully, but Kosuke wasn't having it.

"Sorry isn't gonna magically bring them back here, now is it?!" Kosuke snapped.

"Stop it, Kosuke! It's not her fault, it just happened!" Melody yelled, stepping in between the angry Kosuke and the frightened Yun with the feral look she always donned whenever she lost her patience with someone, or everyone back in the old days.

"Yeah! Don't be so quick to blame others for something they can't control!" Patamon exclaimed, agreeing with Melody.

"But she just said they were right behind her! She should have done a better job at protecting them!" Kosuke yelled again.

"Look! We all failed to protect them so we're all at fault here! There's no need to make it sound like Yun is the only one to blame here! Besides, it's not like she left them there on purpose! It was an accident! Quit making it sound like she destroyed the world, you bonehead!" Melody snapped. She couldn't help it, but she remembered the time Kosuke turned against Yun because his hatred for his then alcoholic mother got the better of him. She knew Kosuke was somewhat right this time, but what made her angry was that he made it sound like Yun left them on purpose, like she did it deliberately. Yun would never just abandon her friends. She was just too inundated by the explosion of noise and the destruction to pay attention. Syakomon just mentioned that a Digimon shot at the digital portal, so it was likely that even if she did pay attention, she wouldn't have been able to stop that from happening.

"It's true. Besides, Rena and Otoya aren't alone. I'm sure Lunamon, Labramon, and Dracomon are strong enough to protect them," Yokomon said. She knew in her heart that Lunamon, Labramon, and Dracomon were not only strong in their own right, but would do anything for their partners. Sure, Rena has a prosthetic leg and Otoya isn't the best at fighting, but that didn't mean they couldn't take care of themselves. Not only that, they were surrounded by a bunch of bad Digimon wreaking havoc, so wouldn't it be natural for someone to make a small mistake like that? Especially if said person is sensitive to loud noise and would be unable to function if it continued long enough and if it was loud enough?

"Please. Stop," Yun's small voice made everyone turn to look at the dejected, abject autistic girl, who looked like she was going to cry at any given second. "He's right. He really is right. It's my fault. I should have done a better job at protecting them! But I couldn't even do that because I was too stupid and retarded to pay any attention! I was too focused on getting away from all the noise and all the destruction!" Yun screamed abjectly.

"You're not stupid, and you're not retarded! It's not like you wanted it to happen! It could happen to anybody if they were in a situation like that! I'm sure they'd understand!" Terriermon exclaimed. He could see that Yun was about to burst into tears, and after those unpleasant incidents with Seiko during detention, he really didn't want to see her cry.

"Calm down, Kosuke. Even if she did pay attention, Syakomon said a Digimon shot at the portal, so she wouldn't have been able to protect them anyway," Shunji told them sternly, with his arms crossed.

"Why aren't you freaking out about Dracomon?! Isn't he your friend?! Why aren't you worried about him?!" Kosuke yelled, surprised by what he thought was Shunji's lack of concern for his Digimon friend.

"Because I trust him. Dracomon's strong, and the Digimon can still digivolve even if we're not around. An army of Digimon won't take him down so easily. That, and Rena and Otoya will be just fine. They have Lunamon and Labramon, so I'm sure they'll make it through. We can't go around treating girls like little damsels in distress, y'know?" Shunji replied sharply, which made Kosuke shut up. Shunji knew in his heart that Dracomon is a very trustworthy Digimon. He could even be capable of protecting a princess with his life if someone asked him. Dracomon would never abandon his friends or let them down, no matter what. Shunji knew this to be true, and his belief in him didn't falter.

Yun, however, thought differently. Despite some of her friends standing up for her, she still took Kosuke's insinuation personally, as she does with everything else. Rena and Otoya were right behind her. She should have held their hands. She should have paid attention. She shouldn't have let herself be inundated by all the noise and the destruction going on. She should have at least stayed behind with them. But she didn't do any of those things. She went into the portal and didn't check to see if Otoya and Rena followed her from behind. In her broken heart, Kosuke was right to call her out on her transgression, even if it was an accident, even if she didn't want it to happen. It still happened, all because she didn't pay attention. 'Kosuke's right. I am stupid. I am retarded. I can't even protect my own friends, I'm so stupid and retarded!' Yun thought somberly, unknowingly letting some tears stream down her face.

A beep sound caught Hokuto's attention. "Hey look! I just got a text from Otoya!" Hokuto exclaimed as he pulled open his digivice.

"What's it say?" Kyaromon asked.

To: Hokuto

From: Otoya

Subject: We're okay!

We're okay, guys! It's kinda crazy here, but we're just fine! Wingdramon and the reinforcements are doing great here, but the mystical veil won't let us come back, so we're stuck here.

Minako exhaled a sigh of relief. "Phew. They're okay so far," Minako mused softly.

"So does that mean we can't go back to the DW?" Isao asked innocently.

"Dunno. But time passes faster in the DW than it does here, so maybe hours and hours have passed there. Maybe the mystical veil is open now and we don't know it," Riku said, calming down a little.

"What do we do now?" Salamon asked.

"I was going to suggest we go back, just so we can at least get them back, but we have no way of knowing if the mystical veil is open," Melody said.

After a while, Sunmon noticed someone was missing.

"Um...where's Yun?"

The battles waged on at Fionn Village, and the sun began to set a little bit. The reinforcements had come, mostly in the form of other mega level Digimon that the villagers know. Otoya and Rena mostly spent their time fighting off some remaining small Digimon while their Digimon digivolved further. Wingdramon nailed some Parasimon with his Wing Blast attack, Cerberumon managed to drive the other armies out of the other parts of town, and Crescemon is assisting the villagers in holding off the remaining Parasimon. Rena and Otoya hid in one uninhabited house, tired from fighting off so many annoying Pagumon and nefarious Gazimon.

"Ugh! I can't believe we can't go back to the human world! The veil's closed up!" Rena complained.

"I agree. But we should be safe in here for now. Let's rest for a bit, then we can help the citizens fight off those minions," Otoya whispered.

"But those Parasimon give me the creeps!" Rena squealed a little.

"I know. They scare me too," Otoya mused.

"I don't know how you're able to handle all of this. I seriously want to cry right now."

"I'm only keeping my cool because I have to. I'd like to cry too, but I can't."

"Otoya...I have to wonder...how come you accepted the responsibility of saving the DW so easily? We're just kids. We shouldn't be capable of handling it. We should be worrying about our own lives, yet you and the others just accepted it without complaint. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything. I just want to know why."

"Well...to be honest, you're right. We don't look like we're capable of saving the DW. We're just a bunch of kids, and we should be worrying about ourselves. Everyone else probably has their reasons for taking up the job so easily. Me...I didn't think much about the responsibility. I was too happy about finally having a friend to call my own. I don't mind working together with Labramon to save other Digimon from being controlled by MoonMillenniummon."

"But aren't you scared?"

"Heck yeah! Why wouldn't I be? But my dad says we're only as strong as our greatest fear, so I try my best not to show any fear when we're fighting Digimon. Besides...I kinda accepted the job right off mostly because I thought it'd be the best way to remind me of who I am."

"Who you are?"

"Yeah. You know how kids in Chiba used to hate me because of my dad being a preacher, right, and how they think all preachers are bad people? I used to be sad for weeks because I didn't have any friends, especially ones who were true friends. The only "friends" I had were this group of girls who were using me to not get blackmailed by their queen bee. But...I don't want to let myself be sad forever and focus only on the sad things, as that won't get me any friends. But most of all, I don't want to lock myself in a room and slowly rot away. I want to stay the way I am and be me, all the way until the day I die, no matter what anyone says. So...even if we lose this war with MoonMillenniummon, I won't lose myself to despair anymore. I'm sick of being sad."

"Sick of being sad…" Rena couldn't help but agree with her. In a way, she even related to her. Rena has lost herself to both sadness and anger lots of times during her life. She also didn't have friends back in her younger days, mostly because kids hated her for being related to Riku, who back then was hyper, loud, and not very nice, though he didn't know it.

She was his older sister. She had to look after him, but sometimes she just didn't want to. Back then, all he did was make things bad for her and make people hate her because of his hyperactivity and inappropriate behavior. She always had to look after him, tell him what to do and, importantly to her younger self, what NOT to do. It was necessary back then so he wouldn't embarrass her, even though in the end he always did, and he hardly ever listened to her back then. She even remembered one day when she snapped at him once, along with the mean words she said to him back then.

"RIKU! For once, for freaking once, stop ruining everything for me! Why do you always have to be so noisy, so stupid, so loud, so brainless, and so annoying?! Everybody hates me because you can't stop being an idiot all the time! It's your fault I don't have any friends! Why can't you be normal like everybody else?!"

She found it very hard to believe that the same loud, reckless, hyper, annoying little brother she yelled at back then grew into a courageous, warm-hearted boy who nearly put his entire reputation on the line by threatening to set a forest on fire and blame it on Nayuki just so he could make her get off Otoya's back. If she had known he'd grow into that kind of person, maybe she wouldn't have said those things to him back when they were younger.

"You're so strong. You went through so much, yet you keep smiling. I wish I was strong, like you," Rena mused.

"No. You're wrong. I'm not THAT strong. Things would be different if people still hated me. I nearly lost it when my dad got arrested. I almost completely gave up on everything, but...Labramon and the rest of you saved me. The Digimon Brigade saved me from losing my faith in the world. You all did," Otoya told her softly.

Rena couldn't help but smile. In her mind, she remembered that the Digimon Brigade in general helped them all in some way. Yun and Biyomon helped Melody remember to forgive people again. Salamon and the others helped Minako find peace and finally let go of her guilt regarding Kiyoshi's death. Patamon and the others helped Kosuke free himself from his hatred and his anger issues that were exacerbated by his problems at home. Labramon and the others helped Otoya restore her faith in the world, fulfilling the wish she's always prayed for. Coronamon and the others helped reignite Riku's belief in justice and made him realize that not everyone is framing him for crimes he didn't commit. MarineAngemon and the others helped save Aria from her abusive father. Bearmon and the others helped Isao find his inner strength, the strength he needed to be himself, without concern for what others think of him or want him to be.

"I think the Digimon Brigade in itself has helped us all," Rena mused.

Otoya was about to say something when all of a sudden a Gazimon dropped on her from a hole in the ceiling, causing her to scream loudly.

"Otoya-chan!" Soon, they were all surrounded by Gazimon. But Rena wasn't going to let that Gazimon do whatever he wanted with Otoya, so she got her digivice out, made the digisword, and pried the annoying grey mammal off of her. Other Gazimon lunged at them, but Otoya had gotten her own digisword out by then, and they managed to not only hold them off, but defeat a few of them. When they found an opening, they took it and escaped, even though one Gazimon tried to yank on her prosthetic leg.

"You won't get away, you imbeciles!" The Gazimon yelled as he tried to yank off Rena's prosthetic leg.

"You're the imbecile!" Rena yelled as she managed to turn the tables on the ugly mammal by kicking him right in the chest with her prosthetic, causing him to let go.

"Come on! We've gotta run!" Otoya said as she held onto Rena's hand.

"Okay!" Rena exclaimed.

Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon found themselves back in the desert, in the same spot they were in when they first came when Drimogemon attacked. Yun didn't even stop to look around. She just started walking toward the tall rows of crystals that faced the sky. Lopmon and Terriermon followed her from behind, quite aware of the discomfort that was etched onto her face.

"Yun. It's okay. You didn't know what would happen," Lopmon told her kindly, hoping to reassure her some. But Yun wasn't having it.

"That doesn't change the fact that I was stupid enough to put them in danger. You know Kosuke's right, so we're gonna go save them. Sorry to drag you here like this when you're probably tired from all that battling," Yun mused bitterly.

"That's okay! I still got some energy left! I don't think it's anything I can't handle!" Terriermon exclaimed cheerfully, but his jubilance disappeared as soon as he noticed that Yun didn't look just sad. She almost looked mad, like she was angry at Kosuke for yelling at her. "But seriously, Yun, don't be so hard on yourself just because something happened. I'm sure Otoya and Rena are okay. Lunamon, Labramon, and Dracomon are with them, and the villagers too. They'll protect them."

"But you know Kosuke's right! I should have paid more attention! I should have made sure they got into the digital portal! But noooooo! I was too retarded to even do that much! Even a baby could do that!" Yun yelled.

"You're not retarded! Don't say that!" Lopmon exclaimed, appalled that Yun would use that awful word to describe herself, especially since she calls herself that on a regular basis.

"Yes I am!" Yun yelled. Then she turned around and...slapped herself in the face four times.

"Yun!" Fearing she might do it a fifth time, Terriermon wrapped his long, flexible ears around her face and took a hit from her hand. "Don't EVER hit yourself like that!"

"Why can't I?! Nobody's slapping me or calling me a disgrace, so I might as well do it myself so I can feel the pain I cause other people! It's not like everyone believes I truly feel sorry about what I did!" Yun yelled.

"You don't know that!" Lopmon yelled.

"Come on! We've wasted too much time here! We gotta get to Fionn Village and help Otoya-chan and Rena-chan!" Yun shouted as she pried Terriermon off of her face. The two long eared rabbits didn't quite follow her at first, as they were too awestruck by the extent of how personally Yun took Kosuke calling her out.

"Does she always take stuff too personally?" Terriermon asked.

"Considering the extent of her disability and how it affects her perception of the world, it may be so," Lopmon said.

"Yun must have gone to the Digital World!" Kosuke exclaimed. "We've gotta go get her!"

"Hang on, Kosuke-kun! Don't be reckless," Minako said as she stopped him from using his digivice.

"She'll be in danger if we don't do something, especially considering her disability! Besides, how will we know she won't unknowingly make things worse?!" Kosuke exclaimed.

"She only went there because you yelled at her just now!" Minako snapped. "You know how she is with people calling her out on something. She takes stuff too personally, and needs more time to cool off than others do. But you know she'd never just abandon her friends. Look, I'll let you go to the DW, but only if you let me come. You'll need the backup if an enemy launches a surprise attack."

At first, Kosuke seemed reluctant to let Minako come. Sure, she's nice and is able to solve problems between friends and be the mediator for when things get sour and dicey, and has helped them through a lot of bad situations in the Digital World thanks to her smarts. But he didn't feel she needed to come. Sure Rena and Otoya were in danger, but they had their Digimon with them, and the villagers are nice, so they'd help them. But then again, she did have a good point. Kosuke's not one for being too resourceful in combat, and he knew he'd need someone to figure out some things he can't on his own (not that he couldn't figure some things out. He knows others can do it better than he can, Minako being one of them). After some rumination, he nodded.

"Alright. You can come. Sorry for being stupid just now," Kosuke mused.

"Come on! Let's go already!" Salamon implored cheerfully.

"Be careful," Melody said softly.

In a flash, Kosuke, Patamon, Minako, and Salamon made it back to the Digital World, only they were a bit farther away from the place where Yun landed. As soon as they landed, Minako got her laptop out of her backpack. She pulled out a cable and hooked it to the digivice and then to her laptop.

"What'cha doin'?" Patamon asked innocently, curious as to what Minako is doing.

"I'm going to try and see if I can locate Yun via my digivice. I found out some time ago that the digivices also function as tracking devices, and unlike normal ones, the digivices can function in any environment, even in areas where cell phone service is practically non-existent. Okay, here's the map of the DW so far," Minako said as she ferociously typed the buttons on her laptop like she was a professional pianist playing a piano in a recital. She pulled up the map of the Digital World on the laptop and soon, after typing in Yun's digivice information, a white light blinked on and off on the map.

"Got it! She's almost to Fionn Vilage!" Minako said.

"Where are we?" Kosuke asked.

"Ummm...here. We're farther off, but if we call one of the secondary Digimon, we can make it there in a few minutes. Good thing I still have Lynxmon and Butterflymon's D-Chips. We'd better call them, 'cause Patamon and Salamon need to save their energy," Minako explained.

"We still have some strength left to spare. That's why we didn't digivolve into ultimate, so we could save some for when we need it," Patamon said.

"Yep! The villagers were helpful so we didn't feel like digivolving further. Wan!" Salamon piped in.

But as they were talking, Minako had already put in Butterflymon's D-Chip and summoned her, and then Lynxmon soon after. Both seemed very confused as to where they were.

"Huh? Did I just suddenly teleport…? Oh...Minako? You're Minako, right? Oh! It is! I haven't seen you in such a long time, my dear!" Butterflymon exclaimed, confused at first but then became lucid upon seeing Minako, who ran to her and hugged her.

"Hey Mina! Long time no see, my friend! How ya doing?" Lynxmon asked cheerfully.

"Hi Butterflymon! Hi Lynxmon! Sorry we haven't kept in touch for so long," Minako said as she finished hugging Butterflymon and proceeded to hug Lynxmon. Even though her fur is made of fire, Minako didn't receive any third degree burns when making contact, nor did it hurt at all.

"It's alright. We figured you humans must be busy with some things," Lynxmon told them sheepishly.

"Yeah. But anyway, we're kind of in a jam right now. Two of our friends are trapped in Fionn Village, and it's being attacked by MoonMillenniummon's minions, and another friend of ours went to help, but she's in no condition to do so. Sorry to ask this of you so suddenly, but would you mind helping us catch up to her?" Minako explained kindly.

"No problem at all! We'd be honored to help you! You've helped us when we needed it, and it would be cruel of us to say no to you," Butterflymon told them.

"Hop on my back, kids!" Lynxmon said as she laid down to let Kosuke and Patamon hop on her back. Butterflymon let Minako and Salamon climb onto her. When they were settled, they dashed right off into the desert.

Thankfully for them, it didn't take long to find Yun. After a short while, they noticed a grim looking figure trotting toward Fionn Village, along with two long eared rabbits, one pale yellow one and a light brown one.

They could recognize them anywhere.

"Yun!" Minako was the first to call out. Butterflymon and Lynxmon stopped and let Kosuke, Minako, and their Digimon down. But oddly enough, Yun didn't stop walking. She just continued onward. She practically ignored them. Lopmon and Terriermon didn't ignore them, as they acknowledged them by looking at them. Kosuke, a little perturbed by Yun ignoring him, ran in front of her.

"Kosuke! Don't!" Minako did try to stop him, but he was too fast for her.

"Yun! What are you doing here?" Kosuke asked. Again, Yun didn't stop to talk to him and ignored him like he was the worst thing she ever saw. Kosuke could tell she looked more mad than sad. "Yun. If someone asks you a question, you have to answer!"

"Go away!" Yun snapped. "I don't like answering to stupid people!"

'Stupid?! Did she just call me stupid?!' Kosuke thought, surprised with the fact that Yun just called him a mean name just now. She only does that with people she hates. But then again, Kosuke did know it was stupid to yell at her about not paying attention to whether Rena and Otoya went with them or not. He could have been more calm about it. He figured this would be the best time to apologize.

"Yun. Listen, I'm sorry for yelling at you. That really was stupid of me," Kosuke said softly.

Yun's perturbed face didn't falter.

"Yeah. It WAS stupid! Now go away, you idiot!" Yun snapped.

"What?!" Kosuke yelped.

"Yun! It's not nice to call names!" Lopmon scolded, but Yun ignored her.

"You're here to stop me from saving Rena and Otoya, aren't you? Well, too bad! I'm saving them since I couldn't save them before!"

"We're not here to stop you. We're here to help you," Minako told her kindly.

"Yeah! Wan!" Salamon piped in.

"Well go away! I didn't ask you to help me, so just let me save Rena and Otoya since you flipped out about it!" Yun snapped again.

"Yun! I said I'm sorry!" Kosuke pleaded.

"No you're not!" Yun yelled louder this time. "You're not sorry! You're just saying that to make me get over it!"

"Why are you getting mad just because I called you out on something?!" Kosuke had no idea that he was completely missing the point to Yun's anger.

"You know what?! You're right! I AM stupid! And retarded! And a parasite! And an idiot! And a problem for everyone! I should have paid more attention! I should have made sure Rena and Otoya made it to the digital portal safely! And you're right! It IS my fault! You're more than welcome to hate me and call me all the names you want! I deserve it! I deserve to feel the pain I cause everyone every day! That's why I hit myself and bang my head against anything I see whenever I get the chance! But NONE of that is why I'm angry! I'm mad at you because even after I apologized, you made it sound like I didn't feel bad about it at all! You made it sound like I didn't feel any ounce of concern or guilt for what I did! You said, 'sorry isn't going to magically bring them back here' and you're right! But don't put me at the same level as Nenji or Seiko or Nayuki or Ayaka or any of them! Everybody thinks I do bad stuff for bad reasons! I knock over a vase? You did that on purpose! I stand up to Nenji or Seiko? You've been bullying my kid! I accidentally say or do something I'm not supposed to? You are SO freaking rude, you know that, Julia?! Why do you have to be so inconsiderate?! You're a little brat! EVERYBODY thinks all my good intentions or accidents are bad! Everybody thinks I do bad stuff on purpose! Everybody thinks I'm some stupid kid who doesn't feel emotions like a robot! You didn't take me seriously when I said sorry, so I'm not gonna believe you're sorry either!" Yun finally vented her frustrations out. Nobody dared interrupt her, which Yun secretly found rather surprising as others would interrupt so much that she'd never be able to explain her side of the story at all, no matter what. She was always told to shut up and get over it. Someone always shot her down whenever she wanted someone to listen to her.

"You tell'em, Yun!" Terriermon cheered.

"Is something wrong?" Lynxmon asked.

"They had a bit of a scuffle earlier," Patamon whispered.

Kosuke couldn't believe what he just heard. He knew he was stupid to blow Rena and Otoya's absence out of proportion by yelling at Yun, even though he knew he had to call her out on it, so he figured she'd feel bad about it. As far as he knew, she always did feel bad whenever she did something, though she doesn't always know when she does something wrong, so people have to spell it out for her. But he knew she didn't do it to be bad. That's just how she is. She doesn't know that she sometimes makes inappropriate comments and that she occasionally makes little mistakes because of her lack of social skills and common sense. But she's just oblivious to what others consider normal behavior and can't quite figure out how the world works on her own. But...Kosuke was still extremely flabbergasted. 'She thinks I'm lumping her with the likes of Nenji, Seiko, Ayaka, and Nayuki?! Seriously?!' But it wasn't just that either. She said he called her a parasite and a problem for everyone.

Is she still hung up over the incident where he yelled at Yun after LadyDevimon attacked them?

"Yun...I don't think you don't feel bad. I'd never lump you with Nenji or Seiko or any of them. I was just too angry to think straight. And you're right. I should have been more...rational. I know you'd never do bad stuff for kicks," Kosuke said.

"Now will you let me go save Rena and Otoya already?!" Yun was about to turn and leave until an army of Roachmon, Gazimon, and Parasimon surrounded them.

"Well lookie here! More offerings for our beloved Master!" One Gazimon sneered wickedly.

"Get off me, you pests!" Otoya yelled as she managed to pry some very annoying and persistent Pagumon off of her.

"Ow! Stop poking me with those things!" Rena yelled as she found herself surrounded by another group of malicious Pagumon, who seemed to find great pleasure in poking and stabbing Rena with a stick. Annoyed by their general callousness and lack of shame, Rena yanked all the sticks out of their hands, threw them away in a fit of rage, whacked some Pagumon on their heads with her bare fists, and ran away from them.

"Otoya! Come on!" Rena yelled as she ran toward Otoya, who, without hesitation, grabbed Rena's hand and let her drag her away from the annoying and nefarious Pagumon. "I wonder how the Digimon are doing? They've gotta be tired by now!"

"Let's hope they're okay," Otoya said.

However, right as she said that, Cerberumon descended before them, looking very exhausted to the point where he de-digivolved into a very tired and languid Xiaomon. Otoya cradled her unconscious friend in her arms as soon as she saw him. Right after that, Lunamon and Dracomon came running toward them.

"Rena! Otoya! We're so glad you're alright! We've been looking all over for you two!" Dracomon exclaimed happily, relieved to see Lunamon and Xiaomon's partners safe and sound.

"How are things with the villagers?" Otoya asked.

"They have the upper hand thanks to the reinforcements, but the smaller Digimon have gotten very bold and broke into the village. Dracomon, Labramon, and I just had to stay and protect the baby Digimon. They're safe now thanks to Kongoumon. We de-digivolved just now to preserve what's left of our energy," Lunamon said.

"We'd better get out of here before things really get bad," Dracomon said.

"You said it-AHHH!" Rena exclaimed cheerfully before howling in pain because of her hair getting yanked so hard it felt like it was being sucked in by a vacuum cleaner. But there were no vacuum cleaners here. Only Gazimon, and one of them literally dragged Rena by the hair while the others surrounded Otoya, Dracomon, and Lunamon.

"You're all coming with us! Our Master has grand plans for you useless little weaklings!" One Gazimon sneered maliciously.

"Let go of me you furball!" Rena howled as she decided to make Gazimon feel some hardcore pain by grabbing one of his ears and biting on it really hard. Like she did before, Gazimon yelped so loud he wound up letting go of Rena's hair, allowing her to join Otoya and the Digimon.

"You'll pay for crossing us! Dragon Gas!" Dracomon yelped as he vomited a nauseous gas that was so noisome and so repulsive that every single nose that smelled it was assaulted by a smell they could not get out of their fragile noses. The Gazimon that smelled it ran away crying for MoonMillenniummon.

"Lunar Claw!" Lunamon launched a surprise attack on some other Gazimon whose nostrils didn't get assaulted by slashing some of them with her glowing black claws.

"Electric Stun Blast!" Some persistent Gazimon unleashed black gas from their mouths, similar to Dracomon's Dragon Gas attack. Otoya, Rena, Lunamon, and Dracomon all ran away as soon as they unleashed it.

"Don't touch it or it'll paralyze you completely!" Xiaomon suddenly shouted as a warning.

"I'll hold them off! Dragon Ember!" Dracomon shouted as he stopped and shot a flurry of fireballs at the Gazimon, some of whom managed to dodge the attack.

But something made the girls stop and become frozen with awe.

"Dracomon! You're...flying?!" Otoya shouted.

Yes. Their eyes weren't playing tricks on them. Dracomon is in the air as he attacked them, his orange red wings flapping vigorously. He turned around to look at them once they heard them shout. "I've always been able to fly, even though Dracomon aren't supposed to fly!"

"Electric Stun Blast!" Unfortunately, Dracomon wound up letting his guard down, and he got hit with the nauseous black gas. As soon as it made contact with him, every single muscle in his body tensed and contracted, even his wings, which made him slump onto the sand weakly, limp and completely unable to move, like someone who has been paralyzed due to a traumatic event.

"Dracomon! No!" Rena shouted as she ran to his aid.

"Sorry. I can't believe I let my guard down…" Dracomon muttered weakly, his whole body completely numb. He tried to move his limbs, but he succumbed to pain the minute he tried to move even an inch.

"How can you do this to us?! What did we ever do to you that was so bad?! What did we do to deserve this?!" Otoya yelled angrily.

"It's nothing personal. Master gave us strict orders to capture you all. That, and I can't stand it when women defy their assigned roles and try to be something they're not. Now come with us so Master can experiment on you and lock you up in the inner sanctum to be his trophies forever!" Gazimon exclaimed.

"What? So you think we should just be fragile little princesses who should be protected from the evils of the world and be your slaves? You have no right to decide what we should and shouldn't be!" Rena exclaimed boldly.

"Shut up, you pansies! Come with us quietly or we'll show you no mercy!" Another Gazimon yelled.

"You're gonna have to go through me to do it, you barbarians! Tear Shot!" Lunamon piped in and valiantly shot a ball of water at him, knocking him out.

"Ugh! How can these humans be so strong?!" Another Gazimon with a scar over his right eye sneered. He couldn't believe how versatile and bold these girls were, even though they looked like they could be easily bruised, like bananas.

"Boss! Boss! We got some news from Monitormon!" One Gazimon exclaimed as he ran to the Gazimon with the scar on his eyes.

"What is it?!"

"We managed to capture some humans just outside of Fionn Village! Three of them, and their Digimon!"

"Which ones?"

"There's a yellow haired one, a boy, and a wimpy, big boobed one, along with two twins with long floppy ears!"

'What?! Yellow hair?! A boy? Floppy eared twins?! Oh no!' Rena thought as she smacked the Gazimon on the head and proceeded to whack the scarred one unconscious.

"A little food for thought: don't ever perceive girls as princesses who need to be locked up or wives who have to stay in the kitchen, AND don't EVER define people by their physical characteristics, especially if said characteristics are a sensitive subject!" Rena scolded. Otoya carried Dracomon on her back and handed Xiaomon to Rena. They both ran out of the village with Lunamon following them from behind.

Unfortunately for Minako, Kosuke, Yun, Lopmon, Terriermon, Salamon, Patamon, Butterflymon, and Lynxmon, they weren't so lucky. The Parasimon were too strong for them, and they found themselves tied up with strange, green, slimy rope, possibly from the big, pink, one eyed bugs. Not only that, they're all on a big cart being pulled by a branded Monochromon. It didn't help that they were all surrounded by Gazimon and Pagumon, who also took great pleasure in torturing them by poking and stabbing them with whatever sharp objects they had, like brandished sticks, forks, and pencils.

"Ewwww! I feel like I'm trapped in dog slobber!" Terriermon complained.

"Let us out of here you rascals!" Salamon barked fiercely.

"Why should we?" One Gazimon asked condescendingly.

"Because...you should never underestimate humans!" Yun exclaimed fiercely when the gooey slime she was wrapped in suddenly disappeared, and all because she cut through it with her digisword...or in this case, digidagger. She then fiercely managed to knock quite a few of the Gazimon off the carriage.

"Freezing Snow!" Lopmon even froze some of the Gazimon with her own attack.

"Holy ROOOOOAAAAAR!" Salamon screamed so she could make the Gazimon lose their guard and be too inundated with loud noise to continue caring about them.

"Holy Wing!" Patamon sliced himself free with his glowing wings. Minako cut herself free as with her own digidagger as well. Yun decided to use hers to cut Kosuke, Terriermon, Butterflymon, and Lynxmon free. Soon, they all jumped off the cart and hid themselves so they wouldn't be spotted.

"Ugh! That stuff sure can make your limbs feel like jelly!" Lynxmon exclaimed, happy to be free of that gooey slime.

"My wings still have the stuff on them. I'd best clean myself off when everything blows over," Butterflymon said.

"But what do we do about Rena and Otoya? Aren't they still in the village?" Yun asked sadly.

"Hey you guys!" Lunamon's voice echoed from in front of them, revealing her, Otoya, Xiaomon, Rena, and Dracomon, who is still paralyzed, running toward them happily.

"Speak of the devil! You're all okay!" Yun was about to go and hug them until she stopped herself upon seeing Dracomon on Otoya's back. Once they caught up, she very gently set him down on the sand. Then Yun hugged her.

"Yun-chan! You and the others came to save us, didn't you? Sorry, we kinda saved ourselves, but that's okay!" Otoya said happily. But her smile dissipated when she saw Yun looking extremely dejected. "What's wrong?"

"I'm so sorry, Otoya-chan! Rena-chan! It's my fault you got stuck here! I was stupid and retarded and didn't make sure you guys got in safely! Feel free to hit me with a hammer or slap me in the face or call me a disgrace to the entire Digimon Brigade!" Yun cried hysterically.

"That wasn't your fault. A Vilemon attacked us before we could get in. You had no idea that'd happen! And don't say that kind of stuff! You're not a disgrace, nor are you retarded!" Otoya said.

"We're just glad you're all okay. But how'd you get out?" Salamon asked.

"Ugh! It was a nut house in there! We were getting chased and attacked by Gazimon and Pagumon! The Digimon got too weak to continue fighting, and Dracomon here got paralyzed by their Electric Stun Blast, so we kinda had to fight them off ourselves. But we sure did it," Rena said.

"We did our best. They were awesome back there, you guys," Dracomon told them weakly.

"Not only that, we just got word that Fionn Village is safe and sound! They won the battles!" Lunamon exclaimed cheerfully.

"You're all probably tired. Let's go back home," Patamon said.

"But what about Butterflymon and Lynxmon?" Lopmon asked.

"Actually…we were going to ask you if it'd be okay if we'd accompany you to the human world," Lynxmon admitted sheepishly.

"I know it sounds silly, and I know earthlings wouldn't like us if we showed up, but I've never been there, and I'm just dying to see what it's like. I promise not to draw any unwanted attention to myself. I'm very curious to see what your world is like, Minako," Butterflymon said.

"Normally, I'd say no, but the good thing about our trip is that we can get back to the construction site where we came in, and nobody goes there anymore, so of course you can come! Just try to lay low and not get spotted by other humans, okay? I don't want anyone capturing you or calling you monsters," Minako replied.

"Oh! How wonderful! Thank you so much, Minako! I'm sorry we didn't get to do much in helping you guys out," Lynxmon exclaimed cheerfully.

"It's no big deal. The Parasimon were too strong anyway, so there wasn't much any of us could do," Patamon piped in kindly.

After that, they all returned to the human world. To be more specific, the construction site. Everyone was waiting for them, and they were all greeted with hugs and exclamations of relief on their part. As everyone was swept up in the excitement, Yun secretly left to go home. Lopmon, Cutemon, and Terriermon followed her out, but Hokuto saw them leave and looked concerned.

"Why is Yun leaving?" Hokuto asked curiously.

"She seemed upset about something. Salamon? Is Yun frustrated about something? I can sense her conflicted emotions," Kudamon asked Salamon.

"Yun-chan and Kosuke-kun had a bit of a falling out. Kosuke called Yun out for not making sure Otoya-chan and Rena-chan made it back safely, though they said a Vilemon attacked them so that couldn't be helped. But Yun-chan thinks Kosuke-kun is accusing her of not feeling bad for what she did or not showing concern for them. Kosuke's gotten over it, but Yun-chan needs more time to cool off. We shouldn't force it. Wan!" Salamon explained as lucidly as she could.

"Oh man! I gotta run!" Kosuke exclaimed as he looked at the time on his watch(1).

"What's up?" Sunmon asked.

"Mei and Jiro are taking me to visit Mom later today!" Kosuke said as he and Patamon ran out of the construction site.

Later, once Kosuke and Patamon made it home, they immediately got ready for the visit. It was still late morning, so they had time to get what they needed done. Once he got ready, he, Patamon, Mei, and Jiro got in the car and left to go see Kanako in the rehab center she's living in. This particular rehab center comes with dorms so the managers can keep everyone within their vicinity so nothing bad happens under their watch, and to make sure nobody does anything stupid, like sneak alcohol in or escape. The actual rehab center is about an hour from where they live, and it didn't help that they were caught in traffic for a little bit, but Kosuke brought things to occupy him and Patamon during the drive, like some books and an Ipod. Finally, they made it to a white, clean-looking rehab center which looked much bigger than other hospitals he had seen.

"I thought rehab centers were only for people with physical disabilities," Kosuke said.

"Most of them are, but there are rehab centers for drug addicts and alcoholics. This particular one focuses on everything," Mei explained.

Jiro, who was driving, pulled into an empty spot in the parking lot and took them all to the reception desk. The lady gave them their badges and had someone escort them to Kanako's dorm room. Upon arrival, they encountered an unusual sight: Kanako actually looking more sober than she ever did, actually looking healthy, jovial, and not like a languid homeless person who literally had all the life energy sucked out of them.


"Mom!" Kosuke was the first to run toward Kanako and give her a hug. As soon as Kanako happily wrapped her arms around him, he almost felt a surge of surprise. He had long forgotten what it was like to hug his own mother and the warmth it gave him. He hadn't given his mother a big hug ever since she decided to drown herself in booze. He did try to hug her during those times, but he was too disgusted by the awful odor from the alcohol and the dusty smelling clothes she wore back then. But now she looks healthier and more alive than ever before. Even Patamon couldn't help but smile at how sunny and vivacious Kanako became.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm so glad you're here, Kosuke. I've missed you," Kanako said as she let go of her son and sat down on her bed. What Kosuke didn't know was that in her heart, Kanako wanted to hug Kosuke forever. Words couldn't possibly describe the mountain of joy that piled on her when she saw Kosuke's bright, radiant face as he ran to hug her. She hadn't seen that look on his face for a long time, not since he was young. That face had faded and turned into a permanent scowl of contempt as soon as she succumbed to her alcoholism, and she had since hated herself for destroying Kosuke's cheerful nature back then. But his original cheerful self has returned in full force.

"You're looking rather radiant, Kanako. How's life in rehab?" Mei asked as she sat down on a chair.

"It's going very well. I'm so happy you guys suggested that I come here. I only wish I had done it sooner, so I wouldn't have made Kosuke go through so many months of pain and suffering. I really feel bad about that," Kanako said with a smile at first, then it faded as she remembered the months in the sea of booze that she drowned herself in, taking Kosuke with her and refusing to go back to the surface until now.

"We only wish we had known the extent of your suffering earlier so we could have done something. Kosuke-kun? I've been meaning to ask. Why didn't you ever tell any authorities about what's been going on?" Jiro asked.

"Well…" Kosuke murmured, his face going a little tomato red with embarrassment. "It didn't seem bad at first, but soon, I was too strung up in my anger to tell anyone or do anything. I didn't want my friends to see how bad it was. I was afraid they'd hate me for it. That, and the phone we had didn't always work half the time because we were so tight on money we couldn't pay the phone bill. I'm kinda surprised we were still able to even use it. It didn't help that it had a different number because we were in a different house."

"That explains why we were never able to contact you," Jiro said.

"That, and I was too lazy to answer the phone most of the time," Kanako piped in shyly. "Again, I'm real sorry about everything."

"Well, better late than never, right? It's good you're getting the help you need right now," Mei said.

"Yeah. I'm gonna get back on my feet so I'll be a better mother this time around...hey, where's Patamon?" Kanako said.

"Right here!" Patamon chirped quietly from Kosuke's bag. He hid in there so the other residents wouldn't see him.

"Hey Patamon. You doing well?" Kanako asked.

"Yep. We're doing great, and you look pretty good, too," Patamon said quietly but cheerfully. Kanako flashed a smile.

"Glad to hear it. Kosuke's taken real good care of you," Kanako said.

"What do you usually do here?" Kosuke asked curiously.

"We kind of have a routine. We get up, eat in the cafe, go to whatever therapy we have to, go to our jobs, eat dinner, shower, then bed. They have us on a strict schedule here, but I like it. It leaves less time for thinking about drinking. They always have us doing something so we don't get bored," Kanako said.

"It's been proven that people often do bad things when they have nothing to do," Kosuke said.

"What about your job?" Jiro asked.

"Oh! Yeah, I've been at it for a while and it's going great. The pay's good, and I haven't spent it on booze, just so you know," Kanako replied shyly.

"They let you have jobs while in rehab?" Patamon asked, confused. Mei could see that Kosuke looked a little stupefied as well, even though he knew that she did get a job before she left.

"Only if we're physically and mentally fit to hold one down. I figured getting a job would help me focus less on booze and more on getting my life back together. I'm surprised nobody's deeming me an unfit parent," Kanako said.

"You're doing fine now, so I don't see why they would," Patamon said.

"Mei. Jiro. Thank you so much for taking care of Kosuke while I'm here. You don't know how much this means to me, and I'm sorry I put you through so much heartache," Kanako told them with a bit of a dejected and rueful look in her eyes. Kosuke really believed he saw sincerity in her eyes, unlike those other times when he saw it and just rejected it, thinking it was false.

"We're sorry that Seiichi treated you the way he did and that we didn't find out about it sooner. But you are right in that you really did cause a lot of trouble, especially to Kosuke," Jiro said, which made Mei's eyes widen.

"Jiro! Did you really have to put it like that?!" Mei scolded Jiro for his bluntness. "She does feel bad about what she's done, you know."

Patamon didn't like where this was going, so he decided to change the subject. "We wish you could come and visit sometime."

"I do too. The center doesn't allow patients to leave the grounds unless it's for holidays or emergencies. Only if we're deemed fit to go back out into society again are we officially discharged," Kanako explained. "I really do miss you and your friends, Kosuke. I wish we could go back to the fun times we had before Seiichi left."

"Yeah. Me too. But we're better off without Seiichi. We don't need him!" Kosuke said with his arms crossed.

"True that," Kanako said. Then, she and Kosuke burst into laughter. Patamon couldn't help but smile at Kanako's quick and substantial progress in the rehab center. 'I think you'll be able to be with us soon, if you really keep at it. Not many people have as much resolve and determination to change their ways for the better. It was hard for Kosuke to stop being angry at Yun that one time when LadyDevimon attacked. Then again, it's hard for everybody to have enough resolve to change for the better and fix their mistakes. I'm just glad you're not giving up and that you're fixing your relationship with Kosuke. I haven't seen him so happy in a long time,' Patamon thought. Perhaps the rehab is freeing Kanako from her rehab and Kosuke is able to be a child again, free from responsibilities and persisting anger and hatred. Patamon couldn't help but wonder if that was why Kosuke has the D-Heart of Freedom, because he needed to be free of his anger at Kanako and Kanako needed to be free of her alcoholism, so they could both spread their wings and fly toward the skies of repentance together.

If Kanako worked hard enough, the future would be most bright for the both of them. Patamon hoped Kanako would be discharged so they can be a real, normal family.

"We're going to go look around. You two can stay and talk amongst yourselves, okay?" Mei said.

"Sure!" Kosuke piped in as Jiro and Mei decided to leave them alone in the room so they could catch up. It was around here that Kanako noticed something odd.

"Is something wrong, Kosuke? You look a little sad," Kanako asked.

"Uh...I do?" Kosuke asked back, surprised that Kanako was able to read him so easily.

"Want to talk about it? If you don't, that's okay," Kanako said.

"Nah. I'll tell you. You read me like a map, so it's not like I can deny it," Kosuke said and then began explaining. "Earlier today, we were fighting some Digimon in the DW, and Yun kinda did something stupid that put two of our friends' lives in danger. She didn't mean it, but I flipped out and yelled at her about it. I've gotten over it now, but Yun...she kinda took it the wrong way. She thought I was accusing her of not feeling bad about what she did and thinking she wasn't sorry about it, so...she doesn't think I'm sorry about yelling at her. I really blew it, didn't I?"

Kanako listened intently, without interrupting until Kosuke let her talk. "I know you're not a bad kid, but at times you do take after Seiichi, and your anger issues are something that need to be worked on. I agree that you should have handled it better, but I can see you feel bad about it, so I won't scold you. As for Yun, don't try to force her to forgive you. Give it some time. Maybe she'll come around and see that you're still the Kosuke she knows and loves. Just go with the flow for now. That's pretty much all the advice I can give for now. Sorry I'm not much help."

"It's okay. That's all the help I need. Thanks, Mom," Kosuke said with a soft smile.

After spending time with Kanako for a couple more hours, Kosuke, Patamon, Mei, and Jiro went right back home. Kosuke felt something change within him upon this visit. Patamon could see it very well.


1. I don't know why, but for some reason, nearly all anime characters wear watches with the clock facing them when they look at it rather than outward. Maybe a cultural difference? But in this fan fic, anyone who wears watches wear them with the clock facing outward.

Author's Note: As of the writing of this chapter and others, a few episodes of the English dub of Digimon Xros Wars, changed to Digimon Fusion, have aired, and it's been confirmed that Monitormon's name has been changed to Monitamon, and Lilithmon's name as been changed to Laylamon, which I think is stupid and makes no sense. Since I have already established their names in this fan fic LONG before the dub even aired, I think it's pointless to change them after coming so far, so I'm sticking to them!